Save Schaumburg Wetlands



Please save nature. We have so little left.

Jeanette Moline (Bloomingdale, 2020-12-24)


Destroying wetlands add to global warming,and eradication of precious wildlife habitat

Albert Nowosielski (Roselle, 2020-12-24)


I’m signing this because that area is beautiful and needed. There are plenty of abandoned commercial sites to use instead. Leave the wildlife there. Leave the natural drainage there. I can’t deal with flooding on Irving or Rosenberg nor can the Park District facility and parking lot, or the church on the corner, or the railroad tracks. The underground fuel storage could wreak havoc on the environment and the fumes are extremely bad for the nearby townhome communities.

Theresa Samons (Bloomingdale, 2020-12-24)


The fueling site could be located somewhere more industrial less residential and with less impact.

Arif Oguz (Roselle, 2020-12-24)


I’ve been seeing what happens to wildlife when they build on open land here in EGV and Itasca.

Elaine Meyer (Elk Grove village, 2020-12-24)


I am disgusted by the the traffic, of which there is too much, the overcrowding and incessant creation of new housing developments. I have a well, and I like my water clean, thank you. In case some who are in favor of this have failed to notice, our climate has changed and not for the better. There is no more denying that these extreme weather events are caused by us humans. It's time to stop wreaking havoc on the planet.



I live directly on the other side of the train tracks. I have concerns regarding the fuel and the damage it can cause, additional noise/ traffic this will cause , and the destruction of then wetlands and the down stream effects to the environment.

Dawn Kellogg (Roselle, 2020-12-24)


Illinois has lost most of our wetlands. It is time to end this destruction.

Kathy Ruopp (60643, 2020-12-24)



NICHOLAS BEDNAR (Schaumburg, 2020-12-24)


We need to preserve our wetlands and our wildlife. Why do we have to kill everything?

Maryann Grubbe (Roselle, 2020-12-25)


I want see the Schaumburg wetlands environment and surrounding neighborhoods preserved and protected.

Denise Stewart (Orlando, 2020-12-25)


Protect the environment. The suburbs of Chicago need to protect what little nature they have left

Brian Ward (Mesa, 2020-12-25)


I care deeply about our environment

Rose Kapoun (Schaumburg , 2020-12-26)


i dont this place to turn into another peace of shit

Joshua lang (Schaumburg, 2020-12-26)


It is time to protect our ecosystems not destroy them!

Kathy Featherstone (Schaumburg , 2020-12-26)


The wetlands must be preserved. There are plenty of other available locations, in close proximity, to build this corporate headquarters which will not put the local water table at risk.

David Zaval (Medinah, 2020-12-27)


We must keep our wetlands!!!!! Too much wildlife depends on it and need it.

Norma Peterson (Schaumburg , 2020-12-27)


We must save the Wetlands!!!! We do not want more trucks in the area!!

Alina Katerinitch (Roselle, 2020-12-27)


I'm signing because I grew up near Schaumburg and hate to see what little land remaining for wildlife be destroyed. Also, if I lived there I would not want fuel tanks near my groundwater

Jeanette Mazeikis (Streamwood, 2020-12-27)


There’s too many buildings being constructed and taking over natural habitats. There are too many wildlife without a place to go so they end up in our neighborhoods and it’s unsafe for them and people living in these areas.

Sandy Richards (Elk Grove Village, 2020-12-27)


I’m signing because Schaumburg needs to find another location, ideally in an industrial park or derelict commercial space, and refrain from paving over a precious resource. Wetlands are an essential component of a functioning ecosystem. Residents and wildlife have a right to continue to drink clean water. There are other solutions. Wetlands are too important to take for granted.

Anne Behrens (Schaumburg, 2020-12-27)


I live down the street from this area and we DO NOT need anymore housing communities, apartment complexes or large commercial buildings in this area!! Leave the little piece of open land that left alone!

Brittany Sosa (Roselle, 2020-12-27)


Wetlands are natures filter of man's pollution. This natural resource is disappearing at an astonishing rate and Schaumburg needs to be part of the solution, NOT a part of the problem!

Dan Behrens (Schaumburg, 2020-12-27)


Don’t want toxic fumes in my neighborhood!!

Julie Cichowicz (Roselle, 2020-12-28)


We need safe animals home

Maciej Cwiertnia (Medinah, 2020-12-28)


We must do all we can to save the the very few ecosystems we have in this word not to mention in my own community. What is the purpose of living if everything around us is killing us w/cancer & every autoimmune disease known & unknown.

Denise Melendez (Medinah, 2020-12-28)


I don’t want the wetlands to be destroyed.

Karen Antonow (Roselle , 2020-12-28)


We need wetlands

Bruce Collette (Roselle, 2020-12-28)


I live right near there ~!

thomas domenz (schaumburg, 2020-12-28)


To protect the remaining wetlands in our area.

Ken Post (Hanover Park, 2020-12-29)


Wetlands are important, despite Republican idiocy

Jeff Klein (Walled Lake, 2020-12-29)


I want the wetlands saved

Linda Stanton (Barrington, 2020-12-29)


I live in a subdivision that was originally wetlands. We have horrible flooding problems. Surprised DuPage County would allow this with all the water problems they've experienced.

