Name the intersection of 78th Ave & 64th Street "Phil Rizzuto Corner"



He is a baseball and NYC legend and deserves this honor.

Christina Wilkinson (Queens, NY, 2021-05-01)


Phil Rizzuto was a great sports hero. He should be recognized.

Frances Ringswald (Glendale, 2021-05-01)


Proud to support this name change for a baseball legend.

June Mooney (Middle Village, 2021-05-01)


I loved listening to Phil Rizzuto call Yankee games as a child growing up in the 70”s and 80’s. His voice, passion for the game and great baseball stories of legends of the past are something I will cherish forever. His legacy and memory he left behind as a true Yankee should live forever.

Santo Vicino (Middle Village , 2021-05-01)


It needs to be Done..

Robert Boisselle (Middle Village, 2021-05-01)


Phil deserves the honor. He’s a NY classic.

Paul Stingo (Malverne, 2021-05-01)


I live up the block from his home and I’m a Yankee fan forever.

Andrew Watz (Glendale , 2021-05-01)


I have lived in this neighborhood my whole life. I was told that Phil Rizzuto grew up here and even after he became famous, he would come back to the neighborhood to visit friends. I was told that he would stop and signing autographs and baseballs for all of the neighborhood children. He lived a lovely life and was a real hometown hero in every sense of the word. I think it would be a wonderful way to honor his memory.

Niamh Iriarte (Glendale, 2021-05-01)


I grew up around d the corner and remember Mr. Rizzuto visiting his Mom. He was always cordial with the kids. It's a great memory.

Maryanne Schatz (Middle Village, 2021-05-01)


I’m proud of the fact that he lived in my neighborhood

Aurora D’Elia (Glendale , 2021-05-01)


RIZZUTO. Lets gooooooo

Antonio Rizzuto (Glendale , 2021-05-01)


Phil Rizzuto was the epitome of a neighborhood kid making a good name for himself. He was an excellent Yankee shortstop, part of so many of their championship years and was an excellent Yankee broadcaster for so many more. He was honest and real. My Dad played ball with Phil on the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn. He most certainly deserves the recognition of having the corner, where he lived named in his honor.

Robin Bisighini (Middle Village, 2021-05-01)


He was a gentleman and a legend and a veteran !!!

Lou Capicolla (Ridgewood, 2021-05-01)


My Dad played ball with Phil (or "Philly", as my Dad called him) Rizzuto at Victory Field when they were young men. Years later, at a Yankee game Phil was calling, Dad approached the broadcast box and Phil jumped up and gave my Dad a big hug. A great player and an even greater human being!

Diane Devine (Blairstown, NJ, 2021-05-01)


I grew up in Glendale and want to help in anyway possible.

Susan DeMeo (New Hyde Park, 2021-05-01)


Mr Rizzuto on air wished. Y father well when he was in the hospital. That inspired him to fight toward a recovery. I’ll always honor that man foe his kindness

Seve Esposito (Norwalk, 2021-05-01)


Phil Rizzuto was an exceptional ball player and anouncer.

Dan D'Ambrosio (New Britain, 2021-05-01)


This is a wonderful idea.

Katherine Masi (Glendale, 2021-05-01)


I’m signing because as a heretofore lifetime resident of Queens (30+ years) and a Yankees fan: why not support this great occasion for the Scooter!

Peter Martin (Hopewell Junction , 2021-05-02)


We should acknowledge the greats of any field that were born and raised in New York,that had a positive effect on society

John Collins (Brooklyn, 2021-05-02)


I am signing because I grew up in Middle Village, went to JHS 119, played baseball every day on the fields of Juniper Valley Park, am a life-time Yankee fan, grew up during the late 60’s and 70’s listening to Scooter, Bill White, and Frank Messer - with Scooter yelling “Holy Cow”

So - I think there are more than enough reasons to carry out the co-naming

Jurgen Priester (Arlington, Texas / Middle Village NY, 2021-05-02)


Phil was a NY treasure!

Edward P (NY, NY, 2021-05-02)


He was a great Yankee and shows the young generation of this neighborhood that they too can do it!!

Giuseppe Cascio (Glendale, 2021-05-02)


I remember Mrs. Rizzuto always said hello

Ken Rehberger (Glendale , 2021-05-03)


I am signing because I am a Glendale resident and that should be part of Glendale’s history

Lilian Adames (Glendale, 2021-05-03)


I grew up with The Yankees when he was a player

Alan Reiman (Stony Point, 2021-05-03)


I'm proud that he grew up in Glendale!

Carole Barrowman (Glendale, 2021-05-05)


Even though I don't live there anymore it will be cool to see that happen

Nick L (Cape coral FL, 2021-05-05)


Phil deserves this honor.

Bob Marggraf (Floral Park, 2021-05-13)


My husband and I are big Yankees fans and love Phil Rizzuto.

JOANNA POTENZA (Middle Village, 2021-07-29)

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