Blue October at Red Rocks 2020



This would be a dream come true for the guys and their fans.

Brianna Godfrey (Herriman, Utah, 2019-07-01)


This is my dream concert. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Lacey Esplin (Draper, 2019-07-01)


I would be there. 100%

Terylin Yates (West Jordan , 2019-07-01)


I would DEFINITELY fly in for this!!

Helen Martin (Mesa, 2019-07-01)


Blue October needs to play at red rocks!

Amanda Marshall (Thornton , 2019-07-01)


Blue October is worth a well planned Red Rocks Show. Seen these boys 12 times and never have been to the amphitheater. I have seen them fill the Usana amphitheater in SLC opening for 311 and recently they drew crowds of 6000 in SLC! Not onky does this band have heart they are genuine performers. I would pay anything to attend this!

Kimberly DobKins (Hudson, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October and they would rock Red Rocks!

Christi Bradshaw (Denver, 2019-07-01)


I want to bring the whole fam!!!!
Save 5 reservations us 💙

Christina Schultz (Torrance , 2019-07-01)


I want to see these guys sell out that AMAZING venue, count me in!

Amanda Jordan (West Valley, 2019-07-01)


Because I believe in a better way of living and that life has colors. I believe Blue October and their fans deserve this.

Brett Jones (Sulphur Springs , 2019-07-01)


Please bring Blue October to Red Rocks. Fans from all over the world would fly out just for this show.

Jeff Cooper (Tyler, 2019-07-01)


I'm signing because it would be fantastic to them at red rock!

Lyn McClarin (Phoenix , 2019-07-01)


Blue october is amazing and favorite band.

Shannon Zanelli Cook (Bremerton , 2019-07-01)


Im signing because I would love to see these amazing guys perform at Red Rocks!!

Stephanie Sufian (Pueblo , 2019-07-01)


This needs to happen!!! 💙

Jules Wildfire (Riverton, 2019-07-01)


I love the guys of Blue October and have grown up with them. It would be an incredible experience to see them at Red Rocks.

kaelin dooley (St. Louis, 2019-07-01)


i been rooting for you since day 1 justin ❤️

sadie macleod (overland park , 2019-07-01)


i want to see my favorite band play this extraordinary venue. and yes I'll travel to witness this.

mary Buxton (irvine, 2019-07-01)


Blue October are a talented group of musicians that would sound amazing to get to play at this venue. It would be epic for them and their fans/supporters to have the opportunity to utilize this venue.

Kat Rudd (South San Francisco , 2019-07-01)


Blue October’s music saves lives and moves the soul. I will bring all 6 of my family from Washington State to see them!

Brittany Adams (Port Angeles, 2019-07-01)


I want to see them perform there

Josh Henderson (Toronto, 2019-07-01)


An amazing venue deserves an amazing band, and vice versa.

nathanael wert (Scottsdale, 2019-07-01)


Blue October is my favorite band.. Red Rocks is my favorite venue.

Jen Johnson (Tempe, 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because I’d LOVE to see Blue October at Red Rocks!! It would be amazing!!!

Keely Ireland (Halethorpe, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October and I love Red Rocks!! -Colorado native 💙✌

Alexis Martinez (Sterling, 2019-07-01)


I want to see Blue October at Red Rocks in 2020!!!!

Nichole Tomacelli (Boothbay, 2019-07-01)


They've worked so hard for so long and have brought so much joy into other's lives that they deserve to have any dream of their own realized too.

Ashley Loftus (Phoenix, 2019-07-01)


Blue October puts on the most incredible passion filled live performances I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love this band and they are so deserving to get to play at such a historic venue.

James Dopp (Meridian , 2019-07-01)


Red rocks is my favorite venue and Blue is my favorite band so the two of them combined.... YES!!

Julien DePolo (Colorado Springs, 2019-07-01)


We love Blue October and I want to see Red Rock. Being from Ohio, this is the only band my wife and I would come here to see!

Kevin Robinson (London, 2019-07-01)


I want to help fulfill my favorite band's dream!

Tara Bann (Neenah, 2019-07-01)


I'm signing because Blue October is hands down the best band I have ever seen play live! There are no words to describe the energy and emotion experienced at their shows! They so deserve this opportunity!

