Stand up against mandatory vaccination



I'm signing because I believe in basic human rights and freedoms which are currently all being taken away. Enough is enough

Christopher Thompson (Adelaide, 2021-10-22)


Because I don't want to vaccinated

Samaria Jonas (Uitenhage, 2021-10-22)


Mandatory is not law nor should it ever be. These jabs and masks are a power control trip for the politicians the deep state or the cabal. This in unlawful and illegal and they can do to hell. I DO NOT COMPLY

Valerie Brooks Healy (Co. Wexford, 2021-10-22)


No one has the right to force anyone else to put something in their own bodies.

Tony Alvelo (Tampa, 2021-10-22)


I strongly oppose mandatory vaccination especially as all the real scientific evidence shows it does not prevent transmission. As Geert Vanden Bossche pointed out when the mass vaccination started, it only leads to resistant variants - which has come to pass.

Charles OConnell (Dublin, 2021-10-22)


It’s a violation of basic human rights to force a experimental vaccine on people. Also a violation of the Nuremberg code

Corey Tait (Adelaide , 2021-10-23)


Because I believe we should not be forced into taking a vaccine that is in the trial phase. Some have underlying health issues and we do not know how the vaccine will effect those who have the vaccine in 5-10 years time.

If the vaccine was the real deal then tell me why the government is offering 1M to have the vaccine by a certain date?

Jacinta Hobbs (Salisbury Downs, 2021-10-23)


Southwest Airlines is making me get the vaccine or lose my job

Sherry Cummings (Rathdrum, 2021-10-24)


because nobody should be forced take vaccine in long run going her business she can get covid with vaccine

judy ballard (adelaide, 2021-10-24)


Nedůvěřují experimentální vakcíně.

Soňa Matykiewiczova (Praha, 2021-10-24)


súhlasím s petíciou

Emilia Minarikova (Žilina, Sainnkova 3, 2021-10-24)


Signing to stand up against growing infringements on our democracy and human rights.

Joelle Laws (Rusthall, 2021-10-24)


What is the greatest proof of an advanced civilisation? a nation that offers opposition to all forms of oppression.

Michael Moffat (Prescott, 2021-10-24)


The government cannot bullying people to get an experimental venomous serum to anybody. It is UNCOSTITUTIONAL AND THERE IS NO EMERGENCY!! IMPEACH THIS MADMEN AND MADWOMEN TYRANT BIDEN AND BIDEN ADMINISTRATION

Mari O (New York, 2021-10-25)


I dont trust govt n the officials and don't agree that our rights are being stripped

Te okeroa collins (Manurewa, 2021-10-25)


COVID is a sham and so is the vaccine. Natural immunity works the best.

Gina Arnold (Largo, 2021-10-27)


It is unconstitutional . It is taking away our rights to freedom of choice.

Lorri Peterlin (Crandall , 2021-10-27)


the jab has not been fully tested. No long term testing has been done, so it can not be approved .

Florian Konashefski (Hershey, 2021-10-27)


it is un-Constitutional. I live in a free United States of America !!!!

Diane Rush (Waverly, 2021-10-27)


It goes against my Christian principals and conscience. To think that they”re putting things into your body that are not meant for any human and promoting mass death and maiming humans all for the wishes of the few

Rock Smith (Austin, 2021-10-27)


Vaccinations have to be a chose not a mandate

Alex Dessau (Garfield, 2021-10-27)



Tiffany Phariss (Clarksville, 2021-10-27)


take the winning lawsuit from NZ courts this week and duplicate. (a trial doesn't include the total population)

Pat Beattie (Norseman, 2021-10-28)


I'm strongly against mandatory vaccination. These governments should be held accountable for not only violating our rights as human beings but also crimes against humanity. Coercion is not consent.

Robert Campanella (St. Catharines, 2021-10-28)


Unconstitutional, loss of medical freedom to choose

KIm A Parker (Montrose, 2021-10-28)


I believe this is the USA. We have rights.

Susan Rieber (Port Crane, 2021-10-29)


This needs to stop, All mandates against basic human rights

Ximena Palma (Humble , 2021-10-29)


The Covid cured people already have antibodies to cover them from infection and it spreading the virus.

Randee Nadler (Shirley, 2021-10-31)


I am against all mandates!!!

Leslie SHARP (Honolulu, 2021-11-01)


This is a most unfair I got our government has done against the American people I am standing up against mandatory vaccination it is my god-given right to make that choice for myself I appreciate the government to stop bullying the people of the United States

Melissa Dunn (Newark, 2021-11-10)


I support the investigation and bringing to trial of all who have made, promoted, supported and been complicit in the rollout of the vaccines. There many articles and interviews available that clearly show the covid vaccines are being promoted on faulty science, cause short and long term harm and/or death to those who receive them, the effective treatments have been banned by those who stand to profit from further booster vaccinations, and because Bill Gates (in particular) has a major conflict of interest, by (through channels) funding WHO, which promotes vaccines, many of which are got from Moderna, which is owned by Gates, who becomes richer while people's businesses are locked down, finances destroyed and their health decimated.
For scientific/rational thinking against covid vaccines and lockdowns: - from the vaccine being harmful to justice will be served information.
The Vaccine Death Report download from INDOCTORNATION (movie)
Search up Biderman's Chart of Coercion and covid

Melanie MacKay (Emerald, 2021-11-22)


This is unconstitutional, it violates my rights.
I don't need the government to make.any decisions for me esp a communist traitor. NO MANDATES VACCINE , VAX PASSPORT, NO LOCKDOWNS, NO censoring .

Diane Carlson (Medford, 2021-12-01)


I should not be left out of society because of my choice to not be vaccinated, it goes against our human rights.

silvana mangan (kippa-ring, 2021-12-07)


Needs to go

Michelle Flaherty (Tinana, 2022-01-22)


It needs to be a personal choice freedom

Katherine Dillon (Candiac, 2022-03-03)

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