Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



it's been long overdue we need to get him out of office the people of Florida deserve much better

Kenneth Mccall (Delray Beach, 2021-01-16)


Gaetz is a collaborator in the Trump insurrection on Jan 6th 2021

Larry Washington (Atlanta , 2021-01-16)


He is making Floridians look like morons, he should not be representing anybody in a court of law.

Kevin Hurley (Largo, 2021-01-16)


Because he is disgraceful and committing crimes against the United States of America.

Diana Ramstad (Fairbanks, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz is a national embarrassment.

LANA HURTEAU (Oakland, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz is not only a total embarrassment to Florida but to the entire country.

Kathryn Dennis (Eugene, 2021-01-16)


I don't like his weasel face.

Ronald Hart (Ringwood , 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz has got to go!!

Mary Volesky (ZEPHYRHILLS, 2021-01-16)


This idiot knowingly incited a riot because of his lies. He should be removed from office and perhaps locked up.

Susan Bryant (Port Saint Lucie, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz is a slimy, corrupt & a vile excuse for a human being...

Debbie Rinehart (Palm Coast, 2021-01-16)


I'm signing this petition because you lie and you continue to support efforts to subvert the constitution of the United States

Debra Salzman (Plantation, 2021-01-16)


I am signing because Matt Gaetz is a traitor to our nation. He is not representing the people of Florida and has broken his oath of office.

Marjorie Smith (Winter Haven, 2021-01-16)


A FL Bar member should be held accountable for their actions and must be disbarred if their actions and language promotes sedition, law-breaking, insurrection, and conspiracy theories.

Angela Cisneros (Naples, 2021-01-16)


He has failed and stained his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

Michael Finkel (Naples , 2021-01-16)


No one is above the law!

Jennie Junta (Liverpool, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor to our country!!

Rosemary Wagley (LANCASTER, 2021-01-16)


I love my country.

Rau Kline (Lancaster , 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz continues to spout lies. He's a dishonest human being without ethics or integrity. He does not care how much damage he causes as long as it helps to further his personal gain. He should not hold any public office. His actions are unlawful.

Jessica Schaefer (Davenport, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gratz is a menace to democracy!

Carolyn Majd (San Diego, 2021-01-16)


I feel Mr. Gaetz through willfull lies and accusations decieved the public and by doing so encouraged insurection. Words and intent matter.

Eileen Spelman (Dsvenport, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz does not take his responsibilities seriously. He mocks the rule of law and should be disbarred.

Lisa Beck (PALM BEACH GARDENS, 2021-01-16)


We can't let these fringe corrupt lunatics in our government!

gwen Vidales (Mundelein, 2021-01-16)


Matt Gaetz is an unhinged DANGER to the United States. His ongoing political behavior and antics, ESPECIALLY the ones of late involving the U.S. Capitol, show him to be totally unworthy to be a Member of the Florida Bar.

Barbara Roberts (TALLAHASSEE, 2021-01-16)


He does not represent the interests of Florida, nor the interests of the US.

Kevin Naranjo (Orlando, 2021-01-16)


Mr Gaetz is against the law and the constitution.

Zulema Zattoni (Oakmont, 2021-01-16)


I am signing because it is the only way offered to common citizens to fight the blind, corrupt leadership of Trump and his minions, not just this week, but for the last four years. Mr. Gaetz, Senators Cruz and Josh Hawley - all Trump enablers should be removed from the halls of Congress. It is about time we have people of character leading our country.



Goetz spreads dangerous lies and the seeds of sedition from his public pulpit.

Heather Kingsbury (Palm Harbor, 2021-01-16)


I agree with the charge and statement.

Robin Sekerak (Deland, 2021-01-16)


Mr. Gaetz violated his oaths as an attorney and as an elected official.

Kevin Johnson (Portsmouth, 2021-01-16)


He’s not a member of the Connecticut bar so I can’t file a complaint here.

Barbara Claire (Waterford, 2021-01-16)


I'm signing this petition because for 4 years I have seen the immense damage that people like Goetz have done to America and to the belief in democratic values around the world.

Leticia Nava (Dublin, 2021-01-16)


Gaetz is a traitor and an insurrectionist.
As such, he should not be permitted to practice law in the state of Florida, or elsewhere in the country.

Amy Boyle (Clearwater, 2021-01-17)


He is biggest goof in North American politics

John Perkins (St Catharines , 2021-01-17)


Matts blatant disrespect for Human descentese is dangerous and elegal.

Stella Mariani-Gonzalez (Miami, 2021-01-17)


We can not stand by and allow lies and false claims to destroy this Country. He is a traitor and should be arrested and disbarred.

Desiree Babbs (Rockledge, 2021-01-17)


I'm signing this petition as a student at Pepperdine Law school and a citizen of the USA who supports upholding the rule of law under the Constitution. I demanding that those who practice law in the USA be held to standards that acknowledge when they have failed to uphold the Constitution and be disbarred when they fail to do so.

Laurie Smith (Long Beach, 2021-01-17)


He can't support insurrection

Susan Malone (Nokomis , 2021-01-17)


We’ve got to take the trash out of our Government before we can clean up our country.

Susan Thiel Duncan Parley (De Pere, 2021-01-17)


Tired of the lies and disbelief!

Mandy Leach (Palm Coast, 2021-01-17)


Gaetz is an embarrassment and brings dishonor to the legal profession

Jeff Cohen (Miami , 2021-01-17)


MG is arrogant and entitled. He lies like DT and cannot be trusted.

Susan Ricci (Mount Dora, 2021-01-17)


He's clearly doing seditious things and shouldn't be allowed to continue practicing law.

Debra Mixsooke (Nashville, 2021-01-17)


He's a traitor.

