Reinstate the Keystone XL Pipeline Permit



It's just not the right thing to do by shutting it down..

Carol Cruz (Dade City, 2021-02-21)


I love my God and Country

Meredith Williams (Monterey Tennessee , 2021-02-21)


Bring the jobs back to the United States

Patricia Provencher (Blaine , 2021-03-11)


The policies of the new administration are, broadly, a travesty

Cedric Keith (Export, 2021-07-21)


USA should be energy independent!

N Reed (Newalla, 2021-08-13)


This was just another attempt to destroy our
Republic by taking away our energy independence and GREATLY increase energy
costs! The hell with the environMENTAL wackos.

Fredric Evans (Murrieta, 2021-10-07)


Shutting down the keystone pipeline is an anti-american,socialist government ploy to destroy american independece.

Valerie Bellavia (Sanford, 2021-10-07)


We need to be energy independent again for our national security

James Hartley (Walkerton , 2021-10-12)



Dorothy Smith (TUCSON, 2021-11-23)


We the people need to be independent,and use our on resources not dependent on other countries we would benefit by having lower prices on

DeWayne Jones (Appalachia, 2021-11-25)


Because Biden was crazy to cancel it

Cay Kline (Lutz, 2021-12-29)


We need access to energy independence to hold over to more electric or hydrogen becomes more efficient.

Robert Norris (Schuylerville, 2022-02-14)


I’m signing this petition to take back our energy independence. Relying on other sources has caused gas prices to climb which in turn has caused inflation to recoup the higher fuel cost. Plus the pipeline workers are out of work causing poverty during inflation. Trying to push the American people toward green energy and electric vehicles has created many crises in the US. This is unacceptable by the Biden Administration!!! We need our independence back! We need our pipeline back!!

Louise C. (Little Falls, 2022-02-19)


I want prices to go down and not have to buy oil from Russia !!

William Keech (LeCenter, 2022-02-25)


It's better than buying oil from countries that hate us, and if it's not ok to drill for oil we should not buy oil from countries that drill.

Keith' McDaniel (Ankeny, 2022-02-25)


Because it will help the American people. It will lower the cost of fuel. It is the safest way to transport oil to the refineries. It will take the dependent on oil from Russia.

Terry Flynn (Duluth , 2022-02-26)


Because we need more low cost energy.

Andrew Barlet (Auburn, 2022-02-26)


I’m fed up with the loss of jobs for Americans and Gas prices are ridiculous

Denise Bond (Pensacola , 2022-02-27)


In order to reduce our need for Russian oil I now support this pipeline project until alternative energy sources such as electric, wind, solar and fusion are the norm.

Robert Schall (Philadelphia, 2022-02-27)


I'm sick of gas prices and the fact that we are buying from people that hate us. Russia, OPEC, WHY for God's sake when we are the largest oil producing country in the world did our stupid President do this to our Country?

Terry Herman (TRAVERSE CITY, 2022-02-27)


Opening Keystone would benefit the United States and world in countless ways

Karen Sam (Sycamore , 2022-02-28)


This was one of the stupidest things Biden has done and Ukraine is the result.

Tera Passera (Quaker Hill, 2022-03-01)


I oppose foreign oil purchases

Debra Freeman (Lebanon , 2022-03-01)


The Biden administration is funding Russia and the war by purchasing nearly 600 barrels of oil a day. This must stop.

Ronald Brosius (Williamstown , 2022-03-01)



Mary Moore (Cincinnati , 2022-03-02)


Stop importing oil from Russia and make us independent from other countries!

Dwyette Bottoms (Elkins, 2022-03-03)


Try living in Alabama with these high gas prices plus Europe needs our help we need more oil to help them

justin brown (Tallassee, 2022-03-04)


Our leaders failed to strategically think about the repercussions of sanctions against Russia, who we purchase oil from, without safeguarding the America people. By going from being energy independent to importing our energy in the first days of Bidens reign, the American people will suffer because of incompetence in his administration.

Joseph Knife (Elgin, 2022-03-04)


This is something we can do to help alleviate the damage on our personal finances we are taking from the rising inflation.

