Forensic Audit of the 2020 election with a focus on rank choice voting



We need the truth.

Steven Renner (Palmer, Alaska, )


I’m signing because there has been enough evidence of voting irregularities and improper maintenance of Alaska’s voter rolls that to ensure the integrity of the 2020 election and all future elections, a forensic audit on rank choice voting must be done.

Noel Maxwell (Palmer, )


Ranked choice voting harms election integrity.

Hayden Maxwell (Palmer, )


Universal mail-in ballots are easily corruptible. Given the hacked voter information and voting machine irregularities we need a forensic audit. I believe Ranked Choice Voting could be a product of the last fraudulent vote. I saw many ballots rejected by the machine at my precinct.

Daniel Smith (Anchorage, )


With all the blatant irregularities revealed, and questioned during the 2020 General Election, are we so arrogant to believe Alaska is immune to fraud? Let's do the right thing and restore election integrity. My personal opinion has it that voter fraud has been with Alaska for no less then the past decade! CLEAN IT UP!

Paul Mills (Anchorage, )


Dominion machines are hackable, and programable thought the adjudication process millions of line of code, so we want a full forensic audit of 2020 and the more reliable system of vote counting, along with no mail out, mail in ballots. We want free fair elections with every legal vote counted. This fraud allowed ranked voting to pass in my opinion and we know Dominion was a big part of the problem. We need voter ID in person voting for the majority of all elections going forward.

Patrick Egger (Wasilla, )


I am signing this petition because of what has happened across the nation in the 2020 election with voter fraud, stolen state and federal elections and the buying of votes. I desire that the State of Alaska have the highest rank in trust and voter integrity.

Douglas Prins (Palmer, )


My information was possibly part of the stolen DHHS hack & I know 2 individuals who had their info hacked from the elections database.

Lilahlee Borland (Palmer, )


If we do not fix the 2020 General Election, there will not be another free election (period).!

Thomas Nelson (Wasilla, )


We need to regain control of our elections and have them fair and honest like they should be.

BILL Smallwood (North Pole, )


I believe the ranked choice voting in Alaska was fraudulent in 2020.

Linda Cranney (Palmer, )


I am stating this because of the irregularities with the election. I truly believe we need to have a fair, free election and an audit should be done.

Donna Anthony (Palmer, )


I'm signing because I believe the election of Nov. 2020 was stolen by false ballots.

William Gilbert (Palmer, )


I know that state officials, state attorneys, and judicial officials - in defiance of the SCOTUS in Andino, conspired to waive the “witness requirement” from 100,000+ “by-mail” votes in the 2020 election.

Pam Bickford (Anchorage , )


I’m losing faith in our getting a fair honest election

Craig Walls (Willow , )


I'm signing because the lt. governor is avoiding the pressure for a legitimate audit. I am also signing because I was handed a black Sharpie to fill out my ballot last November. I am also signing because for far too long our government in Alaska has been corrupt.

Stanley Johnson (Sitka, )


I have been calling upon our representatives to hold a forensic audit in Alaska, we must fix 2020 or there will be no 2022 or 2024 elections!

Krystie DePue (Eagle , )


I want to sign

michael henri Glasgow (Homer, )


I'm signing because I have ZERO faith having now discovered that our voter information was stolen. We had no idea. That Dominion is now locked in to Alaska as the Voting management system for RCV is doubly concerning. Ranked Choice Voting is not auditable and disenfranchises everybody. The Voter Info booklet took 19 pages to describe how RCV works. Who's going to understand that?

Penny Johnson (Anchorage, )


I don't approve of mail-in voting and Ranked Choice Voting. I think this election was bought by outside interests.

Katherine Hicks (Anchorage, )


I'm signing because I don't feel my vote was correctly reflected and would like to know it was for such an important issue.

Joseph Holland (North pole, )


I believe the Alaska 2020 election was fraudulent. We demand a forensic audit now. I do not know one person who voted “yes” to the Rank Choice Voting system that is now forced upon Alaskans. It is common knowledge that Alaska has serious issues with voting both at the State and local levels.

Judith Helzer (Anchorage, )


Alaska voter rolls are not accurate. Too many voters on the roll who no longer live here. These ballots are being voted from all over the US. Purge the rolls before 2022.

Claudia Dolfi (Sutton, )


I’m signing because of our Lt. Governor’s very weak and unsubstantiated assurance after the last election that there wasn’t any vote fraud. This vote by machine system we have is not transparent at all - very few people have the technical skills to evaluate it - this is a serious problem. The machines need to go in order to get an honest vote again.

