Support Richmond Hill residents’ right to choose flexible voting methods!



Let's make it easier to vote.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


I agree that voters in Richmond Hill should have the choice of voting either online or by paper. Recent voter turnout has been very low and this should help to increase it..

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


I am an older person and want to be able to vote either electronically or at the polls. I may need to use electronic voting if I am unable to vote by paper ballot. This decision is not for one election and in the future may benefit more elderly people as we age.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


Hopeful that the choice and convenience will encourage more to vote, but ONLY agree if there is secure method to ensure one vote per citizen/resident and the paper option remains.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


I am signing because I think voter choice and flexibility are important and because an online option will encourage participation and reduce our disgraceful democratic deficit.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


Democratic process

(Richmond hill, 2021-05-14)


This is an important issue. We need to work at civic engagement

(Richmond Hill , 2021-05-14)


I’m tired of the antics of this current council.

(Richmond Hill,Ontario , 2021-05-14)


It’s important for every eligible voter to be able to vote easily.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


I dont like voter suppression

(richmond hill, 2021-05-14)


I’m signing because residents should have options to vote.
The pandemic has brought attention to the need for electronic voting as well as on-line communication to allow for full participation.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-14)


I feel for seniors or shut ins this gives them a chance to vote.

(richmond hill, 2021-05-14)


We need to include as many people as possible in community decision making and voting is the most important single act a citizen can perform to signal the direction the community should move towards. It only makes sense to give people options especially when so many people have mobility issues, busy work and family lives, and medical issues that make in person voting difficult. In a post-pandemic world, online voting is safer. In any scenario, online voting is paperless and, thus, more environmentally responsible.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


This would address the need for flexibility to allow residents to vote when they are available to vote. Will address those with mobility and accessibility issues and provides a greener environment where no tree is sacrificed.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


I'm signing because we this is an approach that will lead to increased voter participation in the democratic process.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


Being forced to use FPTP is pedantic, dogmatic , and favours autocrats and corrupt politicians

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


Options are important!

(Richmond Hill , 2021-05-15)


By providing both methods of voting, the election process is more easily available to everyone. Particularly when we are still going through this pandemic, we don’t really know what is around the corner so why not ensure that the election can go forward no matter what the situation may be.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


I think the residents of this great City deserve to have the different voting options when we have to vote!

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


Voter Suppression is for Nazi s

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


Online voting is more equitable and greener!!!

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


We need better access to voting for ALL of our residents. Giving residents more choice in how to participate in voting translates into more engagement and, ultimately, a local and regional council that better represents the interests of our voters. Anyone opposing better access must, by the very nature of their opposition, be in favour of suppressing votes. We should be doing everything possible to have better than 26% voter turnout. That figure is an indictment of our willingness to do everyhing possible to remove obstacles to voting. Let's do better. Let's increase access to voting.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


I'm signing because in this day and age it makes sense to have the choice and may result in more voter participation.

(Richmond Hill , 2021-05-15)


I am signing this petition because online voting is more convenient and more environmentally friendly. Hopefully, it will result in higher voter participation.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


More voting accessibility is a good thing. More votes = more democratic

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


I want easier method

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


I want accountability with the city council. Not a council that is in the interests of developers. Councilors trespassing should be charged and not be left off. The same rules must apply to everyone. Let’s start with accessible elections.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-15)


The option of Online voting will encourage more residents to vote and be engaged in their community!!

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


Online voting options will improve voter turnout

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


People overwhelmingly like a choice of how to vote.

(richmond hill, 2021-05-16)


The decisions made at the local/municipal level have the greatest impact on our everyday lives. We should use every option available to enhance access to democracy and to give all residents a voice.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


We should have the option to choose as we live in a democratic country/society

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


I'm signing because I believe in the options for voting

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


More people who are confined to their homes and or work restrictions need easier access to vote.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


I voted online on Newmarket last election. I want to enjoy the same process on Richmond Hill next year.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


I support that online ballots are a positive way to support voting in general, especially among younger people for whom this is their primary means of communication.
Thank you.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


The council in Richmond Hill has been corrupted by developers.
We need to have all eligible citizens the right to vote by any means that is legal and with easy access. Don’t let our corrupt councillors ( not all) dictate how we vote!

(Richmond Hill , 2021-05-16)


As a resident of Richmond Hill, I should have the right to choose which option I want in voting in order to exercise my civil duty.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


I believe on-line ballots make sense in this PANDEMIC digitalized world

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


I strongly support having the option to vote online. We are in the middle of a pandemic. This should be reason enough. However, even without the pandemic, it just makes sense. Online voting allows non-mobile people to vote, it is faster, it avoids waiting in lines, it avoid invalid ballots, reduces carbon emissions, staffing, ... the list goes on. This is really a "no-brainer" if you ask me!

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-16)


I want this election free of pressure from candidates

(Richmond hill, 2021-05-17)


Inclusivity is key to fair and balanced elections and will help elect a representative council.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-17)


Online voting for elections if done right is equally valid and more accessible to those who can't make a poll that is open for a day. Shareholder online voting has proven safe and effective and could act as a model.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-17)


I believe that with on line voting there will be increased participation across the demographic.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-17)


I'm signing because we as the voter should have the right to choose how we would like to vote.

(Richmomd Hill, 2021-05-17)


Richmond Hill deserves to be taken in a direction which the people of Richmond Hill are comfortable with. This seems not to be happening - many things are just rammed through! Respect the town of Richmond Hill and its citizens. Thank you!

(RICHMOND HILL, 2021-05-17)


Accessibility is of utmost importance. By supporting ease of access, we ensure our votes represent all of Richmond Hill.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-17)


I would like online voting as we are in a pandemic

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-17)


It was such a pleasure to use last year for the Public School Board by-election. It is time to go all in!

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-17)


I believe this will be an effective way to improve voter participation.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


Removing barriers to voting is essential.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


We need to facilitate the maximum participation in our civic elections, which historically suffer from a low voter turnout.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


Having various methods of voting makes perfect sense as we move forward. Democracy can only be upheld if as many people have access, to ease of voting and having their voices heard, as possible. Having the ability to do things electronically (buy food, reach medical professionals, pay bills, reach municipal, provincial and federal employees and vote) has been proven to be essential. Let the people vote with a means that works for them, including electronically.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


It is convenient to vote online. Also, it hopefully would address the problem of low votr turnout.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


We the people should not be dictated as to how to vote.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


I would like to vote online to hopefully see a much bigger voter turn out.

(ON, 2021-05-18)


I'm signing because more options should encourage more people to vote and participate in our local democracy.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


on-line is convenient and safe

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


I believe in options to allow the maximum number be encouraged to participate in a democratic vote subject to citizen oversight.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


I have the right to choose what voting method works best for me - including both internet voting and paper-based voting options for the 2022 Municipal Elections.

(Richmond Hill , 2021-05-18)


It's the way of the future and ensures disabled people can vote easily.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


It would make it much more convenient to vote.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-18)


Democracy depends upon people actually voting

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-19)


I'm signing because I think it's important for people to vote and this will make it more accessible.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-19)


I believe voting is a right and we must make it more accessible to everyone. Given that we have the technology in place, I believe we will get more representation of what people want. It is often too difficult for people to physically get to polling stations and in addition to do it during voting hours.

(Richmond Hill, 2021-05-20)