China will take over the world if not stopped. Look what they are doing to Hong Kong

Lorraine Clark (Stanford-le-Hope, 2020-05-22)


Killing, torturing of any animal or person is a crime against humanity. Stop it or pay the consequences.




Elizabeth Forde (Littlehampton, 2020-05-22)


Barbaric actions - must be stopped

Stuart Pearson (Leeds, 2020-05-22)


The current pandemic that we are all dealing with to various degrees and that has caused global economies to collapse is WAKE UP CALL for CHANGE. We MUST ban together and demand that China enacts animal welfare laws, stops the brutal, barbaric, crime ridden dog & cat meat trade and wildlife trade to prevent future deadly viral outbreaks.

Jade Dexter (St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, 2020-05-22)


This is a very important issue. China needs to be accountable for withholding information regarding the Covid-19 virus. It has already been established that this virus started in Wuhan which is in China.

Danielle Hayes (Perth , 2020-05-22)


Pretty obvious!

Sue Andrea (Yateley , 2020-05-22)


I agree

Pat Oneill (Dundee, 2020-05-22)


Time to take a stand

Ian Walker (Crook, 2020-05-22)


China needs to he held accountable!!!!

Laura Stewart (Edmonton, 2020-05-22)


It is time to end the brutal killing of millions of dogs and cats each year in China and to close down its meat trade forever!

Sally Gross (Forres, 2020-05-22)


They must be brought to account for their actions

Barbara Hill (Bromley, 2020-05-22)


Because the trade of killing and eating dogs and cats is barbaric. The butchers are so cruel it is hard to believe what they put theses poor defenceless animals though and it needs to STOP

Loreto Sturdy (York, 2020-05-22)


China have caused hell on earth. So many innocent lives have been and will continue to be lost because of their unbearable cruelty.

Deb Drew (Ross On Wye, 2020-05-22)


Not ever living being may be torture to death without nobody do something. Never can we turn our head away, just do if it does not exist.

Anneke Elzinga (Leeuwarden , 2020-05-22)


UK is such a coward in front of anything related to China. We've lost 30,000+ lives yet this rubbish government does not stand up for our and the global interests! Take actions - NOW!

Jessica C (London, 2020-05-22)


Everything came from China

M Krebs (Merzig, 2020-05-22)


Because cruelty allowed from the government against animals are a sign of the country is not civilisaid

Marianne T Persson (Lerberget, 2020-05-22)


I hate cruelty in any form and there really was no need for all this it has impacted everyone so much,we have lost beautiful animals aswell as friends and family.They must stop with their varbarity.

Carol Tong (Newport,Shropshire, 2020-05-22)


They are vile and why do all these viruses start with them

Heather Dean (Altrincham , 2020-05-22)


Thousands of people are dead. Abject animal and human abuse continues in China. We must condemn and boycott!

Anna Lowe (Melbourn, 2020-05-22)


They must stop! Killing 1/4 million and thousands suffering because of Chinas dallies with viruses.

Mary King (HULL, 2020-05-22)


I will no longer tolerate Chinas lack of human rights, animal rights, arrogance and deceit. We can not let this country take over the world. But the world is allowing them to do just that.



I firmly believe that China,need to,be wealth with accordingly through the Anglosphere Agreement due to immense deaths across the globe.This country continues to practice cruel and barbaric acts on animals,resulting in much suffering and global disease.

Jacqueline Rodgers (Middlesbrough , 2020-05-22)


barbaric country need to stop the horrendous suffering they do to animals 😡

Carole Cooper (Durham, 2020-05-22)


Whats goes on in china is ureal its about time something is done before the next pandemic

Beverley White (Gloucester , 2020-05-22)


The HORRORS this EVIL country inflict must be stopped and the rest of the world should be stopping them!!

BEVERLEY NEVILLE (Isles of Wight, 2020-05-22)


I'm against seeing hardhearted animal & people torturers. I really want nothing to do with hardhearted animal & people torturers like them. They should not live to be animal & people torturers. Let them rot in the hell as they really do deserve to be rotted in hell for the rest of their life.

Rayline Dean (Ridgecrest, 2020-05-22)


Something needs to be done about China and their monopoly on world trade and the disgusting treatment of animals and wildlife or there will be another pandemic like this one.

Anita Gwinnett (London , 2020-05-22)


I want with every part of me to end this horrendous torture of dogs, and all animals in china . They must conform to what is right

Adrianne Williamson (Mijas, 2020-05-22)


Please support the voiceless please

Adriana Rodríguez (Miami, 2020-05-22)


Humanity reason

Marlene Legaspi (Surrey , 2020-05-22)


China must be held accountable for the horrendous animal abuse that it allows in the name of "culture". Such practice fosters normalized sociopathy in its society and must be stopped by regulation. Global society must object vehemently to these practices, including the dog and cat meat trade.

Jean Marie McMahon (Ballston Spa, 2020-05-22)


The world must step in and stop the vile abuse of animals on our shared planet. How dare these people think it's their "right" to slaughter and consume all the earths animals. They would eat the very last animal on earth with no compunction!

sylvia wilson (BRADFORD, 2020-05-22)



Ilda Pereira (Lisboa, 2020-05-22)


The torture and killing of animals in China sickens me and should no longer be allowed to happen anywhere in the world. Now the maltreatment of animals in China has caused a worldwide pandemic so it’s way past the time to stop this insanity.

Julie Gray (Boynton Beach, Florida, 2020-05-22)


It’s time to evolve. It’s time to stop the barbaric cruelty!!

