Stop the Deaths at Route 36 and Cross Cove Road, Roaring Spring PA



Something needs done at that intersection. Far too many deaths!

Jerome Dodson (ROARING SPRING, 2020-09-09)


I would feel much safer at this intersection if there were an actual signal light there. Too many accidents and too many deaths.

Mindy Imler-Knisely (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-09)


Jayne Steward

Jayne Steward (New Enterprise , 2020-09-09)


I grew up here and was taught caution at approaching this dangerous intersection when I learned to drive as a teenager. That was 18 years ago. It’s ridiculous that all these years and so many deaths later, nothing has changed.

Angela Daeger (Nashville , 2020-09-09)


Too many have died at this intersection. It needs to stop.

Annette Snyder (Loysburg, 2020-09-09)


Local government needs to address this issue

Michael J Yingling (Duncansville , 2020-09-10)


Enough ppl have lost their lives there and it’s way past time something is done to make this a much safer area!

Kim SELLERS (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


Even one death is too many. There has been multiple accidents at this intersection and many have ended in someone dead.

Herb Whitfield Jr (Woodbury , 2020-09-10)


I drivr yhis area every day..

Lori Kline (Roaring spring , 2020-09-10)


The amount of accidents I’ve seen in 5 years of living very close to the scene of the accident is repulsive.

Amanda Hammel (Roaring Spring , 2020-09-10)


I grew up near there and it is such a dangerous intersection!

Robyn Blumling (Hummelstown, 2020-09-10)


There are way to many fatalities at this intersection! Something definitely needs done!

Amy Lingenfelter (Claysburg , 2020-09-10)


Something needs to be done with this intersection. A stoplight needs put in there.

Danyel Brallier (New Enterprise , 2020-09-10)


Too many people are losing their lives. They need to change the light to a regular traffic light and not a blinking light.

Ciara Freeman (Martinsburg , 2020-09-10)


They need to install a complete working light I live in frosty hollow it’s one of the worse intersection in the three county area

Chris Ritchey (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


I'm signing because my close friend was killed last night there.

Connie Steele (Hopewell, 2020-09-10)


Something should of been done years ago.

Gary Brown (Claysburg, 2020-09-10)


There are too many accidents. A friend was killed there in January 2019. Enough is enough.

Patty Mcnally (East Freedom, 2020-09-10)


Bill & Alice Feathers

BillandAlice Feathers (ROARING SPRING , 2020-09-10)


There is definitely a blind spot when pulling from Cross Cove Road heading north. Cars coming flying on that road. Let’s please do something about it before it happens again!

Arley Hooder (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


There has been too many lives lost over the years and it's time to stop making excuses and do something about it!

Cheryl Teeters (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


I am from the cove and know how dangerous this intersection is. Something needs to be done!

Kate Hoffman (Edmond, 2020-09-10)


I live on Cross Cove road and I drive thru this intersection every day, multiple times a day. This is a dangerous spot and I desire to see changes made on this road. Multiple busses use this route every day. The last thing we need is a bus involved in an accident here.

Renee Swisher (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


This intersection is very dangerous

Brian Stotler (Williamsburg, 2020-09-10)


I have grown up on one side of this intersection and have seen way too many accidents happen here. PennDOT needs to step in and step up and do something. Too many people are dying at this intersection on a regular basis!

Amanda Dennis (East freedom, 2020-09-10)


Safety at that intersection is so needed, to many needless loss of life. I live up rt164 towards blue knob. It was a blinking light for years, accidents all the time, scary pulling out. They placed a signal light there , made a big charge, so few accidents

Jackie Dunmire-Smith (East freedom , 2020-09-10)


way to many deaths at this intersection. Put a full red light in!!!!

Misti Fisher (Martinsburg , 2020-09-10)


I lived right up the road growing up and I have seen to many people getting hurt or killed there.

Brenda Mccoy (Duncansville, 2020-09-10)


I grew up not far from this intersection and I travel it frequently to work and to see my family. I have seen a lot of accidents at this intersection. Something needs to be done to make it better instead of ignoring it.

