Petition in Support of the Disbarment of Ashley Moody



I'm signing this petition because Ashley Moody has disgraced her oath by signing to the amicus brief siding with the State of Texas' seditious lawsuit attempting to throw out the legally cast votes in four other states.

Corey Sobrane (Sarasota, 2020-12-13)


No attorney should be involved in sedition an expect to keep their law license. The people deserve better than this.

Rose Goodman (Windermere, 2020-12-13)


She is not morally or legally fit to serve as attorney general of the State of Florida



Because they are criminal and in my view a treasonous act with this nonsense.

Korey Nielson (Apollo Beach, 2020-12-13)


I'm signing because as a lawyer, I find AG Moody's conduct to be reprehensible and treasonous, and counter to the rule of law she and I both swore to uphold.

Ronald Scott Kaniuk, Esq. (Delray Beach, 2020-12-13)


I believe we need people who don't back and bow to corrupt politicians

Craig MacFarland (Stuart, 2020-12-13)


Florida AG did not ask the people of florida in her unconstitutional quest to undermine a national election. She should resign and be disbarred for violating her oath to the US Constitution and Florida's constitution. Country before party.

Sydney Cromwell (Stuart, 2020-12-13)


In addition to the already stated incident(s), Ms. Moody violated Florida Statutes, Chapter 104.31, Section 1, paragraph (a); to wit:

104.31 Political activities of state, county, and municipal officers and employees.—
(1) No officer or employee of the state, or of any county or municipality thereof, except as hereinafter exempted from provisions hereof, shall:
(a) Use his or her official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with an election or a nomination of office or coercing or influencing another person’s vote or affecting the result thereof.

Charlie Kersey (Lakeland, 2020-12-13)


GOP committed SEDITION... Traitors to the Constitution.

CINDY LANG (New Port Richey, 2020-12-13)


It is a direct violation of office. She is violating the US Constitution, the action shows she has no respect for the courts. She is trying to get the court to invalidate the votes of thousands because they did not vote the way she wanted them to so there must be something wrong with the electoral process. This action in no way has anything to do with the office she holds in Florida and everything to do with personal or party beliefs.

Sheryl Paul (Ft Pierce, 2020-12-13)


She needs to be held accountable

Ivette Batiz (Wesley Chapel, 2020-12-13)


I'm signing because the disregard for democracy and the effort to undermine it means that Ms. Moody has broken her oath.

Christian OBrien (Palm Beach Gardens, 2020-12-13)


As a patriotic veteran, our Constitution is important to me. Sedition must not be tolerated.

Alan Fors (Tampa, 2020-12-13)


These people have to go.

Deseret Shearer (Orlando, 2020-12-13)


I am a constituent of Ashley Moody's and I am demanding better

Angelica Cortes (Gainesville, 2020-12-13)


An elected official should not be allowed to remain in office if he/she has committed an act against the United States. She should NOT be supported by MY tax dollars. She was not elected to be Trump's attorney.

Melanie Gorman (Port St Lucie, 2020-12-13)


This is sedation. Period. No one is above the law.

Linda Short (Winter Haven, 2020-12-13)


She has violated her oath of office and has engaged in seditious activity.

Edward Dandrow (Casselberry, 2020-12-13)


I am signing this to preserve our democracy. The people we elected cannot disobey our constitution. This is an act of treason!

Lucy Stryker (Palm Coast, 2020-12-13)


No reason or excuse to support baseless claims and taking over another state’s election. AG Moody has gone too far!

Sherida Ferguson (Tampa, 2020-12-13)


She’s nuts ! Using her position to pull a coup To elect her furer again 🤬

Kathy Jeter (Pensacola , 2020-12-13)


Any AG who supported the attempt to willfully ignore the votes of millions of voters shouldn’t be allowed to practice law. Ever.

Teresa Fennimore (Jacksonville , 2020-12-13)


There are consequences to stupid actions.

Bryna Gesson (Lake Worth , 2020-12-13)


Voter Suppression is wrong every day of the week. We need someone in office who is willing to stand for all citizens right to vote, not suppress rights because you did not agree with the outcome of an election.

Christina Forrest (Navarre , 2020-12-13)


I’m signing because I care about the safe and prosperous future we are trying to create for the children of Florida/USA.

