Funky bay Market



new market doesnt give us option to help our neighbourhood friends and that was main thing in this game

Tanja Gudelj (Split, 2021-03-11)


The game is no longer worth playing and I’m very much considering deleting it

Teresa Palmer (Cache, 2021-03-11)


I have invest time and money into a game that I enjoyed and you changed the fundamentals of the games by not allowing selling and trading with teammates and other people

Mark Peer (Lincoln, 2021-03-11)


The changes are not acceptable . They make no sense , we cannot help our friends and neighbours

Alyson Urquhart (Falkirk, 2021-03-11)


These " improvements "are making the game so hard. What is the point of the game if you can't help you Regatta members.

Jan Hackman Roberts (Riverside, 2021-03-11)


You’ve ruined this game!

Patricia Alam (Whitesboro, 2021-03-11)


Funky bay was an amazing game with a few glitches but now it’s a money hole that makes you play alone instead of with your neighbors!

Ashlie Custer (Kentucky, 2021-03-11)


The makers are only interested in money.

Lucia Cabrini (London , 2021-03-11)


I so enjoyed playing this game. But you have taken away so many of the things people enjoyed about it. You should have fixed the glitches and left the game alone. It is so not enjoyable any more. Not that it matters but I will not spend another dime.

Brenda Ellsworth Johnson (Fort Worth Texas , 2021-03-11)


I'm signing because I don't think they are listening to the players. We didn't want a new market we just wanted them to fix the one we had.

Linda Soence (Whanganui, 2021-03-11)


After this new ridiculous update which occurred overnight without my permission may I add! This is joke, I have played this game for a few years now and it has helped during a National pandemic, now I feel like I need to exit the game, so Thankyou for that!

Kate Ramsay (Chester , 2021-03-11)


I'm signing because of the market change not liking the upgrade at all. I play in a neighborhood that includes people from around the world and we can still chat with each other we can no longer help each other very sad and heartbroken 💔

Brenda Moylan (Port Charlotte , 2021-03-11)


Game has gone to pot and I want the old market back, you have wreck a brilliant game

Kerriann Page (Birmingham, 2021-03-11)


They aren't playing fair. Charge one price, and pay a lower price for my merchandise. No opportunity to buy a item by chance. Stole one of the funnest aspects of the game. Im ready to settle up and quit the game.

Susan Milliner (Marion , 2021-03-11)


I want oud market back

ineke Bijl (NIEUW-BEIJERLAND, 2021-03-11)



Natalie Staniforth (Heanor, 2021-03-11)


The market is awful. It prevents teamwork as the game has been for over 3 years. You did not think about the people who actually play and pay. People have invested lots of time and money into their game and the concept was suddenly changed. Also making players buy items with gems when they used to be able to buy with coins. Along with making it so you sell low and buy from the new market high. Its unacceptable and wrong to do to your loyal players. You made it extremely difficult, and not enjoyable! We want our market back!!!

Sharon Fells (Derry, 2021-03-11)


I miss my team and their spirit. Most are very disheartened over what has happened. Even making it quicker to request and turning the market around a lot sooner than 6 hrs would’s really difficult to do some tasks now. Please consider a few changes. I know you have lost a lot of revenue and players due to this. Let’s gain some back

Alexis Robinson-Woolaway (Maple falls, 2021-03-11)


New market or not playing

Brenda Madden (Berlin , 2021-03-11)


What you have done with the new market, is beyond understanding.

Knut Dominikus (Melick, 2021-03-11)


I totally agree with all that is said

Kathie Rich (New Franklin, 2021-03-11)


The game is rubbish since the upgrade...

Marina van Leyden (London, 2021-03-11)


I love the game, but they changed it so drastically thzt I don't want to play it that way

Kenny Rich (New Franklin Ohio, 2021-03-11)


The changes that were made to this game destroyed the purpose of playing

KathPath Riche (New Franklin Ohio, 2021-03-12)


I’m signing because the new market is a god awful money grabbing idea! Change it back or lose thousands of players!

Shar O'neil (Cheltenham, 2021-03-12)


Because I have money tied up in this game

Joanne Davenport Boron (Montrose, 2021-03-12)


The new.update is horrible!

Damaris Ortiz-López (Chicago, 2021-03-12)


I want back old market

Consuelo Giochi (Milano, 2021-03-12)


Hate new market and entire update , game has been ruined

Tony Camilleri (Geelong , 2021-03-12)


It’s unspeakable what you have done to this game. It will show in your revenue. I found me another game based in America. Rather give them my money 💰 than you

Maggie marti (Charlotte , 2021-03-12)


The new market needs to go or make it to were we can help our hood again you've turned this awesome game into something nobody wants to play anymore please fix this

Jamie Kelley (Jacksonville , 2021-03-12)


I have a lot of time and hard work into my farm and my team mates and we need to help each other for the regatta..

