Reinstate Paul Ferreira back into the CFMEU



The members should be heard and actioned on.

Paul Fitzy (Kingscliff, 2020-09-22)


Paul was and is an exceptional cfmmeu organiser, and thereby should still be fighting for the guys and girls of the Northwest crane industry!

Jake rollinson (baldivis, 2020-09-22)


Reinstate Paul! One of if not the best organiser the cfmeu had!

Aaron prince (perth, 2020-09-22)


Paul helped me with getting back pay from a Recruitmant agency that ripped me and a few guys off.

Casey Minson (Perth, 2020-09-22)


A legend in the Northwest...

Anthony Cooper (Mandurah , 2020-09-22)


I believe Paul to be the best fit for the job given his proven commitment in getting the North West back up to scratch for us long term members and gaining a bunch of new and old ones back along the way

Kodes Lloyd (Mandurah , 2020-09-22)


He’s a good cunt

Brad Young (Perth, 2020-09-22)


Because he is the best organiser in the north west. And without him i have zero confidence in the CFMEU.

Christopher Loreto (Perth, 2020-09-22)


Paul has done so much for the crane crews and all union members wherever he went he is honest and hardworking always keen to get answers and smart enough to get results! Give him back his job you muppets we need all the help we can get!

Calen Podesta (Perth, 2020-09-23)


Paul done he's job properly in the union and since being gone I havnt seen the union out on site once

Shane O'Neill (Perth, 2020-09-23)


Paul is a true unionist with the best intentions at heart, he led us to come together and he should be leading us forward

Michael Todd (Port Hedland, 2020-09-24)


I though Paul was doing a good job

Steven Petty (Perth, 2020-09-26)


Since Paul has stop coming up to the Pilbara l have not seen one cfmeu official since at least Paul puts in the hard yards for the boys up north

Steve Robinson (Perth, 2020-09-26)


Shame shame shame on you cfmeu ffs not happy need to get rid of alot of dead wood in that place im personally not happy about certain ppl even pulling a wage from our union fees let alone well over 1000000k and truth be known more like 150000 plus company vehicles***** getting mad even writing this.*****en do something cfmeu some we can be proud of and respect

Tyron Allan (perth, 2020-09-27)


I believe Paul is the man for the job, and I believe in what he stands for

Brad Smith (PORT HEDLAND, 2020-09-28)


Sign Paul back on, he’s the reason half the north west is a member of the union,

Dyllon Baldock (Baldivis , 2020-09-28)


Paul reinstated so many people's values in the union, including my own. There's alot of people who wouldn't have bothered being financial again if it wasn't for him.

Ben Wright (Perth, 2020-09-28)


Paul was doing a great job for the boy in the northwest. We need stability in this union as our motto says.

Pat Anderson (Australind, 2020-09-28)


Bring back Paul Ferreira

Gunter Sieben (Medina, 2020-09-28)


I believe Paul to be an exceptional asset to the union and workforce

Chris Bryant (Karratha , 2020-09-28)


Pauls a legend

Shaun Byfield (Mandurah, 2020-09-29)


He's the right man for the job

Shayne Harris (Kalgoorlie , 2020-09-29)


Hey is a great union man and fights for the union members. So why take away a man that fights for our union fees..... please explain that???? We don’t want someone that is just going to be pussy whipped by the companies and not fight for our fees that we pay to be in the union

Rick Nardone (Bunbury , 2020-09-29)


I have been in and out of the north west on and off for 20 years. In that time i have seen organizers come and go and in recent times Paul has been the only one to actually get things done with no personal agenda and full representing the crews on the floor. Its a deadset shame they sacked him based on internal politics. In turn his sacking is the exact thing that is wrong with OUR union.

Cam Waugh (Baldivis, 2020-09-29)


Paul is the best man for the job

Stephen Tetlow (Rockingham, 2020-09-29)


Paul is the right man for the job. Already proven himself and has my trust and respect 100%

Blair Stott (Perth, 2020-09-29)


Because he should not of been sacked in the 1st place and the union needs a backbone once again i think if he does not get reinstated i think a lot of members will quit and go else where

Gary Widgington (Perth, 2020-09-29)


I strongly believe in Paul. He helped me a while back and would do anything for the members who pay there dues.

