Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud



I'm living in Johannesburg, South Africa and witness of all the violence happening in the city and my neighborhood. There's a huge fear living in south Africa.

King Venant Mambumina (Johannesburg , 2019-09-04)


I m singing because they're killing us here and we need help please please

Igor Mpiana (Johannesburg , 2019-09-04)


I have witnessed xenophobia recently and live with fear everyday in South Africa just because I am (we are) in search of greener pasture for my future. I am originally from DRCongo.

Daniel Kankenga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-04)


I'm signing in because I need help for I am insecure where I am

Lisette Molenga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-04)


Hey immigration because i need you help now

Kiss Mafutha merkiss (Johannesburg , 2019-09-04)


I'm signing bcz our people died bcz of xenophobia!!

Clarisse Bujakera (Johannesburg, 2019-09-04)


I have lived and seen the trauma this various xenophobic attacks have on people, having spent 20 years of my life in SA myself. I command the initiative brought forward by Mrs Mamie-Esther Bujakera. Somebody I also know personally from SA. This is an opportunity for Canada to not only help provide safety, security and opportunity to all affected in SA, but also enrich Canada by importing skills and work force that is so much requested.

Emmanuel Ngoma (Sudbury, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because this is the 4th that I'm a victim of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Didier Kashala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I am signing because I fear for my life and my children. I'm living in Johannesburg for the past 15 years and witness of all the violence of xenophobic happening in the city, I'm once a victim of the attacks, and now we are living in fear of our lives. We are sending our kids to school with fear without knowing what we happened to them at school or on the way back home. I have got a National Diploma in Management of Health Institutions and I'm bilingual with a lot of work experience, I can work and contribute to the economy of your country. Should you grant us the opportunities to have a save live.

Guylain Kivenda Mulumba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


Firstly I am signing this petition in support of all my fellow foreigners victims of this barbaric xenophobic attack perpetuated in South Africa,
Secondly as a foreigner living in Johannesburg,I may be a target of tomorrow,
Thirdly I am signing myself for the sake of my children who can not to school any longer due to this xenophobic vibe.

Katumba lauboux Mabika (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because I feel unsafe as a woman to walk around. I have been traumatized by the events that happened and I don't feel like it's a safe place for my children to grow in

Faila Kayembe (Linmeyer, 2019-09-05)


I feel very scared and unsafe to stay in South Africa. I can not work and i am scared for my wife and kids. The events have traumatizing

Yannick mbuyi Mwimbi (Linmeyer, 2019-09-05)


My life and my family life is under constant threats. I have girls, and here girls get raped and killed everyday. xenophobic attacks, we can't even work, how do we survive? I'm bilingual with a lot of work experience, I can work and contribute to the economy of your country, should you grant me the opportinity and safety of my life and my family.

Mymy Kanku (Johanesburg, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because South Africa has become a very dangerous place for Foreign Nationals or people like me that we born here but are of Foreign descent. I really hope that Canada come help some of us with our immigration statuses so that we can escape this place. Thank you for your time

Daniel Bukasa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


My dream is affected we can't even work to support our families as all shop at Johannesburg cbd is shut down and we are unsafe even going to the taxi or working in the street I will appreciate to immigrate with my families in Canada thanks by advance

Aspect Mudilawe Guera (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I am tired of being treated as less an human because I am a foreigner. And the south African government doesn't do anything to fix this black south African hatred against fellow blacks African.

Kukulu Mikala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm tired of seeing the repetitive acts of xenophobia every year and nothing has been done to change the conditions of immigrants in South Africa...we deserve a decent life as others.

Michelle Lukusa (Cape town, 2019-09-05)


I'm saddened by what is happening here with the afrophobia and hatred toward other African and brown skins people from asia

Grace Kalima (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


Iam signing because my life is in threats ,they almost killed me and they all my stuffs which I was doing vendor's with,at moment even eating is a problem I can't move out freely.

Fred Oigo (Pretoria, 2019-09-05)


Je signe ça parceque je suis dans l'insecurite total moi et ma famille, j'ai besoin de votre assistance s'ils vous plait.

