The A9 community does not take it anymore - stop the greed, Gameloft!

Dear precious A9 community and fellow racers.
Many of you know me with my in-game name "Caribbeandy", the name I go by in Gameloft's Asphalt 9: Legends, a mobile arcade racing game.

I have played this game since for exactly one year now. I have even created my own club, the "Asphalt’s Finest" -the club has today grown to a clan that consists of 4 teams. I am responsible for the well-being and the fun factor of 80 people. 
A9 has always been unfair to some degree, since there were certain individuals or groups, that have always had an advantage, such as Softlaunch players, or youtubers. Still, we regular players coped and got along.
But during this last year, Gameloft took away certain important installments and rewards, that were essential for newer players and not for heavy grinders. Yet Gameloft did not only take away rewarding things for the regular player, or just decrease the rewards to a major extent, but even installed adjustments that have put all the players at a massive disadvantage. In the most recent event, players had to spend tens of thousands of hardly achieved tokens accrued of over months of saving, just to spend them and receive no rewards in return. Gameloft thinks, they can put extreme loads upon us players, upon those who actually are responsible for the game's great success and popularity ...... But I tell you: The Asphalt’s Finest have had enough! WE will not accept this anymore. From today on, there will not be one single ad be played to refuel a car, to refill event tickets, or decrease the hazard level in the Jesko event. We will not pay a single dime to your extremely overpriced items, ever again. And we will spread the word, we will start a revolution and get every player befriended with us, to support our cause.
Because this is a game.
And a game is there to make fun.
Yet there is no fun by getting robbed of our precious time and money! Therefore we say: NO MORE! Stop the greed, Gameloft!

You should make the necessary changes to make it realistic that dedicated players can unlock the special cars, not just by paying several hundreds of dollars on each car. Additionally, take away those generally overpriced deals, and put some fair trades and deals there, that actually are reasonable and fair towards the community. Once that is accomplished, we will start to watch ads again to let the money flow.

But if you do not listen to us and just ignore our opinion. You will lose the majority of your player base - since we will find a new game for our community, where we actually have fun without having to pay a child's tuition for it!

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