Nickolas knife (Myrtle Point, 2022-03-04)


Let's go brandon

Jill Browne (Westminster, 2022-03-05)


Because these current fuel prices are crippling our economy

Ken VanHorn (Allegan , 2022-03-05)


The USA needs to stop buying Russian oil. Sanction everything Russian. The USA has the capability to be self sufficient and we need to be. Open the Keystone Pipeline.

Tiffany Porter (Bluffdale , 2022-03-05)


Our economy is in grave danger and the criminals in our office aren't doing anything to help.

Joshua Newton (Sanford, 2022-03-05)


We have the ability to support ourselves as well as Europe and end the need of Russian dependency

Serene Bavis (Lisbon, 2022-03-06)


It’s the right thing to do

Holly Bartlett (North Conway , NH, 2022-03-06)


I'm tired of paying more than 3 dollars a gallon thanks to Joe Biden.

Jordan Young (San Antonio, 2022-03-06)


Gas prices are out of control! Cost of living is out of control. Time to reinstate our own natural resources

Timothy Gavin (Marne, 2022-03-06)


I believe we meet this domestic oil source rather than depending on foreign sources.

Joan Fairbank (New Port Richey, 2022-03-06)


I am an American

Mike Mullins (Jasper, 2022-03-06)


We need our independence in energy! And America needs a win! Creating jobs as well as not depending on anyone else. And we need to drive these prices back down so all Americans won't be economically killed at the pump.

Keith Thren (Pitman, 2022-03-07)


Stop our energy dependence on foreign countries especially those hostile to the US, stop killing us with the excessive gas prrices and bring back American jobs with the pipeline

John Wyso (Linden, 2022-03-07)


We need to open our pipelines back up! Quit funding Russia in its war with Ukraine!

Jamie Owensby (Covington , 2022-03-07)


Americans are struggling.

Jesse Trejo (McAllen, 2022-03-08)


I want the US to be energy independent.

Alexa Mennemeier (Raymore, 2022-03-08)


Use our own oil and bring back jobs to America.

Mike Rapczak (Kewanee , 2022-03-08)


The pipeline directly affects my family and I. I work in the propane industry and have transportation cost as well. If we’re putting sanctions on a country why consume their oil?

Calvin Geer (Chiefland FL, 2022-03-08)


I’m signing because we need to stand up to our corrupt government. Rising fuel prices are just making it harder for lower class citizens to be able to afford essentials.

Jacob Lamela (La Grange, 2022-03-08)



Larry Davis (Riverview , 2022-03-08)


The Keystone Pipeline is one of the most critical imperatives at this time. Please ensure its reinstatement.

Very sincerely yours,
Dr. Robert C. Anderson
111 Ashford Circle
Birmingham, AL 35242

Robert Anderson (Birmingham, 2022-03-08)


I'm signing because Joe Biden should take responsibility for his incompetence by reopening the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Angel Larkin (Honolulu, 2022-03-08)


I miss trump

Jeremiah Murray (Kingston , 2022-03-08)


This is all bullshit, drop some regulations and let the free market compete. And let’s use USA oil.

Richard Chavous Jr. (Cross city , 2022-03-08)


The keystone pipeline will bring millions of people back to work and assist and aid the us in lower prices at the pump. President Biden is no president and has done a huge number and failing millions of Americans he is no leader REINSTATE OUR PIPELINE HELP AMERICA BE GREAT AGAIN

Shawn Marrero (Florida , 2022-03-08)


If matters.

A G Melson (Roanoke, 2022-03-09)


We should not import our oil from foreign countries. Why support countries that are against the US? We can be totally free from importing using our own reserves. It will lower the cost of fuel which is sky-rocketing. It just makes good sense.

Carolyn Bartlett (RENO, 2022-03-09)


We need to be energy independent again. These prices are going to destroy the poor and decimate the middle class. We don’t all have 50k to buy an EV when we’re already making payments on cars and there’s not enough charging stations yet.

Kristin Foster (Pleasant Grove UT, 2022-03-09)


These gas prices are ridiculous why purchase from other countries when we have our own

Jean Watson (Cross City, 2022-03-09)


Because we need to be energy independent!