Marie france Masai azapana (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because I need Human Rights to take action on this xenophobia mouvement here in South Africa. Foreigners are killing. Save lives by signing this petition

Tshibangu Kapinga (Cape Town, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because me and my family are victims of Xenophobia. Me and my daughter were victims of gender based violence. My husband is IT ingeneer, his hop was burned. Please help cause we are not safe.

Mushiya Mayi Bamuamba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm born in Kenya and this violence is not choosing countries as long as you are different and can't speak the language. Though I am a citizen I can't get a job because I was not born here. And now I can't hustle on the street because I will burned arrive and be beaten. I fear for the life of my three children and I got no money to travel anywhere

Mary Mwangi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I am singing because I want to start a new life somewhere safe

Murphy Kalala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


Enough is enough. Don't feel confor table because of the violence against African by south Africans. Lives have been lost , bussness burned down

Joel Kupa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


Help us we will died in south Africa with xenophobia attacks

Mbuyamba Tshitenda (Pretoria, 2019-09-05)


Of repeating attacks of African foreigners nationals leaving in south african regardless of which status are we leaving and staying in South africa.

Feank mukendi Kabongo mbele (Cape Town, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because xenophobic attacks must stop
And I want to leave urgently and get going to Canada

phoba jean claude mbizi (louis trichardt, 2019-09-05)


I’m signing because SA government don’t help or protect foreigners in SA

Gibril Butoy (Regina, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because of the xenophobia happening in the country I am a foreign who isn't feeling safe due to all the horrible things happening to us foreigners in the country

Miranda Maezetti (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I am a mother , living in South Africa we are victims of xenophobia here , please assist me with my Girls.

Carine Mukanya (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because am also among those who are living in fear because of this xenophobic attacks

Esther Kasiesi Nsianga (Port Elizabeth , 2019-09-05)


My family is in danger and they already killed one of our members we can't go out anymore to the stores school and buy food anymore please help us

Dbroz P Bahati (Vaal, 2019-09-05)


I am signing this because i want to go in Canada to continue with my studies

REGUY MABIALA (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because we have been victims of xenophobia attacks here in Johannesburg

Coco Belebele (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because as a foreigner,i am deeply affected by these xenophobic attacks and no longer feel safe in South Africa,i personally feel like a stranger in my own continent.

Siwa Hussein (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


Feeling sorry and disappointed, men's enemy is a man himself .
Violence does not solve anything , here we are witnessing how uneducated people cannot think before to act. Lives are in danger , why ? For reasons that don't stand still.
Whatever is happening, it's just a way of shifting a blame.
Looking for the slightest opportunity to blame their failure on foreigners.
Anyway we shall take this in our own hands.
We are not weak, we face problems how it comes.
Going to ask help to canada make us slaves still... Running for solutions to our masters... shame .
Africa will deal with it's own problems.
We have leaders here too, they shall find an understanding.
Most want heaven without death.
Let's focus on the real problem.

When brothers are fighting to death , a stranger inherits their property.

Let's be very careful .

Thank you . I didn't sign 😎

parcial kb (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I dont want to go back to my country because i have a status for South africa and there are xenophobic attacks happening my children are not going to school because of that if i go back to my country I'll have trouble because i got a status from South Africa i have lived here for 16 years and they have refused to give me residence the attackers are everywhere even in taxis and schools my sister is a victim she got burnt yesterday we have diplomas and certificate but they have refused to employ there is no security here theres too much crime foreign children are being maltreated and killed in schools the police officers are corrupted

CYRIL MANDOMBE (Durban, 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because of xenophobia

Damseaux kalenga (capetown, 2019-09-05)


I am signing this petition because we are refugies in south Africa and victims of xenophobia.we are not safe us and our family.we asking for a relocation please

Nyembo Mukaina alice (Free state welkom, 2019-09-05)


I am signing because my wife was terrorized and vandalized yesterday on her way back from tshwane hospital in Steve biko Street around 11H47, while she is pregnant in the last phase (she can give birth any time from now) and I a scared how is going to be treated on the due date by the nurses. I urgently pleading you to assist my wife and I in this case. Kind regards

Mike Kadima (Pretoria , 2019-09-05)


Im not happy here i cant even go back to my country as im in fear because of crime and there is no employment here im scared of the xenophobic attacks one of my cousins was attacked in the bus

IVETE MWILA (Durban, 2019-09-05)


