Save Schaumburg Wetlands



Save Schamburg wetlands from experior trucking and environment from pollution.

Lyubov Tkach (Schaumburg, 2020-11-27)


I care about the wild life, wetlands neighbours, community and fresh air

Helen Ponomarova (Schaumburg, 2020-11-28)


My home and family will be directly Affected by the Destruction of this wetland. Also, I would hate to see the animals, the aquatic life, and the plant life destroyed!

Mandy Hagestedt (Schaumburg, 2020-11-28)


I will like to do that .

Larysa Stetska (Westmont , 2020-11-28)


I'm signing to protect the wetlands and to keep the pollution out of the residential areas.

Alan Lewis (Schaumburg, 2020-11-28)


I want to save that place.

Irena Levkovych (Wheeling, 2020-11-28)


I have well water too.

Ivanna Pashaly (Lombard, 2020-11-28)


I care about environment and future of my kids.

Serhiy Romanyuk (Schaumburg , 2020-11-28)


This project would essentially terraform the entire landscape and cause even more irreparable habitat loss. Let's keep one of the last remaining native wetlands in Schaumburg as-is

Marcin Rolek (Des plaines, 2020-11-28)





These wetlands are a very important part of our ecosystem...that we need to keep in it's natural state....for the benefit of our planet.

Maxim Drobit (Chicago, 2020-11-28)


I care about the environment, this would deeply effected the live of many people.

Paulina Poplawska (Schaumburg, 2020-11-28)


I care about our community and making a life for our family without worrying about the toxic fuel gases that will go into our grounds and could spill into our water systems.

Dina Menini (Schaumburg , 2020-11-29)


This directly affects my family, friends and neighbors.

Doreen Schnepf (Schaumburg , 2020-11-29)


I am part of the Long Ave residents. And not be to mention there are at least 2-3 types of Owls as well

Angela Tuma (Schaumburg, 2020-11-29)


Protect green lands

Anna Cichowska (Schaumburg , 2020-11-29)


It directly effects family and friends

Mikayla Kaderabek (Schaumburg , 2020-11-29)


I am a previous resident of Long Avenue, and still a current resident of Schaumburg. I have family and friends that live on Long Ave, and would be heartbroken to see the natural habitat for many animals ruined. Also, there is concern about ground water contamination among other things if the wetlands and forestry is destroyed. Our children enjoy the quiet street with no thru traffic and noise. Also I can imagine the Boomers stadium losing some glamor with events being disturbed by extra noise pollution. There are too many negatives. Let's keep Long Avenue and the surrounding ecosystem healthy!

Richard Lewis (Schaumburg, 2020-11-29)


I’m signing because wetlands and nature are so important to ecosystems!!

Tiffany Martel (Schaumburg, 2020-11-29)


I'm signing because as a Schaumburg resident of over 20 years I don't think the wetlands should be disrupted. There are so many areas in Schaumburg that are already vacant and have been sitting empty for a long time. Why aren't those areas being explored for this company to occupy instead of destroying the wetlands.

Marlene Thiele (Schaumburg, 2020-11-30)


Schaumburg was my hometown and I know there are already few places for nature in the town. Don’t make it an industrial city! We need nature to stay happy and healthy!

Vincent Chang (Palatine, 2020-11-30)


Wetlands are crucial to flood management and a strong ecosystem.

Sarah Gesiakowski (Roselle, 2020-11-30)


The wetland are important to me and should be preserved

Roxana Kaferly (Schaumburg , 2020-11-30)


We don't need this construction in our neighborhood.

Lori Ramirez (Hoffman Estates, 2020-11-30)


I’m signing because I think we need to preserve whatever little bits nature we have left. The area is getting too built up and it drives people to move out to farther away areas just to have a little “space” and not be so congested. I am planning to move out of the area myself as well because there its getting too out of hand how congested everything is.

Barbara Hattery (Hoffman Estates, 2020-11-30)


This affects many people close to me, and it is not right to ruin these wetlands.

Ashley Trenholm (Schaumburg, 2020-11-30)


I enjoy the scenery in our area and would hate to see it needlessly destroyed.

Jonathan Wingfield (Hoffman Estates, 2020-11-30)


Because I care about the health of people and would rather pollutants not get into our water...and because I don’t want the wetlands disrupted.

