Save Schaumburg Wetlands



I do not want to destroy wetlands or have trucks in a residential area

Peter Miranda (Roselle, 2021-01-10)


This will cause more pollution, traffic, flooding and traffic for the area.

Nick Kraft (Roselle, 2021-01-10)


This is gross

Breida Riordan (Schaumburg, 2021-01-11)


I am signing because it can physically hurt the families who live near this property thru light and noise pollution. It will affect the dog park (Odium Park)which many of the neighborhood dogs play in on a regular basis. The traffic will obviously increase drastically as well. I believe that the residents of Roselle should definitely be included in this decision since it will affect us the most.

Bobbi Kraft (Roselle, 2021-01-11)


As a resident of the Turnberry Manor Community, the wetlands are literally my backyard. Building on the wetlands is a major concern to health, safety, and well-being of our community.

Nicholas Gepp (Roselle, 2021-01-11)


Wetlands are a vital ecosystem to preserve, especially in already heavily urbanized areas.

Kyle Werner (Elk Grove Village, 2021-01-11)


Destroying wetlands are the equivalent to destroying rainforests. Wetlands are home to a variety of animals and plants. The plants and soil can store carbon instead of releasing it to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, therefore helping the global climate. Wetlands also provide flood protection and the beauty and peacefulness of nature.
Schaumburg does not need more destruction of our natural environment to build a 140,000sq ft headquarters, warehouse, fueling station for trucks and large storage tanks of fuel. There will be more air pollution from diesel exhaust causing serious long term diseases. There is NO safe level of exposure to many of these toxic substances.
Please protect our environment and citizens!

Joan Dunne (Schaumburg , 2021-01-11)


I am signing due to concerns related to health and well-being of residents, increased traffic, pollution, and potential impact on property values. This is no place for such a development!!!

Angelika Wojdat (Roselle, 2021-01-11)


Our residential property will be dramatically, negatively affected. Our wetlands need protection. Our children need protection.

Suzanne Cimino (Roselle, 2021-01-11)


This is the area I walk with my family on daily basis. Such construction in this area will completely destroy tranquility and peace of this area.

Pratik Mahendra (Roselle, 2021-01-11)


This will harm our environment and our neighborhoods.

Jessica Walsh (Roselle, 2021-01-12)


I care about the environment and wild life

Christian Vega Ruiz (Streamwood , 2021-01-12)


I am a resident near the wetlands and enjoy the tranquility and wild life it brings to my neighborhood.

Amanda Huggins (Roselle, 2021-01-12)


I live in the area and I do not want the wetland environment to be harmed. I am worried about the changes, the extra pollution, noise, and traffic that this will cause.

Lisa O’Hara (Roselle, 2021-01-12)



Barbara Hanson (Blue Ridge, 2021-01-12)


Nature matters

Nicole Loverde (Des Plaines, 2021-01-12)


We shouldn't be destroying wetlands and animals homes to put a transportation hub, to create money. There are thousands of empty stores/warehouses you can locate to. STOP HURTING THE SMALL PEOPLE/ANIMALS!! THE GOVERNMENT/TOP OFFICIALS IS DOING A GOOD JOB AT THAT ALREADY. Evidence clearly shown here. Everything being hush hush, make decisions behind peoples back, making decisions for personal gain. You have a whole baseball stadium with 3 parking lots and 2 are barely ever used. Why not build there; Lake and Gary their already building there. This comes from someone who actually a semi truck driver. You have TENS OF THOUSANDS of places that are vacant who could use the business now. GO TO A VACANT SPOT AND HIRE PEOPLE, HELP PEOPLE. DONT DESTROY!!!!!

ken klaczynski (roselle, 2021-01-13)


I think we need to retain the wetlands that currently exist for wildlife and the environment. Also concerned about pollution, traffic and increased congestion.

Guy Sullivan (Roselle, 2021-01-13)


There are many types of wildlife that live in those wetlands! Go build elsewhere and save the last pieces of nature!!!!!

Robert García (Schaumburg , 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because I don’t want the only piece of wildlife/ Forrest area to be destroyed.

Garrett Wisniewski (Roselle, 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because I care greatly about preserving the beautiful nature that the city of Schaumburg has to offer.

Mike Shlagman (Nashville, 2021-01-13)


This is bullshit. Stop ******* with nature.

Brandon Ryan (Schaumburg, 2021-01-13)


First of all, shame on the Village of Schaumburg officials for entering into such a contract. Did you know that it is actually okay NOT to develop every single inch of Schaumburg? It's true. Some of us actually like what little greenery is left.

Nathan Ryan (Schaumburg, 2021-01-13)


We need are wet land. It’s Beautiful and a wildlife needs homes.

Judith Richmond (Saint Joseph, 2021-01-14)


Save the wetlands.

Willie Washington (Palatine , 2021-01-14)


Don’t want this residential area to have business related problems like traffic and noise

Leonel Barrientos (Roselle, 2021-01-14)


This is important to me and my family

Andrew Pallock (Schaumburg , 2021-01-14)


This will affect the residents in a negative way. It will take away the quiet neighborhood and and make it less desirable to live there.

