We want a refund of our DLDK ticket.



Ik mij zwaar opgelicht voel. 70€ heb ik betaald voor 3 stages en het dubbele aan artiesten! Ik wil mijn geld terug

Bjorn Rous (Utrecht, 2020-03-04)


I feel like I have been ripped off!

Oli Brown (Plymouth, 2020-03-04)


Ik teken dit omdat ik me zwaar opgelicht voel. Ze annuleren meer dan de helft van de dj's gooien 2 zalen dicht en komen niet met compensatie.. Ik heb voor een voledig festival betaald.

Bennie Van wijlen (Gorinchem, 2020-03-04)


DLDK is committing fraud. Updating their terms just before posting so they would not have to refund!

Bas D (Purmerend, 2020-03-04)


I want 50% of my money back

Patrouska Veldman (Lelystad , 2020-03-05)


I will not go to the Festival because they close the Hardstyle Stage.

Julia Lauer (Spay, 2020-03-05)


I want my money back. The organizers are treating this situation in a very shady manner with last minute changes to terms and conditions not taking responsibility as they should and proposing changes that do not help the situation but only their pockets

M Bel Gasca (Almere, 2020-03-05)


I have paid full price for 1 stage, I get that the Corona is dangerous. But if that is the case, the whole event should have to close and not just two stages!

Chloe Alsemgeest (Heerle, 2020-03-05)


Bullshit 2arenas dicht door Caronavirus onnodig paniek zaaien dat is er wat er nu gebeurt las het hele evenement af of geef als composatie munten of geld terug

Danielle LieveVeen (Ede , 2020-03-05)


I would like a refund of the event! It should be cancelled!

Thao Nguyen (Amsterdam, 2020-03-05)


Het is oplichterij!!!

Lieke . (Amsterdam, 2020-03-05)


My stage is cancelled

Minke Willems (Heijen, 2020-03-05)



Lana Holmes (Bournemouth , 2020-03-05)



seann wong (amsterdam , 2020-03-05)


ik wil 2/3 van mijn ticketgeld terug 2 van de 3 podia zijn geannuleerd waarvoor ik wel betaald heb

Sander Zijlstra (rotterdam , 2020-03-05)


The artist that were coming arent coming anymore. It is the purest form of fraud

Javier van Bezooijen (Lopikerkapel, 2020-03-05)


I want my momey back

Jacob-Jan Bruin (Wormer, 2020-03-05)


Global health is in danger.
Terms and conditions have been changed by DLDK.
This is fraud.

Stephanie Geel (Amsterdam, 2020-03-05)


I want money back you suck i very mad

Tim Schuijt (ZAANDAM, 2020-03-05)


I feel scammed. Bought tickets to Don't Let Daddy Know 2020, just to see artists on the hardstyle stage. One day before they announced that 'due to the Corona virus they must take measures' so they close down the hardstyle stage and all the other stages, and keeping only the mainstage open.They have also changed their policy meaning that no refund is possible - even you don't get at all what you have paid for. Smart. My question is: how is closing down the side stages and pushing everyone into one area lower the risk of health concerns?

Lilla Kontra (Aarhus, 2020-03-05)


I am signing because i only bought two tickets just for the hardstyle djs. I can’t stand listening to pop music from DVLM for instance. Please transfer me back the money.

Adel Kontra (Budapest, 2020-03-05)


I'm signing because this company has completely taken the piss out of everybody who has signed upto this.
Spent a lot of money on travel, accommodation and tickets only to have the acts I wanted to see removed or reduced for bullshit reasons.

David Alexander (Edinburgh, 2020-03-05)


Its Not fair. I paid for 3 stages and only one will open? No i‘m out.

Andre Kube (Bornheim , 2020-03-05)


I paid for ticked 69 euro for 3 stage. I'm fun hardstyle and I can't believe that this stage it is cancel. I want to refuse for my 4 ticked

Karola Buczynska (Sint jansklooster , 2020-03-05)


money back!!!

Nuno Cruz (Diekirch, 2020-03-06)

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