Petition to Ease Restrictions on Public Worship



I want to be able to worship God in attending Mass.

Anastasia Lowell (Charleville, 2021-03-10)


There are grounds to suggest that the enforced closure of places of worship lacks a basis in law given that the category of 'religious' events was not included in Regulation 8 of the Statutory Instrument 701/2020 issued under Section 31A (1)(d) of the Public Health Act1947 as inserted by the Health (Preservation and Protection and Other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act (2020).

James O'Brien (Co. Cork, 2021-03-10)


Divine Worship gives a sense of purpose and meaning to my life

John Cooke (Charleville, 2021-03-11)


Freedom of Religion.
Confirmed by French Supreme Court 2021

Ciarán Mac Guill (Paris, 2021-03-11)


I believe that praying and worshiping God are the main source of comfort during this very difficult and challenging times.

Georgina George (Dublin , 2021-03-11)


Freedom of Worship is fundamental to humanity

Rev Sean Corkery (Cork, 2021-03-11)


Public Worship is protected by Art 44.1 & Art 44.2.1. As the late Justice Hardiman said in the Crotty Case that: “The State's organs cannot contract to exercise in a particular procedure their policymaking roles or in any way to fetter powers bestowed unfettered by the Constitution. They are the guardians of these powers -not the disposers of them.”

Maurice O'Brien (Cork, 2021-03-11)


The State should not be allowed the right to restrict public worship for any reason whatsoever.

Terry Pender (Cobh, 2021-03-12)


I want to attend Mass.

Hilton Lowell (Ballyhea, 2021-03-12)


I'm signing because religious services are so important in people's lives and it can be managed safely.

Mairead Tobin (Dublin, 2021-03-12)


Allowing access to the sacraments will help people cope better during this pandemic.

Rev. Anthony O'Brien (Mallow, 2021-03-12)


It is better to live and die in a way that is pleasing to God than to live and die in fear of any man.

Christine Kennedy (London, 2021-03-12)


As a former resident of Dublin and with a daughter who studies there, my heart aches to see a government that does not allow its people to tend to their spiritual health along with the physical.

Danny Toma (Oxford, 2021-03-12)


We need the mass for our emotional, spiritual and mental well being. Online is not adequate. We need to receive the sacraments.

Eithne Nic Giolla Cathain (Dublin , 2021-03-12)


i wish to Holy Mass restored freedom to worship

dianne omahony (Bandon co cork, 2021-03-12)


It is essential for good spiritual health to worship the Lord

Freda Pollard (Pretoria, 2021-03-13)


We have complied and done everything that has been asked of us without complaint. The Holy Mass is central to our faith and we have suffered quietly for the sake of the common good of all. Easing of restrictions is welcome now after this third wave and we ask that you respect our wishes and beliefs. Thank you

Nicola Somers (Cork, 2021-03-13)


All places of worship should be open

Shareen Rouvray (Birmingham, 2021-03-13)


We dont want an formal settlement next to kenneth street please respect that

Mort Port (Tshwane andeon , 2021-03-13)


I sign because they stole my husband's bakkie in Rosemary Road.
I also bring it under the school's attention last year.

Sandra Viljoen (Pretoria, 2021-03-13)


I'm signing because I believe the Eucharist is essential, not optional!

Carmel Terren Hogan (Limerick, 2021-03-13)


As humans we have many basic needs, physical, emotional and spiritual... It is not enough to just focus on the physical needs of people at this time, although that is very important; spiritual needs are essential too for people’s health and well-being.
Public worship is very important. It is ESSENTIAL!! Easter is the high point of our faith. We were not allowed to celebrate it last year... we need to celebrate it. We need Sunday mass... Our churches have set up safe social distancing and are fully compliant with all required safety standards. WE NEED THIS VITAL HUMAN RIGHT.

Olivia Elliott (Waterford , 2021-03-14)


Nearly every parish in Ireland can reopen their churches, facilitate the provision of public worship, and keep inline with all public health guidelines.

David O'Brien (Cork, 2021-03-15)


As an Irish citizen I am very concerned at the continuing restrictions placed on the practice of the Faith in Ireland, which have not been seen since penal times.

Marguerita Carroll (Bedford, 2021-03-15)


My Family are from Belfast and I lived there for a few years myself. The idea that Catholics in the Republic would need to travel North to get to Mass is not something I thought I'd ever see.

