Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz



Matt Gaetz deserves to be disbarred.

Julie Kennedy (Doral, 2020-12-22)


I agree with the allegations and as an attorney Mr. Gaetz should be held accountable.

Janet Johnson (Youngstown, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz has demonstrated behaviors disrespectful of the Constitution.

Erin Van Heirseele (Saint Paul, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz needs to be investigated and prosecuted for any crimes he has committed as well as face consequences for any unethical behavior. No one is above the law.

Ryan McCord (Renton, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz cares about his fame more then his constituents.

Jamie ODell (Ballston Spa, 2020-12-22)


Fuck Matt Gaetz

Aron Love (Phoenix, 2020-12-22)


I believe Gaetz is actively undermining democracy and frankly should face criminal charges in addition to disbarment.

Shahrzod Hanizavareh (Placentia, 2020-12-22)


flaunting the law.

Margaret Frey (NYC, 2020-12-22)


He’s habitually problematic.

Wesley Boazman (Westborough , 2020-12-22)


I value American democracy and doing the right thing.

Israel Navarrette (Tucson, 2020-12-22)



Justin Middleton (Washington, 2020-12-22)


This is my civic duty.

Linda Newman (Norwalk, 2020-12-22)


I am signing this petition because of the unethical behavior of Matt Gaetz.

Shana Fisher (Lithonia, 2020-12-22)


He is a disgrace to the legal profession

Debra Lewis (Pittsburgh, 2020-12-22)


Because Matt Gaetz has as much moral spine as a damp piece of bread

Ryan Tarps (Chicago, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is knowingly and willfully participating in sedition and treason against the United States.

Daniel Wachtel (Fort Walton Beach, 2020-12-22)


There must be consequences for seditious acts.

Mary Kelly (Bellevue , 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz has violated his oath of office, abused the courts, showed bad faith and lied to a tribunal by presenting a misleading legal argument to the Supreme Court of the United States based on knowingly false representations of law by supporting the State of Texas' act of sedition - an illegal and immoral effort to disenfranchise millions of American voters. He should be immediately bisbarred.

Tracey Meyers (Harrisburg, 2020-12-22)


I’m signing because Matt Gatez has abused his power in Congress. He is a known liar and spreads lies like it is truth.

Adam Gantner (Saint Charles, 2020-12-22)


I am signing because Mr. Gaetz is attempting to disenfranchise MY vote in Pennsylvania. My vote should count! The PA legislature approved mail-in voting and Mr Gaetz has no standing, nor should he be permitted to violate my sacred right to vote.

Helene Nseir (15601, 2020-12-22)


Mr. Gaetz willingly participated in an act of sedition, and an illegal and immoral effort to disenfranchise millions of American voters.

Steven Mushynsky (Baldwinsville, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because Matthew Gaetz is a corrupt hypocrite.

Brian Hatala (Old Bridge, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because Gaetz represents the worst of the scare mongers, the condescending tones, and the lack of real leadership in favor of intimidation, insults, and cronyism.

Joe Locastro (Weymouth, 2020-12-22)


Isn’t this enough?? “Mr. Gaetz willingly participated in an act of sedition, and an illegal and immoral effort to disenfranchise millions of American voters.”

Karen Oschmann (Phoenix, 2020-12-22)


you know

Douglas Carter (Tiverton, 2020-12-22)


We The People are tired of Matt’s Daddy and Matt himself perpetuating corruption.

Helena E. G (Seattle, 2020-12-22)


He is a danger to society

Deborah Kent (Stuart, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is a traitor.

Thor Eyrich (Broomfield, 2020-12-22)



Raymond Miller, Esq. (Stuart, FL, 2020-12-22)


This man has done everything in his power to subvert justice. From downplaying the pandemic, to running interference for Trump during the impeachment and now co-sigining to overturn an election. His ties to Russia should be investigated, he should be tried with sedition and treason. He is an enemy of the US.

Kendra Coggins (Roxboro, 2020-12-22)


He simply does not meet the ethical behavior of a US Congressional member or as an attorney. Family money does not put anyone above the law.

