Nationwide recount for the 2020 election



I believe that election was hacked and I don't believe results.

Yulia Tullar (Goodyear, AZ, 2020-11-05)


Democrats and cheating need to stop

Edward Danchalski (Miller place, 2020-11-05)


I don't believe this election was fair .

Elena Krischanovich (Flushing, 2020-11-06)


I'm signing because I believe there has been massive voter fraud in this 2020 national election and the people, like myself have been be defrauded of our right to voting integrity in our nation.

Shirley Dawson (Bella Vista, 2020-11-07)


TRUMP 2020

Tonya Day (New Florence, 2020-11-07)


I will not stand bye while the Dems steal the election

Adam Westerman (Winter garden, 2020-11-07)


I'm signing because it is obvious there has been voter fraud on the Presidential election. Mail in ballots allowed to many shenanigans. The American people demand a Total U.S. recount. In person.

William Walden (Port St Lucie, 2020-11-07)


The election was rigged.

Joshua Regan (Paducha, 2020-11-07)


I’m signing this because I think there was serious fraud this election.

Sarah Rabideau (Lomira, 2020-11-07)


Too many statistical impossibilities

Andrew Schweigman (Rosedale, 2020-11-07)


Because I feel there is fraud going on and I am sick of being taken advantage of because the liberals want to cheat.

Amber Baldwin (Burt, 2020-11-07)


Trump won fair and square. Biden will ruin America!!!!

Courtney cagle (Buchanan, 2020-11-07)


There is no way Biden got that many votes! Too many hands in the pot! Besides a recount I vote to redo the voting altogether and have military do it!!!

Rita Sparacello (Nesbit, 2020-11-07)


I support President Trump and the Republican party

Janet Salmon (Tustin, 2020-11-07)


Something is wrong with the the votes in this election.

Sarah Fuentes (Gilberts , 2020-11-07)


The election is rigged all states have more red them blue

Keeton Sessions (Bakersfield, 2020-11-07)


I don't think things are being done on the up and up!! To many things have happened for it not to have been rigged

Christopher Riddell (Irvine, 2020-11-07)


I think the mail in ballot is a fraud.

Josh Skaggs (Trafalgar, 2020-11-07)


I want people to recount so everyone has to vote in person only

Selena Miranda (Arkansas , 2020-11-07)


I’m signing because we the people are fed up with the political bullshit and deserve a FAIR election.

Kimberly Gibbins (New Braunfels, 2020-11-07)


There is to much illegal actions against this election. There is evidence and proof on so many peoples phones but nobody wants to listen! Do what is right and count the vote properly and for the right person. do dead people vote?

Jessica Kerr (Richlands, 2020-11-07)


This election needs to be Fair! If there is fraud it needs to be done fairly!

Samantha LaRance (Mineral Wells , 2020-11-07)


To keep America Great!

Autumn Rensi (Defiance , 2020-11-07)


Fraud and unfairness

Karissa Rossiter (Ruidoso Downs, 2020-11-07)


Trump 2020 baby

Andrew Panek (Syracuse , 2020-11-07)


I’m signing because I feel the election is being rigged, Trump deserves a recount so don’t us Americans

Michelle Burton (Beach lake , 2020-11-07)


Trump 2020

Anita Nelson (Stagecoach, 2020-11-07)


I believe that the left side is throwing away trump mail in votes and keeping bidens and another reason if you go to Google and look up the elections look at all the states and you will see that the left side is screwing with this election

Thomas Noe Jr (Longview, 2020-11-07)


These numbers are not right. Biden is not winning fair and square. Trump won this election

Shawna Wilkinson (Pulaski, 2020-11-07)


The Democrats cheated its not fair and makes the USA look stupid

Nitorsha Balch (Tampa, 2020-11-07)


I am signing because this just isn't right. This election should be won fair, not by dishonesty..

Taphney Knott (ACKLEY, 2020-11-07)


I feel like our government is being cheated out of a fair election. Our president deserves a recount.

Heidi Huggins (Moundsville, 2020-11-07)


Mail in votes are fraudulent

Camie Herring (Camdena, 2020-11-07)


I want to make sure this is fair.

Elizabeth Stallard (Lenoir, NC, 2020-11-07)


This app doesn’t add up and we need a recount

Emily Andrews (Mount Morris , 2020-11-07)


Mail in voting is fraudulent and unvalidated....ID to vote

Harley Keefer (Midway, 2020-11-07)


This is an insult to the integrity of The HONEST people of this country. Elections should be fair not underhanded

alice hunter (anahuac, 2020-11-07)


I belive Biden wrongfully won an they cheated I WANT A RECOUNT

Samantha Rohrig (Fort Hood, 2020-11-07)


I think a recount and maybe a whole new vote over should be done in all states

Charles Wilson (Springdale, 2020-11-07)


There was too much cheating in this election.

