Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud



I'm signing this because of xenophobia

Benjamin Musuamba Muangala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)



Nganda Bankina John (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because we are not very safe at all .

Mirand Kiaku (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


Yes I do signed because of presure and uncomfortable life I mean am very scared of not be protected like human being...

Leopold Kalala (Emalahleni Witbank, 2019-09-12)


Morning am from.congo DRC we need and my brother this my phone number +27634404020

Nlandu kisenda darly Nlandu kisenda darly (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I would like to ask if you could please help me to leave South Africa and come to live in Canada as Xenophobic attack is really getting worse here and lack of jobs,specially for me as a foreigner and even if I can get a simple job they might come and kill me, please hope to hear any positive news from you soon

Fabrice Baya (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


The situation is very bad in South Africa all foreigners we are victims of xenophobia,first thing they is no job second thing they are saying we are taking they are jobs and killing that is happening everyday

Every where we are going they used to call us makwerekwere, it mean stupid foreign
I have more then 5years in this country but I'm still a asylum seekers, they don't have a respect of human being

Killing humiliation sault , no hope for us no future

Tresor Mbutu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because i'm in danger of xenofobia in south Africa we need help

Bangamba ntoka Mambu (witbank, 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because, on 2018 I was victim of xenophobia, people break in at my place around 3am with gunpoint they took 2 laptop, LG smart tv and money.

Police came around 7am and forensic they took pictures and went for an investigation till now.
I am not save and I know that God is the only one that protect but I need to look after my life. Since then I only got a case number .

Trésor Tshimanga Kazadi (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


i and my wife and children are not safe in south Africa anymore because of this xenophobic attack.

Belcanto kabemba tutu (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I’m signing this petition because I fear my life and for the lives of my fellow African brothers and sisters who are being attacked here in South Africa. We have experienced Xenophobia attacks before but this time it’s worse, it’s like world war 3 amongst ourselves. This is a cry for help, I’m only a 21 year old guy for fends for himself and I’m really scared.

Tatenda Masabvu (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


Hello good day my car was being hijacked by
South Africa with gun pointed but only God protecting me by the time

Mao Alli (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of insecurity of being a foreigner in South Africa its just not safe here because people who violate the human rights are those who we live in the same neighbourhood

Irakoze Anasi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm insécurity in this country

Tekombili Ggagba Francine (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


Am signing because of xenophobic attack that have been victim since 2008.please I need a father of 4 .

Raphael shindano Tambwe (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I sign because the South African country is doing things underground as am saying I was renting a liquor license but the police came to my bar and damage everything here in Cape Town calling me names (kwirikwiri) and next two days they robbed me the people that I knows to report the case one police officer told me that it's better to keep quiet cause the guys will kill me and everywhere in South Africa is not self for foreign nations

Ammon Bundi Chirwa (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I 'm signing because I 'm victim's of xenophobic attack by south Africans i lost two my young brother's 8n this attack so we are in danger I'm seeking for peace please contact me through this number +277814743568

André Nzaji (Sout, 2019-09-12)


Was a victim of a xenophobic attack

Sarah Mutamba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Because of the xenophobia problem, we are scared to stay in this country

Rebecca Mwamini Mwilambwe (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I m signing because I was a victim of xenophobic attacks in south africa where I lose all my properties and my life is in danger here.

Wilson chialepeh Ningpuanyeh (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm a mother of 6 kids, I've been living here in South Africa over 20 years and I've just had enough with this constant killing, looting against my foreign brothers and sisters, since 2008 I've seen xenophobia keep getting worse year by year, I'm signing this petition for any immediate solution, please help me and my family. Please

Tshitshi Musau (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'am signing this petition because of xenophobia attacks in south Africa we are no more in peace we are living in fear.