Barb Collins-Phillips (Sebewaing , 2021-03-12)


Its bullshit funky bay took away the markets how you suppose to get tasks done without the markets???? BRING OUR MARKETS BACK!!!!

Sheryl Hoffman (Garner, 2021-03-12)


It's a horrible update

Cheryl Johnson (Thomson , 2021-03-12)


I agree. Great petition letter to retrieve old market. Otherwise if no changes will follow no one will return to the game. I personally occasionally buy green gems to expand my stuff on the island but even then the prices are huge compared with materials needed to substitute but even that is OK if we get our old market back.

Vladlena Malikova (Aurora , 2021-03-12)


Rivoglio il gioco Funky bay come era prima ora è impossibile giocare e aiutare i miei amici con il nuovo aggiornamento...rivoglio il mio mercato!!!!!

Mary Red (Sant'agnello , 2021-03-12)


Our whole team will leave if its not resolved

Caroline Pope (Barnoldswick , 2021-03-12)


The change is terrible

Jayne Whalen (Manchester , 2021-03-12)


This market is spoiling the game please return everything back to normal

Paul Duroe (Rotherham , 2021-03-12)


I want the old market back

Paula noordhuis (Dongen, 2021-03-12)


I'd like the game to go back as it was. It's not fair that we have spent lots of hard earned money and built friendships in this game for the Devs to just line their pockets and act as if we don't matter. Well guess what this game would be nothing without dedicated players. Please do the right thing and put the game back as it was. It's the right thing to do.

NaAmia Ysrayl (Macon, 2021-03-12)


We have spent lots of money already in this game and feel we were taken advantage of . They have changed so much in this game since I started and not good things .

Tina English (Iroquois, 2021-03-12)


Funk bay has made it impossible to comets in the regatta with the new update for the market the game is more concerned with people spending real money as oppose to having fun and spending money at their leisure

Asia Febus (Bay shore, 2021-03-12)


The new market is awful!! All you developers want is for us to spend our own money on gems... I have spent my last dollar!!

Kristin Crynes (Linton, 2021-03-12)



Barbara Allen (Leitchfield , 2021-03-12)


I want back old market

Consuelo Lambone (Milano, 2021-03-12)


Não temos nosso mercado pra comprar produtos e nem ajudar os nossos amigos, preços caros pra comprar no mercado novo e quase que de graça pra vender do celeiro, como participar de regata sem poder ajudar e muito menos comprar itens que precisamos

Adriane Silva (Piracicaba , 2021-03-12)


I want market back it works better for team building.

Jennifer Spencer (Barrie, 2021-03-12)


Don't like the update

Lisa Delaney (West Midlands, 2021-03-12)


Quero o meu antigo mercado de volta, vender os meus produtos a preços justo e poder ajudar os meus amigos, sem isso nem faz sentido participar das regatas.

Ylenor Campos (Bofete , 2021-03-12)


Ripristino vecchio mercato

Rommel Maryse (Prato, 2021-03-12)


De laatste update is de slechtste ever het samen spelen met je team is op deze manier helemaal weg en om een machine of een nieuw stuk eiland te ontlokken kost zoveel en dat red je nooit meer met de markt van nu
Dus markt terug met meer kans voor mensen en machines en nieuwe eiland stukken goedkoper maken

Els Braamskamp (Dorst, 2021-03-12)


The new market makes it not enjoyable to play with my friends anymore.

lisa zumsteg-bills (Lyons, 2021-03-12)


The new market is worthless and i'm thinking of quitting playing

Willie Westerlink (Heerlen, 2021-03-12)


my game doesn’t just load up to 93% and crashes my device, I’ve done everything I was told and nothing happened, it all started after this new update.

Ayumi Rosana (Gifu, 2021-03-12)


Não gosto do jogo, como está! Deixei de jogar.

Dora Abadesso (Mafra, 2021-03-12)


The game has been ruined by the latest changes

Hayley Tattersall (Haverfordwest, 2021-03-12)


Please bring back old markets!!

Madilyn Malott (Nevada City, 2021-03-12)


I disagree with the new changes to the market and helping my team members

Victoria Chapman (Lawrenceburg TN, 2021-03-12)


I loved this game! Have invested time and money into it. Made new friends along the way as well. You, the developers, have ruined this game with the new market. We play this game so we can interact with each other and sell and buy what we need from other players.

