Demand The Resignations of Lycoming County Commissioners Scott Metzger and Tony Mussare



Move forward, not back.

This community needs to protect its LGBTQA+ population.

Robert Iacuzio (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


I’m signing because as a woman who lives in lycoming county celebrates PRIDE and frequents the public library I support young LGBTQIA having access to books they can identify with and am appalled that not only 1 but 2 county commissioners are trying to rip that celebration of PRIDE from the public library.

Alison Kiernan McCauley (Montgomery, 2021-06-09)


I have worked in public libraries, exist as a queer member of my community, and have a three-year-old nephew to whom these books would be relevant.

Metzger’s assertion that these books would strip children of any childhood is ridiculous. Has he never met a boy who wants to wear a skirt or Elsa rain boots? Or a girl who seethes when she’s forced into feminine roles? When he says ‘children should be children’, I suppose he has only in mind the draconic upbringings of yesteryear: the idea that children should be submissive to their parents’ desires, and should be subject to have their personalities forcibly compressed, stemmed, or ripped away to appease an outmoded, heteronormative, ‘Christian’ (and I say that with the strongest sarcastic tone possible) mold.

Children ARE children, until you limit their ability to explore themselves. Children who may have already internalized the homophobia of others around them need to see themselves represented in a positive light.

Libraries ARE libraries, and it is the duty of the staff to promote titles that are culturally relevant. Indeed, libraries are the last remaining vanguard of unbiased informational access in our increasingly—disturbingly—anti-intellectualist and philosophically divided country.

I am so glad that Mr. Metzger has apparently never been made to feel ashamed for the core facets of his identity, but I hope he takes a step back and realizes that he is a public servant now. He represents LGBTQ+ people, as I am positive that there are more than none in his district.

Allison Weatherford (Alexandria, 2021-06-09)


It’s wrong to attack our James V. Brown Public Library for displaying appropriate children’s literature that deal with gender identity at any time, but especially during Pride Month. Threatening to take away funding demonstrates that Commissioner Metzger is on some kind of power trip.

Michelle Hinkal (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


I am signing this petition to have these two individuals removed from office because their words ignite hatred and it cannot be tolerated.

Anna Radspinner (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


This request from our commissioners to the James V. Brown library is shameful and based on fear, not fact. We don't need any more hate or divisiveness in our county, state, or federal government.

Jackie Haines (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Do better lycoming County if u can show support in other communities then we can show are support in the lgbtq+ community do better

Victoria Guglielmo (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


It's 2021, and archaic and bigoted attitudes such as displayed by our two Republican county commissioners simply can not stand. They have proven the need for honoring Pride Month. Our struggle towards full equality and equity under law is far from over.

Jay Grandis (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Dear Lycoming County,
It’s 2021.
Educate yourselves. Please.

Celest Britton (Baltimore, 2021-06-09)


I believe in equality for all

David Stahl (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I know how important it is for kids to have access to these materials and to see them on display and not just shunned away. A very kid deserves the right to be celebrated and supported. Trying to remove these materials from public display would be suppressing our youth.

Justine Schweikart (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


I believe children should be able to have free expression and they should have lgbtq rights

Mia Schriner (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


I love all people. I do not support people that do not share that same love.

Anonymous Johnson (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Public officials should ALWAYS strive diligently keep their personal beliefs and own biases out of their official business. Seeking support and input from only those with similar beliefs is a gross injustice and miss conduct. Mr. Metzger seems to lack the understanding that ALL those within a defined district are constituents- not just those with aligning beliefs. It also appears that at least two commissioners are in need of accurate and current biology lessons regarding human genetic variations such as Klinefelters and Turner’s (to names just teo) as it is abundantly clear that their version of biology is LONG outdated and incorrect. A clear understanding and refresher course of separation of church and state would be helpful as he clearly didn’t listen to the only commissioner with any sense try to explain it only to be rebuffed.
He instead chose to double down and again clearly demonstrate his ignorance and attempted abuse of power as an elected official.

leanne keefer (Mifflinburg, 2021-06-09)


This matters. The personal politics of people who control the funding of our county should not be held over the heads of people that offer an invaluable service to our community. The library did nothing wrong. Scott Metzger did by threatening them and using his facebook profile to direct harassment at this public institution.

Dan Fort (Williams , 2021-06-09)


Homophobia has no place in Lycoming County. Also, they are not good at the job in any measurably demonstrated way

Mary Wright (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


Safe and inclusive spaces are necessary for children’s psychological growth. Teaching kids to love their peers IS anti bullying.

Ashley Shay (Mifflinburg , 2021-06-09)


I'm signing the petition because elected officials can't censor books at a public library.

Gail Kulp (Montoursville, 2021-06-09)


I think what they are doing is wrong and I don’t believe they known all the facts about LGBTQA+ people everybody should be free to be who they are and I strongly hate censorship on all levels especially at tax payer funded institutions

Owen Phillips (17756, 2021-06-09)


The James V. Brown Library provided a thoughtful display in support of the LGBTQI+ community for PRIDE. Our local library is supporting children and their families, sharing information with those who wish to learn more, and providing the tools to teach acceptance to all of our children.