Melissa Norris (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


I’ve lived in Roaring Spring my entire life. This is a really bad intersection where there have been many horrible accidents. It’s needed something done a long time ago. It’s time that something is done about it.

Amy Langer (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


I also was a victim at this intersection.

Barb Wilt (Woodbury, 2020-09-10)


Im signing this because something needs to be done. My mother travels that road everyday as which she works at the village. I want something done because if something would happen to my mother because Pendot isnt willing to do something about this intersection I would be devastated. Please take this to heart... how would you feel if something like this happened to one of your family members just because pendot said that there hasn't been enough fatalities to put a light in!?

Brandon Kensinger (New enterprise , 2020-09-10)


Something needs to be done. I was almost involved in an accident at that site last month because someone pulled out in front of the vehicle that I was riding in with my sister.

Ila Ross (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


I have traveled thru that area for years & can honestly say speed is a great factor in that area & can be difficult to cross certain times of the day.

Pam Harr (Imler, 2020-09-10)


My husband was in a serious accident at this intersection. It can be hard to see when pulling out and cars go way too fast on RT 36.

Julia Bowers (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


I am originally from Claysburg and have know some that had accidents and not long ago 1 of my childhood neighbors was killed in a crash there. I travel on that road still and there should be a light for safety of everyone.

Tina Dirkse (Tyrone, 2020-09-10)


I have a loved one who was in an accident at this intersection a few years ago. I had heard how bad this intersection was before I even moved to this area. It needs a light and a lower speed limit.

Michelle Hepner (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


My family travels this road
everyday they live in Ore Hill and Baker Summit...They have been involved in 3 accidents at this intersection and a friend of mine was killed there ....please put a signal light there with hope's that it saves some lives...something needs done

Christine Smith (Hollidaysburg , 2020-09-10)


That is a dangerous intersection. I quit coming thru there because of it. I take rt 30 to 220 to go around

Rodney Winkelman (Charles City, 2020-09-10)


I agree

Brent Shook (Martinsburg , 2020-09-10)


I personally know ppl who have been in accidents at that dangerous intersection.

Kathy Smith (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


The intersection has a blind spot on the south side. You have to pull to far in the intersection to see correctly. This is a man made error. Not a driver error. We need Penndott to budget funds into the southern end of Blair County!!

Lisa Peel (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


This intersection is dangerous.

Craig Burket (Imler, 2020-09-10)


I'm signing this because something needs done to eliminate all of these terrible accidents.

Nancy Baughman (James Creek, 2020-09-10)


its time to stop these senseless accidents!

Anita baker (roaring spring, 2020-09-10)


I have seen crashes at this intersection and slow down each time I come to it.

Karen Weaver (Woodbury, 2020-09-10)


This particular intersection is very dangerous. There is a high traffic volume with a need for a regular traffic light - not a blinking light.

Ellen Baker (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


My family and I use this interaction daily. I've seen many close calls here and it's not safe.

Wesley Keith (Roaring spring, 2020-09-10)


This intersection has caused way too may fatalities. These are our family and friends traveling this road and we shouldn't have to live with this fear of our loved ones making to their destination!!!!!!!!

Wendy Hicks (Roaring Spring , 2020-09-10)


I have seen to many accidents at this particular intersection

Becky Moreno (Warfordsburg , 2020-09-10)


I'm signing because I had a friend in high school (Almost 30 years ago) that got badly hurt at this intersection and nothing has changed since then.

Tammy Frye-Carter (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


That intersection has always been dangerous, and I'm always nervous when I need to travel through there. Something needs to be done.

Shelia Clemens (E Freedom, 2020-09-10)


My children attend Central High School , and I travel that road and intersection a lot.

Tracey Shingler (Duncansville , 2020-09-10)


I love my community, I live literally right down from this deadly intersection, I hear the crashes, my daughter and her family live very close also. PLEASE do something about this! The lives of our families depend upon your action!

Max Higman (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


Too many people have been killed or seriously injured at that intersection. It is time to do something about it.

