The A9 community does not take it anymore - stop the greed, Gameloft!



I'm signing because GL has become more greedy and supplies paid user only.
The game is no more fun but freaking time killing substance. Lost getting entertainment from it . If they continue like this I may leave the game soon.

Riyan Tazim (Dhaka Bangladesh, 2019-08-17)


For a more fair game

Luan Carlos (Salvador, 2019-08-17)


Dear precious A9 community and fellow racers.

Many of you know me with my in-game name "Caribbeandy", the name I go by in Gameloft's Asphalt 9: Legends, a mobile arcade racing game.

I have played this game since for exactly one year now. I have even created my own club, the "Asphalt’s Finest" -the club has today grown to a clan that consists of 4 teams. I am responsible for the well-being and the fun factor of 80 people.
A9 has always been unfair to some degree, since there were certain individuals or groups, that have always had an advantage, such as Softlaunch players, or youtubers. Still, we regular players coped and got along.
But during this last year, Gameloft took away certain important installments and rewards, that were essential for newer players and not for heavy grinders. Yet Gameloft did not only take away rewarding things for the regular player, or just decrease the rewards to a major extent, but even installed adjustments that have put all the players at a massive disadvantage. In the most recent event, players had to spend tens of thousands of hardly achieved tokens accrued of over months of saving, just to spend them and receive no rewards in return. Gameloft thinks, they can put extreme loads upon us players, upon those who actually are responsible for the game's great success and popularity ...... But I tell you: The Asphalt’s Finest have had enough! WE will not accept this anymore. From today on, there will not be one single ad be played to refuel a car, to refill event tickets, or decrease the hazard level in the Jesko event. We will not pay a single dime to your extremely overpriced items, ever again. And we will spread the word, we will start a revolution and get every player befriended with us, to support our cause.

Because this is a game.
And a game is there to make fun.
Yet there is no fun by getting robbed of our precious time and money! Therefore we say: NO MORE! Stop the greed, Gameloft!

You should make the necessary changes to make it realistic that dedicated players can unlock the special cars, not just by paying several hundreds of dollars on each car. Additionally, take away those generally overpriced deals, and put some fair trades and deals there, that actually are reasonable and fair towards the community. Once that is accomplished, we will start to watch ads again to let the money flow.

But if you do not listen to us and just ignore our opinion. You will lose the majority of your player base - since we will find a new game for our community, where we actually have fun without having to pay a child's tuition for it!

FernanDo Storm (Paripueira, 2019-08-17)


if you go on like this Gameloft, you will lose an absurd amount of players ...
extremely abusive events, asking for cars that either had rampant ...
extremely focused on money, not the happiness of the players ...
I sincerely hope that you change ...

listen to your players ..
we want to be respected and not stolen

we want to be respected

Matheus De Moura Barros (Campinas, 2019-08-17)


It’s rigged

Cali Kass (Sydney , 2019-08-17)


I’m sick of this. It takes 16k tokens to unlock one car.

Derek Phillips (Sterling Heights, 2019-08-17)


I’m signing because GL is killing such a great game. It really has a big oppoturnity to be the best but GL doesn’t want it (I think). Instead of adding p2w, maybe try to make the game more fun and not making us to spend such a large amount of money. I don’t want to quit this game unless GL forced me too.

Carson Long Doan (Ho Chi Minh, 2019-08-17)


I'm too tired of P2W stuffs!!

Trung Nam Nguyễn (TPHCM, 2019-08-17)


This greed from GL is out of control and pricing dedicated players out of the game..

Reaz Akhtar (London, 2019-08-17)


This is the right thing to do!

Abid Salam (Barking, 2019-08-17)


This is true and we want this fixed

Chamila Dilrukshi (Koswatta, 2019-08-17)


Gameloft make the game difficult for the whole community because of their greedy requirements to get curtain things ingame

Yovanny Rivera-Hidalgo (Reading , 2019-08-17)


It's true!

