Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



I'm an expat and devastated what is happening in America

Patsy Blake (point lookout, 2020-12-16)


I'm signing because I have never feared for our republic's continuance, or our chance at a true democracy, as I have since early November. The seditious nature of acts by sitting Congress persons to overturn the votes of only certain Americans must be addressed.

Ali Blaylock (Stuart , 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz is an embarrassment to the legal profession.

Matthew Armstrong (San Rafael, 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor to our nation who simply doesn't care about ordinary Americans and only wants to work for one man.

Philip McDermott (New York, 2020-12-16)


Mr. Gaetz's bottomless bad faith is further evidenced by the fact that he supports a claim that the use of Vote By Mail by the Defendant States was somehow unconstitutional.

Chris May (Tampa, 2020-12-16)


He is immoral.

Jason Bradfish (Post Falls, 2020-12-16)




Just another grifter who lies to the American people.

Jenny Bass (Windham, 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz has been flouting the laws of the United States, including breaking into a secure facility (the SCIF),and abusing his position as a U.S. Congressman. He’s played the fool for too long.

Kevin Boulas (Arvada, 2020-12-16)


The law is the law

Jeffrey Lee (Columbia, 2020-12-16)


His behavior is unethical, unprofessional, and most recently, unconstitutional.

Timothy McKinley (Callaway, 2020-12-16)


He supported and enables anti democratic forces - plus he is a Drunk Driver and many say he is a Pedophile

Mark Grundy (Torrance , 2020-12-16)


Rules and laws matter and if they are not enforced they become meaningless.

JoAnne Cameron (Bellevue, 2020-12-16)


Because I like democracy and hate stupidity

Anna Campbell (Egg Harbor Township , 2020-12-16)


Corruption and ignoring ethical practices merit disbarment.

Dawn Belue (Winter Springs, 2020-12-16)


Im signing because Matt Gaetz breaks the rules continuously and needs to be help accountable!

Vanessa Behymer (LIBERTYVILLE, 2020-12-16)


It is time to hold those like Rep. Gaettz to account for his unabated transgressions. Anyone who holds a title and a cognizant official can amass a dangerous following following. He's responsible for knowingly coordinating a maskless convention in New Jersey when the state prohibited gatherings days before. He is now banned by the Governor from entering the state. He constantly disregards any authority which makes him a high risk lawyer and does not deserve the prestigious title bestowed upon him.

Erik Lester (Millsboro, 2020-12-16)


For the reasons stated by Pamela Keith.

Chuck Denk (Albuquerque, 2020-12-16)


He's abusing the courts!

Thomas Johnston (LIVONIA, 2020-12-16)


He has committed acts that should result in his disbarment.

Sandy Hahnemann (Ponte Vedra , 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz tried to invalidate election results in several states. He claimed that votes by mail were fraudulent. His actions challenged the results of a fair, democratic election process and tied up the courts with frivolous lawsuits.

Mary Russell (West End, 2020-12-16)


I believe no n one is above the law and the constitution of the united States must be upheld at all times.

Lynda Vesy (Youngstown, 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz' behavior sullies the House of Representatives and the practice of Law. Disbarment is the only appropriate remedy available.

Dan Hudson (Edmonds, 2020-12-16)


It is important that elected officials follow their oath of office, and in this case, additionally the ethical standards set by the Bar. Matt Gaetz has violated them on several occasions.

Nia Maxwell (Sun City , 2020-12-16)


Treasonous toady trying to overturn the vote of the people. Undemocratic and seditious. He needs to go.

Carolyn Walsh (Lake Worth , 2020-12-16)


Matt Gates is a disgrace to the Rule if Law! He is a #Traitor

Marilou George (Port Orange, 2020-12-16)


Mr. Gaetz has willfully, knowingly participated in an act of Sedition. This will be his 3rd official sanction. I demand, at minimum, a suspension of Mr. Gaetz license to practice law.

Dr. Brandon James (Boston, MA , 2020-12-16)


He is an embarrassment to this country. And while immigrant children were put in cages, he "adopted" a young immigrant boy.

Rhoda Karr (KELSO, 2020-12-16)


He makes a mockery of the law and is an embarrassment to all Florida residents.

Robert Graham (Kissimmee, 2020-12-16)


He is a disgrace and unfit.

Myra Gold (Palm Beach Gardens, 2020-12-16)



Soni Jaiswal (Mumbai , 2020-12-16)


I believe in democracy and the rule of law.

Harold Lawton (Fort Lauderdale, 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz in particular has misled the citizens of the United States of America. His conduct in law has been woeful, and his attempt to subvert the will of the people and deceive higher courts belies the conduct expected of a member of the bar.

Darryl Griffin (Florida, 2020-12-16)


Continually violating legal, ethical and safety regulations needs to have consequences.

amy elliott (dunedin, 2020-12-16)


I agree With all that is stated within and believe that these natural consequences are deserved in the situation

sandra Reed (Kerhonkson, 2020-12-16)


I fully agree with the intent of this letter. Mr. Gaetz joined the 125 House Republicans in sedition. There must be repercussions.

Rick Hueston (Baltimor, 2020-12-16)


We attorneys need to push back against those who would tear down the rule of law

Martin Crim (Manassas, VA, 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz is a liar and has provided zero evidence to support his claims. He is a disgrace to the profession and needs to be disbarred.

Stacey Gray (Louisville, 2020-12-16)


Matt Gaetz need to be held accountable for violating his oath to the constitution.

Alexandra Reyes (Clearwater, 2020-12-16)



Michael Hirsch (Parsonsburg, 2020-12-16)


Mr. Gaetz has violated his oath as a Congressman and has engaged in behavior that does not comport with legal ethics.

Norman Shaw (Woodbridge, NJ, 2020-12-16)


Gaetz is negligent in his oath to the constitution. He has promoted the party of trump and its a endeavor to overthrow our democracy and replace with autocracy . He must be held accountable.

Telene Thomas (Delray Beach , 2020-12-16)


Mr. Gaetz’s seditious conduct is unbecoming of a member of the Florida bar.

Harry Hewson (Pensacola Beach, 2020-12-16)


The unprofessionalism on constant display by “mr. gaetz” is unacceptable

Daniel Griffy (Gilroy, 2020-12-16)


Seditionists should not practice or make laws in our country. Our country will not stand if we allow enemies to subvert our system from within.

Martha Tolman (Oakland, 2020-12-16)


Man is a traitor

Diana Grazia (Winsted, 2020-12-16)


Please stop the insanity

Theresa Neal (Osage, 2020-12-17)


As an attorney, I believe in our obligation to act in accordance with ethical standards. Repeat violations of the FL Bar Code of Conduct And attacks on the Constitution should not be tolerated. Matt Gaetz has shown through his words and conduct that he does not and will not follow those requirements, and disbarment is the necessary and appropriate way to respond to this unprofessional and egregious behavior.

Stacy Weiske (Phoenix, 2020-12-17)


Mr Gaetz has proven to be a disgrace as a representative, and has demonstrated that he will eagerly subvert the will of the American people in an act of Sedition, He should be unseated, and should be investigated for these egregious acts

Jennifer O'Brien (Phoenix, 2020-12-17)


He’s trying to dismantle American democracy.

Meri Devore (Palm beach gardens , 2020-12-17)


I’m signing because Gaetz is an absolute embarrassment to my state, Florida

Kathy Mirgan (Dunedin , 2020-12-17)

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