Yasmine Mbelu (Durban , 2019-09-12)


My name Budiantu kabeya gilbert christel im a victim of xenophobia in South Africa im married to natacha mbembe mabonzo, we have 2kids we are citizens of congo drc in xenophobia time the beat me and the stabb me all over my body and case number and paper from hospital . And we just asking immigration of Canada if it possible as soon posible to take us out of this country because our life is in danger please I did report the matter to police station but there no feedback till now, we are not safe please we are asking your assistance pleased , you can contact me +27844400278. or +27 736423219. +27 786642637 thanks alote we need you support

BUDIANTU kabeya Gilbert christel (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because I want to leave this country as soon as possible, I’m a foreign and I’m a victim of this xenophobic attack I can’t stay here because I’m a student, and this country is not a safe place to live anymore for foreigners, and refugees. That’s the reason I’m signing because I want to go to Canada.

Gradi Makusa (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


la xenophobie Sud Africaine nous tue comme des petits chiens (South African xenophobia kills us like little dogs)



I am signing because am tired to live in fear,my life is in danger they are killing us as a chicken or goats, we are tired to be a victims of xenophobia every time.

Etienne Ngandu (johannesburg,, 2019-09-12)


Am signed in because the are killing us! we need realy help please with my children

Alain Kongolo (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I am signing because what is going on in South Africa is inhuman. The killing of african is barbaric and we signing this to tell the world to come to our rescue.

Jean-Marie M. Ngadi (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


To enable African to live in a welcoming land of Africa, add their skills for the development of Canada, learn technology to be implimented back in Africa one day

Evariste Umba (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Insecurity in South Africa. Stop to Xenophobia

Botshesa Joel (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I would like to highlight, to expose and condemn the xenophobic behaviour of the south Africans people.

Danny Kandball (Vereeniging, 2019-09-12)


I'm in danger here in Johannesburg for this xenophobia attacks

Fifi Kitambwe (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Because I'm a foreigner living in South Africa

Jean Jacques Musokayi (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I'm so tired obsessed with scared of seeing blood people killed ,women raped

Gaby Kabengele (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing to this petition because i'm in danger here in South Africa for the xenophobia;i'm married and have two kids,I don't want to risk my kids life and their future in this country. Thanks.

Dimbi Mbungu (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


because we have enough because life is sacred but we risk losing everything and our lives we seek where we can serve well others in the world calmly

Munga Mukobo Robert (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Bonjour je suis dr baraka,je vis en afrique du Sud avec mes 4 enfants et ma femme précisément dans le cartier tunfontein là où il ya le cible de xénophobie chaque année,mes enfants ont même peur d aller à l école,la où je travaille il y a toujours de menance,donc on est pas en paix dans cet pays.aidez-nous s il vous plait.merci

BARAKA NGONGO Christian (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petition because, our life is danger hire in south Africa. We have seen this xenophobia attack almost tree times and now we're tired and we don't feel safe. My husband were several times attacked with a gun point by criminals and this last xenophobie make us to fear living in south Africa.

Élisée Bafola bitumba (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


Good day,I'm signing in because i really wanna be in touch with you for any assistance.thanks

Pyren's Cornelio (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I wish to see this program becoming effective.

ledoux Toukam (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm not saved in this country because southafricain people's they are killing foreigners

Gloire Mbuka (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm from drc I have decided to leave my home country for save my life I came in South Africa the situation are the some they killed us foreigners now I'm helpless I'm not safety at all and I don't know where can I go now for protect my life please I need help

Pathy Saku-mindanda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I’m 26 years of age, originally from Congo DRC, I’m a refugee in South Africa, I live alone in Johannesburg where I work, I’m not going to beep around so I’ll go on by saying I’m scared of my life! I’ve seen some of my friends get affected by the murders of foreigners, the anti-xenophobia campaigns I’m afraid hasn’t helped. We can walk alone always have to walk in groups so you can not be out numbered and get attacked, if the is any immediate solution to this nightmare I’m currently in please help. God bless

Teddy Cooper (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm a victim of xenophobia attack in South Africa please help us to get out of this country before they kill us all,thank you

Landu Georgette Ndongala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I'm also avictim of xonnophobia

Jack Badibanga (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing in because of xenophobia here in south africa me and my family are not safe. Please help me and my family to move here

Mami pemba (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Je suis Mr Benh Loso,un Congolais vivant en Afrique du Sud je signe cette petition pour demander votre aide par rapport aux mauvais traitements que nous subissons matin,midi et soir sur cette terre et demandons si possible des sanctions contre le gouvernement sud africain merçi.

