Muskegon: 2nd Amendment Constitutional County



i dont want you to take away my rite to bare arms and protect my home and family.

marylou nitz (Muskegon, 2020-01-17)


I believe in The Constitution of the United States of America! The public officers should uphold the Constitution!
I know that our rights are being picked at and slowly pulled apart.
It needs to stop NOW!
Let’s take care of our rights and our citizens first.

Carolyn Jurecki (Holton , 2020-01-17)


2nd amendment rights are very important to me, and shouldn't be infringed upon.

Hayden Ericksen (Muskegon, 2020-01-17)


It's my right to bare arms, an my right to own my guns an keep them

Brian Craig (Muskegon, 2020-01-18)


I am signing to have the attack on our rights to stop. I would be happy to be the person who presents this to our board.

Michael Haueisen (Muskegon, 2020-01-18)


It's my Constitutional right

Lisa Middlecamp-Lowder (Muskegon, 2020-01-18)


Constitutional RIGHTS

Nola Twining (Twin Lake , 2020-01-18)


It is the law. And I am a Patriot.

Thomas Boomer (Muskegon, 2020-01-19)


I demand our government at all levels respect the citizens and the constitution which limits government powers. We elect you to represent us, not to invade our lives.

Craig Davis (Muskegon , 2020-01-19)


We need to protect our constitutional rights.

Charles McCabe (Muskegon, 2020-01-20)


I want our constitution to upheld

Katherine Peoples (Muskegon, 2020-01-21)


I'm protecting or freedoms.

Amanda Shreve (Muskegon , 2020-01-21)


I beleave in my rights as a US citizen an I beleave in the 2nd amendment!...

Richard Evans (Twinlake , 2020-01-21)


Do not tread on me and mine. Do not infringe on our rights, 2nd amendment!

Marjorie MackeyRobinson (Whitehall, 2020-01-21)


I’m signing because I believe in gun rights and the right to protect oneself!!

Reise Bogen (Montague, 2020-01-22)


I LOVE my rights that come from God not Govt and include the right to defend self against Govt Tyranny!

Sandra Betten (Spring Lake, 2020-01-22)


It is a constitutional right.

Maek Hartman (Muskegon, 2020-01-22)


I'm signing because over the last few years our 2nd amendment rights have been coming under fire due to current clout of politicians.

Mark Thomas (Muskegon , 2020-01-22)


I support the 2nd Amendment! 🇺🇸

Matt Andrews (Muskegon, 2020-01-23)


Our second amendment rights are constitutional, and if taken away from us, that would be a crime . We want to be safe in our country. If criminals know we dont have guns, you can bet they will come after us. That includes Everyone!

Peggy Drake (Muskegon , 2020-01-24)


I believe in the constitution and my second ammendment right to protect myself and my family.

Amy Preston (Norton Shores, 2020-01-28)


It’s our GOD given right.

Eric Davis (Ravenna, 2020-01-30)


My views on the issue are expressed in my articles, such as "The Opposite of Slavery":
and "Hitler is a Tool":

Jeffrey Martin (Twin Lake, 2020-02-04)


Don't want them to take are guns and I believe in the 2nd amendment

Donna Brown (Twin lake, 2020-02-07)


I believe in my constitutional right to keep and bear arms

Robert Martz (Muskegon, 2020-02-07)


I believe our constitutional rights are under attack. I believe lawmakers are ignorant of the history of our country's founding and why we have a second amendment. I fear sometime in the very near future our rights and liberties will be eroded beyond recognition.

Daniel Van Beek (Muskegon, 2020-02-07)


It is my right

Jason Stenke (Holton, 2020-02-07)


I'm from Montague, MI, which is part of Muskegon County. I believe that the 2A Sanctuary county movement, is the right way to go. It's it good people and law abiding citizens, that should not be punished, because of red flag laws and gun control laws. The actions of the few, breaking the laws, should not be the reason why he masses have to suffer.

Kyle Rought (Fort Hood, 2020-02-07)



Ken Kieft (Norton Shores, 2020-02-07)


I am signing because the 2nd amendment is a inalienable right given by God. The 2nd amendment says "shall not be infringed". Any legislation restricting this right is an infringement. The 2nd is no less a right than the 1st, or any other right. So it needs defending just as rigorous as the others.

Dale Nelson (Muskegon, 2020-02-07)


Cause i believe in the 2nd amendment

William Scalf (Spring lake, 2020-02-07)


The right to keep and bear arms is essential to the safety and security of the American way of life.

Ken Grant (Whitehall , 2020-02-08)


The right to keep and bear arms is essential to the safety of the American people.

Kainan Grant (Whitehall, 2020-02-08)


I’m signing this petition because it is important that our Muskegon County government understand the importance of preserving my constitutional right to bare arms.

Laurie Ziegelmann (Norton Shores, 2020-02-08)


I'm signing because our second amendment right must be protected.

David Olson (Muskegon, 2020-02-08)


I have to protect my constitutional rights

Trent Perry (Muskegon, 2020-02-08)


"Being neccessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"

Kandas Wildey (Twin Lake, 2020-02-08)


I believe in these rights!

Matt Stone (Montague , 2020-02-08)


The 2nd amendment should be protected in our constitution as is.

Don Grant (Whitehall, 2020-02-08)


Virgil L. Stanley

Virgil Stanley (Muskegon, 2020-02-08)


I am a law abiding citizen and don’t want the government to illegally take my right to own a gun away

Andrew Kops (Twin Lake, 2020-02-08)


I support the 2A

Andrew Achterhof (Muskegon , 2020-02-08)


I totally believe that being able to have arms of all kinds are our right to defend ourselves under the constitution.

Martha Dillon (Whitehall, 2020-02-08)


I support he 2nd amendment. I'm a constitutional conservative. And the left wing liberal Democrats that want my guns can kiss my ass.

John Richter (Montague, 2020-02-08)


The second amendment shall not be infringed upon.

Bruce Visniski (Muskegon , 2020-02-08)


Protect my 2nd amendment

Dominick Haynes (Twin lake, 2020-02-09)


It is my right



I have every right to keep and bear arms. It is my constitutional right.

Mary Moore VerSluis (Casnovia, 2020-02-09)


Constitution. Period. No Sancuary cities in the US allowed.

Brian Hoffman (Muskegon, 2020-02-09)


Believe in protecting the 2nd amendment

Michael Tull (Twin Lake, 2020-02-09)


I believe in our forefathers and the Constitution

Rickey Root (Holton, 2020-02-09)


Because living in this area my whole I've
seen a lot of guns on the streets. Disarming arming the average citizens would be a mistake it would give the criminals a chance to run wild.

Joe Puisis (Muskegon, 2020-02-09)


I support the 2nd amed

Jim Anton (Norton Shores, 2020-02-09)


My right to.

Andrew Larson (Whitehall, 2020-02-09)


I believe in our 2and amendment and constitution!

Cliff Rundle (Muskegon , 2020-02-09)


The 2nd amendment isn't about deer hunting. People can't say Trump is a dangerous lunatic and also claim that we will never need the right to bear arms. We need to encourage responsible gun ownership and proper training and the safe handling of firearms. We need more gun owners, not fewer.

Ryan Milliron (muskegon, 2020-02-09)


People died for my rights. You dont get to just take them away!

Renee Dault (Muskegon, 2020-02-09)


I’m signing because I never want to lose my 2nd amendment rights!

Rochelle Berry (Montague , 2020-02-10)

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