Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore



If MOH's intent is to protect the unvaccinated, rather than keeping the unvaccinated out of the malls, you would send more Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D to the vaccinated, for example. Or better still, send such care packages to all the residents, regardless of vaccination status. Please be compassionate and hear the people's voices well.

Wang Feng Ng (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


It is a sudden and bad decision made by the government. They did not consider the impact on the malls and their businesses. They also subject non vaxxed people to be more discriminated!

Cathie Ong (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I am pro-choice, pro-human rights, anti-discrimination, anti-segregation!

R H (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Total discrimination. Too many essential amenities are built into the mall, not all HDB estates have neighbourhood shops like coffee shops, bakery, markets, pharmacies, banks etc. Not all malls are crowded too, there are so many empty shops which has closed down due to poor business/traffic.

Name me a neighbourhood which has singtel/starhub shop, watson/guardian not in a mall?

The differentiated measures is dividing the country, the unvax are being shamed and hated by the vax, which is a sad and worrying sign for Singapore's future.

Kiki Choong (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Vax/unvax discrimination is neither rational nor acceptable in 21st century. It's shame and humiliation of people just because they have different opinion. It's unacceptable to push people to take experimental jabs when there's even no proof they work.

Maria Ko (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This is discriminating the basic right of movement.

Yee Christina (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


These measures to forbid unvaxed citizen to enter malls is not based on true science and data. It seemed to be a selective punitive measures against citizens who chose their rights of bodily integrity. It is proven that vaxxed citizen are more vulnerable to covid infection than those unvaxed, go read the data carefully. Thanks.

Francis Wang (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


SARS-CoV-2 the Virus does not exist! The alleged deadly SARS-CoV-2 Virus which led to this COVID-19 Pandemic cannot be isolated, purified and cultured by scientists worldwide with "IN VITRO & IN VIVO" control experiments. This whole pandemic is based on a "IN SILICO" computer sequenced modelling of an ordinary flu pathogen. What are meaningless testings and vaccines for if there's no alleged deadly SARS-CoV-2 the Virus? Mainstream media, Big pharma in cahoots with world leaders create fear and panic to destroy economy, vaccine lobbying, suppress dissent, mandate policies, for power, profit and control!

Jock Mien Gilbert Tan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Of outright discrimination between vax and unvax.

Lynn Ng (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I'm fully vaccinated but find the latest ruling discriminatory towards the unvaccinated people. Life is difficult enough and we don't need this draconian ruling to make our lives even more difficult and divide our nation and families into two. Talk about mental well-being indeed during this pandemic, please don't add to the stress. If we go down this slippery slope, does it mean that those younger vaccinated ones who decide not to take the booster shot will be eventually labelled as unvaxxed and denied entry and their rights? Will there come a day when the unvaxxed will be denied of a job or even the chance of securing a job? Or children who are unvaxxed cannot go to school? Where does this all end? Stop this madness now.

Magdalene Lim (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I’m against medical apartheid.

Nikhil Hogan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I'm signing because I do no agree to the enslavement of the unvaccinated.

Amina L (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


It involves the life and death of people. We demand the return of rights to the people who do not want the experimental vaccines whose study will only end in 2023. Stop the investment and study trial on Singapore using its citizens as trial objects.

Audrey Hong (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


What we buy into today, we'll have to pay for tomm. NO to draconian measures. Stop messing with our inherent freedoms

Sarah Abrew Chan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This policy is total BS.

Jason Wong (Singapore, 2021-10-12)



Laren Li (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


How in the world does the expert committee come to the conclusion that by removing unvaxx from shopping malls, coffeeshops and hawker centres, will reduce number of cases.

With vaccination rate of 80+% of the population, the unvaxx cannot be cause of the infection. I think everyone with a thinking mind will be able to come to this conclusion.

The majority unvaxx really don't need to be protected from virus. I believed most of them will recover and have a natural immune system in their body.

James Lim (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Shops in the malls do provide necessities required. By blocking unvaccinated people from entering, is reducing our opportunities to get necessities. To sit down and eat a simple cheap meal at hawker centre has also been denied. As a citizen, we work hard to contribute the SG economy. If these basic citizen entitlement are denied just because we decided against taking the vaccine, I am starting to feel less valuable as a citizen by the Government who is upright, clean, good and honest in its policy.

Selina Yap (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I disagree with policy of vaccination apartheid.

Kris Wiwatowski (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I believe that human rights start with equal treatment. The differentiated measures are antithetical to that equality.

Robert Choi (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I have underlying medical condition and have been visiting most of the Consultation appointments are in the mall!

Valerie Yee (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I believe in natural immunity.

Saiizan Mohamed (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I'm signing because I believe in freedom of speech and choice. I am anti apartheid.

Wak Tempeh (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


How do masked unvaccinated people practising safe distancing not dining spread the covid virus in a need to be hallucinating to believe that...

Kwang Po Kho (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Saying NO to communism

Steve S (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Social unjust!