Judy Pallock (Itasca, 2021-01-14)


These wetlands help contain runoff for the communities surrounding them-covered with concrete there will be severe flooding. Underground tanks that may leak and pollute the ground water and the air pollution from the diesel trucks running 24/7

Marile Fairbanks (Roselle, 2021-01-14)


My neighborhood is such a lovely place for kids, dog walkers and so many birds and bugs and rodents. What a loss it would be to destroy this natural growth and my future children’s quality of life!

Lydia Giuliano (Roselle, 2021-01-14)


I want to preserve our wildlife sanctuaries

Julie Brazen (Plainfield , 2021-01-14)


Wild animals need homes too ❤️

Haylee Vogel (Palatine, 2021-01-14)


I grew up by Schaumburg and lived there after high school. The Wetlands are important to the local ecosystem and need to be protected at all costs. If you let this building happen it is just a matter of time before all the wetlands are destroyed.

Brian Garbrecht (Elgin, 2021-01-14)


I am signing because this project is environmentally irresponsible.

Toni Alcasid (Roselle, 2021-01-14)


Because I don’t like to see natural land taken away.

Lance Richmond (Saint joseph, 2021-01-14)


Schaumburg needs to keep what land they have left undisturbed.

Karen Karp (South Elgin, 2021-01-15)


Seriously noise pollution ,ground pollution, save the wetlands. Why is this not in the industrial park? I did not receive any notification ...

margaret Nott (roselle , 2021-01-15)


I am signing due to the damage this project may do to our wetlands. Being next to the railroad tracks and and the housing development to the South of the railroad tracks these are major issues.

CHARLES ACCARDI (Roselle, 2021-01-15)


We need to save our earth

Abigail Fragoso (Bolingbrook, 2021-01-16)


We should protect the wetlands

John Fox (Schaumburg, 2021-01-16)


This proposed development paves over valuable wetlands that need to preserved. I support development that is appropriate for this site but not this one as it destroys valuable natural settings and completely paves over the wetlands. Headquarters yes truck parking and servicing NO. Please do not approve this plan.

Sam Semrow (Lake Zurich , 2021-01-16)


You cannot replace the wetlands. Green spaces give to communities and creatures in myriad ways, please don’t destroy it for profit. No dollar is worth it.

Abby Rodriguez (Geneseo, 2021-01-17)


I'm signing this because I don't think destroying acres of wetlands is right for our ecosystem

Ashley Washington (Palatine, 2021-01-17)


The preservation of wetlands is of huge importance.

Pamela Re (Roselle , 2021-01-24)


I am signing this petition to preserve the ecosystem as well as preserve the well being of the residents, i.e., health conditions that may occur or worsen due to increase pollutants and contamination. Preservation of Life!

laura LIUZZO (ROSELLE, 2021-01-30)


I'm signing because I want to protect the wetlands and those depending on/impacted by them.

Philip Sullivan (Roselle, 2021-02-02)


I’m signing because I care about the environment.

laura blackburn (itasca, 2021-02-03)


Money should not rule over the environment. You're evil if you think otherwise.

Amy Wall (Normal, 2021-02-04)


We need to start saving and stop destroying.

Ann Kretschmer (Hoffman Estates, 2021-02-05)


Urban sprawl and unrestricted growth is destroying more and more natural environments. Every square foot that remains untouched becomes more precious, especially local environments like this one. It ought to be protected and maintained.

Lyuben Hristev (Roselle, 2021-02-07)


I do not want the wetlands to be built on or all the added traffic.

Linda Sye (Roselle, 2021-02-08)


I love the environment!

Michele Shank (Gilberts, 2021-02-08)


We are loosing too many areas that are necessary for our wild lifts survive.

Vicki Pattenaude (Huntley, 2021-03-06)


I grew up in Schaumburg, I saw how fast the population rose, and farmland, meadows were turned into a bustling community. I still have family there, let’s preserve what little is left!

Kathy Hendley (Fort Myers Fl, 2021-03-13)


My friend lives there. He sends me amazing sunrise photos and it was amazing. The place is so beautiful

Mark Gil Lalangan (Eumsonggun , 2021-04-20)


We need to preserve our natural habitats

Kathy Mayer (Sugar Grove, 2021-07-06)


This 20 acres of woods, savannah and wetlands, is a habitat for a variety of plants and animals, including milkweed for monarch larval development, and possibly owls.

James Wallace (Hoffman Estates, 2021-10-27)


In NW Cook County, we have precious little that remains of truly natural habits. With climate change in an emergency state, the double offense of both destruction of desperately needed wild space to be replaced by trucks is simply wrong. Certainly there must be available already developed sites that could be candidates.

Alison Erickson (Des Plaines, 2021-10-28)


Wetlands are important.

Karen Keenan (Arlington Heights, 2021-10-28)


Destroying wetlands and the ecosystems they support is a crime against the people who live near there and the wild life it supports.

Cathy Menke (Arlington Heights, 2021-11-01)

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