Benh Loso (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I'm an victim of xénophobie in south africa Johanesburg please help me

Mbayo Mukala Veronica (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of Xenophobia. We are not safe anymore in south Africa. They attack me on Monday 09.09.2019 in Belleville. We scare even to use transport. Thank you

Prince Kamb Kot (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I am signing before I don't feel comfortable and safe to say here in South Africa

Franck Chanda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Bonjour, je m'appel ponde benite wenge je suis originaire de la RDC. Je suis une veuve de deux enfants un garçon de 6ans et une fille de 5ans au regard de ma situation social je voulais que vous puissiez m'aider a venir m'integrer au canada, cela va m'aider et mes enfants pour l'amour de Dieu parceque nous somme dans l'insecuriter avec le xenophobia ici a South African aidons nous s'il vous plait, En attendant votre response, je vous pris d'agree mes sinceres salutations a la community

Ponde benite Wenge (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


It's over that xenophobic situation and the government is not taking serious mesures to prevent.

Hervé Kimpolo (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm singing because I want to move in south Africa about xenophobia

Benjamin Nkondi (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I'm victim of xenophobia in south Africa, we can't work or do our own business, I lost my job since 2017 but I managed to buy my own tools to open a mini workshop but still having trouble with citizens.

Francis Mbayo busuna (Pretorua, 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition because we are in high danger me and my family. As an Uber driver we have been targeted by the taxi owners association since the the xenophobic movement started and my kids are not going to school fear to be attached as last week 2 kids Were stab to deaf.

Nilton Nyi-sia Yema (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


As all know South Africa is not a place of peace for us foreigner

Serge Mukuna Mukoka (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


My name is Victor, I'am married and i have 2 kids, I'am applying because of this xenophobia problem and on top of that I have not received my wages because i'am foreigner honestly I never see these such discrimination has never experienced it at this country I have all the evidence regarding the reports of what I was duty at workplace as TL field maintenance.

Victor Botondi Kipoyi (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


Je suis congolais vivant en afrique du sud insecurite pour Les entrages est vraiment tres seurieux

François Bolofo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of my safety and my family
In our area Yeovil
They bend some peoples and killing us animals please we ask you to save us and life's
Your help is ours strength
Thanks Ntumba mukenge Emmanuel

Ntumba Emmanuel Mukenge (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Hope they will be a great

Sarah Tumu (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


I am signing because I am in danger, not feeling safe with xenophobia and would like to be out of this country immediately, leaving with fears

Chrispin Tshiti (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


Persecuted in south africa

Mende Yongo (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because as a foreigner in south africa me and my family we are not safe at all please help me

Ken Linde (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Xenophobia in South Africa

Ivon Sulu tshikong (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because I want to leave south Africa I don't wanna die here they are killing people just like that... Us foreigners

Moses Dilangu (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because of xenophobia attack in South Africa

Johnson Nkongolo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Victime of xenophobia

Ruddy Kazadi (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


My family was a victim of xenophobia

Ruth Ilunga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of bad treatment in South africa against foreigners. We've had enough...

Kibila Makaya (Mthatha, 2019-09-12)


I was a victim of xenophobia

Roland Tchouassi Nguegoue (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because of what is a happening in this country, where our life are in danger in moment, not having ability to free.
Gangster are taking chance in all this madness going around, thank you for letting me sign

Samuel Mwanabute (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because me and my family we are in xenophobia danger in south africa please help us

jean paul Mbuyi kayembe (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)



Kabanga marie Masangu (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


Hi my name is Benjamin Wandonga,the reason I'm signing this petition is because I'm a qualified caregiver working in the private hospital here in Durban South Africa. When I'm going to work I'm meeting up with South African on my way to work they are telling me to leave South Africa because I'm a foreigner and they have been threating me that their would kill me if i don't leave there country they said the reason why their threatened to kill me is because I m an foreigner they are claming that we are taking away their jobs that why they said i should leave their country and their jobs so i m pleading to the Minster of IRCC to do something about this
Thank you

Benjamin Wandonga (Durban , 2019-09-12)


I'm also a victim of the xenophobic attacks, me and my children.