Kris Maddox (Winder, 2021-03-12)


The changes have destroyed playing as a team change it back

Melanie Franceschetti (Cornwall England, 2021-03-12)


This update is a joke!! Can't help team members. Regatta is nearly impossible. The market is ridiculously unbalanced. My products sell for 10 times less than you are charging for the exact same thing! It is infuriating, especially as i have spent quite a bit of money in this game!!!

Debi Livengood (Blackhawk, 2021-03-12)


I want the original market back!! All my friends need help and so do I.

Tammy Cassibo (Brainerd, 2021-03-12)


Want the old market back

Patricia Souza (Sao Paulo, 2021-03-12)


I'm signing thus petition because we want the old market back.

Tina Keyte (Cheltenham, 2021-03-12)


it’s absurd to make this game without a proper market where we could sell products to neighbors! you damaged the game, all scooby family is quitting! you transformed it from a capital and democracy market into a socialism! absurd!

maria leticia de macedo zaniolo (curitiba , 2021-03-12)


You have ruined a good game we want our old market back you are losing players every day all because you are greedy

Kathy Risby (Broke , 2021-03-12)


New Market is a shit..

Andrea Filippucci (Milan, 2021-03-12)


Queremos o mercado do jogo de volta!!

Jackeline dos Lima (Chapadinha, 2021-03-12)


Queremos o mercado de volta

Paulo Teixeira (Castelo Branco, 2021-03-12)


Queremos o nosso mercado de volta, como iremos vender os nossos produtos para ajudar os nossos amigos, comprar e vender a preço justo, não podemos ser punidos por causa de pessoas que burlava o mercado.

Pietra Bortolini (Piracicaba , 2021-03-12)


You have totally ruined a good game

Di Tangen (Sydney, 2021-03-12)


It is now next to impossible to get anything done, I can only buy what is presented to me every 5 hours.

Paula Meadows Richards (Greenland, 2021-03-13)


The changes that have been made are horrible. I have lost side game rewards, my crops and now I am unable to help out my neighbors. The new market charges us full price for the items we want to buy, but we get next to nothing when we sell our goods. That is completely unfair to all of us players. We are now forced to spend all this money on gems and that is not what the game was about. It seems that all the developers care about is money.

Gayle Susko (Sewaren , 2021-03-13)


The new market is terrible

Tanya Ferland (Sullivan , 2021-03-13)


the game is not fun anymore. u can't share with ur friends and selling items well i dont even know if i am actually getting the coin. also they said they were going to have the game up and running through facebook and they lie i'm having to use another program just to play the game. they are just after peoples money and dont care about the players.

Christina Mc (san antonio, 2021-03-13)


This has ruined the game

Mark Whitaker (Slough , 2021-03-13)


Quero o mercado antigo

Paulinha Cia (São João da Boa Vista, 2021-03-13)


The old market design despite its flaws was an excellent way to team up with people from your neighbourhood and play the regatta properly.
Even when markets were sold out a lot, there was a thrill of finding cool stuff every 10 minutes.
The new market is so limited in quantity and quality... not to mention you can only sell for a fraction of the buy price, so earning coins is going to be agonisingly long. Lets not even talk about the insanely long refresh time!
Mostly - its about the loss of being able to work as a team (The 'request' button in team chat is almost useless with its limits on items you can request)

Lisa Millar (Flowerdale, 2021-03-13)


I agree with Violetta. We want the old game back

Ingrid Lubbers (Heino, 2021-03-13)


I’m signing because this update is horrible!! Clearly those who did it don’t have any part in the game because the bot generated response I (everyone) got is a lie! It HURTS us! It doesn’t help at all!! Myself and almost everyone who plays have become a team, friends, this game was a game of teamwork not your alone going no where! These no way to more forward in the game when they drop sale prices to pennies yet kept the already high prices high.. or task that took help from your team now almost Impossible. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GAME WE ALL ENJOYED SO MUCH! Or you’ll be losing even more players. The number of players is dwindling away quickly.

Brianna Hutcheson (Hardy , 2021-03-13)


I'm signing because of the market change!

Sorina Jurist (Bucuresti, 2021-03-13)


I have been playing the game for 2 years and really enjoyed it The upgrade that took place recently has made the team game totally pointless

Chris Morris (Merseyside, 2021-03-13)


I've been playing in a neighbourhood and they have taking away the spirit of the game we combined of cheaters but to get this new market is crazy , it doesn't make sense buying with gems and higher coins and we sell real low

Caroline Guilfoyle (Newbridge Co kildare , 2021-03-13)


i want the funky market is back

Agus Suparlan (indonesia, 2021-03-13)


Nee market sucks

Nico Van Der Haegen (Brakel, 2021-03-13)


Quero o mercado antigo... se o mudar eu compro diamante

Casimira Romão (Setúbal , 2021-03-13)


The new market is crap. You can no longer help your neighbours. The turn over of 6 hours is ridiculous. The selling of our items is so cheap we will never be able to buy land or items. Bring back the old market

Heather Reynolds (Bowser , 2021-03-13)


I want the old market back!

