Do Not Treat The Strays in Boracay Island as Pests!



I am against Animal Cruelty.

Anthony Castro (Manila, 2020-07-18)


Im signing because pets like dogs and cats are family not pest.

Rick-Rod Catli (Talavera, 2020-07-18)


I'm against inhuman act of catching stray dogs and cats as pests. They have lives too. Instead spay and neuter them, rehabilitate and rehome them.

Rocynth Millare (Legazpi, 2020-07-18)


I'm a dog lover and i want to protect the welfare of our beloved strays.

Teen Ortega (Quezon City, 2020-07-18)


They are not pests! They should be loved.

Regina Marie Balisi (Taytay, Rizal, 2020-07-18)


Im signing because dogs and cats are not harmful, they in need of love and family they are not a pest!

Jemson Malunes (Quezon City, 2020-07-18)


I’m signing because I believe that these animals can peacefully co-exist with people in the community. Growing up in the Philippines, I’m aware that a lot of us don’t have the means to properly provide veterinary care for our pets due to poverty. Some may have the money, but don’t have any idea on how to properly care for their pets, some because we grew up in a culture where we see these stray animals as pests and not a being whom they can confide as friends or treat as a part of their family.

I believe that further public education in the community, government support for low cost veterinary spay and neuter program, and wellness exam for pets plus strong policies in place for animal welfare and protection will help improve on how the local community see and treat these animals.

Kimberly Solis (Santa Ana, 2020-07-18)


This ìs not corrèct

Allan Flores (Mandaluyong, 2020-07-18)


Please dont be so cruel with animals

KAREN PILAR (Tagum City, 2020-07-18)


Boracay should be a pet friendly place than being cruel to animals

Bheng Cristobal (Manila , 2020-07-18)


This is an ignorant and heartless thing to do

Kaye Advincula (Imus, 2020-07-18)


It's us humans, who are responsible in taking care of Gods creatures..dogs included.

Jane Abueme (Pasig, 2020-07-18)


Before the pandemic, we go to Boracay 3x a year, sometimes even more. We were even there before the lockdown. The dogs are part of a Free Boracay, and local and tourists love them. The local government unit is committing a big mistake. This is not only inhumane. This is a crime.

Leonardo Kirk Galanza (Pasig City , 2020-07-18)


I support the animal welfare
No for barbaric act for our stray cats and dogs.

Maristela Reyes (Sta. Rosa, 2020-07-18)


Strays already have it rough everyday. If people are not going to help the strays, they should not hurt them at least.

Katkat Corpuz-Macabinta (Cainta, Rizal, 2020-07-18)


Im signing to fight for Animal Rights. I love them with all my heart

Djoan Alma Palaylay (Urdaneta, 2020-07-18)


It’s time for HUMANS to be more HUMANE 💕🐾💕 amend the animal welfare act NOW


Eunice Akilit (Sto tomas batangas, 2020-07-18)


I'm signing because I strongly disagree with it.

Thricia Bless Ventura (Laoag City, 2020-07-18)


I'm against animal cruelty, help the strays in a humane way. Support spay and neuter

Janisse Dela Cruz (Paranaque, 2020-07-18)


I want to save all the stray dogs & cat!

Yen Bote (Makati , 2020-07-18)


I support this petition. I dont want them to be harmed by humans. I say no to animal cruelty!

Sandra Grampa (Cainta, 2020-07-18)


We have to be the voice of the voiceless

Marissa Manangan (Newcastle upon tyne , 2020-07-18)


The real pests are those who destroyed the Island.

Dhorz Patino (Paranaque, 2020-07-18)


IM signing because IM against all animal cruelty

Lyn Tajo (Marikina City, 2020-07-18)


I am pro-life and a fur parent as well!

Eden DG (Urdaneta City, 2020-07-18)


To stop animal's abused

Jona Millara (Urdaneta city pangasinan, 2020-07-18)


I want to save the stray dogs.

Francia Palmes (Rodriguez, 2020-07-18)


i care for the strays in boracay. No to animal abuse.