I'm signing this becouse my life not safe the kill us lake dogs ,I'm Marie I have 3 kids we need help to leave this country, worck is available , to worck the need citizens, me I'm truck driver

LUKUBIKA cloris Malundama (CAPE town, 2019-09-12)


I am living in fear due to xenophobic attack on foreign nationals

Ruth Bodika Ndongala (Capetown , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of xenophobic here in South Africa , they are beating and killing us with no mercy . We are really dying every day

messi kasongo (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


Hi I will appreciate if this is gonna happen, we are not safe in this country us a foreign nationals, they behaviour like animals, please help us

Monga Banza ledoux (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because I'd like to be relocates to another Country where i would feel safe ,welcomed and not live in fear. I can to South Africa at a very tender age and did both my primary and secondary schooling here but regardless of that there's not a single day where I've felt at home here. My life has been full of anxiety and fear not knowing when i will be next to lose my life as a victim of Xenophobic attacks occuring almost every single year.

Emmanuel Samuel (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


Am living in south africa 4 now 15 years but I lost everything my shop and all the stock now i don't know where 2 start i am marred if 3 children now my life and my family it so miserable I really need any assistance but am ready 2 leave south Africa 4 better place where I will be safe

Baczol Mboma (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petitions because I'm a victim of xenophobia here in South Africa my life is in danger I lost my best friend because of this xenophobia .and I was attacked on my way back home I'm not safe here anymore help us

Jean mukendi Ciamala (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this petition to confirm that the situation is not good at all.

Okako Djunga (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this becase we are in danger in this country now that one I'm signing this for you guys to help us we need your help pls help us thoses citizens don't want us foreigners in this country,pls we need help

Mireille Masela (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Me and my familly we are victime of xenophobia we need to be safe me and my family

Kevine Yalou (Joannesbourg, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because we've been seeing this quiet long so we're tired of this sort of treatment here in South Africa

Simon Tshiyamba (Durban, 2019-09-12)


I came in south africa to protect my life and my kids life as well but now we're not save i have dicided to leave my country bcoz of my life but now in south africa the situation are the some like my country please i need help

Eliel Ngongo (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I am living with my 3 kids here in South Africa we were victims of xenephobia attack my kids are living trauma now please if you can assist

Jael Kabayo Tambinde (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


We went through a lot off stressful situation I'm worry it about my family ,I want Them to live in a quiet , peaceful and loving environment so for the sake of my family's well being I've signed this petition in hope of a better future

Cele Selemani (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm using this petition, because we are traumatizing in south Africa with xenophobie attacks, we don't feel safe and our life is in danger. We living in fear in south Africa.

Guy Laurent Lobela (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I was attack my car was damaged and I was coming from work they beat me they took everything I had phone laptop tablet even my wallet

Mike Kazadi kabandanyi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Am signing this petition bcz am a victim of xenophobia attack happening now in south africa from 07/09/2019 till now

Kamuleta Kamana (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I am victim and unsecured

Lokemba Ngondo (Pretoria, 2019-09-12)


Canada must to something for people who's dying in South Africa because of Xenophobian attack against foreigners national...

UNHRC please assist us.... we doesn't have hope and future in this country...

Even if you are qualified for the job, the will tell you this: You are foreigner and there isn't job for you....



I have a child and I fear of what might happen.south Africa is just not safe anymore especially raising children here and as a single parent anything happening to me leaves my child in danger as comes before anything else.

Amina Mwomba (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I don't want to stay in this country anymore me and my family is not safe our life is in danger we are leaving in fear

Maguy kanga Kapenda (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing bcz of the way south african treating other African people coming from other countries, xenophobic violence.

