Allow Unvaxxed people entry into Malls in Singapore



I believe coercion into taking a medical procedure is wrong, unethical and immoral.

Viola Shum (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


Inconveniences, the policy being vague, difficult to figure out the enforcement. And also, this would ironically force all the unvaccinated individuals to go longer distances instead of just going to the nearest one. Like for those who live on top of the condominium have to travel more just to get their basic necessities. Use common sense and tell me that is supposed to protect them.

Megan Tee (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


There are no reasons for these illogical, senseless measures. We should be uniting as a country to fight this.

Iris Koh (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Government is incompetent and what an absurd decision that is not only mindless but illogical! UNVAXXED CANNOT DINE IN AT MALLS AND ONLY ENGAGE IN MASK ON ACTIVITIES! Vaxxed however remove masks to eat. Who are the real superspreaders? Wake up. This is just another bully tactic to force vaccination so the country can brag like clowns. Also cos local entities have interest in pfizer and other big pharma ventures

Melissa Teo (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


Warped logic when you say you ban someone because you want to protect them. Should fat people be banned fron macdonalds? Should diabetic patient be banned from Coca cola? Should rich people be banned fron the streets?

The politicians do not use their brains. How sad it is that they say treat the elderly well, but ban them from the one of the only activities they have, which is shopping or just chill at the coffee shop.

Kelly Toh (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Its pure discrimination!!! Not based on science or data

Jek Long (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


It's very wrong not allow non vaccinated to enter mall!

Kevin Chua (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


When govt discriminate unvax who are also paying tax and contributing to Sg, its very obvious now that the vaccine prog is not about protecting our health.

Za Huss (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I’m signing because the new regulations are absolutely ridiculous!! Majority of the spiked cases are vaccinated individuals - not unvaccinated individuals. Stop spreading inaccurate information to the nation and using ‘unvaccinated’ people as a scapegoat for your lack of forethought and inaction, hence the rise in cases. Furthermore, it is absolutely discriminatory to divide the people in this manner. There are those who are pregnant/breastfeeding hence are not willing to take the risk of being jabbed, and those who have gotten jabbed and had allergic / adverse reactions to the jabs - why are they penalised like this? I thought we are “a democratic society based on justice and equality”? Right now, the current regulations are rather fascist-oriented. In fact, it is very clearly seen to be an indirect coercion to get people jabbed when in the first place, “vaccination” is NOT mandatory but voluntary. To be honest, if the vaccination implementation is such a good thing, why are our medical staff still drowning with an overload of Covid patients in the hospitals?? Weren’t we told that the jabs would be PREVENTING the cases from rising in such stark numbers so that it would not cause such strain to our frontliners? So why is it doing exactly that which it was supposed not to do??
Your reasons for these measures do not coincide with what is actually happening on the ground!!

Natalie Sayson (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I m unvac n findcis tyranny, I want my right

Melvis Lim (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I hope the Government may consider a more compassionate and inclusive management of the Covid by not practising discrimination and prejudice.

Pauline Ou (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


New measure is not logical.
Its discrimination.
It divides people even more.
Gv us back our freedom.

Sabariah Ngah (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I'm for free choice. Vaccinated people can catch and spread the virus the same as unvaccinated people. On what grounds are people discriminated against?

Yvonne Naude (MACKNADE , 2021-10-12)


Please let them go for pharmacies / medical services in the mall.

Jasper Chai (SG, 2021-10-12)


With 85% fully vaccinated, cases are still high. How can the 5% unvaccinated adults and 10% unvaccinated below 12 do to offset e health care system?

angie chia (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


In my opinion, it is irrational to deprive anybody from their basic rights of entering the malls, regardless of their vaccination status.

I hope the authorities could try to understand that no everyone entering malls are just for fun/dinning, people may have to visit malls for serious business and running errands, like routine medical/dental treatments, childcare, banking, groceries, post office services, library, etc. I also hope the authorities can understand some unvaxxed could not be vaccinated due to some valid reasons.