Frances Wilson (Martinsburg, 2020-09-10)


I agree with the dangers of this intersection.

Amy Peake (Roaring Spring , 2020-09-10)


There have been too many deaths at this unsafe intersection.

Paula Ickes (Imler, 2020-09-10)


This is a very dangerous intersection and something needs done about it

George Detwiler (Martinsburg , 2020-09-10)



Shelly Collins (East Freedom , 2020-09-10)


We lived on Rt. 36 for 52 years and there were deadly accidents at least twice a year along other life altering accidents at least once a month every year. One life taken is one to many.

Linds Dixon (Martinsburg , 2020-09-10)


Something needs done about this! Way to many innocent lives are being taken

Brianna Wiest (Woodbury, 2020-09-10)


Too many wrecks at this spot

Angela Parks (Roaring spring, 2020-09-10)


I lost a cousin at that intersection.

Betty Stewart King (Fayette City, 2020-09-10)


Would love to see traffic slowed down. I am within 1/2 north of this light on Route 36 and way to many driveways for a 55mph stretch too!

Martin Garrett (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


Not only has their been way to many deaths there, but way to many wrecks also! Make it a stop light!

Mindy Dicken (Roaring spring, 2020-09-10)


I agree that something needs to be done before any more lives are lost. I am fearful every time I go through that intersection, and I'm positive I'm not alone in feeling that way. I go through this intersection twice a day 5 or 6 times a week.

Tammy Croll McConnell (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


I used live in pa been through spot before.

David Drake (Berkeley Springs, 2020-09-10)


I’m signing because I witnessed a fatal crash that occurred Tuesday evening. It was a horrible image that I cannot get out of my head. My great grandparents used to live in the White House at that intersection and as a child I remember lots of crashes one even involving their porch. For many years this has been a dangerous intersection and numerous lives have been lost. We need to take a stand and change the dynamics of this intersection.

Chris Gojmerac (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-10)


I travel through that intersection frequently visiting friends in the Cove.

Sharon Stephens (Dillsburg, 2020-09-10)


I travel that road every day for the past 30 some years to work and I hate crossing there due to the bushes that finally got cut down after a co work from cove shoe got kill there and now I struggle to cross due to the corn stocks right at the intersection...uncalled for.

Lora Preis (Sproul, 2020-09-11)


Too many people have been killed and my kids drive to the golf course there every day and go through that intersection. I have told them repeatedly how dangerous this intersection is! This needs to be addressed ASAP!

Kendra Itle (Martinsburg , 2020-09-11)


I have seen too many accidents at that intersection

Erwin Bassler (Roaring Spring, 2020-09-11)


I am signing because I have had some close calls at this intersection. My heart breaks for the families who have lost loved ones to this intersection.

Karen Greenwood (Martinsburg , 2020-09-11)


Signing because my friends and family love there.

Danielle Deal (woodstock, 2020-09-11)


Super dangerous.

Sarah Charlesworth (Roaring spring, 2020-09-11)


Friends live there and have been impacted by fatalities at this intersection.

Megan Cantalupo (Lincoln University , 2020-09-11)


I’ve come very close to having people pull out in front of me there. It is very dangerous. I also have a friend who had an accident there. The other person died.

Deborah Mellott (Loysburg, 2020-09-11)


There are way to many fatal accidents at this intersection.

Stacy Helsel (Claysburg, 2020-09-11)


I live along 36 and I go by this intersection almost everyday. When I do I pray to be safe!
It’s a bad bad place. People race up the down 36. And I’ve seen people go right thru the intersection without stopping.

Robyn Fatula Confer (Woodbury, 2020-09-11)


I believe there should be a light there, it would probably save a ton of lives!

Carrie Wiest (Martinsburg, 2020-09-11)


To many accidents and deaths.

Susan Dibert (EAST FREEDOM, 2020-09-11)


Way to many people have died at this very dangerous intersection. How many more people have to die until Penndot does something and puts in a red light?

Jason England (Everett, 2020-09-11)


This is a very dangerous intersection!!

Pamela Stock (Martinsburg, 2020-09-11)