Edie Gegolick (Vegreville , 2020-05-23)


Dog torture must stop! Torture of any other animals must stop!

Jean Christensen (Springfield, 2020-05-23)


Cruelty for ANY reason is never acceptable !

Debra Smith (Peterborough, 2020-05-23)


The greatness of a nation is determined by the treatment of its animals. Said by a true leader.

Carol Dorion (PETERBOROUGH, 2020-05-23)


This barbaric act must end!
How can we all sit around and Do Nothing!!
Animals don’t have a voice it is up to us to Do the right thing and END THE TORTURE of innocent Dogs and all other Animals.

Julie Thorns (Perth , 2020-05-23)


This is a very importanat matter!

Stacy Myszewski (Janesville, 2020-05-23)


i hate CHINA that eat dogs and cats

Alexander Ortiz (Lima, 2020-05-23)


This is horrible and evil the torturing and killing of what is supposed to be mans best friend is just evil any animal being tortured is horrible it needs banned pls stop it

Margaret Maclure (Ayrshire , 2020-05-23)


The arrogance of CCP not to admit accountability for what has happened and to silence their people, its mass murder on a global scale and not just from Coronavirus but from people and animals that will die from world economic bankruptcy.
China needs to stop living in the dark ages when it comes to their inhumane, barbaric behaviour towards animals. Their insatiable appetite to want to destroy other living things to virtual extinction for so-called medicinal purposes and food is beyond me!

Lou Roach (Devon, 2020-05-23)


They are disgraceful people, the torture of animals must stop
Our government has had to pay out millions of pounds to help us survive this virus China caused this and should pay our government back

Sally Jones (Reading , 2020-05-23)


I do not wish to purchase any more good made in China, they are very cruel to animals torture them skin them alive, blow torch them even cook them in boiling water while they are still alive, do you think this is right what they do to animals I dont and this must be stopped.
Thank you for reading

yvonne cartmale (Luton, 2020-05-23)


Because torturing and killing animals is a cruel non-sens in 2020. That's enough!

Sonia Perreault (Saint-Charles-Borromée, 2020-05-23)


I feel very strongly about this issue

Rob Thornton (Sherburn in Elmet , 2020-05-23)


I agree

Rebecca Groom (Swindon, 2020-05-23)


The dystopia over which the Chinese Communist Party prevail is inimical to our values in every way imaginable. The way they treat animals, Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, Uighur Muslims and anybody who dares dissent from their morally decrepit vision of society is not compatible with Western liberal democratic norms. The increasing repression in Hong Kong and the threats against Taiwan and other neighbours are evidence that we must not let them extend their tentacles further. The COVID calamity they have plunged the world into shows they are incapable of reason or meaningful reform.
The Anglosphere is the only part of the world with the strength and coherence to counter their nefarious influence. That is why I have signed this petition.

Jason Plessas (London, 2020-05-23)


i dont believe in the torture & cruelty of the dog trade & it needs to be stopped

Julie Jones (staffordshire, 2020-05-23)


The Chinese GOVNMNT MUST be brought to justice for the huge atrocities they have caused globally,plus their BARBARICK actions towards man and animals.

Chrissy Hathaway (LONDON, 2020-05-23)


The cruelty to animals cannot continue its barbaric !!!!!

Jackie Evans (Preston , 2020-05-23)


This country has one if most shocking records of both human and animal abuse in the world. It is time, now, to make a stand against a regime that puts a greater value on secrecy and rule by fear and ignorance than by living for the benefit of its human and snimal population.

Lesley James (Worcester , 2020-05-23)


I’m sick to death of the treatment of animals and China thinks they can do what they want.

Kelly Dickson (Pakenham South, 2020-05-23)


The torture killing and vile acts must stop before another pandemic happens

Susan Copping (Harlow Essex, 2020-05-23)


Their treatment of defenceless animals is unnecessary and abhorrent.

Rachel Robinson (Belfast, 2020-05-23)


China needs to be hold accountable .

Heidrun Baar (KATOOMBA, 2020-05-23)


The blatant disregard and torture of dogs and cats in China and all asian countries needs to be stopped. China is not willing to put a stop to this on their own. The world needs to step in. There is no justification for the extreme brutality and torture these animals are put through. They skinn, boil, blow torch these animals while they are still alive. Its sadistic and evil to the very core which shows the world what they are capable of. A country rooted in evil behavior. Their treatment of people is not much better. The governments of the world need to step in. We have a moral obligation to put a stop to all this.

Joanne LeBlanc (St. Isidore, 2020-05-23)


I don't want our COUNTRY run by CHINA,

Lyn Utting (Perth, 2020-05-23)


This barbaric treatment of animals, dogs and cats, MUST END. This is an OUTRAGE. THIS BARBARIC TREATMENT OF THE INNOCENT HEARTS HAS TO END!

Molly Sweeney (Olney , 2020-05-23)


China MUST respect human rights! And they need laws against animal abuse, to be able to fight the horrendous cat and dogmeat trade!!

Monika Isaksen (Krokelvdalen, 2020-05-23)


China should be stopped on its way to cancel human and animal rights!

Mariana Iftinca (Calgary, 2020-05-23)



Jayne Hamilton (Thetford, 2020-05-23)


I want China sease and desist from Hong Kong and STOP BULLYING THEM. Communism is dead. It DOES NOT work!

Peter Bowland (Cape Town , 2020-05-23)


China is accountable for the virus and they should pay for the crimes.

Teresa Bewsey (London, 2020-05-23)


Sick to death of skank China!

Sam Doxsey (Bedfordshire , 2020-05-23)

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