Xenophobia in south Africa they treated us very bad

Mat matondo Wamba (Cape town , 2019-09-05)


We must stop xenophobia

Madi Enoch (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


Xenophobia in south Africa

Armand Djamba londola (South Africa , 2019-09-05)


Xenophobic attacks in South Africa

Kabemba Kibakazya Frederick (Cape Town, 2019-09-05)


I am signing because I was victims of xenophobia violence

Dinah Tshimanga (Pretoria, 2019-09-05)


I'm foreign from Congo DC

pathy Ntonene (Pretoria, 2019-09-05)


I'm writing this petition because I am refugee from Congo DRC living in South Africa with my whole family. We are not safe neither welcome in this country. We wish to be relocated.

Guy Lukoki (Cape Town , 2019-09-05)


Hi my name is zeze I'm immigrant in south Africa I'm asking for help I'm married mother of 3kids here in south africa im with my 2 kids with my husband my first born shes in congo we just lost everything because of xenophobia we don't have a place to stay with my family I just need your help to come to Canada with my family we are not safe here in south Africa please help me

Zeze nzeba Mualaba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because i 'm tired with the xenophobia . My life is not safe they kill people every day

Mirindi Kabanji francine (Pretoria , 2019-09-05)


Yes is exenofobi in the Cape town

Belvegie Sephora Tchicaya (Cape-town , 2019-09-05)


I signed this petition to plead for all these victims of xenophobia in South Africa. Please do something about it.
Thank you

Maguy Kingelesi (Nottingham , 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because I'm scared to die.we are not safe Where I live I'm surrounded by south African. They are calling as names.they are saying we must leave their country. I have a refugee passport and I'm ready to leave this country. We kindly ask your rescue.

Hulda Kabatusuila Muambuyi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm signing because I'm a victim of these xenophobic attacks

Oliver Nsaka (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I'm singing

Precilia BOSENGE (johannesburg, 2019-09-05)



Modeste Kasali (Pretoria , 2019-09-05)


I am signing because I want relocate from here to Canada

Makole Kyomba (JOHANNESBURG , 2019-09-05)


I was attacked last year around same month that left I and my family in constant fear.

Sandrine lusingamu Ebengo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I’m constantly living in fear in SA, I have to watch my back everyday just in case someone attacks me for no reasons!

Mbelani Lumingu Junior (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I am looking for a better country to grow my family and give them a better future

Eric Monzili (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I'm singing because of insecurity and xenophobia here in south Africa.i'm Congolese and I live in south Africa. Since we are here there's no peace and we are not traited like foreigner.peoples are die every day.i'm suffer and there is no work here.
Please please help me to live this country.
Please we are not in peace.

felix lukusa menda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


It is not nice what they are doing


Nathan Ndonga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-05)


I am Degrace I have been in south Africa almost 13th years but the conditions that i'm living within in this country is not actually good, firstly they don't want to give me the document as i have been long here secondly to provide for me the Job i must have an ID or permit, I have got wife and 1 child of 7 months, to feed her is not easy. has been come a very hard, I'm using Asylum seeker of the refugees and to find A JOB with this paper is not easy, I finish my school on 2003 for Electrical Engineering here in south Africa I've finished with Business adminstration management on 2018 in Boston city campus
I was born on the 23-08-1982 I get married last year father of one
child, kindly please if I'm signing this application is due of that we are suffering here no Job no good condition even document and another things is the Xenophobic issues that is happening each every time here so we are not safe me and my family, I will kindly ask your rescue. please I need your assistance regard this matter . my
Cell is +2778 585 9201
Thank you for your assistance.
Kind Regard
Degrace Tihyti

Degrace Tihyti Ilosa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


There's nothing scarier than having the risk of being a woman and foreign with what's happening in South Africa currently

Lucie Ndjeka (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


I am among the affected immigrants in South Africa.

Dennis Mulumba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


We need help from you. As a foreigner in south africa., we do not know if will see tomorrow, help me and my family to immigrate please

Kapinga Kalombo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


We are all equal as human beings no matter where we come from. Sought africa should accept that, killing one other cause they are immigrants wont change anything of the difficulty in the country. But will cause more damage.

