Cancel the removal of the only ATM in Kingscourt



Makes no sense what so ever to leave the people of the area with no access to get there money

Elaine Nolan (Carrickmacross, )


I am signing this atm in kingscourt should not be taken out !!!

Katie Mc Daniel (Monaghan , )


I drive through the town every day and at least 3 times a week have to use the bank machine to lodge or withdraw money. Would be a hugh loss to the town and should not be taken away!!

Elaine Halpin (Shercock, )


We lost the personal bank facility's we cant lose the only cash machine in the town that you can pay in and take out money. The machine would be a great loss to the town. Please sign.

natalie hand (kingscourt, )


It's a disgrace. The town needs an ATM

Jimmy O'Reilly (Kingscourt, )


We need to keep a ATM machine in kingscoirt

Debbie Matthews (Kingscourt, )


There are few enough ATMs without removing another one

Martina O'Flaherty (Cavan, )


All efforts should be made to retain ATM services in Kingscourt. Rural regeneration is the buzzword at the moment but this closure and withdrawal of services will only have a negative impact on the town. BOI should also commit to provide weekly mobile banking service similar to what is offered by Ulster Bank as the post office may not be able to handle customers on busy days.

Martina Leahy (Kingscourt, )


I'm furious bank of ireland would consider removing an atm from such an industrious and busy town . Strongly considering changing bank !!

Daniel Hand (Magheracloone, )


I'm signing this as the bank machine is a great asset to kingscourt Town

Teresa Johnston (Longford, )


Because it ridiculous

Paul Hickey (Kingscourt, )


we need 24/7 ATM machine in Kingscourt!

Honorata Nowak (Kingscourt, )


Kingscourt needs an ATM machine. The post office doesn't have the facilties
to handle its own customers and AIB's customers never mind adding the BOI customers too.

Grace McKenna (Kingscourt, )


ATM needed in a busy town full of industries and businesses.

Mary Courtney Kellett (Kingscourt Cavan , )


We NEED ATM in Kingscourt simple as

Orla Califf (Kingscourt Co Cavan , )


It’s a disgrace.. something needs to be done

Amanda O Reilly (Kingscourt , )


I am sign because our town really need ATM and bank

Barbara Tomczyk (Kingscourt, )


I'm signing because we the kingscourt people need this ATM In our town. People come into town to shop, to socialise , to eat out this machine is constantly on the go there's always someone using it. Major mistake removing it

Jennifer sheenan (Kingscourt, )


I am local and member of the bank of Ireland and think that if they are closing the bank the LEAST they can do is leave us with an ATM we are entitled that surely!

Wendy Jarvis (Kingscourt, )


I own a business in the town, I use BOI for my business banking it will be such a loss to the town

Maria Sheehy (Kingscourt, )


We need an ATM in the town

Fergal O'Malley (Kingscourt, )


We need the ATM and bank in kingscourt to support our local community

Kathy Gargan (Kingscourt, )


I’m signing because Kingscourt needs access to money. Not having an atm in the town will cause hardship to the local businesses along with being an inconvenience to anyone who visits the town or has no access to transportation.

Gerry Johnston (Bronx, )


I'd like the ATM to stay available in the town

Michelle Murphy (Kingscourt, )


Because I need ATM in town for lodgements and money withdrawals, Im mum with small child and don’t driving myself, so I need this services available any time of the day.

Sandra Anisimova (Kingscourt, )


I'm signing because I'm from kingscourt and would hate it to lose the ATM

Debbie Woods (Monaghan, )


It’s the closest atm to where I live

Aoife Seymour (Nobber, )


The town needs a bank machine so badly

Ann Burns (Kingscourt, )


It's needed

ELIANE FERREIRA (Kingscourt, )


ATM service is vital for a busy town like Kingscourt and needs to stay. If the service is taken away it will cause me huge inconvenience and I'd imagine it will cause a lot of inconvenience for others.

Regina Byrne (Drumconrath, )


Im signing because i want an atm in town to get money out

Thomas Carolan (Kingscourt , )


ATM been removed from kingscourt

Bernie Morris (Ire, )


ATM is needed in kingscourt if it’s removed it will take business out of the town

Raymond Hanratty (Kingscourt , )


The atm is needed 24/7

John Callaghan (Kingscourt, )


This is a vital service for locals to lodge and withdraw cash. We will have to travel 8 miles to nearest town to lodge or withdraw money which is completely unacceptable. The bank have significant charges for customers for this facility so I cannot understand how this has been allowed to happen. This may have a massive impact on businesses in the town already struggling since Covid. We need to fight for the atm to be left in place

Sabrina Fitzpatrick (KINGSCOURT, )


As it’s the only atm in kingscourt what if you need cash if a machine isn’t working for card transactions? Sometimes people don’t have cash especially with covid and they use the card.

Lauren Larkin (Kingscourt , )


I use this bank often for both lodgement and withdrawal needs to stay

John Clinch (Kingscourt , )


ATM facility must be maintained

Valerie McGill (Kingscourt , )


I need my bank please, I don't want to travel 30km to put money on my account

Dominik P (Kingscourt, )


We need to keep our atm in kingscourt

Kellyanne Oconnor (Kingscourt, )


Kingscourt needs an ATM .

Sheila Comiskey (Kingscourt, )


I frequently use this ATM as it's the closest and most convenient one to me.

Steven Cody (Kingscourt, )


Every town needs bank

Geraldineevery Kelly (Rock road.kingscourt, )


I live in kingscourt and use the atm alot

Bartosz Pekala (Kingscourt, )


How can a town the size of Kingscourt not have a bank or ATM maybe everyone in the town should withdraw their money especially any of the large businesses

Caroline Louth (Co cavan , )


I’m signing this because where else am I suppose to take my money to pay for my Chinese across from the atm because they only do cash. Supervalue and the petrol station have one but never have money in them.

Sebastian Niemczynski (Kingscourt , )


The only way our local representatives would do anything to keep the ATM is if they had to go there to collect their expenses.

Great oppurtunity the for the credit union to install an ATM for local people who use day to day banking services around the town. Take the money and the local business away from BOI altogether.

Gerard Yorke (Kingscourt, )


This is ab essential service in this day and age.

Emma Hamilton (Kingscourt , )


Both me and my husband are kingscourt bank of ireland customers and use this atm for lodging it will be a disaster if this machine is took out.

Sharon Roe (Kingscourt , )

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