Stuart McCullough (London, 2021-03-15)


It so unfair off license are open you can get drink and we can't receive Holy Communion, disgraceful.

Lori Roche (Tramore, 2021-03-15)


Holy Mass and the Eucharist is the most essential of all services.

Audrey Hardiman (Waterford, 2021-03-15)


We need to be able to attend Mass NOW

Siobhan McCann (Portadown, 2021-03-15)


I'm signing because Public Worship is owed to God by His creatures and to do do will benefit our whole country.

Fay Clohessy (Midleton, 2021-03-15)


Mass is central to the Catholic faith.

Annie Ryan (Dublin , 2021-03-15)


I need to return to mass

Catherine Hegarty (Cork, 2021-03-15)


I want masses to be open to the public no matter what level of restrictions are

Martha O Riordan (Cork, 2021-03-15)


I think it is a violation of our rights to ban public worship of God

Peter O Riordan (Cork , 2021-03-15)


We need our freedom of religious expression. It is our constitutional right!

Clare Carey (Cork, 2021-03-15)


Freedom of worship needs to be restored

Michele Liddle (London , 2021-03-16)


Freedom of religion is a right! We are currently PERSECUTED for believing in God and wanting to practice our faith!!

Aureliane Marcos (Cork, 2021-03-16)


I'm signing because death rate statistics PROVE BEYOND ANY DOUBT there's no pandemic. There's above 98/99% recovery rates for those who do contract Covid19. THEREFORE there is No legitimate reason for usurping people's inalienable rights to free movement & PUBLIC WORSHIP! NONE. Governments worldwide are behaving shamelessly committing crimes against humanity & trampling human rights. We do NOT CONSENT to your illegitimately instituted lockdowns. End the tyranny now!

Caitriona Connolly (Templemore , 2021-03-16)


Other countries are allowing public worship and public worship last year when it did resume was only associated with one Covid case and churches have a great system in place with the congregation social distanced and this ban is going on to long as watching mass from home online is not the same as attending Mass at church.

Fearghal Monahan (Ballincollig, 2021-03-16)


I feel irish Mass goers have been discriminated against by the government

Anne Grace (Dublin, 2021-03-17)



Maria Shoa (Cork, 2021-03-17)


The Mass is safe and essential!

Matthew Showering (Southall, 2021-03-17)


It is an essential requirement for the real presence of our daily spiritual needs to open the door to the Lord.

jonathan tobin (Waterford City, 2021-03-17)


We cannot live without the Mass.

Lucy O'Brien (Wexford, 2021-03-19)


Mass is an Essential Service to me

Andrew Larkin (Dublin 16, 2021-03-19)



Elaine Cowling (Pretoria, 2021-03-20)


I want to continue bringing my children to Mass

Matthew Thompson (Co, Cork, 2021-03-22)


Please let us have Mass for Easter!

Katie Black (wexford , 2021-03-23)


In a free country we dont repress freedom of religious practice. Every country in Europe can manage to keep Churches open, so can Ireland.

Clare McCullough (LONDON, 2021-03-23)


I want the restrictions to be lift on attending mass.

Patricia TIMLIN (Ballina, 2021-03-28)


There no rational (common sense) what so ever for the severe restrictions on public worship. People have a right to practice their religion freely, public worship is central to this practice

Donagh O Sullivan (Co. Kerry, 2021-03-28)


ARTICLE 44 says The State acknowledges that the homage of public worship is due to Almighty God. It shall hold His Name in reverence, and shall respect and honour religion.

Therefore, the current restrictions deny me my right to public worship and do not respect a person's right to practice their religion. Ireland is the only country putting up with these unjustified restrictions.

Nora McNamara (Galway, 2021-03-29)


It is very important to me to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion regularly as is possible in most of Europe. There is no evidence that Church attendance with all its strict adherence to guidelines has caused outbreaks of Covid infection. I think it's unjust that a priest was recently penalised for distributing Holy Communion when people are allowed to buy take aways etc.

Teresa Tomkins (Dundalk, 2021-03-31)


I agree with the cause

Liza Reintges (Godalming , 2021-04-05)


I’m signing because my mother in-law desperately misses the Mass and this is a huge loss to have the Holy Mass taken away for so long

Grace Ginty (Strathroy , 2021-04-06)

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