Petition against irrelevant fine amount collection by the Vels University,Pallavaram.



I am signing because I am one of them. I am also facing this problem

G.A.Pooja Priyadharshini (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing because I am facing huge problem in paying college fees

Karthik S (Vellore, 2021-07-06)


Iam singning because they are collecting the full amount for fees in this lockdown period.

Rohith S (Chennai, 2021-07-06)



Shachin Shankar (Madurai , 2021-07-06)


I'm signing because the above content is true

Logesh D (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Without physical classes we have given breakage fees, for online exams we have to pay exam fess for abt 2 semester, not even a peny has reduced due to covid

Bharanitharan Thanigaivel (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Iam paying full fees amidst govt saying to collect 75%
2. I didnt receive my merit scholarship under no proper reason

Rebecca Murai (Chennnai, 2021-07-06)


Over fees

Sethu M (Dindigul, 2021-07-06)


S.karthikeyan because of my family suitation and covid pandemic period.please stop this unwanted charges collecting from students

Karthikeyan S (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Sir I am studying vels University bsc chemistry sir 1.5yrs ah clg eh pogala ket a university breakage 550 then department breakage 550 kekuranga sir then provisional certificate keta pg enga panu 5000 konduva solrnaga sir elana tharamtom solrnaga

Mohan raj Moham (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


they collecting extra amount for unnecessary reasons like breakage fee cultural fee (which is not conducted) admission fee (5000rs) and 2000rs for some irrelevant course (SAP) for their need of film production the college is collecting money from students most of them are middle class family severely government had to take an immediate action on this

Praveen Raj (chennai, 2021-07-06)


They charge amount without any valid reason though we've paid ll the fee that has been mentioned during the admission time... Not just academic,even in hostel they are scamming

Meganathan Periyasamy (Krishnagiri, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing this petition, because they are collecting lot of amounts from students without correct bill, or statement. One of the faculty from chemistry department is charging lakhs of commission for joining new Freshers to the college

Abhijith Gopinathan (Trichy, 2021-07-06)


Government has given order For college students to pay 75% of fees but our college is collecting 100% fees and if any student is not paying them within the given time they collect fine amount of 500 to 1000 rupees.

Mullaipoovizhi Maran (Villupuram, 2021-07-06)



Mohamed Jasim (Chidambaram, 2021-07-06)


I am signing because of college full fees

Praveen Raj (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I am too suffering difficulty in paying fee during this pandemic situation

Nounbalan A (Puducherry, 2021-07-06)



Chandru S (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


A. Zubairbaig

Zubair Baig (Chennai, 2021-07-06)





I am signing this petition because of unbearable fees torture given by our college management they didn't even refund our hostel fees even though we are in homes for almost a year to the top they are collecting breakage fees worth of 1000 even we didn't went for campus like this so and so going on

R Siva Balaji (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Akash D

Akash D (Ranipet, 2021-07-06)


They just grab as much as fee possible.

Guhannath Armstrong (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing because my college was forcefully collecting irrelevant fees

Pragadeesh D Durai (Walajabad, 2021-07-06)


It's true....this is the last and final place where we can inform this for a solution towards this problem

Shoban Babu (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Mscchemistry department la berakage fees 1100 collect panraga. Worth beaver

Dinesh S (Chennai , 2021-07-06)


Im also affected by the vels university
Im student vels university

aakash Suresh (chennai, 2021-07-06)


In my university ( vels) fees ah fully charged during this pandemic situation

Lokesh krishna (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


B'coz my friend facing depression by the collleg to urge them to pay fees

Manoj Kumar k (Trichy , 2021-07-06)


Sir we haven't gone to College for last 3sems but they are asking breakage fees why we want to pay that

Hari Prasad (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I am pursuing 4th Yr in VISTAS, Since till now they are asking the penalty fees and they forcing us to pay the full tern that is 100% of fees or else the fine is forced to pay upto 1000 - 2000 rs for turion and fine for exams fees is apart this is amount upto 1000 rupees Sir.
**Kindly helps us Chief Minister of TamilNadu Sir.

Thiyaga Rajan (Chennai , 2021-07-06)



Monica M (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


My college (vels University Pallavaram) collecting more money from students and asking the students to pay the fine amount and also breakage amount even though we didn't use any laboratories then why students should pay the Breakage

Divya Elangovan (Chennai, 2021-07-06)



E Aravindan (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


It is tough to pay full fees during this pendamic situation do consider as soon as possible

Uma Mageswari (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Im also suffered due to the payment of full fees during this lockdown in my colg

Nithya Shree (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Yes i agree with the above statement ..Even the college is closed for 1 yr they are collecting a breakage amount of 550 for all the students . So we the students of vels request honorable chief minister to look up this issue .

Naveen kumar S (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Please look after this 100% fees paying thing it's not possible for us to pay 100% fee with fine and a lot of unwanted fees without even going to college for about 1.5 years

Sai Vasanth (Chennai , 2021-07-06)


I am a student of vels University.....i have also paid the amount for breakage fee of 550...there is no proper response from the college.

Anagha R (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Clg saging 100% fees in this pandamic sutituation , i am C A Student , naot attend this three semester reason for not paying fees , in this lockdown our parents not going to job , please helpj us

Naresh Kumar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I was charge condonation fees of 5000 for allowing me to write exam late fees fine n wasn't allowed to classes n few exam

Yogesh Chettiyar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Because I did not break any tables or chair and tubelight and fan but they are asking to pay breakage fine for I want to pay it in this panadamic sutivation we have not gone to the clg and not attend the calss also then y should we want to pay for breakage fine pls take an action

Hari Haran (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


In lockdown also clg want full fees and clg ask fine also pls notice our pettiton sir

Prem Kumar (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I all so facing this problem

Hema latha (Pallavaram, 2021-07-06)


According to this covid situation..we can't able to pay the 100% of fees.. so kindly request to reduce the amount of fees

Gokul M (Kanyakumari, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing because i also facing the same problem

Bala Murugan (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing this petition because my college has collecting fine and not even obeying government rules. They not even reducing fees amount and not giving time to pay the fees.

Sharmila Sharmi (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Please do help us

Ajitha Arikrishnan (Chennai, 2021-07-06)



Leena Leena (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


Respected sir,
As we are in the pandemic situation, we are unable to pay the semester fees. If we are unable to pay the semester fees they are issuing fine more than 5,0000 rupees. In between they are asking us to pay cultural fees even they didn't conduct any cultures .

Abinaya Abi (Kumbakonam, 2021-07-06)


We are facing a huge trouble paying our college fees

Raj Kumar (Chennai , 2021-07-06)


Irrelevant fees

Raghavan B (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


In this pandamic time asking ful fees with penalty... The not thinking about us..

AbinayA Abi (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I'm signing this because our college is taking unwanted money fine amount and students like us are facing many problems like we are not getting TC and marksheet. Kindly help us.

Paul .A (Chennai, 2021-07-06)


I paid fines during this pandemic

Pradhap S (Tiruvannamalai , 2021-07-06)

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