Kathlyn Galvez (quezon city, 2020-07-18)


I want to protect those dogs who did nothing to harm others, yet they are asked to be treated as pest

Lai Caspe (quezon city, 2020-07-18)


Im a dog lover.

Bianca - Dmlnta (Mabalacat, 2020-07-18)


I believe that cats and dogs should be treated as pets not pests

Marsha MD Gonzales (Cavite, 2020-07-18)


Because dogs and cats and every animal on this planet deserves to live freely and be able to feel loved. They depend on us and at times they also save us from our lowest points in life. We should love them!

Sushmita Sarah Joy Labajo (Digos City, 2020-07-18)


I love all animals i don’t want then to ger hurt i even rescue animals don’t treat them like pests.

William Riza Pabon Reblora (Manila, 2020-07-18)


I am against animal cruelty!

Doby Yu (Quezon City, 2020-07-18)


To stop animal cruelty and treat like a family

Juvena Rubin (City of Naga Cebu , 2020-07-18)


im signing because i am certified dog lover and dogs and cats are most friendliest creature on earth.they are not dangerous..they are family

loreta valenzuela (cavite, 2020-07-18)


I'm signing because i'm also a dog lover.

JP Racines (Imus City, 2020-07-18)


this is animal cruelty

jheanne ramos (manila, 2020-07-18)


Dogs and cats deserve love and respect. What they need are families who can take care of them. Encourage spaying/neutering and adoption instead. Those guilty of animal cruelty should be severely punished

Cristina Yu (Quezon City, 2020-07-18)


I hate animal discrimination

Jonel Guazon (Quezon city, 2020-07-18)


Im signing this because its not right to do this the animals..they are god created too..and ilove dogs and cats

Maria Greyz Bonifacio (Rodriguez Rizal, 2020-07-18)


If you even ONLY think of the negative consequences to the human population of Boracay, then you already know this is an extremely ill-advised and naieve decision. Add animal suffering to the equation and it becomes incompetence ...

Michel van der Kleij (Delfgauw, 2020-07-18)


I love dogs and they should be treated as family members.

Minna Servo (Maple Ridge, 2020-07-18)


I love pets.

Mi Yu (Pasig, 2020-07-18)


What they are trying to implement is nothing else than animal cruelty!

Jennifer Heyn (Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 2020-07-18)


It's not right. There is a proper way of handling stray dogs & cats. Not like this.

Seline Bugayong (Noveleta, 2020-07-18)


Animals are innocent and should be protected. Let’s practice kindness.

Adelene Yeo (Sydney , 2020-07-18)


Bc I want to save the lives of the animal. Catching them and disposing them is not the answer!!! People who went to Boracay loves the stray dogs and cats in there!

Precious Grace Juntong (Bacolod City, 2020-07-18)


Mayor of Boracay is tolerating abuse of animals, he doesnt want to find a best solution but to capture these poor animals and euthanize them? If not then what is his best solution to give these furbabies a new life?

Maricris Mipalar (Nueva Ecija, 2020-07-18)


I'm signing because I don't agree with this stupid mentality of some people. Strays are not pests!

Ciara Agurin (Quezon City , 2020-07-18)


I'm signing because they need to understand the law. There are private sectors who can help.

Erica Suerte (Cebu City, 2020-07-18)


The greatness of a nation is measured by how they treat their animals, Gandhi once said. How do you think the adage applies to you when you shamelessly display unabashed cruelty to those at your mercy? Shame to this poorly concocted plan.

Akio Hasegawa (Manila , 2020-07-18)


God creates all they have the right to live. Be kind to animals.

Cherrelyn Gerolia (Sorsogon, 2020-07-18)


I am signing because this have been a problem ever since and those who are catching the dogs handle them inhumanely. I also have heard even if the dog has a collar, they still catch them despite of it being the indication that that dog has an owner and they are stupid.

Fatima Almero (Numancia , 2020-07-18)


Im a pet lover

Alice Lorenzana (Las piñas, 2020-07-18)


they dont deserve to be treated that way

shiela catungal (mabalacat, 2020-07-18)


This is so wrong!

Justin Kon (Singapore, 2020-07-18)

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