Edmond Dantes (Kyiv, 2019-08-17)


GAMELOFT becoming greedy loft

nagaprathap dasari (HYDERABAD, 2019-08-17)


I'm signing because pretty boar with shit mp very boaring special event it's frustrating please Gameloft A9 is very good game I played 1+ years I hope near future it's interesting mp and cool events thank you I always supporting this community

Aditya Bidve (Nashik, 2019-08-17)


i agreed with everything he said

Dave Damazio (Makassar, 2019-08-17)


Enough of this greediness... There's no fun in playing this game due to extreme p2w events, play for nothing, tokens ripped of MP, almost impossible to get new cars by new players.. And many more

Sasuke Uchiha (Kathmandu, 2019-08-17)


i hate a9 company

Petrus Luckas (São Paulo, 2019-08-17)


Eu concordo plenamente porque acho injusto esse evento absurdo gastei todos meus tokens é não consegui nem desbloquear a Ferrari 812 eu estou preso

Marcos Roberto (Carapicuíba , 2019-08-17)


Gameloft decreased the amount of credit in expert race and amount of token in multiple players for way too much. I can' t even buy a good deal of exclusive packs like before

Quân Vũ (Nam Dinh, 2019-08-17)


People new to this game In the last 6 months have no chance. It’s so heavily favored to older players and makes it no fun for newer players because of the heavily priced items. If prices were reasonable, more people would contribute. “Pay to win” is no fun when you charge huge amounts. You lose your base players

Shane Hoelzle (Camano Island, 2019-08-17)


O jogo ultimamente está horrível o evento da jesko está péssimo tem que gastar muito pra conseguir algo pra ter vantagem na carreira/eventos/multiplayer

Renan Henrique (Sorocaba SP, 2019-08-17)


I agree with the issue

Riley Knott (Fairbanks , 2019-08-17)


Because now i m getting obssed with it's greddyness

Debnath Pati (West Bengal, 2019-08-17)


Essa é uma situação deplorável amigo já gastei até dinheiro real nesse jogo mais é pouco benefícios até me arrependo mais fazer o que. Não tem reembolso. E esse evento especial d'agora está muito ingrato

Dionizio Lima (Cardeal da Silva- Ba, 2019-08-17)


I want a free fun game experience, not a game with hostile monetization system! MAKE IT MORE AFFORDABLE and less time consuming and stressful.

Fahad Zaman (Dhaka, 2019-08-17)


I'm signing because something needs to be done.

Madhav Madhav (Kota, 2019-08-17)


"Born for Gayloft"

Matteo Bassi (Rivera, 2019-08-17)


I really enjoy this game and the community and I don’t want to see it ruined!

Fred Li (Los Angeles , 2019-08-17)


The Game creators are unjust with us...

Nelson Aissa (Johanesburgh, 2019-08-17)


Es un abuso del juego que haya paquetes elevados y cuándo compres con el dinero real te den una porquería de planos que ya tengo y modenaas supongo que cuándo compro con dinero real deben garantizarme que me darán buenos planos

Josué David Condori (Layo, 2019-08-17)


I'm tired of all the abussive What Gameloft does

Angel Pérez Vargas (Chetumal, 2019-08-17)


I'm signing this petition because some events became unfairly impossible to get. It's OK you make profit but keep in mind it's a free to play game initially and it's supposed to be for hard working players to get, if not skilled then they should pay to win. At least give a chance to pros to achieve the goals and less skilled should face p2w policy, fair?

Ahmed Jarah (Baghdad, 2019-08-17)


How game loft pushes players to spend 100s of dollars to get good cars that u can’t get if your free to play

Tyler Parker (North liberty , 2019-08-17)


Por um jogo mais justo e sem roubos da GL

Roberto Martins dos Santos (São Paulo, 2019-08-17)



Sam Pavloff (KRG, 2019-08-17)


Repair Alfieri

J'SteR Yes (Bouchon, 2019-08-17)


Cause I am sick of gamelofts Greed. They have full made events for old and rich player. Those old players who have good garage need less tokens for unlocking special event cars. Rich have no tension related to that. And what about new comers. Even they haven't made a clan donation system which I have Been suggesting and begging from past 1 months. I want a club donation of BP system where old players can help new players by sending them bp. I mean that those old players who have maxed cars same bp get converted into Tradecoin automatically. Make a system where a player can keep same bp of that maxed car and give to a low player in club who need it most. And stop being greedy you have thousands of game from where you are making money. Help new players A9 or soon you will be dead. All are going to use china version of A9 where there is no pay to win loss and loss of your reputation is on your hands gl

Ishwar Arora (Pakur, 2019-08-17)


Too much effort is put in the game yet we cant unlock that much

Hayder Mohammed (Baghdad , 2019-08-17)


Não mais.