Christy Storm (Louisville, 2019-07-01)


I would travel to see Blue October at Red Rocks!

Kami Whitt (Terre Haute , 2019-07-01)


This would be a dream to see. I would definitely be there!

Michelle Sloan (Aliquippa, 2019-07-01)


If ever there was a band that absolutely belongs at a venue as perfect as Red Rocks, it’s Blue October. Best live band you will ever see!

Travis Page (Lubbock , 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October and am so inspired by their music and their journey! I also free up in Colorado and Red Rocks is amazing. Would love to see them there!

Courtney Dupper (Raleigh, 2019-07-01)


These guys deserve this and more! They have worked their butts off! 🤘💙

Treena Drost (Indian Land,SC, 2019-07-01)


I Love Blue October and Red Rocks. They were meant to br together!!

Jenn Barboa (Nixa, 2019-07-01)


This would truly be an amazing opportunity! I am a dedicated Blue October fan and have followed them across the state and back and would follow then anywhere. This would be EPIC! Let's Do This! For the Love of Blue<3

Robin Kantor (Franklin, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October and want to see them again soon

Veronica Johnson (South Jordan, 2019-07-01)


After the most iconic performance of the Moody Blues at Red Rocks, it's been my dream to see Blue October there.

Travis Bardsley (Lake Jackson, 2019-07-01)


Blue October is a phenomenal band with a huge following ... and growing all the time! They are meant to play at Red Rocks & they would slay it!! I had No doubt they would sell out there... people will travel from everywhere to come! If you book it people will come!!!

Deidi Wilcox (Cheyenne , 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October and want to see them perform at Red Rocks!

Dana Munaco (Olathe, 2019-07-01)


Absolute bucket to go there and are my favorite band Blue October! I still travel from Texas for this!

Roxanne Bogdan (Parker, 2019-07-01)


I love blue October

Madison Guardado (Denver , 2019-07-01)


Dream to see blue october at red rocks

Chad Fuller (Dundee, 2019-07-01)



Carrie Cline (Omaha , 2019-07-01)


This band is amazing and it would be amazing to see them play there

Tonya Moore (Mustang, 2019-07-01)


BO has helped me follow my dreams so I’m returning the favor!

Kathy Mero (Stockton, 2019-07-01)


Blue October is my favorite band and Red Rock is my favorite venue

Stephanie Harper (Greensburg, 2019-07-01)


Red Rocks is on my bucket list to see before I die and who better to see than my favorite band Blue October!

Erin Place (Ontario , 2019-07-01)


I'd love to see my favorite band at Red Rocks and would definitely make the trip to see them

Venita Shangreau (Red wing, 2019-07-01)


Blue October is the hardest working band for themselves, their family and their fans. Let’s do this!

Jennifer Lopez (Pueblo , 2019-07-01)


Im signing because I love Blue October!

Angelina Bickley (Roy, 2019-07-01)


I would love to see Blue October at Red Rocks. I know many, many people who feel the same.

Sarah Fassler (Dixon, 2019-07-01)


I want to see blue October at red rocks!

Ginger Peterson (Parker, 2019-07-01)


I would absolutely LOVE to see my favorite band at Red Rocks.

Laura Perkins (Nampa , 2019-07-01)


I would absolutely LOVE to see Blue headline at Red Rocks!!

Holly Phillips (Wellington, CO, 2019-07-01)


My dream to visit this venue and to see Blue October preform there will be the ultimate bonus!

Sandi Cheung (Las Vegas, 2019-07-01)


Blue October needs to play at Red Rocks! There’s not a doubt in my mind that a show will sell out

Rebecca Cole (Spring, 2019-07-01)


Blue October's music has supported me through the ups and downs of this rollercoaster called life!

Christopher Hayton (Fort Worth, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October!

Samantha Ramirez (Pittsburgh , 2019-07-01)


Blue October is an amazing band with a loyal following around the world. I would absolutely fly out to see them play red rocks.

