Stop unauthorised destruction of private property!



This is an unlawful activity. You can’t barge in and destroy old structures without necessary orders and prior intimation.

Hanita Tanna (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


This is ridiculous

Rishabh Vaid (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


Unauthorise destruction

Priyank Shah (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


It’s illegally !! entering someone’s property and demolition without fair papers and notices is against all rules.

Akshay Masrani (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


Totally unlawful destruction.

Harsh Shah (Mumbai , 2021-01-28)


This is pure goondagiri on part of the Govt authorities on law abiding citizens. This should stop.

Rajesh Karia (Mumbai , 2021-01-28)


Illegale destruction without any notice

Vishal Singh (Bombay, 2021-01-28)


It’s an private property and without any notice it’s broken

Hiren Shah (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


I'm Signing this petition because this is just so not acceptable this unlawful behaviour towards someone's personal property I hope Malharkar family gets justice ❤️

Afreen Khan (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


I m signing because it's inappropriate to destory the houses without having any order

Pooja godhwani (Lucknow, 2021-01-28)


It is illegal to do such things without any official government order.

Sathvika Mula (Hyderabad, 2021-01-28)


This is illegal and it needs to be stopped.

Muskan Naik (Ponda, 2021-01-28)


This is not fair!!

Habiba Shk (Surat, 2021-01-28)


Trespassing someone property and illegally destroying & destructive without any notice or order is highly Illegal.

Shraddha Tanna (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


It's illegally done things in a very wrong way which is injustice and really needs to stop this

Supriya Talapalli (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


I’m signing this petition because you should stop unauthorised destruction of private property

Khushbu Sohail (Lahore , 2021-01-28)


This is wrong

Ishita Singh (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


It is completely injustice

Kanya Sharma (Jammu, 2021-01-28)


This is disgusting. Destruction of private property without any prior notice is such a sin!

J H (Latur, 2021-01-28)


I am in support to stop this injustice

Khushi Khandelwal (Jaipur, 2021-01-28)


Want justice against these unlawful actions.

Aqsa Vohra (Surat, 2021-01-28)


This is injustice!

Kriti Nandrekar (Goa, 2021-01-28)


I'm signing because I want some strict action against this.

Aakriti Sharma (Purnea, Bihar, 2021-01-28)


I’m signing this because this demolition of property is unacceptable. That’s not how democracy works and this needs to be stopped.

Somya Sharma (New Delhi, 2021-01-28)


its illegal to do this kind of acts ... this is a beautiful place shot for BEFIKAR song too.. i cant see this place being destroyed .. this unlawful act must not be forgiven.. its a place thats connected to my idols heart!! It shows how bad our democracy is.. an unlawful act . its high time to awaken this kinda democracy which is just not serving any justice to us.



Because this injustice needs to stop!!!!!!

Sneha Singh (Satna, 2021-01-28)


Because it is illegal to damage anyone's personal property

Shlok Joisher (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


Bcoz this is certainly wronf

Pal Shah (Ahmedabad, 2021-01-28)


I m signing because whatever was done was wrong , law and order needs to be maintained

Abhilasha Singh (Patna, 2021-01-28)


I m signing this because this an awful act conducted which is very much not acceptable!

Reet Agarwal (New Delhi , 2021-01-28)


It's the duty of everyone to stop this injustice and this behaviour by goons

Himanshi Agarwal (Jaipur, 2021-01-28)


Shameful act

Shikha Sharma (New Delhi , 2021-01-28)


There has been an illegal destruction in a friends property.

Menka Jethmalani (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


I'm signing this petition because I feel the need to awaken the judicials of law to this fact. There shouldn't be such a shameful act committed anywhere specially in a "democratic" country.

Mansi Purohit (Jodhpur, 2021-01-28)



Himani Bhammar (Odisha , 2021-01-28)


It is very unfair to do this strict action should be taken

Nandisha Agarwal (Meerut , 2021-01-28)


I'm signing because this is illegal and this is against the law.

Sonakshi Chopra (Hyderabad , 2021-01-28)



Ishita Patel (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


It’s unlawful and inhumanity.

Husna Hashim (Taliparamba,Kannur, 2021-01-28)


I will it's injustice and unethical to do it,it's also illegal to distroy someone's property without giving an intimation about it

Muskan Chawla (Rajestan, 2021-01-28)


This is not at all tolerable. The government has been misusing their position of power and landing onto unwanted, completely stupid and destructive actions and decisions.

Aashvi Narang (Surat, 2021-01-28)


This is an absolutely awful act

Sakshi Singh (Navi Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


You have to give warning first then you are allowed to do that.

Geetasha Aneja (Rajpura , 2021-01-28)


Because government is doing unauthorized destruction on private lands also government is troubling the normal public because they have power

Poonam Bhosale (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


Show cause notice is a constitutional right of every citizen of India, therefore such illicit behaviour of MCGM and all other authorities involved should be condemn and considered as a grave offence.

Veer Sakariya (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


This act of barging into Someone's property wothout a reason and higher orders is such an awful thing. Disgusting 😔 i hope that the petition does not fall in deaf ears.

Trisha Vishwakarma (Ujjain, 2021-01-28)


Coz it's much wrong what they did!!!!

Anshika Goel (Delhi, 2021-01-28)


I'm signing this because Government is doing unauthorized work and want to earn money this land is a private land not owned by government so they don't have any right to destroy this issue needs to be highlighted .This state government is the worst Government till now

Saniya Bhosale (Mumbai, 2021-01-28)


I m signing because someone's private property has been damaged illegally without their consent!

Rishika Bhowsingka (Kolkata, 2021-01-28)

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