Petter Johnson (Anchorage, )


I am signing because voting Integrity matters and we don’t have it.

Melanie Webb (Homer, )


Even though we won the for Trump, I believe it was more.

Amber Hill (Wasilla, )


The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is that good men do nothing.

This is yet another quote impressed upon us by our mother, a woman of faith, who worked her entire life to honor and uphold our privileges and responsibilities outlined in the Constitution of the United States. Our country is in critical condition. 🙏😔

Melinda Osburn (Anchorage , )


I have lost faith in the election system

Pam Smith (Chugiak , )


Stolen elections have severe consequences!!!! The 2020 Presidential election was corrupt and election integrity will never be the same unless it is fixed NOW



This needs to be done.

William Fallacaro (Anchorage , )


I've met only one person who voted for rank choice and I've asked hundreds

Erick Yarnes (Kenai, )


I believe that there was election fraud at every level and it needs to be exposed.

Erik Carlson (Palmer, )


I am sick and tired of the corruption and I will not sit by and just continue to let it happen.

Joseph Bramante (Talkeetna, )


Fix the fraud

Joe Gliori (Willow , )


I believe there was an abuse of our election system due to the use of mail in ballots, electronic voting machines, and security leaks of voters files in AK. Action must be immediately taken. Do an audit!

tom oiye (Anchorage, )


I believe the last two elections were rigged. Ranked choice voting and mail in voting is corrupt and easy to rig.

Jerry Cogdill Sr (Anchorage, )


There needs to be accountability and trust back into our elections. We need to understand that when we vote, it is counted.

Adam Kohl (North Pole, )


I feel strongly that our elections have been compromised and it is time to make sure our voices are actually heard.

Vickie Armstrong (Fairbanks , )


I’m sick of the disgrace within our government and sick of being manipulated by those who are elected to protect our rights.

Marie Boyd (Anchorage , )


I'm signing because there are numerous situations over the years of corruption -- especially in November 2020, but also the 2021 local elections.
We need to start immediately by removing the City Clerk, Barbara Jones. She needs to go quickly.

Joyce Wylie (Anchorage, )


We must protect the integrity of our elections!

Jeffrey Stokes (Anchorage, )


I am signing because our elections should be audited and Dominion machines removed.

Patty Wilbanks (Anchorage, )


We need to make sure every legal vote is counted. We should have the ability to count and inspect any ballot at any time. with out having a judge or any other official blocking public access to the ballots.

Rocky Buff (Wasilla, )


Voter fraud is rampant and I want it found and STOPPED!

Shelley Dyer (Anchorage, )


Alaska must uphold the constitution.
A state that honors its citizens.
A state with integrity!

Holly Chipps (Ninilchik, )


I am signing this petition because we had a hack announced by Lt. Governor Meyer before the 2020 election; our elections were compromised by voter election fraud and must be investigated!

Michael Sheldon (Petersburg , )


We can never trust another election until this is settled. No chain of custody on absentee ballots. Totally unacceptable

DeAnna Koranda (Wasilla, )


Our elections process is one of the most basic founding of our republic. Public trust needs to be at the highest level when it comes to elections.

Andria Dolan (Anchorage, )


I'm signing the petition because there needs to be a forensic audit of 2020 election results in the State of AK. To have more votes cast in any state than there are legal voters is a red flag. He who chose to ignore the advice given with regards to Dominion machines is now duty bound to call for a forensic audit. He needs to do his job and call for one. My husband and I question published results of the 2020 election --votes cast for President AND with regards to rank voting issue.

Janet Lovell Miller (Kenai, )


The Alaska system was in fact hacked.

Johnny Furlong (Wasilla, )


Free and fair elections are the most important thing. Americans and Alaskan don’t trust our elections. If there was no cheating then you should want to show the people. The only reason to fight so hard is if you have something to hide. A recount is not the same as a forensic audit.

Jennifer Cox (Fairbanks, )


I want to trust our to actually mean something instead of fraud and corruption controlling us

Tim Shawgo (WASILLA, )


I believe in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The citizens have a right to assurance of absolute integrity of elections.

Sandy Lenichek (Anchorage, )


We need integrity in our voting systems

Sean McFarland (South Haven, )


I don’t trust the use of Dominion machines, and I demand an audit of the Ranked Choice initiative.

Steven Epperheimer (Kenai , )


I'm signing this because...
the Alaskan mob consists of a collection of entrenched politicians and judges in Juneau and Anchorage, hell-bent on maintaining the status quo – namely, their positions in power and the graft that comes with it.
The movement for full forensic audits is growing across the nation and Alaska is no exception.