Rose Dilley (SACRAMENTO, 2020-12-22)


Unethical representation of the American people.

Shaun Arbuckle (Lafayette, 2020-12-22)


As a member of the Bar in Massachusetts and Arizona I find the conduct of Congressman Gaetz to be far below the minimum acceptable of a member of the Florida Bar.

Michael Flynn (East Longmeadow, Massachusetts , 2020-12-22)


he does not deserve to practice law when he so clearly does not understand it.

Julia Tracey (Grass Valley, 2020-12-22)


I'm signing because Rep. Gaetz has threatened a Congressional witness and his family in an attempt to intimidate them into not testifying; he disrupted a committee meeting in the SCIF, encouraging others to join him, and brought an unauthorized cellphone into the room (which is against Congressional rules and a violation of national security); Gaetz has participated in a seditious act to overthrow the cured votes of millions of Americans; he has used his position of power and authority to encourage people not to take the Covid virus seriously which has put their lives in danger.

Guy Swenson (AUSTIN, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is a disgrace to the country, our government, his state and his state's Bar Association.

Michael Shaked (Brooklyn, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is human garbage.

Connie Langlois (Castro Valley , 2020-12-22)


He is a traitor

Gerald Sunderman (Bonita Springs , 2020-12-22)


I can't stand that traitorous moron

Mary Demers (Englewood, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is a liar, fraud, and dangerous to democracy.

Sarah Adeyinka-Skold (Greenville, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz has used his status as a lawyer to subvert a fair, democratic, American election, and to install his favored candidate against the will of the people and all evidence.

Timothy Wood (San Francisco, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz has violated his oath of office and perpetrated abuse on the courts.

Jaden Wild (Jefferson, 2020-12-22)


Gaetz is an unprincipled, dangerous, unethical disgrace, who has brought the profession of law into disrepute with his self-serving antics.

Brendan Kaufmann (Sherman Oaks, 2020-12-22)


Congressmen Gaetz' public behavior has violated the Florida State Bar code of ethics on numerous occasions.

Thomas Davis (Montgomery, AL, 2020-12-22)


This guy is morally bankrupt and ethically deficient.

Keith Ort (Apopka, 2020-12-22)



Barbara King (Baton Rouge, LA, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is a disgrace.

Sara McCall (New York, 2020-12-22)


I am signing because I have watch a person voted into OUR (the PEOPLE'S) congress with the ideals to destroy our constitution and mock the dead in his own state. He DOES NOT deserve to represent the state of Florida. Please remove him as fast as you can. The courts are the only thing in this crazy country at the moment holding the line on our Democracy.

Pamela Hansen (Largo, 2020-12-22)


He is not a functioning adult.

Nora Gallaher (Vero Beach, 2020-12-22)


This lawlessness and attack on our democracy needs to have consequences.

Barbara Hays (NORFOLK, 2020-12-22)


Gaetz is a disgrace to our profession and the people of Florida.

Elizabeth Miller (Lake Forest, 2020-12-22)


This is AMERICA. We need our reps to act accordingly & not treasonous.

Tim Williams (Millville , 2020-12-22)


People who openly call for the overthrow of lawful government shouldn’t be allowed the privilege of practicing law.

Wendy Martin (Santee, 2020-12-22)


He is an unchecked megalomaniac vying for power in cahoots with a mentally ill president.

Aliece Drake (STOCKTON, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz is dangerously irresponsible and incompetent.

Daniel Froburg (Haverhill, 2020-12-22)


I am signing because Matt Gaetz is unqualified to represent anyone in FL.

Nancy Van Patten (Punta Gorda, 2020-12-22)


Matt Gaetz' conduct is not of a lawyer, nor a member od congress.

Joseph Jarvis-Segovia (San Diego, 2020-12-22)


Without legal ethics, there is no legal system.

Deborah Levinson (Reseda, 2020-12-22)


On several occasions, Matt Gaetz has demonstrated his contempt for the law and The Constitution.

Danny Hooley (Durham, 2020-12-22)

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