Amanda Wersching (West Palm Beach, 2020-12-13)


Tired of crooks in our state that are loyal to Trump but not to our country, Democracy and Constitutions. They swore under oath to stand by our laws and constitutions. They have not done that.

Linda McWilliams (Sarasota, 2020-12-13)


After 50 lawsuits, all of which were dismissed for lack of evidence, she signed on to take the matter to the Supreme Court, attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of already proven to be legal votes. This has got to stop.

Freda Posin (Jupiter, 2020-12-13)


I'm signing because my AG, Ashley Moody committed a seditious act by signing her name to a suit in an attempt to overturn a free and fair election. She signed on to overturn the will of the people in 4 states, none of which is even her own state.

Cynthia Strait (Fort Pierce, 2020-12-13)


AG Moody’s actions make me question her integrity to uphold the Constitution of the US.

Gretchen Nelsen (Eustis, 2020-12-13)


Any judge that allows partisan politics to sway their judgment does not deserve to be a judge for they cannot judge with impartiality.

edward littlejohn (Minneola, 2020-12-13)


She doesn't deserve her position of power and is wrongful in her abuse if it and lack of understanding.

Tania Ayala (Miami, 2020-12-13)


She is supposed to be the people’s lawyer, not *trump’s lawyer. Her actions are seditious.

Vincent Puma (St. Augustine , 2020-12-13)


I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take trumps bs anymore.

Barry Gleen (Boynton beach, 2020-12-13)


She should be disbarred.

Michelle MacFarland (Stuart, 2020-12-13)


She has gone against the Constitution.

Patricia Lawson (Winter Garden , 2020-12-13)


Her actions are reprehensible and illegal!

marjorie zimmerman (Pt Manalapan, 2020-12-13)


She does not represent my values.. and she does not have the ethical morals of the lawyer that should represent Florida..

Delores Green (Winter Haven , 2020-12-13)


I want our officials to concentrate on their constituents, not on issues they already know are not winnable. Use my tax money appropriately.

Phyllis Archibald (Lady Lake , 2020-12-13)


FL state attorney took an oath and she violated.

Alexandra Reyes (Clearwater, 2020-12-13)


These GOP AGs have committed sedition. I'm disgusted with their flaunting the law and will of this country's voters.

Karen Leidy (Englewood, 2020-12-13)


The acts of this Atty Gen demonstrate that she will thwart the law if she feels it suits her desires.

Valerie Jones (Jacksonville, 2020-12-13)


The lawsuits filed by the likes of Ms. Moody are total erroneous due to the lack of evidence of any fraud.
She is a Representative of The Court, and has knowing brought forth a bogus lawsuit, wasting The Courts time, and in my opinion, she has shown total and complete disregard for the Constitution of the United States.
R. Vandb

Rue VANDB (Miami, 2020-12-13)


She committed and signed her name to a legal order in an attempt to overthrow the will of the people.

Mary Croft (Melbourne, 2020-12-13)


I’m signing because the AG of Florida is sworn to protect the interests of our citizens. Not crazy Fascist agendas. She should resign.

Kevin McDonough (Longwood, 2020-12-13)


She discredits our state and our nationby knowingly signing a legal brief that she knows is garbage.

Jim Morrow (Hobe Sound, 2020-12-13)


This is clearly a violation of the Constitution. There needs to be accountability. Actions have consequences. She made her choice fully cognizant of the ramifications.

Patricia Racz (Fort Myers , 2020-12-13)


She has violated MY vote by her actions this week!

Patricia Anderson (Spring Hill, 2020-12-13)


She violated her oath of office.

Gail Sloss (DeLand, 2020-12-13)


I believe that she, and many others, did not follow the United States Constitution. I believe that she,and many others, are attempting to overthrow the United States Democracy.

Geraldine Detrick (Gainesville, 2020-12-13)


For democracy!

Jeff Rodriguez (Minneola, 2020-12-13)


She went against her oath of office. Time for her to go.

Andrew Levine (Sunrise, 2020-12-13)


Did my vote count? I really don't know.

Douglas Bickel (Virginia Gardens, 2020-12-13)


AG does not speak for the citizens of FL on this action.

William Miller (Port St. Lucie, 2020-12-13)

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