Wande Ndienge (Cape Town, 2019-09-05)


I’m signing because foreigners in South Africa have got a lot to offer in South Africa especially academically and labour wise but their contribution has never been appreciated. If Canada can welcome us it will be of a great help . Thank you

Daudet Kanyiki (Johannesburg , 2019-09-05)


Because I feel like I'm no more safe in south Africa me and my family please I need help

Elvine Wiloza (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


am signing in because of the attack of xenophobia we had in here. My kids are tromatised to see people are been burned and been killed with stones. So every day is a torture for the family.

Bienvenue MAMBELA (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because I looking the was forward to move on this country,we no more save here and I can't also go back to Cameroon, because I a member of MRC politics party, please we need a help about this xenophobia in South Africa.

Simplice Touko Nitcheu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because Xenophobia is in my Town and I want to go where there is peace.Where no one will kill me because I am not in my country and I wish this for all refugees who are in South Africa.I am not in my country because not peace for me and my family.I need a peacefully county.

John Matabaro (PRETORIA, 2019-09-06)


I am in security this country if you can help me, to move from this county there are killing as like the dogs,

Lubaya laura Diangoyo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


Im not save in me live

François Ngoma mavambu (Andrews str.6 Rossentenville/Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)



Beatrice Koanza (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because I am victim of Xenophobia, more than two weeks I couldn't open my clothing shop located at the corner of Bloed and Bosman streets . My business has failed and I was obliged to close it. Now I don't know what to do because I have no more job and the government does nothing to help us as refugees community.

CLÉMENT HABARUREMA (Pretoria , 2019-09-06)


I can't stand it anymore

Biaya Kadima (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I am signing because I and my family, we are among the victims of Xenophobic attacks, currently happening in South Africa.

Please intervene before we are all wipeout.

May God continue to protect every foreign national based in South Africa.

Dinah Aloysie Mukawerena (Pretoria , 2019-09-06)


I m signing this because i am a victim of xenophobia in south africa and would wish to stay somewhere else safe in the world

Moses Mushango (johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I am signing this petition because of xenophobia in South Africa we are being hated and killed.

Cilombo Felly Cikaya (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I am signing because i am victim of xenophobia that happening this time in south africa and i am from congo. I am leaving in dangerouq area please help me to move out from this country.

Badibanga Mulamba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because of the xenophobics attacks in south africa, i am living in johannesburg



I'm signing this because, Imy family and I are not safe here in south africa, as foreigner are violented and our business looted, we are asking for safety else where. Thank you

Nathalie Tshinat (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I sign this because of Xenophobia in south Africa, we are indoors me and my pregnant wife.

cedrick mbuyamba (johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because of xenophobia. it is not normal to seen the people killing others people for nothing

Lowambo Omonombe (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm leaving at Johannesburg and there's not peace here because of xenophobia

Nkama Ntamu (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I am a refugee in South Africa I ask for help. With this kind of xenophobia. Help me pity us South Africa hurts people

Banza Titina (Joburg, 2019-09-06)


My Family is suffering the xenophobia in SA .

Alphonse Matabaro (London, 2019-09-06)


Human rights must stand up for refugees living in South africa

B I NEWS (Cape Town, 2019-09-06)


Iam a Congolese DRC.
Living in south africa since 2008.
Things happening here doesn't give us and our families hope for better future.
- No documentation
On asylum for many years

Pauline Nabii ntirata (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


in support to the human right consolidation

Messe R Kabondo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


In South Africa, Human rights is not respected, foreigners are being killed like Chickens since 2007 ;South African Government doesn't take any action to protect Foreigners, please we are in danger all Refugees here in South Africa. Now we do not know where to go

Debora Van Bereke (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I’m signing this petition because as a foreign national from DRC, legally working as a Civil Engineer, Live in constant fear everyday when leaving for work and while outside.