Weber Rene (Palmer , )


The 2020 election was severely impacted by potential fraud and MUST be fully forensically audited to ensure election integrity and restore faith by the Alaska voters in our election system.

Randell Jackson (Haines, Alaska, )


the entire election process in the country has been compromised and most Americans have Zero faith in them.

David zink (chugiak, )


I believe in election integrity. Alaskans need to know if our elections are going to be honest & fair. We need a forensic audit of the 2020 election.

Cathy Moore (Kenai , )


I suspect that the ranked choice voting ballot measure narrowly passed as a result of voter fraud. I want it exposed and corrected if true.

Stephen Senisch (Wasilla, )


I'm signing for 2 reasons. First we must have confidence in our elections. Second, when I contacted Gail Fenumia, the head of the Alaska Divsion of Elections to ask some questions, she was evasive and would not answer questions about election security. Where there is smoke there is fire. Time to face the music Director Fenumia.

Jon Sarber (Homer, )


I have concerns of election fraud and voter rights need to be protected.

Tammy Massingham (wasilla , )


There has been testimony of voting fraud from those who volunteer and from those who work in the system. I'm order to restore voter integrity, I support a forensic audit.

Shawna Dziedziak (Wasilla, )





I don't trust Dominion Voting machines, and other States are showing irregularities.

Deb Walser (Wasilla, )


I'm signing because I want what is fair and just for everyone, and with what's been going on, it's becoming increasingly clear that our civil servants are not on the same page as us.

Ethan Furlong (Wasilla, )


Because I am one of the ones hacked and I don’t believe that “ranked choice” passed.

Pamela Hall (Homer, )


I'm signing because of the ever growing body of evidence indicating that these vaccines are not safe. They are being pushed by the very same entities that created this virus in the first place.

Wayne McCready (Fairbanks, )


I want a forensic audit of last year’s election with a focus on rank choice voting because I and my family voted against it.

Kathleen M Eustace (Anchorage, )


I believe our 2020 election may have been compromised.

Anna Violette (Wasilla, )


I am fully convinced that our elections in Alaska are rife with fraud and have been for at least a decade.

Valarie Prince (Chugiak, )


I’m signing because I believe the 2020 election was not accurate and an forensic audit would expose the fraud.

Lisa Houck (Anchorage , )


I absolutely believe we need a full forensic audit. I do not think the election was a fair election. Even though Alaska voted for President Trump I think the election lost integrity with so much fraud throughout the country. Every state needs this audit to prove one way or the other.

Sharon Knowlton (Kasilof, )


I don't trust the results of the rank choice vote.

Adam Sanchez (Kenai, )


I don’t believe that we had a free and fair election

Kara Jones (Ketchikan , )


I think the absentee mail in ballots were an issue.

Kevin McCabe (Big Lake, )


Because I want to have trust in our elections again.

Shawn Monaghan (Anchorage, )


The election was a fraud any case of miss use or abuse we should automatically do a recount or revote

Lewis Amundson (Ketchikan , )


Our elections are rigged and we need a complete audit. Get rid of domenion voting machines

Claudine Gregg (Anchorage, )


we need to keep elections honest

Jerry Royse (Anchorage, )


I know there is a lot of election cheating in Alaska as well as all other states. We absolutely need an audit.

Dennis Riemersma (Palmer, )


I do not trust Dominion machines ever. Why did they had out Sharpies?

Sam Martina (Anchorage , )


I think the 2020 election was rigged by the voting machines and I believe that votes were switched. I have spoken with many people on the issue of rank choice voting and none of them voted for it.

Lisa Roberts (Kasilof , )


I want to be sure everything is above board, and my vote even matters. Thank you

Windy Perkins (Anchorage , )


I am signing because I believe that the Alaska 2020 election may have had hundreds if not thousands of illegal votes cast. The voter rolls need to be audited and purged.

Benjamin Sherburne (Chugiak, )


We need election integrity and Dominion is rife with easy manipulation and fraud.

Kathryne Hillis (Palmer , )


We need integrity back in our election system.

Timothy Hamrick (Wasilla, )


We should not be using Dominion voting machines. Every race counted on those machines is suspect.

Sharon Gherman (Soldotna, )


Time to examine 2020 election. We need a forensic audit!

rebecca ohair (Trapper Creek, )


I'm signing because during the elections in Alaska last year my identity was compromised.

Michael Boll (Talkeetna, )


My adult children got their info has hacked and were notified by the state. What else did the hackers do? I want an election with integrity.

Darcia Grace (Nenana, )

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