Alexandria Gutt (Schaumburg, 2020-11-30)


Save the planet

Bohdan Zanevych (Westchester , 2020-12-01)


I live near these wetlands and I don’t want pollution to ruin the air we breathe

Tamara Demianiv (Hanover Park , 2020-12-01)


This is where I grew up and played in the street all day long. My daughter is now doing the same. It’s a secluded an amazing neighborhood that should never change.

Bree Hagestedt (Schaumburg , 2020-12-01)


I care about our environment

Chrissie Erwin (Hoffman Estates, 2020-12-01)


I’ve lived here my whole life we don’t want to this this change that could be dangerous!

Brandi Hagestedt (Schaumburg , 2020-12-01)


I think it’s important to preserve the little bit of nature we have left in our area. There’s plenty of gas stations and stores.

Michelle Walsh (Hoffman estates , 2020-12-01)


These wetlands are a beauty and house so many wonderful plants and animals

Erin McHugh (Schaumburg , 2020-12-01)


I live in the area and would hate to see it go. We don’t need more houses, we need more trees

Amanda Foote (Schaumburg , 2020-12-01)


I grew up in the Itasca Roselle Schaumburg area and plan to move back soon. Don't need this anywhere near me or my kids

David Steier (Elgin, 2020-12-01)


I believe that we must take care of the planet and in this case it starts closer to home. I’m from Hoffman Estates, which neighbors Schaumburg. I am tired of watching the decline of many areas of our country that I have been to when a little thought could have prevented this. Please limit the truck activity before it does more harm.

Carol Gayer (Elmwood Park, 2020-12-01)


I am signing because this is my hometown. I live in Nevada now but I still love my roots.

Danni Kuzyk (Las Vegad, 2020-12-01)


No need to destroy this wetland. Plenty parts of schaumburg already cemented over and vacant that this company can move to. Come on Schaumburg management - step it up and be the environmental stewards you should be.

Louisa Walsh (Schaumburg, 2020-12-01)


I want to save the wetlands and stop the pollution.

Greg Belinsky (Schaumburg, 2020-12-02)


Proximity to the site. Environmental impact is inexcusable.

Kevin Keith (Schaumburg, 2020-12-02)


Schaumburg does not have enough undeveloped land for wildlife.

Tom Coughlin (Schaumburg, 2020-12-02)


Enjoying nature is everyone’s right.

Olga Przychocki (Elmwood Park, 2020-12-02)


I'm signing because I am concerned of the permanent damage to the environment, the disruption of the rain water natural flow, and the introduction of noise, extreme lighting and air pollution to a residential area.

Richard Jezek (Schaumburg, 2020-12-02)


There is no need for additional buildings at this time. Many empty homes and commercial properties. Why destroy wetlands? It needs to stop.

Christine Reardon (Schaumburg, 2020-12-03)


I think the wetlands should stay the way they are.

cindy dandellis (hoffman estates, 2020-12-03)


The wetlands are one of the last nice perks in Schaumburg

Victoria Stumpf (Schaumburg , 2020-12-03)


Midwestern wetlands are a disappearing ecosystem that need to be preserved in order to not diminish the biodiversity in our country. A biodiverse country is a healthy country!

Melody Bernhardt (Hanover Park, 2020-12-04)


I’m signing because I used to live in Hoffman Estates and would often visit Schaumburg. We need to, now more than ever, protect the wildlife and the natural environments not only for the inhabitants, but for ourselves as well. There are plenty of vacant lots that need to be reused. Let’s leave it alone.

Ivan Rivera (Houston, 2020-12-04)


Wetlands are irreplaceable and need defending.

Joe Gruzalski (Tinley Park , 2020-12-05)


I’m signing this because I’m passionate about protecting our freshwater ecosystems. I believe Humans are just as much a part of the hydrological system as a drop of water. Destroying wetlands means losing the service and functions it provides us. This means more urban fooding which can potential cause financial stress for the residents and local businesses. I’m also signing this because wetlands are the preferred habitat for the blandings turtle... a species protected by the illinois endangered species protection act.

Brianne Sochacki (Schaumburg , 2020-12-05)


I’m signing because this project is too damn close to my friend’s home!

Carol Riehle (Chicago , 2020-12-06)


I am a past resident of Schaumburg, 40 years on North Point Drive.

Jerrold Goozh (FORT MILL, 2020-12-07)


Aside from the apparent negative health implications for all who live in the area, this appears to be an ecological disaster in the making.

Richard Owens (Schaumburg , 2020-12-07)


We have houses and/or industrial buildings almost everywhere. Please, no more building. Save what's left for nature.

Ron Haimbaugh (Schaumburg, 2020-12-07)

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