Leigh Hindle (Perth, 2020-09-30)


Paul has been the best at his job winning so much back for the workers
Alot of disappointment from members and will see cancelled memberships very soon

Shaun Webster (Capel, 2020-09-30)


Paul was amazing at his job and should not have been removed.

Chad Dearle (Perth, 2020-09-30)


I believe Paul Ferreira is a great Organiser and an asset to the CFMEU.

Michael Kitson (Kwinana, 2020-09-30)


We need honesty, diligence and intelligence

Brian O'Reilly (Mandurah , 2020-10-01)


Paul is a great delo and always has time for members

David Still (Mandurah , 2020-10-01)


Paul should be reinstated for his hard work and ethics

Jason Farrell (Alawa, 2020-10-02)


Because Paul is a ******* legend that will stop at nothing to do and get what is right and fair for us workers!!!

Christopher Winn (Bunbury, 2020-10-06)


Paul is a very good organiser and has a wealth of knowledge in union matters which should not go to waste

John p Chambers (Karratha, 2020-10-06)


Of the work he’s put into the northwest and a top official

Anthony Rigden (Perth, 2020-10-06)


Caus he has done alot for all of us workers over the years and he is a great person too

Troy Cooper (Perth, 2020-10-07)


Paul should never have been sacked. Hes got the balls to stand up to anyone and i trust him!

James Neil (Perth, 2020-10-07)


He’s a honest bloke who knows his job and I think the hierarchy needs a shake up

Darren Dymock (Karratha, 2020-10-09)


We need more people like Paul in the union, people that love what they do and help others .

Nuno Castro (PERTH , 2020-10-09)


In 20 years as a member I’ve seen some of the best and some of the worst organised employed by the Cfmeu .

Although now an employer but still member through the last 12 years Paul has been a constant figure firstly in the metro then in the Nth West.

During global crashes, hard times, accidents, constant fifo suicides zero government support from Kevin Michel.

Hot cold the dude did his job and racked up massive accolades amongst NW members.

Not to say old mate here now can’t do the job but the one you sacked was doing better than most Perth Organises with bigger barriers

Deon Cawthray (Karratha , 2020-10-09)


A man of his word for the workers..

Tony mowbray (Adelaide w.a worker, 2020-10-09)


Paul is a good bloke works for the worker

Mark Wilson (Hamilton, 2020-10-09)


I believe in honest people and honest union representation

Tony Watson (Newman , 2020-10-09)


Paul was very helpful to me and always answered the phone when I called and if he didnt he always got back to me and he wasnt all talk, since hes left I have not been satisfied with the service and thinking about ending my membership

Simon Sadgrove (Albany, 2020-10-09)


Paul is a very passionate about the workers and safety of the work force

Anthony Holmyard (Perth, 2020-10-09)


Pauly was the best CFMEU rep I have ever met, brought so credibility to the CFMEU on Wheatstone.
He deserves the job back.

Jordan Sanger (Mandurah , 2020-10-10)


Staunch union member, I would follow him into the trenches any day

William Poharama (Warnbro, 2020-10-12)


Paul is a Union Organiser most of us trust. Unlike the Labor party.

Garry Holliday (Melville, 2020-10-12)


paul was making a difference to our beloved industry. BRING HIM BACK

Leigh taig (port hedland, 2020-10-13)


Paul farera was an awesome organiser and quite honestly the first organiser in a long time that wasn't just all hot air

Mike Kannis (Perth, 2020-10-17)


He's being sharfted for doing such a great job looking after his members I've never met anyone more passionate about his members and the union very disappointing

Phillip Robson (Perth , 2020-10-17)


Paul puts in the effort and hours with us lads and deserves the job with OUR union for what he does for the boys... cheers pauly

Nick Hinchliffe (Karratha, 2020-10-17)


This guy is the one of the only blokes who showed up to fight for better conditions for the Rigger’s/crane ops etc in the maintenance sector for mining Bhp/Rio /Roy Hill etc make 40$ a ton more now than what they did during the Boom don’t they understand that if they put money in our pockets we will spend that money on the community shops/ pubs/tourism/ housing so everybody benefits sick and tired of corporate GREED !!!

Barnad Puna (Perth, 2020-10-18)

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