Anyway, entering the malls does not require one to remove the surgical mask. It seems like the dinning-in is causing the virus infection to spread like wildfire that the authorities should consider restricting dinning in for everyone, be it vaxxed or unvaxxed.

In fact, I noticed the unvaxxed I know are usually more vigilant and take the necessary precautions to protect and prevent themselves from catching the virus, knowing the possible serious outcome if get infected.

Jaz Tan (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I'm signing because the vacinnated should be safe to enter the mall ya? Why restrict unvac? Because the unvac will pass covid to the Vac("protected" ? Hmm

Raymond Thia (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Don't discriminate

Yeow H Tan (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I find the Vaccination differentiated entry discriminatory. Every non-vaccinated person has the same level of needs as vaccinated persons to access the mall. Based on clarification provided by the Government, "The risk of infection from transient contact, such as in public places, is low", there is no known justified premise to deny entry based on vaccination status. Otherwise, current operation of public transportation such as MRT or bus is much more of a grave concern to public health than shoping malls.

Chung Kit Szeto (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This is crime against humanity.
Such policy are certainly discriminatory
And designed to force experimental drugs on unwilling people.

Bernard Mak (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I cannot get vaccinated due to chronic health condition which causes anaphylactic reactions. I need to be able to enter malls and grocery stores to provide for my family. It is unfair to discriminate in this manner.

Francoise Wilson (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This is a tyranny

Adrian Tan Siang (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I want justice.

Siti Zubaidah Atan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I do not agree to be silenced with tyranny

Freya Lim (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


They are punishing people to push their vaccine agenda by coercion. Tyrants!

Gurmail Kaur (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


petitions almost always never work, but no harm signing anyway hur hur hur

edmw warrior (SINGAPORE, 2021-10-12)


We need to access malls to buy essential things!

Lena Ang (Choa Chu kang, 2021-10-12)


I need the mall for essential services - to buy food, to get medical services or supplies, to get other essential services some not readily found outside mall! Govt can restrict our access to attractions if you think thats frivolous but denying our entry to mall is as good as denying essential supplies! How do you think we can live, not everything we need is readily replaced by shops outside malls! And to go find shops we need travel further, how is that not greater risk too? Please explain the rationale of denying unvaxx into mall or reinstate that access for us. In fact unvaxx go to mall is not to eat or drink hence our masks are on all the time, why are we deemed as higher risk? Your clusters are also not found in malls!

Elin Elin (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


There is no medical reason or logic behind this new caste system!!

Shamala Sundaray (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Stop the medical tyranny. Period.

Michael Sahai (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


There is no basis for govt to ban entry of unvac adult yet allow unvax below 12 to wander alll over including travel !! Any officials has children or grandchildren under 12??

Pam Pan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Stop the discrimination the unvaccinated.

Eric Lim (Singapore , 2021-10-12)



Sandra Fox (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


It is my free will choice not to take the vaccines because I have allergy and out of religious reason. It is discrimination of the Singapore govt to disallow unvaxxed people to enter shopping malls without due considerations and for political agenda. It deprives us of basic needs and human right to freely access food and other supplies. It is unlawful to restrict without valid reasons. Besides the govt is not transparent about the content of the vaccines and those who suffered vaccine injuries and side effects. It is not known about the long term side effects that can affect generations to come.

Lidia Reiki (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Own body own choice. Shall never be a discrimination if vaccine doesnt prevent infection and transmission.

Wendy Lim (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I believe in personal freedom and the right to choose. I also believe that we are being lied to about this virus and the vaccines.

Gurutej Khalsa (Atlanta, 2021-10-12)


This is discrimination. Wearing masks and following rules are good enough . They is no evidence of protection between the vaccinated and non vaccinated . Thus is against human freedom and rights . The damn Singapore Govt .