Stephanie Whitaker (Mason, 2021-01-17)


He is a traitor.

Steven Vanskiver (Stevensville, 2021-01-17)


I am signing bc I believe Matt to be a threat to congress. He is a radical. There is no room for even just one liar in the Senate. We need to weed him/them out. Matt is a narcissist and a fame baiter. What he does isn’t for the good of our country it’s about what his hair and suit looks like that day. This is NOT what a senator should act like. He insights violence at every turn and then blames his words on Dems. He needs to be expelled. Thank you

Kari Harren (Howell, 2021-01-17)


He attempted to subvert the election

Kathleen Egozi (Bonita Springs, 2021-01-17)


His act of sedation is against our democracy.

Patricia Caperton (Cape Coral, 2021-01-17)


Congressman Gaetz has flagrantly violating the standards and norms of other attorneys in the State of Florida by ignoring the legally cast votes for President Elect Joseph R. Biden while encouraging those within the Republican Party to subvert the constitution of the United States of America.

Ron Ellstrom-oliver (DeLand, 2021-01-17)


Gaetz is a stain on our democracy.

Deborah Adams (Grand Rapids , 2021-01-17)


He has done things that he should be disbarred for. He is also a despicable piece of shit

Virginia Voorhees (Gainesville, 2021-01-17)


The messaging from Matt Gaetz continues to perpetuate lies about election fraud further dividing the American People. A leader who lies to support a personal agenda and incites violence due to these lies should be disbarred.

James Fehr (Snohomish, 2021-01-17)


He openly supported as insurrection against the United States thus violating his oath of office and oath as a lawyer.

Mark Robertson (Gainesville , 2021-01-17)


Matt Gaetz is an absolute dirt-bag.

Ronald Gerber Jr (fort collins, 2021-01-17)


Enough is enough!!!! Bring integrity back to our country. Gaetz needs repercussions.

Tracie Stephens (Martinez , 2021-01-17)


Matt Gaetz has participated and encouraged the over turning of a free and fair election, culminating in insurrection at our nation's capitol which resulted in the death of 5 people. Immediately after our capitol was desecrated, and congress was held hostage in the unsuccessful attempt to take over the capitol, Matt Gaetz continued and still continues to lie about election results causing discord and encouraging further violence. He referred to our Joe Biden, who was fairly elected by the American people, as a criminal during Trump's impeachment trial in a feeble attempt to sully Biden's name. His irresponsible speeches seem to be an attempt to sow discord and chaos which will likely further violence. He continues to lie to constituents and cannot be trusted.

juanita charter (Casper, 2021-01-17)


I am signing because he is unfit to represent the constitution and his governmental role.

Debra Kohn (Delray Beach, 2021-01-18)


This cannot go unnoticed

Julie O'Neill (Indialantic, 2021-01-18)


Matt Gaetz is a clear and present danger to this country.

Donna Schilling (Vero Beach, 2021-01-18)


Matt Gaetz represents a clear and present danger to the people and the constitution of the United States of America

Michael Grosswirth (Wellington , 2021-01-18)


Matt Gaetz is a menace to our society

Diane Morse (McLean, 2021-01-18)


I'm signing because if he has proven a complete disregard for the Constitution

Trey Palmer (Decatur , 2021-01-18)


His behavior is treasonous,

Sharon Molinaro (Gulfport, 2021-01-18)


He committed Treason. He can’t be allowed to represent FL citizens in Congress!

Laura Fowler (Jupiter, 2021-01-18)


I do not feel Mr. Gaetz up held his oath as an attorney. He brought shame to the state of Florida and fellow attorneys. He is to uphold the Constitution; he did not do so! Hence, he needs to know there are consequences for his actions!

Robin Howitt (Ocala, Florida , 2021-01-18)


Words matter and he knows that he is lying.

Maureen Magee (jupiter, 2021-01-18)



Lisa Mann (Jamaica, 2021-01-18)


He is nuts. Does not belong in government positions that decide laws. I am a Florida native.

Maria Shagena (Rockledge, 2021-01-18)


I agree

Pat Peterson (Orlando , 2021-01-18)


Lies and crimes that undermine the country.

Ed Crean (Windham, 2021-01-18)


The government is corrupt -

Patricia Williams (Bowdon, 2021-01-18)


The Republican my father believed in has disappeared, all that remains are rich rinos that want to get rich off of the suffering of the poor and middle class

Greg Rayhill (Elkview , 2021-01-18)


The U.S. government should not allow obvious racist to be allowed in office.

Royce Williams (Rockport , 2021-01-18)


I’m tired of the lies and corruption that has been falsely spread!

Ginger Anderson (Birch Bay, 2021-01-18)


Matt Gaetz is a crook and an insurrectionist. He should be disbarred, tried and never hold any government job again.

Laura Blanchard (Tequesta, 2021-01-18)


I fully support an an investigation and applicable subsequent disciplinary action into Mr. Gaetz's questionable actions in recent years.

Frances Morris (Black Mountain, 2021-01-18)


Enough is enough

Rose Dalsandro (Sarasota, 2021-01-18)


Matt is appalling my father served this country. His involvement with disinformation the night of vote on objections was clearly untrue. Starting rumors of untruths which cause dissent

Daniel Wall (Sedro-woolley, 2021-01-18)


on behalf of Veterans for Responsible Leadership,

Ben Keiser (SAINT PETERSBURG, 2021-01-19)


Florida desperately needs intelligent presentation.

Stella Samuelson (Hillsboro, 2021-01-19)


Trump is dangerous

Martha Arzate (Wpb, 2021-01-19)


Dangerous rhetoric

Catherine Parker (Oak Ridge, 2021-01-19)

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