Petition to Stop Vista Residences from Cutting 54 Trees in Baguio City



I signing because mother earth needs us to act responsibly and act NOW!

Joan Jaja Marquez (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


I'm signing because we need to save what we hhave left.

Micah Joen Fackayan (Baguio, 2020-06-24)


Cut the Greed not the trees.

Jessica Corpuz (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)



MJ Olarte (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


Cruel thing happens to us because we don't take care of our nature

Gail mae Egsaen (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)



Krisha Apostol (Baguio city, 2020-06-24)


Let us not allow this people take our place down bits by bits enough is enough they already took so much. Now let us do our part to preserve our home, our city.

Foster Priege Dicman (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


I am signing because Baguio doesn't need more cutting of trees. Specially, one of the said barangays is where I live in. We, the entirety of people from Baguio, are so tired of seeing our trees getting cut. We used to have a lot of trees back in the old days, but instead of seeing our city have MORE trees, it's the total opposite and we don't want that to happen again. Not anymore.

We are so sick of the excuses like they're going to replace these trees too, but growing a tree takes so long and maturing would take time.

We just want to save this city and the future generations that would live here. Who is even the right mind that would want to see the place they're living on get destroyed... even more? It's no good.

Rennie Lyza Serna (BAGUIO CITY, 2020-06-24)


We need to save the trees.

Eliza Joan Bayasen (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


Save trees!!!!!!!

Josephine Viernes (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


I'm signing because I think this development is not beneficiary.

Karen Tubal (Baguio, 2020-06-24)


Trees are life dudes

Clifford Aaron Dula (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


Because baguio is a special place for me. Also the trees are one of the reason why baguio have a cold breeze, cutting trees means less air.

Mae Feleen Mina (Olongapo City, 2020-06-24)


I'm signing this because I want a safe and beautiful baguio full of trees

Cathreen Mae Villanueva (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


It's not about always about business.

Christian Ben Galleto (Baguio City, 2020-06-24)


This is too much for Mother Nature. There's been a lot of trees turned down for means of industrialization. Instead of cutting trees to build infrastructures, we should learn how to live with them because they're still considered as "living" thing. No more cutting trees, especially here in Baguio.

Mar Aiyen Emanuel Capistrano (Baguio , 2020-06-24)


Enough is enough. We should porotect our city. How many reports and scholarly articles have been published, that Baguio is only made for 200k residents. Stop it.

Ryan Baguidudol (Baguio, 2020-06-24)


I care for our environment

Axel Phoenix Allan (Baguio, 2020-06-24)


Im sigining to save the trees and save Baguio against commercializarion

Cayat Kashmeer Shane (Baguip City, 2020-06-24)


I’m signing because as someone who fell in live with the city’s preservation of nature, is disheartens me that more trees are being sacrificed for the sake of money. I hope with the great leadership of Mayor Magalong, this could be stopped.

Natalie Juyag (Baguio, 2020-06-24)


Baguio is my hometown

Nicole Marie Villaralvo (ANCHORAGE, 2020-06-24)


Because I care

Trisha mae Garcia (Baguio city, 2020-06-24)

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