Pauline Briggs (Glen Ellyn , 2020-12-29)


I’m signing this because I am a resident of Schaumburg and this impacts my family.

Shailashree Ojha (Schaumburg, 2020-12-31)


Save natural habitat

Gaby Rodriguez (Roselle , 2020-12-31)


I am concerned about the over building consuming are natural areas that will never come back if destroyed now.

Jerry Dolan (Hoffman Estates, 2021-01-01)


I am signing because I live off of Rodenburg Rd and want to preserve the wetlands which will destroy nature.

Cindy Tonne (Roselle, 2021-01-01)


I'm signing this petition b/c this directly impacts my environment. I live in the subdivision that is directly across from the railroad tracks.

Colleen Crilly (Roselle, 2021-01-03)


This is my neighborhood and I don't want pollutants where my family and I live.

Mayumi Tiburzi (Schaumburg , 2021-01-03)


I'm signing because we live in the immediate vicinity of the project and this will jeopordize my and my family's (including 3 year old son who already has some conditions) health. It is a deadly hazard to us all in this nearby community, and we bought a home here explicitly because there were no industrial builds right here, but the gorgeous and environmentally safe wetlands instead. This will additionally ruin the beauty and safety of the entire neighborhood and make our homes undoubtedly unsellable, ruining our resale value in the future. Additionally, there is a public park and playground that is a mere hundred some feet away on the other side of the tracks near the sole untouched wetland that will be ruined and unsafe for our child and the other children of this community to play on. Please, for the sake of the families and residents of Roselle and south Schaumburg do not build this monstrosity!

Scott Mills (Roselle, 2021-01-03)


I’m signing because we need to stop putting businesses first and community last. We want continued peace in that neighborhood not a truck stop bringing in random people to neighborhoods and increased unwanted traffic. That area is in a residential neighborhood with schools. We have such few wetlands in the area and now we’re ruining them and the community with pollution. Just NO.

Ilenia Lutz (Bloomingdale , 2021-01-03)


It's time to stop the massive destruction of one of the few areas left in our town!

Jessica Redmond (Hoffman Estates, 2021-01-03)


I’m signing because there are plenty of other areas that can be developed without disturbing these wetlands.

Janice Presco (Bloomingdale , 2021-01-03)


I live here

John Salter (Roselle, 2021-01-04)


I don't want to see the wetlands destroyed.

Beth Watson (Roselle, 2021-01-04)


Our lands are only good to us if we preserve those that inhabit around it. Schaumburg doesn't need more corporate violating it's beauty.

Yvonne Muellner (Bloomingdale, 2021-01-04)


leave nature alone.

Lynn Brown (Bloomingdale, 2021-01-04)


I live in this neighborhood and can not imagine loosing this piece of land that is home to wildlife and prairie. Pretty soon all the animals will have no place to live and procreate. Or to catch food and live. We have to stop it while there is still time!

Donna Hunter (Roselle, 2021-01-05)


My daughter, son-in-law and 3 year old grandson reside near the site, and have health issues that would be directly impacted by this project. Their ability to relocate has been affected by the consequences of this ongoing pandemic. These wetlands offer a great educational opportunity for the children in the area to see the value of preserving and respecting vital natural resources.

Karen Wasilewski (Palos Park, 2021-01-05)


People are leaving Illinois. No need to build more houses if we can't keep the ones we have filled as it is!

Frederick Sosa (Roselle, 2021-01-05)


This is close to my home and I prefer wetlands and wildlife to trucks and exhaust. I have lic=ved here since 1985 and we have covered too much land with concrete already.

SUSAN BEDNAR (Roselle, 2021-01-05)


We need to protect our existing undeveloped land and preserve the wildlife that lives there.

David Holcomb (Elk Grove Village, 2021-01-05)


Bonnie Rimer (Roselle, 2021-01-06)


I want to preserve the ecosystem and prevent further erosion.

Erin Green (Schaumburg, 2021-01-07)


Wetlands are vital to our world. We have already destroyed 90% of our wetlands. Lets protect what is left

Beth Carpenter (Medinah, 2021-01-08)


Save the trees, wildlife, & a peaceful place to walk.

Reanee Desimone (Bloomingdale, 2021-01-09)


I'm signing because this would be a tragic blow to that ecosystem. It will also create more noise, traffic, and pollution. Please, stop.

Christina Del Percio (Chicago, 2021-01-09)


These wetlands drain in to the west branch of the dupage river. It is important for us to keep our water systems as clean as possible.

Adam Christie (Schaumburg, 2021-01-09)


These wetlands are detrimental to the west branch dupage river water shed. We need to preserve the small amount of green spaces that we have in the suburbs.

Adam Christie (Schaumburg, 2021-01-09)


I want to preserve our wetlands.

Patrik Mlodzianowski (Roselle, 2021-01-09)


I used to live down the street. Please don't destroy nature

Max Allison (fox river grove, 2021-01-09)

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