German Benitez (San Jose, 2020-11-07)


Their is to much wide spread fraud we need a 100% monitored recount if not I can see chaos coming

James Beasley (Salem, 2020-11-07)


Yall cheated on the counting the votes recount right sad the democrats can only win if the cheat

Jess Phillips (Casper, 2020-11-07)


I really think this election is rigged and want Trump to win personally but I think it should be no mail in ballots just in person recount and should have a fair election.

Ashley Wynn (New Castle, 2020-11-07)


I believe that there is fraudulent voting in the United States.

Jodi Drever (Killeen , 2020-11-07)


I’m signing because this election was not done properly!

Della Dawn Collums (Tampa, 2020-11-07)


A vote should not count unless you’re living and breathing and walking in with an ID. So ridiculous. I’m in TRUMP2020

Jessica Wegner (Faribault , 2020-11-07)


The vote needs to be recounted and appropriately

Twana Phelps (Roseburg , 2020-11-07)


The selection was a joke the way it was handled if you didn’t request a ballot one should’ve never been mailed to you let alone three

Melissa Schauer (Underwood, 2020-11-07)


I was born in a country where I am supposed to have a voice as well as all Americans to decide what is best for us and our country but the blantant inconsistency within mail in ballots as well as votes possibly being cast illegally is taking our American voice away. We demand justice!

Amber Roberson (Elizabeth City, 2020-11-07)


I want our Constitution upheld and a legit election.

Tammy Bailey (Indianapolis, 2020-11-07)


I stand with Trump and want a fair election. God knows the truth.

Rebecca Nagy (Cranberry Twp, 2020-11-07)


I think they recount georgia and pa and nv because they got fraud going on

Matthew Sims (Toccoa, 2020-11-07)


I see a lot of foul play during the polls. Trump deserve An honest voting for election.

Megan Arnone (Franklin lakes , 2020-11-07)


I'm signing because I believe the democrats cheated and they are trying to steal the election. Mail in ballots should be illegal!!!!

Lori Alvey (Genoa, 2020-11-07)


Trump should be our president. Not Biden. The votes are rigged!!

Hannah Evon (Bristol, 2020-11-07)


I live in a republican state and we have a democratic state governor, plus there is no way with the silent majority that there was still more democrats than republicans.

Catie Gray (Salisbury, 2020-11-07)


cause ballots are being filled out for dead people, people in prison, and people who didn't vote this year. Trump is being screwed out of this election by the democrats in office now.

Sean Mangan (york, 2020-11-07)


I'm signing because we the people feel our voices should be heard. We deserve to make our own decisions! They cannot get away with taking our decison away! If Biden won, in a fair honesty election, I would accept it. But this is ridiculous, there is so much evidence showing voter fraud!

Michaela Rodgers Hagedorn (Jacksonville, 2020-11-07)


The voters have been cheated and fraud on our election has been committed!!!

Brandy Weaver (Brewerton, 2020-11-07)


President Trump is America's truest hero! Besides, God's not done with our loyal POTUS AND VPOTUS!!!!

Kimberly Brandes (Troy, 2020-11-07)


I’m signing to protect the constitution of the United States. We want transparency!

Lindie Robinson (Garyville, 2020-11-07)


Trump is my President, and he is not being done fairly, Neither is the American people!!
God is not done yet🙏❤🇺🇸

Kristen Pittman (Chatsworth, 2020-11-07)


I'm signing because I feel the American people have been cheated!

Melissa Rodgers (Arnold, 2020-11-07)


there has been a great deal of voter fraud and this is the time to dig into it. There has been many honest candidates running for an office which were denied because of fraud. As I'm sure we all can think of the Congresswomen, that we know should have LOST!

Mary Ann Buerman (Brewerton, 2020-11-07)


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are incompetent and are winning by voter fraud.

Taylor Barnes (Menifee, 2020-11-07)


I believe there has been fraud on many levels of our government and needs to be investigated immediately.

Larry Pippin (Festus, 2020-11-07)


There is fraud in numerous states

Jill Childress (Phelan , 2020-11-07)


I have seen all the voter fraud that is happening all over America. This is beyond wrong.

Angelica Taylor (Canyon Lake, 2020-11-07)


Cause fraudulent should not be allow .