Semangeline Teo (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I dont agree with all the nonsensical segregation as the vaxxed hs same viral load and placing themselves and their contacts in same risk as unvax. Stop all or allow all. NO MORE DISCRIMINATION.

Maria Din (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


I am signing this because our government is going bonkers☹️🙏.

Maggie Yeo (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


Truth matters

Jolene Lee (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


Because I support this petition

Alex Tan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


It is discrimination to the healthy people who practice healthy live style encourage by SG Gov thru HBP movement.

mardi z (singapore, 2021-10-12)


The rules are getting horrible.

Johnson Ng (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This Scamdemic or C-1984 Planned-demic started from March 2020 and cause many peoples in Sin-city to suffer already for 1 years and 6 months. Many people took the 2nd injection in August 2021 and then in September 2021 suddenly many people still start to die of C-1984 virus. This shows that vaccination does not work. So why are you evil MTF and Ah Loong putting restriction and blame on innocent ordinary citizens except putting the real reason to be your own inabilities. Many people still suffer and you must not create non-sensical rules anymore!🤬🤬🤬

Paul Tan Toon Kim (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Discrimination. Some ppl have health issue cannot vaccine

Cindy Tan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I'm signing this because as a Singapore citizen, i should not be ostracised in this manner and that I should have the freedom to allow whay goes into my body rather than be coerced to.

James Loh (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Our body, our choice. No one has the rights to dictate what we should do with our bodies.
We are not slaves. We want out freedom.
Are we living under dictatorship? What about our pledge about DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY?? REGARDLESS OF RACE, LANGUAGE OR RELIGION, EVEN FREEDOM.

Diana Chin (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This is unfair to unvaccinated people by not allowing them entering into any malls in Singapore. I feel humiliated, discriminated and being treated unfairly. I’m not virus carrier and I have freedom right. I don’t feel I am protected but discriminated. I need to enter malls for my daily and essential needs.

Linda Ng (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


No vaccinated cannot dine in. Cant take of masks at all. How to spread Covid in malls ?

John Yang (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


Stand up, be counted, do your research and stop being Sheeple.... WAKE UP !!!

Leon Trollope (Gold Coast, 2021-10-12)


No vaccine mandate

Tsz Chung Kwan (HK, 2021-10-12)



Joachim Lau (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


Vax and unvax can get and spread Covid virus. By just banning the unvax is pure discrimination. Please don't tell me that the government is trying to protect the unvax, because we are more vulnerable. I believe my immune system is better than the vax. Enough of this nonsense !

Caroline Yeo (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Discrimination of any sort is unacceptable.

Jacob Tan (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This is immoral - coercing people to take medical interventions by disrupting their lives & livelihood. This is also not legal - a single speech to force unreasonable and dangerous demands on people within days? Are they ministers or slave owners?

El Ng (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


I’m signing not because I go to the malls often, but every citizen should be treated equally. The unvaccinated are not criminals; discrimination will not end well. Live & let live.

Yen Chua (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


It was removed yday! Stop making us so busy pls. Peace!

Theresa Wee (Singapore , 2021-10-12)


This is causing division to SG, and against what our pledge represents.

Marissa Sum (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Thank you for putting up this petition! We must band together and fight against this utterly discriminating, unjust and tyranny law!! We must not keep in silent!!
- Another very angry and oppressed Singaporean

Tess Szeto (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


Health autonomy without question

hanyuan84 Chin (Singapore, 2021-10-12)


This is coercion, period.

Tenzin Khoo (SG, 2021-10-12)


I am against TYRANNY!

emma ee (singapore, 2021-10-12)


There are people who are waiting for non mRNA vaccines. There are people who have experienced severe reaction in the first vaccine. There are unvaccinated people who work in malls, need to go for medical appointments in the malls, people who need to bring their children to tuition and enrichment classes etc.

Christina Ang (Singapore, 2021-10-12)

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