MELANIE SOLON (Pickerington, 2022-03-09)


it's not about what the government wants it's what we the people want! this is for the good of the people!

lisa m mathias (MARION, 2022-03-10)


Mr. President, you are going against your word that you gave when the American people voted you into this position. We DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT SAIDI ARABIA AND OTHER TERRORIST COUNTRIES. We had INDEPENDENCE and supported our OWN COUNTRY with the PIPELINE. Please restore our faith in you as the President and reopen the pipeline. If you don’t, this will be the fall of the United States as we know it.

Karen Lancaster (Millington , 2022-03-11)


Until other energy options are much better and more available, we need to be indedpendant of foreign oil and gas. No more US $ to other, especially terrorist, countries.

Joann Heinl (Martinsburg WV, 2022-03-11)


Everything in this country has become too expensive for the average citizen. We shouldn’t have such a dependency on foreign oil when we have the such a great opportunity domestically. Reopening this pipeline would help average Americans out greatly. That’s what the goal of any administration should be not just caring more about other country’s issues. Make sure your own citizens are taken care of before spending billions of dollars of the taxpayers money on foreign aid.

Matthew Fraley (Cincinnati, 2022-03-11)


Also provide government grants for small independent drillers and producers to increase supply, reduce price and promote competition against major oil companies.

Stuart Auld (Kansas City, MO , 2022-03-12)


i'm signing this because Joe Biden's policies are destroying America.We were energy independent
now we are not !

jerry garcia (YUCAIPA, 2022-03-12)


we need the pipeline

Matthew Hoffman (O Fallon, MO , 2022-03-12)


Diesel is 5.19 a gallon!!

William Gilbert (IDALOU, 2022-03-13)


Because gas and diesel prices are ridiculous

John Gilbert (Idalou, 2022-03-13)


I want an energy independent country.

Peter Mulay (Spring Lake Heights, 2022-03-13)


Because we need to bring jobs back to American soil and end our oil dependency on the Middle East

Corey Plesz (Mount Holly, 2022-03-15)


This is insane

Vincent Sinnott (Queens NY, 2022-03-15)


Gas is way too damned high

Matthew Blair (Independence, 2022-03-15)


Biden is buying oil from Russia even when we could be energy independent like we were under trump MAGA

Taylor Wilson (Purcellville, 2022-03-15)


I believe in the project. Canada has the resources, why buy our energy from Eastern countries? Canada needs to prosper. We are still very much in need of our oil energy.

Scott Mitchell (St. Catharines, 2022-03-15)


Independent energy

Marvin Wright (Pueblo, 2022-03-16)


its common sense

Charles Smith (Picayune, 2022-03-16)


Obvious reasons. And LETS GO BRANDON!!!

Robert Wild (Orange, 2022-03-22)


the Biden Crackhead Administration from HELL is out of control

David Carlson (SNELLVILLE, Ga 30039, 2022-03-23)


America needs jobs and energy; not political gamesmanship based on advocacy of the climate change hoax.

Timothy Buchanan (BUCHANAN, 2022-03-26)


It’s important that North America stands strong in the oil and gas industry. We should not rely on Russia .

Judy kilger (ORLEANS, 2022-04-21)


Biden is an idiot

Sandra Smith (Marietta, 2022-05-08)


I want the gas prices to be lowered, so inflated prices will go down

Patrick Hurley (Granger, 2022-05-17)


We need to be energy independent just as we were under Trump Administration. Gas and oil prices are extremely high and this creates hardship among the middle class person. Biden is not helping the middle class person. He and his administration are corrupt. Reinstate XL now!!!

Mary Morgan (Woburn, 2022-05-20)


Biden and trudeau are ruining our country

Georgia smith (ladysmirh, 2022-05-27)


It’s a duty of an American!

Jeremy Ferreira (Brimfield , 2022-05-30)


We need to be energy independent. We are not nearly ready for electric vehicles. Even if we could all buy electric vehicles we wouldn’t be able to charge them. Keystone is the safest way for us to get oil why don’t these environmentalists do some homework.

Kim Kutcher (West Newbury, 2022-06-03)


Gas prices are too high

Brandon Sanderson (Maxton, 2022-06-07)

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