I commend and stand in full support of the Library for their PRIDE displays.


Lara Collins Breon (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Children have the right to feel seen and heard too, and all children should feel included and welcome. The LGBTQ+ community should not be shoved to the back of a shelf.

Lindsey Gallagher (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


My grandmother Babsey Wilson Worked and found her peace with teaching children at the James v brown library a couple years ago and has support gay rights since before the 60’s she is openly gay and is the best nana to me and my children and to all the children she taught at the James v brown library !!!

Rebekah Gair (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


I’m signing to demand the resignation of homophobic bigots. Hate has no home here.

El Ward (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


We need leaders who understand humanity.

jeramy mohler (WILLIAMSPORT, 2021-06-09)


All children and families deserve to be represented in our community. The opposite of pride is shame. Removal of this display supporting inclusion would send a horrible message. Our commissioners need to back off this one. Our family appreciates the show of support and inclusion.

Jennifer Booth (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


I am signing this as a property owner and a former advocate/organizer for the LGBTQ+ community in Williamsport, PA.

Statements like those made by Tony Mussare and Scott Metzger (which can be heard here )are never understood by the speaker to be hateful. Nonetheless they are. Our community's trans youth heard loud and clear from these two commisioners that they are unwanted and unsupported by their local community and government. The least we can do as a community is send a clear message that we do indeed stand with our trans friends, family, neighbors. These resignations are a step in that direction.

Kristopher Waldrab (Pittsburgh, Pa, 2021-06-09)


It's 2021 for God's sake, why are these people still living in the 50's? Gay people exist, they are part of our community, and it's helpful for a child's social development to know about all sorts of people around them. Perhaps these books will help a child understand their own feelings and not feel so alien and isolated from others if they end up not being straight. Keep your grubby hands off our damn books, you miserable bigots.

Cassandra Mayer (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Narrow minds cannot open paths for others.

Donald Justice (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


I’m signing because I fully the LGBTQA+ community and support kids exploring these topics. We needs leaders who support everyone not just what they find acceptable. Shame on them.

Grace Phillips (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Bigotry and book banning have no place in a democracy. Children’s books are meant for children. They are age appropriate. Censorship and lack of information feed ignorance and lead to dictatorship.

Marilyn Mirman (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


This is a narrow-minded bigoted response to the library trying to educate and incorporate books for all. Children should be allowed to have an open mind and express themselves as they please - and if their parents do not wish for them to read these books they can simply say no. Commissioner Metzger is a poor representative of a diverse community and does not deserve to serve them if he cannot respect all of the constituents he is supposed to represent and support.

Alyssa Ficacci (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Knowledge should never be withheld. No matter the subject or audience.

Josephina Bair (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


I’m signing because all Lycoming County citizens, no matter their gender and/or sexual identity deserve representation, not censorship. Commissioners Metzger and Mussare have demonstrated their homo/transphobia. There’s no place for this willful ignorance in our community.

Susan Fulton (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Some of the most wonderful people in my life are gay!

Chelsea Sweeney (Muncy, 2021-06-09)


Government shouldn’t dictate what a public library chooses to advertise

Nicole Oliver (Linden, 2021-06-09)


LGBTQ+ Books should not be shoved away in the back because of their content. It’s a library— freedom of speech, right?

Audrey English (Montgomery, 2021-06-09)


I am signing because I feel strongly this sends the wrong message. We are inclusive for all in Williamsport. Parents will make decisions for their own children. You over stepped your bounds as public officials.

Cindy Schuyler (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


Gay people deserve rights ya dingdongs

K Neidig (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Children already identify themselves at an early age if they are LGBTQ. It's you who are confusing children with your denial.

Mary Sunday (Cogan Station , 2021-06-09)


Those who fear change can’t create change

Brock Hepler (Montoursville , 2021-06-09)


Defending the right to information freedom for libraries

Cathi Fuhrman (Columbia, 2021-06-09)


I run a pride club at a local school district and find this bigotry appalling!

Kalyn Essick (Montoursville , 2021-06-09)


LGBT is perfectly good and shouldn’t be discriminated against

Judy Beckett (Lehighton , 2021-06-09)


These books do more good than implied harm. My little brother used to want to be a car when he grew up. So silly right? But if he thought he was different in a serious way and had no one to talk to, I'd be grateful for these FOR HIM.

Jessica Barnes (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


Equal rights for all

MaryAnn Kearon (Kingston , 2021-06-09)


It is a clear abuse of power to threaten to withhold funds for vital services based on one’s personal opinions.

The library is a place of learning and safety for all children. That includes queer kids.

Our county should be a place of inclusion and safety for all residents. That includes queer constituents.

Rebecca Neidig (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


I’m signing because this deserves a voice even louder than just books. All should feel included and valued in our community. To hide away the few things that might help those who need that validation because of antiquated, bigoted or merely uneducated personal ideologies is wrong and must be confronted. Otherwise we who support do so merely with words written in pencil rather than ink upon stone.