Marcelo Silva (Amapa, 2019-08-17)


#RipGLnoAds. We want a game that rewards our efforts, not steals us. Until then, we will not watch advertisements, we will not shop, respect players

Eduardo Marques (Osorio, 2019-08-17)


Apoio a campanha

Samuel Sa (Brasília, 2019-08-17)


I agree with everything that Caribbeandy said. Everyone wants to enjoy the game, and many players are willing to use some money to get extra rewards, but the way it is now it's just frustrating, seems like we're almost getting robbed only for the greed of Gameloft

Vitor Bronzati (São Paulo, 2019-08-17)


Because of player who pays real money have more advantage which i spend also real money but not as crazy so please limit the purchase so the game depends on skills and hard reputation players

Ahmed Abdelsalam (Doha, 2019-08-17)



Alex Max (Szczecin, 2019-08-17)


O jogo tá injusto

Carlos Eduardo (Ipatinga, 2019-08-17)


I am signing this petition because lot of events I am not able to play because of I don't have that level of cars.. generally due to less amount of tokens.. to unlock a car to its max.. we need sometimes around 7000 to 10000 tokens. We normally don't have so much tokens.. max we have is 3000-4000.. and then there are players who pay and buy tokens.. or blueprints of cars.. this is really not fair. We all play soo good . Invest our time.. and at the end what we get.. in special going on currently I can't proceed to NINE KINGS because I don't have tokens and syndicate coins. You people gave 30k coins in an event called I am in control. But 30k is not enough for gently or ferrari superfast.
Plz make sure whatever you are planning.. plan it in accordance with everyone.. there are lot of budding players with reputation level 30-60.. those players are stuck half the way.

Prabhat Gupta (Bengaluru, 2019-08-17)



Lucas Souza (Planaltina-DF, 2019-08-17)


I must change

Hubert Grzyb (Siemiatycze, 2019-08-17)



Juninho Sodré (São Gonçalo, 2019-08-18)


This game is super pay to win as a fan of this game i would like to suggest gameplay to make event like chiron mega event .

Ashutosh Negi (New delhi, 2019-08-18)


Beacuse of the ridiculous game style of GL they are just greedy and they don't respect their player's wishes the game is just a means to loot us



Parem com essa ganância, tá exigindo muito além nos eventos especiais, pra poder pegar o jesko precisa liberar os outros carros, e se não tiver ele ou o rank dele no indicado, não pode continuar, e o gasto de fichas pra adquirir as moedas pra comprar esses pacotes é um absurdo, sem falar nos pacotes que fala que pode ter a chance de adquirir 15 diagramas de uma única vez, porque é propaganda enganosa, jogo desde o lançamento do jogo, todos os pacotes que sempre comprei, nunca veio.

Fabio Peres (Bauru, 2019-08-18)


Not fair anymore.

Juan Mejia (Portland, 2019-08-18)


I'm one of those victims.

Shahriar Khan (Dhaka, 2019-08-18)


That went too far away, I dont mind to pay a bit for little bit more fun, but completely paid event that costs hundreds per car is way too much already

Emil Kasis (Newark, 2019-08-18)


Gameloft is too greedy! The credit races should reward more! The syndicate packs should GUARANTEE BLUEPRINTS! 0 BLUEPRINTS FROM A x10 SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE

Andrzej Cabaj (Legionowo, 2019-08-18)


The greed needs to stop

Nishar Rasul (Gauteng, 2019-08-18)


GL is like a Fun-Lender. It does not "give" us fun. It "lends" us fun, and then "pressures" us to pay back with everything we have: time, money, skill, dedication, etc.

Hadi Beigloo (Tehran, 2019-08-18)


Tokens are essential in this game which is hard to earn. Now it has dropped to a minimal that is 200-350 max in a week. So if we save them all for a month we hardly earn upto 3500 tokens which includes milestone tokens (as per current milestone).
I spend 12k tokens and got only 30 bps of Akylone which is way to expensive.
Also, i have decided if i cannot Unlock Jesko i will quit the game. This game is no more than Gameloft Greed.

This game is no fun anymore.