Serene Luah (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


I demand that the the unvaxxed should not be discriminated against. I want to see the ratio between vaxxed and unvaxxed in the daily thousands of cases to support this stupid rule that unvaxxed can't enter malls.

Gail Chang (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I feel it’s not right to stopped the unvaccinated from going to malls or eat out. Everyone is responsible for their own safety! The unvaccinated made their own decision when they venture outside. We all made our own decision for our own lives ! It’s not just the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated also die of Covid ! They stopped the unvaccinated from malls and eating out, but open borders to foreigners! The unvaccinated wants equal treatment with the vaccinated! To vaccinate or not , WE made our own decision for our own life!

Eileen Goh (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


Please stop the vaccination programme immediately, stop all your nonsense and investment.

Zeng Henry (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


The latest restrictions are arbitrary.

SK Lim (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


Govt has no right to lock our freedom that way. Not every unvaxxed Singaporean/PR are Anti-Vax. Govt too desperate to open borders for foreigners, so in their mind, they couldn't care less about the citizens health or well-being.

Diyana Norazmi (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


May government not causing division

Fiona Grace (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I disagree with the differentiated measures and their ostensible objective

Don Yap (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


Vaxxed or Unvaxxed - we should NOT discriminate. Unite Singapore - together as one. We can live as before. 98% mild or no symptoms. Can we chill, please.

Dianna Lane (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


This is medical apartheid. We should call it for what it is.

Naveen Giri (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I’m signing because I have a strong reason NOT to take the vaccine. My daughter got ovarium cancer one year after she got injected with HPV vaccine which is supposed to protect her from ovarium cancer. I DO NOT trust big pharma, as I know they cannot be sued. The current Pfizer vaccine is NOT the Comirnaty vaccine that has been approved (due to be released in 2023, not now). There are lots of current covid19 vaccine injuries but government and big pharma do NOT care!

OEI SIOE LIE (SYDNEY, 2021-10-13)


It's a lose lose situation for patrons and vendors. Nobody win in this. Whether vaccinated or not, wasn't the rule to stay safe with mask wearing and safe distancing? Hence what has malls got to do with this? If vaccine can solve the problem, why would the past months low vax situation be better off than now when we are already over 80% vaxed?

Tess Chua (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


This is totally absurd as is there a statistics that proof those unvaccinated are spreading in shopping malls? How about mrt and buses? This is total discrimination against unvaccinated totally disregarding human rights! If the cannot guarantee the safety of the vaccines they cannot force people to take! How many vaccines injuries have been reported from mild to severe cases all these were not transparently reported at all! And statistics show that human body has higher immunity than the vaccinated, why are all these not reported at all to the public? Why Taiwan and Hk able to contain better than us when their vaccination rates are much lower than us? Why are all these not reported truthfully to the public? Why Indian cases have gone down and what drugs have been used to treat the patients why are all these not reported in the media? The efficacy of the vaccines wanes after 7 months, does it means that the people have to keep in vaccination? This is ridiculous to have only one straight mindset on reliance on vaccination when the professors and scientists do not recommended on! The FDA only approves booster jab for the 60 and above why now pushing for everyone to take booster? What is the rationale behind all these?

Jennifer Ho (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


I am signing because it is a total violation of human right.
Can the vaccines protect people from infecting Covid 19 n its variants?

Or seriously ill or death after infection?

Can the government guarantee financially to look after the vaccine casualty victims? It does not even acknowledge or admit in many cases even death.
So th answer is questionable or DOUBTFUL.

Hence the only logical decision is to avoid vaccination and reject all the unfair discrimination against the unvaxxed.

Helicia Soh (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


I really hoe that government can show a basic human right for us to allow what we want to put inside our body. We see things differently and that does not mean we are wrong. It is unethical to force us through different ways.

Mary Teh (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I'm signing because there is blatant disregard for the vaccine injured or child-bearing Singaporeans here not willing to be test subjects for an experimental vaccine. Long before the covid vaccine was implemented, many of the young and injected had mild symptoms or were completely asymptomatic and recovered well. To refuse unvaccinated yet healthy younger individuals from malls is discrimination under the guise of protecting the vulnerable.

Kimberly Wong (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


Singapore government tyranny on the weak and unvaccinated by not allowing them to access to their basic needs.

They packaged their script very well bluffing people they are protecting the unvaccinated.

Seah Hui Leng (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


The number of unvaccinated adults in Singapore is very small. months ago, the government already banned this minority group from eating in F&B, SPA, GYM and yet the number of covid infections continues to rise!! is this because of the small % of unvaccinated people? or the vaccines doesn’t work?
WEF from today Oct 13th, the government has banned this group from visiting malls and eating at stalls? What is this really for? The coercion is getting stronger to protect the unvaccinated OR to force the unvaccinated to get vaccinated?

Esther Jau (singapore , 2021-10-13)


Our G is lacking humanity, empathy and equanimity. Missed our founding father Mr Lee Kwan Yew’s leadership and stewardship.

Gean Saw (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


There is no proof that there is widespread transmission of the virus in the malls, where we are masked. Even less so at outdoor attractions.