C A (Williamsport, 2021-06-09)


I went to college in Williamsport and am now a Children’s Librarian! I stand in solidarity with the James V Brown library and their mission to offer a place at the library for everyone.

Lauren DelGaizo (Rochester, 2021-06-09)


There's no legitimate reason to take the display away. It's not hurting anyone and at this point they're just scraping for things to be upset about.

Katelyn Derby (Hughesville, 2021-06-09)


The queer and trans kids deserve art that represents them. And they deserve it to be displayed proudly.

Jeremy Berger (Hughesville, 2021-06-09)


This is political censorship in its truest form. Those in office are responsible for representing ALL citizens. If they can’t do that, they shouldn’t be in office.

Bridget Carmeci (Williamsport , 2021-06-09)


fuck homophobia

dirt young (williamsport , 2021-06-10)


Just because a topic makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have a right to literally hide it on a shelf.

Jess Craven (Mifflinburg, 2021-06-10)


I'm from Central PA and know you are better than this.

Sara Orozco (San Antonio, 2021-06-10)


I support LGBTQ+ children, the autonomy of our public library, and denounce censorship attempts by ignorant politicians.

Douglas Young (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


These books are needed with the suicide rate that is is amongst the lgtbq community! Stop the bigotry!!!

Robbin Fry (Muncy , 2021-06-10)


Children need to see themselves represented in literature. They need to know that who they are naturally is good and safe regardless of what a bigoted, small-minded politician thinks a person’s sexuality or gender should be or should be presented as.

As a member of the City of Williamsport City Council, I call on Council and members of every municipal board across the country to extend the human right of non-discrimination to all human beings, including the LGBTQ+ community. We are long overdue to be done with the ugly, unchristian, bigotry displayed by Scott Metzger and it should be codified into law. Our failure to do so thus far is a shame we carry as long as we don’t act.

Dave Banks (Williamsport , 2021-06-10)


I am an advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community and this kind of intolerance and tone deaf response on the part of our city representatives is disgusting.

Stacy Wingfield (Picture Rocks, 2021-06-10)


I am signing this petition because Commisioners Mussare and Metzger are no longer fit to represent our community in a publicly elected capacity!

Renee Chamberlin (Muncy , 2021-06-10)


I am a proud mom of an LGBTQ+ child.

Kimberly Rehn (Montoursville, PA, 2021-06-10)


Love is love. There is nothing adult about love. Not between a man and a woman, between a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. It’s love. You shield this from children, and they’ll grow up to be confused and depressed when they’re thrown into a world they don’t understand. Love isn’t rated R- it’s rated E for Everyone.

Emily Purdy (Nicholson, 2021-06-10)


Because I wish I had been represented in media, especially books like this when I was growing so I wouldn't have had to live in shame and fear for a large portion of my life.

Erinn Morrison (South Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I'm signing because our representatives should not only represent the rights of everyone, but above all do so in a manner congruent with the constitution.

Jeff Yonkin (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


The two commissioners who made these comments are a disgrace.

Jodie Baney (Jersey shore, 2021-06-10)


EVERYONE—kids included—should have access to information that can help them and show they’re accepted

Chuck Mayer (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


Bigotry and hate has no room here.

Brianna Schwager (Quakertown, 2021-06-10)


I believe in a free and open library that is independent and not censored by politicians. I also believe that LGBT+ people should be free from discrimination.

Jonathan Scholnick (Williamsport, 2021-06-10)


I am a gay and nonbinary teenager in Lycoming County who deserves to feel accepted and safe where I live, especially by the people that are supposed to be representing me. LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.

A E (Montoursville, 2021-06-10)


I'm a gay trans woman who was denied access to knowledge about people like me as a child, and it caused massive emotional damage that I'm only just now starting to recover from. Kids deserve to know how the world and their own bodies works, and that includes gender and attraction.

Juno Sunderling (Montgomery, PA, 2021-06-10)


Because these old white dudes have no idea what the world really is because they were raised in the good ol days of hatred

Blake Murray (Montoursville, 2021-06-10)


It was books that gave me the imagination it took to navigate the hardest times of my youth. It’s no small matter to try to take that away from kids – and certainly not a job for someone tasked with budget and tax matters.

Aaron Bellvé (Williamsport , 2021-06-10)


I'm signing because I grew up in Montoursville and suffered the oppression brought about by homophobia and bigotry. There's is not one shred of evidence that the books the commissioners are trying to censor have done any harm to anyone ever. There is plenty of evidence, however, that lack of representation is deeply - sometimes fatally - harmful to LGBTQ+ youth. Anyone so opposed to equal representation is not fit for public office.

Philip Steinbacher (Lihue, 2021-06-10)


Kids DO know what they’re feeling when it comes to sexuality and gender identity. Yes, elementary aged kids. Maybe if these books had existed decades ago we wouldn’t have the rates of teen suicide we do because it might cause straight white geriatric men to be uncomfortable. The world is inclusive. Get on the friggin trolley.

David Porter (Mechanicsburg , 2021-06-10)


Bigotry has no place in censoring our libraries.

Suzanne Leinwand (Brooklyn, 2021-06-10)

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