Tammy Hughes (Huntington, 2020-11-07)


None of the numbers and the votes arent adding up. The mail in voting got out of hand. The last minute changing of rules as to when ballots could be received and counted. News that boxes of ballots were fine. Malfunctions in machines. Nothing went by the rules or went smooth

Mary DeRudder (Gillette, 2020-11-07)


fraud is clearly evident!

Langsdon Canright (Phelan, 2020-11-07)


We need voter ID. We need to vote in person with voter ID at secure polls and have poll watchers that are allowed to do their jobs. California does not check ID.

Dana Pliska (Tracy, 2020-11-07)


I’m signing because I feel that our right to vote as American people has been manipulated. It is disgusting and appalling.

Meaghan Leonard (Marrero, 2020-11-07)


I believe there has been illegal disposal of ballots.

Cora Patton (Homer, 2020-11-07)


I feel the integrity of this election has been tainted, if not totally corrupted & manipulated.

Christine Coss-Rea (Painesville, 2020-11-07)


Trump was cheated on the election!!

Lynette Hosking (Bakersfield , 2020-11-07)


It's the right thing to do, and if this is what it takes, then my permission is given as it should be as should anyone else that cares about our great nation and it's integrity!

Steven Ecklund (Rio Vista , 2020-11-07)


We as American voters deserve a recount due to numerous allegations of fraudulent votes.

Collin Edwards (Sachse , 2020-11-07)


Votee fraud

Peter Adams (Oregon city, 2020-11-07)


I support Trump till the end! He is the president of my lifetime and the only hope for america! We will not let this corruption happen!

Stephanie Darkis (Powell, 2020-11-07)


I demand a fair election!

Amy Willis (Staunton, 2020-11-07)


There was major cheating with the count for this election!!!

Cindy Darling (Flint, 2020-11-07)


I believe there has been fraud committed in the mail in ballots. I sit and watched some of the worker just wad up and throw away ballots, Write on them then stamp them! It’s awful

Robin Peters (Atlanta, 2020-11-07)


I think it was a total bs count!!!!

Yolanda Franklin (Bay Saint Louis, 2020-11-07)


I am signing this because of the preponderance of evidence that exists proving voter FRAUD.

MARIA GARGANO (Queensbury, 2020-11-07)


The fraud is rampant and our constitutional republic is OUR REPUBLIC! We will not let this election to be stolen by tyrants. We will not be steamrolled by corruption in politics and those who have evil intentions .

Ernest Shelton (Saginaw, MN, 2020-11-07)


Their has been to many questionable things that has happened with this election

Bryanna Domczak (Canton, 2020-11-07)


This is the most corrupt election we’ve ever had in America! Mail in ballots on a mass scale is ripe with fraud!

Gilbert Smith (Mooresville , 2020-11-07)


I believe that we should have to vote in person with valid ID and also there has been fraud in the 2020 election.

Tiffany Toler (Powell, 2020-11-07)


I believe the votes have been manipulated, faked and in some cases destroyed

Denise Palat (Bloomington, 2020-11-07)


I believe that Donald J Trump is the real winner of the 2020 election.

Shanelle Gardner (Chattanooga, 2020-11-07)


I'm signing because there's no way in hell the evil, cheating, corrupt , America hating terrorists got any votes,

Darrin Connelly (Indianapolis, 2020-11-07)


I don’t believe

Carl Long (Reno, 2020-11-07)


Because I truly believe that Trump won and the Democrats and Pelosi did unlawful things to have the election turn out the way they wanted it like fake votes fake ballots

Donna Cavin (Church Hill, 2020-11-07)


I strongly believe that systemic voter suppression is evident and any state using Dominion Software should have complete audit and manual recount.

Shana Johnson (Kennesaw, 2020-11-07)


Recount because of mail in votes being messed with.

Paula Teel (Dexter, 2020-11-07)


I'm signing because I want a fair respectable election

Jeffrey Shelley (Laurel Hill, 2020-11-07)


I believe there were mistakes made

Ashley Winn (Mt. Morris, 2020-11-07)


I know that's it FRAUD bc WHERES THE BALLOTS THROWN into dumpsters in ditches where's All of them. They were ALL TRUMPS VOTES Media Didn't Cover about that and my friends in CALIFORNIA has To SUFFER bc No-one there to help them 4.5 MIL VOTES was not Counted bc they were told to use a SHARPIE MARKER

Gail Rockenbaugh (Cleburne, 2020-11-07)


Voting fraud in Arizona.

Shirley Seymour (Goodyear , 2020-11-07)

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