Joseph LeClair (Coral Springs, 2019-07-01)


They are my favorite band who got me through the hardest moments of my life and I want them to get everything they want because they deserve it

Brandon Salgado (El Paso, 2019-07-01)


I would LOVE to see Blue October play at Red Rocks!!!!!!!!! I would be there in a heart beat.

Harper Garrett (Parker, 2019-07-01)


They are one of my favorite bands who play one of the best live shows I've ever seen! Going to redrocks for a show in general is on my bucket list and I can't think of anyone better than them to see play! They deserve this!

Jessamine Alikas (Deerfield Beach , 2019-07-01)


Both Blue October and Red Rocks are a destination spot!

Dave Jones (New braunfels, 2019-07-01)


I love them

Joanie Marler (Rio Rancho , 2019-07-01)


I love these guys and want them to live their dreams

Jeanie Russell (Boonville, 2019-07-01)


Blue October puts on such an AMAZING show. This would be incredible!

Jessica Dines (Spokane, 2019-07-01)


Because, YES!!!

Kristin Trujillo (Aurora, 2019-07-01)


I’ve seen them 19 times over the years and ALWAYS wanted to see them here. The moment this is announced I’m booking my travel.

Lee Weech (Salt Lake City , 2019-07-01)


I would love to see my favorite band in the world play at this beautiful location!!

Robin Forbes (Muskegon, 2019-07-01)


This NEEDS to happen!!!

Tim Welton (Gainesville , 2019-07-01)


My dream concert since I was a kid was to see Blue at Red Rocks 💕 my daughter could even go !

Elli Finken (Westminster , 2019-07-01)


Blue October Rocks

Amber Sacchetti (Morrisville , 2019-07-01)


I’m signing because I have never been to a red rocks show and would love to have my first show there to be my favorite band ever!!

Kathryn Reinhardt (Elizabeth, 2019-07-01)


This event HAS to happen!

Shay Lawson (Thornton, 2019-07-01)


I absolutely love Blue October and what they stand for! Justin is an amazing man who has over come so many obstacles that others can learn from and look up to!

Lorie Nash (Casper, 2019-07-01)


I have never seen a show at red rocks. I would love for Blue October to be my first there!

Ryan Lira (Evans , 2019-07-01)


Blue October is the best band EVER!!!

Robbie Saunders (Fort Collins , 2019-07-01)


I would love to see Blue October again and this would be one of the most spiritual places to see them! Let’s get them there!!!! They deserve 🤘🏼🤩🤘🏼

Christine Mullin (POWAY , 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October! They beyond deserve to rock out at this beautiful venue!

Melanie Hidy (Buffalo, 2019-07-01)


Blue October deserves to play red rocks

Ricky Tenorio (Cheyenne, 2019-07-01)


This would be an amazing show that I would totally go to <3 <3 I'd take my whole family if I could!

Elizabeth Lango (Fremont , 2019-07-01)


Blue October is life. They speak to my soul.

Emily Pyle (Salt Lake City, 2019-07-01)


I love Blue October!

Dani Crane (Denver , 2019-07-01)


The Nation is beginning to understand what Blue fans have known all along.

James Shackelford (Colorado springs , 2019-07-01)


Blue October has made a huge impact on my life! Please make this dream a reality for the band and for the fans🤘🏻

Leslie Lawson (Texas City, 2019-07-01)


I love blue October! They deserve to play red rocks!

Vanessa Pradel (Tomball, 2019-07-01)


I’ve been following Blue for almost 25 yrs!!! And I’ve always wanted to go to Ref Rock for any show!! This would be perfect!!!

Angi Boudreaux (Baytown, 2019-07-01)


Blue October would shred red rocks

Joshua Michener (Parker, 2019-07-01)


Blue October DESERVES this venue! They work their ass off for their fans!

Miki Mcadams (Brighton, 2019-07-01)


We love Blue October and it's a goal of theirs to play at Red Rocks. <3

Terri Gibson (Greeley , 2019-07-01)



Renée Dodge (Scottsdale , 2019-07-01)


They deserve to play this venue

Jessica Patrick (Commerce City, 2019-07-01)


It would be incredible to experience my favorite musicians at the RED ROCKS!

Heather Askew (Broken Arrow , 2019-07-01)

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