There have been very few cases and no deaths in unvaccinated young people. Rather than “protecting the unvaccinated”, this is an obvious attempt to coerce the unvaccinated young people into getting vaccinated.

Moreover, real data has shown that the risks of the vaccine outweigh the risks of covid itself, especially for young males. Why is it that vaccination is still forced upon them? Does Singapore not care for our future generations?

- A very disappointed Singaporean

June Lim (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


No discrimination please.

Xie Desheng (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


It is ridiculous and discrimination not to allow non-vaccinated people to enter the malls. This is seriously deprivation of human rights.

Linda Ng (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


Vaccincated or unvaccinated are able to catch the virus and spread. Even with the arrival of Delta variant onto Singapore shores in April in the uncurtailed importation of the the virus from then hotspot India, community cases were very low and deaths almost unheard of.
Everything was safe and hospitals not overwhelmed with covid infections though we don't know if it is overwhelmed with vaccines injury. It is only when the government decide to open up the society with discrimination, limiting the movements and access by unvaccinated. Yet cases surged like crazy surpassing now Indonesia and Malaysi for per million population infection. The decision to further blame the unvaccinated curtailed as they are for the huge surge in cases among the vaccinated and despite the claims by the government that the vaccines will prevent SEVERE covid, it does not change the fact that they are infected and needed hospital care because ivermectin or other simple therapeutics are withheld from the poorly informed vaccinated.
I will vehemently refuse the covid vaccination simply based on science that no vaccines has ever been successfully trialed for coronavirus because the pathology simply does not get alleviated with vaccination;
simply based on the science that the vaccines applied during a pandemic for a highly tranmissible human virus will only push it to mutate to natural selection for greater virulence;
simply based on the science that we have proven, safe medications and interventions that can easily control the pandemic and allow the economy to open up without any stress on the hospital resources.
simply based on common sense that the unprecedented censorship shows the ill-will from the government afraid of transparent information that only sharpens the scientific discourse and allowing informed decision making by the hapless, untrained public.
I am no ignorant fool nor uneducated through the relentless insulting imbecile propaganda nor threatened to give up my rights to not gamble with my health for a pathetic existence as helpless digits for the pathetic 'convenience' in an increasingly ugly and enslaved society.

Hui Hien Thng (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I'm signing this because I feel its outright discrimination! There are those who take the 1st dose and was advised by doctors not to go ahead with 2nd dose, this are considered unvax! So sad our govt coming out with rules that restrict their own citizens and YET open to other countries when the case is still so high!

Evon Chi (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


I am unvax and need to go pharmacies inside malls to replenish supplements due to underlying health issues

Robin Lim (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


I bornd in Singapore, and still hold my Singapore passport. vaccination should be a personal choice and consensus. Coercion is taking away personal choice and we need to ask the question why!!!

Tessie Wood (London, 2021-10-13)



FELICIA TANG (Circuit Road, 2021-10-13)


I'm signing because it's wrong to discriminate against vaccinated or unvaccinated. .it's a rite to choose weather you vax or not..

Robert Easton (Wurtulla Qld, 2021-10-13)


I have allergies issue and can’t be vaccinated

Fernn Lim (Din, 2021-10-13)


I’m fed up with all the rotiprata decisions by pappies

David Thia (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


You can never comply your way out of tyranny, stop fearing.

Ye XIN (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


Unvaxxed people are minority. Don't push us to the brim. We are cautious people who have genuine worries about long term side effects. We pay tax too. We do not deserve this outcome.

Grace Foo (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


Vax discrimination is illogical, unfair & ridiculous!
Why the divide or segregation? In this covid saga the govt made questionable policies...restriction measures by MTF were drastic & deprive citizen of privileges of need to enter shopping malls to buy groceries, eat their favourite restaurant, visit clinics, etc.....
There's no attempt to ask for feedbacks from the ground before the MTF made such unreasonable measures which displayed theiir arrogance resulting in being oppressive for those affected. Outdoor activities constraint give way to boredom, loneliness, and confinement which will affect one's mental state & physical fatigue
How do you expect people to continue living normally with their hands tied-up, your rights & freedom under control & being dictated at govt's pleasure...flip-flop measures given by them.
The unvax dont deserve such punishment putting level of duress to all your own people losing touch with the common people on the ground with PM speech that "we are together with us in this covid fight"....what contradictory!!!

Richard Teo (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I’m signing bco I am feeling grieved & betrayed by the latest measures by our govt (whom I hv always love & appreciate). Please stop dividing our beloved nation & the people. We hv come a long way to be where we are, not to be divided over our personal rights & belief & respects for one another.

Connie Ho (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


This is not tested, this is toxin mean to kill the mass.

Deb L (Singapore , 2021-10-13)


It is unfair for the non vaccinated to be disallowed to the shopping mall or unable to eat at hawker & kopitiam, too.

Ce Ce (Singapore, 2021-10-13)


I am signing because this is discriminatory and divisive. It should not have been implemented.

Julie Yeo (Singapore , 2021-10-13)

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