Junior Mabiala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm currently living in Pretoria since 2014 and each and every single since I have been here in South Africa as a refugees from Goma (Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo) there is always some xenophobic attack here at least twice a year and this here my neighbour an Ethiopian guy been a victim. They looted and burned his small shop and I was so terrified that they could kill me but thanks to God the police came earlier reason why I'm still alive. But being honest South Africa is a so dangerous place to be in right now for others African foreigners

David Tshibangu Mbuyi (Pretoria , 2019-09-12)


Hi thanks for this opportunity

Boudjema Mhamed (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because of those attack that is happening here in South Africa

Ngalula Tshandanda (Durban, 2019-09-12)


Xenophobia attack

Charles Kabeya kalala (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


Hey guys totally insecurity in South Africa because of xenophobia

Lombo Jordan (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Because I'm not secure in south Africa

Ndagano Ruphin (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I want to have safe life so that I can take care of my wife and family

Tawanda Shoniwa (Capetown, 2019-09-12)


I have personally experience atrocity with South African. My area is Malvern on Jules street. Would love a help to go outside this country as my life is on the line

Mordecai Kanyinda (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Good morning

Gabriel Tshombo (Cap Town , 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition because I am a victim of xenophobia in South Africa. I was attacked in the train with the knife .

Siki Marc Yangba (Cape town Western Cape, 2019-09-12)


I' m signing for i need your urgent help to relocate from South Africa because of xenophobia that is happening . they killing us and destroying our houses and small bossiness.they preventing us to get jobs and restrictive systems are implements in all institutions against foreigners .

Virgine Limbila Moseka (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Hello,I and my family are the victims of the South Africa xenophobic attacks,it's been a couple of weeks that's this acts been taking place,people are dying everyday and my kids are traumatized of all this please help us get out of here,thank you

Didier miamisa Golo (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm afraid for my life in south africa, i don't know where can i go, my life becomes a hell in this country.
please help me.

Scellé Kamuena (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm refugee here in south Africa and I am not safe because of those south African people killing us everyday they doesn't want us to be here at all that's why I decided to leave this country because of that and crime everywhere we are going especially because we are foreigner and we are not safe at all

Balokoka akongo Julio (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm not filling safe as in sa as xenophobia attacks with sa community killing as.
Email :info.bmfelectrical**********

Jean Jacques Muntulu lalonda (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


I am single mum of 3 children and we are not safe in this country

ngandu celyah (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


They killing foreigners here in south Africa is better to live south Africa

William Tshupa akata (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing in because of xenephobia

Melo Kalonji Mukendi (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


I am Canadian

Pascal Lemba (Montreal, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because,I'am DRC congo,livings in south Africa since 2008 till today with my family in Johannesburg as paperless,refugees using asylum allwed renoubelable each afternoon 6 months.
Nearly because of xenophobia I run the risk of losing my job and my 3 kids are even used to go to school afraid because of killing people's to south Africa. So I decided to move out of south Africa no security at all.

Tshialawu prosper Kalala (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because... i m near the death in this country , i m afraid for my life, help me for the sake of God .

Goël Mbuyi Kamuena (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I'm signing due to the extreme violence i and my kids are suffering

Maria De Fátima Vilhena (Luanda , 2019-09-12)


I am signing because i want to leave south africa my life its not secure here thwy are killing us every day

Orsiane Mbungu (Cape Town , 2019-09-12)


My family and I are in danger due to the level of crimes in South Africa especially in the city we are living in(Cape Town ) and xenophobic attacks targeted at mostly us black foreigners they're claiming that we are taking they're jobs and now both my husband and I, have been forced out of work which is also affecting our kid's schooling. They're going to school in fear especially using public transportation as everyday there's always a story where foreign children being attacked,stabbed and killed on their way to/from school.

Celine Kajama (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I am signing for this petition because I was staying in South Africa and because of xenophobic attacks they have taken my passport and now I am obliged to do things that I don't want please really help me I would be grateful if my application is taken to consideration.

