Make the oral bachelor defense on CBS 2021 on campus! Sign the letter to the management of CBS



I'm signing because I believe it is possible to carry out the exam physically on campus in a responsible manner, while it will deteriorate the quality of the exam experience significantly if it is held online.

Signe Macholm Müller (2100, )


I’m signing because I’m a bachelor student on the BSc BLC program. Having to end my 3 years of studying by defending my thesis online is nothing but anticlimax and sad.

Astrid Wachs (Frederiksberg, )



Simon Bryld (København, )



Gustav Mathiasen (København Ø, )


I feel unfairly disadvantaged by having do defend my oral online

Isabella Gersby (København , )


I want to defend my thesis in person

Katrine Sorensen (Copenhagen , )


Because i want to defend my thesis physical

Sandi Bjerregaard (København, )


Great and very important initiative. I agree completely that it is time to prioritize us students in our theid year of our bachelor.

Vincent lindberg (copenhagen , )


I’m signing because I am writing my bachelor thesis and feel that it would be so helpful and more natural to have the oral defense on campus!

Anousha Mirza (Copenhagen , )


I'm defending my bachelor project in May

Nana Skatka (Vanløse, )


Fedt initiativ :)

Sarah Folke Andersen (Frederiksberg , )


I would like to have my bachelor defense physically because it is tradition!

Magnus Torkveen (Copenhagen, )


I agree with all the points in the petition.

It seems unfair that all restaurants and other activities are open in a less controlled way than an exam would be.

As the last point also states this defence is very important for us student to end our three years of hard work.

Madeline Rechnitzer (Frederiksberg, )


I am a bachelor student, and I would like to be able to have an on-campus oral bachelor defense.

Durita Jógvansdóttir (Taastrup, )


I want to defend my bachelor thesis on CBS.

Marie Saksager (Copenhagen, )