Namit Vishnoi (Ghaziabad, 2019-08-18)


I'm signing this because it's irrational and absurd the new pay to win system that you Gameloft have installed on the game. We understand that not everyone is supposed to get the best cars(Jesko) in the game. but that doesn't mean they should have a chance to it. For example skipping races that you cannot complete that's one option that should be available for everyone. Because we ain't rich people. We are teenagers in schools studying right now. And you know that because you choose us as your target market so please understand and reconsider us every time you bring a new update to the game. Thank you very much.

Jean Duran (New York , 2019-08-18)


I'm a global launch player. And all these days I've been observing the pay to win nature of this game. The special events were supposed to be for hardcore players, not pay to win player. Chiron went like that, In Regera event, the top club members United to give all opportunity to earn club rewards despite being pay to win players. They also understand our problems. Huracan Spyder one was the worst. Hardly anyone got the EIPs from epic hunt event despite completing the whole hunt... And we are now here.. the Jesko event, the depression event. Everyone (old players) thought they can unlock the Jesko because they have all but the new event cars for it. But no. No guaranteed blueprints this time. And the shitty requirements made Jesko not for the loyal but the pay to win players. This needs to stop.

Faiz Sayed (Mumbra, Thane., 2019-08-18)


Leave Gameloft, Vivendi! We don't want your greedy P2W system!

Samsung Tab 3 (Recklinghausen, 2019-08-18)


Gameloft, Devs, Commercials Devs,
Some of your developers, whose names i wouldn't mention, were suggested to the players to ask the question: "If you do as much and all the time, that you don't agree with what is put in the game, then look you in glass and ask yourself the question of why you play ? If you aren't happy, go play somewhere else'' !! Today, i return the question, how do you dare to offer paid content at these exorbitant prices ? How can you offer a car at a price of 400$ or € when some of your players don't even have enough to eat and that is + 3 months salary for others !! It's you who must look at you in a mirror, because it's a shame, it's you who must ask you the question, why i lose 38% of players per year ? Why did i fall in the slums of the AppAnnie ? You can only blame yourself and your stupid and delusional commercial policy that today you're no more than the shadow of yourself. You just forget one thing, the player may be stupid in your eyes, but it's us who pay your salaries, by the ads we watch or by the integrated purchases that some make.
I'm lucky to live in Europe, like the other players of my Club (which is regularly top 30 on PC), but you really think that we will spend more than 500€ for virtual cars, i can buy a console new, a pc or a phone at this price, you dream ? It's as long as someone tells you stop, that's enough, it's too much (since you can't do it yourself) !! Despite the fact that i've more than 1 year of play, keep it up and you'll end up playing your games, alone, between devs and watching your own adds.

RAVIRADJ Redoy (Asphalt 9, 2019-08-18)


Shit Rewards

Anand Raj Gupta (Delhi, 2019-08-18)


Paywall should not be a thing. It stops all the joy I had for the game. The game will soon be drown in p2w content like A8.

Илья Мамонтов (Omsk, 2019-08-18)


Es verdad los Int.Speed Racer no aceptaremos tratos abucibos de Gamelof
Ni en PC que se corra la voz

Mauricio Tovar Diaz (Guadalajara, 2019-08-18)


Vamos se unir todos contra a ganância da GL em querer nos roubar colocando recursos abusivos no jogo !!

Evandro Vandão (Ibaté-SP, 2019-08-18)


I've spent 24k tokens on this stupid Event and I've Ginetta maxed, unlocked the e 812 superfast, and somehow still can't unlock The Jesko. To max my Ginetta cost 14k tokens. A class D car. That's so unfair amd down right appalling. I'm sick of this. If i don't get the Jesko I'm considering quitting the stupid game😡

Abdullahi Mohamed (Cairo, 2019-08-18)


I hate Gameloft, oh sorry, greedloft's policy of looting the players of their resources which were hard earned. I want this to be stopped or we all will sue the company. Yes ..we will boycott their game.

Basabpriyo Bhattacharjee (Kolkata, 2019-08-18)


Please stop this greed enough is enough

Keith Pereira (Southall, 2019-08-18)


Ofcourse this game is really greedy. Special event is trash. They don't even care for their players .

Kamal Shrest (Itahari, 2019-08-18)


This has gone out of hand, if this keeps up, the game will be dead. Stop killing your own game and community Gameloft!

Ben Tseng (Taipei, 2019-08-18)

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