Sheila Johnson (Knoxville, 2021-03-13)


i am absolutely pissed by the new system as it killed the basic idea of this game and makes it very obvious that Belka cares about cash only and doesn't give a flying rat's ass about their players

Tina Liss (Rednitzhembach, 2021-03-13)


I absolutely agree . I am very upset that I cannot help my neighborhood and they can't help me. Want this new update gone and go back to how it was. The only ones benefitting from it are belka and the cheats who buy never ending gems. Don't like being told what to buy when to buy and for how much

Maureen Taylor (Bridgwater, 2021-03-13)


Der neue Markt ist ungerecht und wo ist Arnold?

Jürgen Bo (Köln, 2021-03-14)


Le jeu n'est plus jouable, ni sympa, ni convivial sans l'ancien marché, plus d'aide, devient très dur à finir les missions voir plus possible pour certaines, le marché change seulement toutes les 6h et rien de bien, sinon il faut payer avec des gemmes pour 1 outils, impossible d'agrandir grange et silo depuis la nouvelle màj, les achats sont cher et et les ventes ne valent plus rien du tout au silo et grange, la mine très difficile à faire pour la régate, demande beaucoup trop d'explosifs, pioches, dynamite pour pas beaucoup de pierre, plus possible de jouer sur PC pour beaucoup, même chose sur téléphone et tablette, sur 225 joueurs, j'ai du perdre 190 qui ne peuvent plus jouer, c'est un scandale de faire un jeu qui change comme ça sur une màj ou que l'argent compte.
En plus le jeu n'est pas fini, la grande maison et telecabine ne sont toujours pas débloqué.
Sous marin et expéditions, beaucoup n'arrivent pas finir, tellement que ça demande trop d'oxygène et d'énergie, c'est un scandale.
En plus le nouveau chemin avec passe à 7frs pour gagner beaucoup de chose, n'est plus possible à finir, c'est devenu de l'arnaque et pompe à fric votre jeu !
On demande tous d'être remboursé !

Katia Bogopolsky (Bossonnens, 2021-03-14)


I want that game return old market.

Maija Balode (Navan , 2021-03-14)


I don’t like these changes

Jennifer Pruitt (Van Buren, AR, 2021-03-14)


Cause i love the game and i also have enough from all those mistakes in the game. It's not fair how the market changed, so please change him again! And next to that you can maybe make support better!

Sabine Seferl (Linz, 2021-03-14)


Je veux l ancienne version avec le marché et l entraide entre voisin

Ferrari Pascale (France, 2021-03-14)


No one can help anyone in the game anymore and that’s taken away so much of the “fun” out of it, tasks and what not have become way more difficult to complete and accomplish and the market does not offer “things you will need” it sells you junk that’s mostly useless and the cost to buy things compared to the cost of seeking is just unreal and so unfair!!! Customer support was even piss poor when connecting to Facebook caused people’s islands to become invisible to neighbours and level ranks in purple star disappeared as well as any donations that person made had reset to 0, not 1 bug fix was done for that in the 2 months since I made the reports but yet over night you guys change the market and make it virtually impossible for anyone to get anywhere and it is extremely difficult to help any neighbours

Kaitlyn Webster (Saskatoon, 2021-03-14)


I would like to keep on playing in the old manor

Inge Thiebes (Troisdorf, 2021-03-14)


Market isn’t useful and I can’t shop for what I need.

Pam Jones (Hays, 2021-03-15)


I have enjoyed playing this game and being a team. Since this update. We have no market, the market we have you have wait 5 hours for it to refresh with nothing we need. We have to pay for upgrade tools, saws. All my trees and bushes are at their limit and dead. Needed shrimp got 1 from market. I can beg for stuff from loyal team members ever 3 hours, but they are running out and in same situation. I cannot fulfill my task in Regatta because everything needed has to be paid for or do not have the materials to make them and I absolutely refuse to pay for anything. I have spent alot of money on gems and will not from stuff I could get in past from mine, boat and jetski tasks. It is so sad it had to come to this. I am assuming after this Regatta there will be no more since we can't fulfill tasks.. They may even shut game down they are following in same foot steps as previous game I played. So sad never again will I put myself in this situation.

Karen Jefferson (Virginia Beach , 2021-03-15)

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