Israël Muamba Kamuena (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I’m signing because I have my sister and my nephew in South Africa and my world will crush should anything happen to them. Please minister of justice do something about this

Mireille Mathieu Yamba (Montreal, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing because of the on going attack on us by South African people claiming we are stealing their job and and I was also attack by them saying the will finish us all if we don't leave there country

miche tanganika (Durbam, 2019-09-12)


I am a victim of xenophobia in south Africa and I have case numbers and my wife the rejected her fille my 2 kids no documents
and my self since 2001till now i'am using Asylum for 6 months so can you help me to in this situation how my kids the will go to school no way because no document I feel like i'am in prison please help me out UNHCR to leave this country full of grime
Thank you

Kalala gombe Pitshou (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Hey guys the is a huge unsecurity right here in south Africa people are killing foreign

Lusadisu Siku (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Im signing because i want to leave south africa me and my 2 childrens because of zenophobia it has been happening since years back but for this year 2019 it was the worse please help we can no longer continue living in fear.

elizabeth pamina (johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


Please Dear i need your help, beceause this country is very bad,. Xénophobe is to much,we are not save, my school is readdy closed, if is possible to help us is fine😭😭😭😭

Patrick Kalubi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I was a victim of two xenophobic attacks and it is very traumatic. I'm tired of this situation as i can't go back home since things are worse over there.

Elie Tshabu (Cape Town, 2019-09-12)


my name is blandine I'm asking for help I'm married mother of 3 we are not safe here I need help to come to Canada with my family

Blandine Tshunza (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


xenophobia here in south Africa we die too much

arsene mastaki (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


I am signing this petition because I am in danger here in South Africa because of xenophobia

Gilva kabongo Tshishimbi (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Je suis ici en Afrique du sud mes je suis pas vraiment satisfait pour les événements qui passe ici je demande votre aide ,merci bonne compréhension

Mputu Tumiladi celestin (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)


I'm tired of experiencing these xenophobic attacks

Jules Bompenza (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm victims in xenaiphobi
Plz ilep as,aide nous svp
Nous somme de refugees moi
Et ma famille mon numero ce 0837740394

Patrick Mbaya (Cape town , 2019-09-12)


I'm singing because of xenophobia we are suffering, they are killing us we don't have any place to go. Please we need your help

Mukuna John (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


You are victims of xenophobia in cape town. You need help immediately. Please can you assisted as.

Bienvenu Mboyo (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


I'm signing this because I and my family have been victims of xenophobia in several times here in South Africa. We would like to relocate to Canada and my wife being a professional nurse I believe she will be of a good use for the society so he's myself and our 2 boys.

laurent kadima (Johannesburg , 2019-09-12)


Je suis victime de violence en Afrique du Sud pour xenofobia, je besoin de votre aidez.

Heritier Banunga (Djobec, 2019-09-12)


I’m singing because my family in South Africa are not safe.

Solange Serukiza (Montreal , Quebec , 2019-09-12)


we live in fear, we cannot walk without looking at our shoulders.

The Xenophobia attack has arose great terror and this has result that we are unable to live in these conditions.

School, work and other activities has to been stop due to xenophobia.

Peter J. Tshiani (cape Town, 2019-09-12)


Beacuse I am really tired with South Africa,is been now 4 times anouth is anouth .I need any help can evacuate me from this scandal situation.

Theogene KARAMA (Cape town, 2019-09-12)


Because my child was victim of xenophobia is friend that is a citizen of South Africa hit him up during this attack and he came home wooded close to his eyes crying because is a foreigner now is afraid to go back to school because of that,
My wife was a victim of xenophobia she’s was in a taxi where the driver was speaking language to her she could speak back the driver the driver trowed her out of the bus and beat her up far away from her bus stop
My self I can not work because because I was selling second hand close now they burn up the shop where we where selling
Now we don’t know what to do
My wife she is a general nurse but she been victim of xenophobia in offices she has all her documents that allow her to write the exam now 3 years they have been postponing her appointment so she get tired and give up to write and we pay paye bus to travel to Pretoria to introduce documents but they don’t treat us like human being i and my wife we don’t know what this people want from us they don’t want us to work they want to see us suffering they want to see us dead no peace in our neighborhood every morning our neighbors throw stone in our window to remind us to go back home long time ago we run out from our country to South Africa to look for refuge because of war that happened in Goma they liked and burned up all our good norw is South African people who received us now they turned against us our neighbor they saying if we don’t move out they will burn us alive in the house pleas we are not safe I and my 2 children we need your support

Kasongo kambanga serge Kambanga (Johannesburg, 2019-09-12)

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