Junias Mukongo (Pretoria , 2019-09-06)


I am insecure and I am not protected from the events happening in Johannesburg, I would not be able to live in this country again

Pendjonga Bulambo Didier (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


My family is in south Africa..daughter and husband

Carina mvula (Ottawa, 2019-09-06)


I'm victim of xenofobia in South Africa full of people there but me Sirius end the burning my things so fo now I want help fo you too help me plz

Santini Lukue (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I'm not safe in this country with this xenophobic attacks,I don't wanna lose my life that's why I need help from you

Glodi Ngoma (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


South Africa is not safe anymore

Francis Ilunga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm signing this because I and my family need help to leave south Africa for a better place

Esther Tshikala (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I am signing because of insecurity in the city ,here there do give me the list date for me to go ,so am feeling scared. I need help

KAHAMBU KIHOMA FRANCINE (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm signing this form because me and my family are affected of this situation of xenophobia in South Africa. Really we are not save special the place that we staying every one is pointing us a fingers. Even my kids are scared. We leaving on fiear. My husband Is a qualifier Plumber with 10 years of experience. I'm qualifier hair dresser with experience. Please your assistance will be helpful to my family.



Because I would like to go out of the country for my son's sake we stay In sunny side where all the fights and putting was taking place and my 3year old son is tromatised even to go back to crest all he says is Mommy their fighting.

Vanessa Chibangu (Pretoria, 2019-09-06)


I am signing bcz xenophobia

barrot kalombo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I am signing bcz it si more xénophobie in south Africa

Tshisekedi Kadiobo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because I'm victim of xenophobia in South Africa and I'm pleading for the canadian immigration to help me leave South Africa

Lydia Ramazani (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I want to be in peace and Secured

Joel Bolonda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


We are not save here in south africa we are dying please help us, our children,they killing us

Maria Joana mmbaki (Joannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I'm signing because of xenophobia in sout Africa.

Nsenga Makitu (Pretoria, 2019-09-06)


I am signing this petition to confirm that we are not safe in South Africa

Bakosoke Virginie Tambwe (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I am signing in because the xenophobia in South Africa our brothers sisters and parents has been killed!

Oscar Tshibemba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I great this situation came beatly
For my self I medical doctor.

Kalala Matiampio (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm singing because of bad traitement or xénophobie attack upning in South Africa we are not safe. We live with people who are ready to kill us please assist us to move in the country

kamba Kangudia jeff (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


I dnt feel safe anymore when ever I'm walking I got fear that people that south African people will attack me coz the color of my skin they south African are killing foreigners it not safe anymore,when ever I take a taxi I could here them talk in Zulu that the wants all the foreigners out of their country and it not the first time the attack us please help us we just wants to leave a better life

Nzolameso Junior kinkoko (Durban , 2019-09-06)


Because of safety reasons. I do not feel safe in this country as they are random attacks on foreign nationals. There is a specific plan to cruellty eradicate foreigners. Due to xenophobia my family and I are not safe.

Bertin Mukadi CITENGA (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


Because of xenophobia, I have a strong need to leave this country. Due to violent attacks on foreign nationals my family and I are not safe. There's a specific planned attack this whole September to eradicate foreigners from this land. I am not free and I can can't even go to the shop to buy food. Threats are everywhere

Jacky Citenga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


Because of the xenophobic violence in South Africa, I can’t leave here anymore. My life is not safe

Christian Kazadi (Pretoria , 2019-09-06)


We are going trough sévère panic has we become the prey of out fellow african To burn us like n boil us like meat.

Dave VanMervy butumbi (Joburg, 2019-09-06)


I was victims of xenophobia at spar likely they did take just phone and money

meffy mukongo kabwe (germiston Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm sign because life as a foreigner in south Africa is at risk their is no value to foreigner life

Adeyemi Ademola (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)


My husband was victim of verbal xenophobie by taxi driver and school learners telling him foreigners you to go back to your country.
We're traumatized and we can't to travel with public transport

Marie Francine Nkama (Durban, 2019-09-06)


I'm signing it because we're not again save in this countryand we must leave

Joseph Kadima (Johannesburg , 2019-09-06)


I'm signing in because the south Africans they don't want me as a foreigner in they are country last year they burned my right leg by the criminals I went to report my story to the police as I was attached by the robers they even want to kill me , because the time they put fire on me their though was I'm burning the whole body I'm not gonna survive but a guy from nigeria came to rescue me from that fire but it got on my right leg , the police could see all that happened to me but they could not do any thing for me , I have been attached 4 times in south africa . So south africa is not a save place for me thank you I have got all the proove on my body

Mathi marthine bambi Ntumba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-06)

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