Stop the killing of people and burning of homes in Aghem-Wum, NWR, Cameroon



Please stop the killing of people,please

Emerald Khoza (Cape town, 2021-10-26)


I want the armed conflict in the NW and SW Regions o come to an end and above all, the killings, looting and burning of houses in Aghem to STOP

Kum Walters (Bafoussam, 2021-10-26)


For peace to reign in my hometown Wum.

Nicolas Mua (Bamenda, 2021-10-26)


I and my children are victims

Nchung Margret (Yaounde, 2021-10-26)


My heart bleeds seeing the people of Aghem treated in the worst way possible in the watchful eyes of the administration. My people are helpless.
I wish some authority somewhere could intervene and stop this carnage.
Only international authorities can help in this inhumane turture of a peace loving people.

Rebecca Mbong (Mouscron, 2021-10-26)


I am vehemently condemning the carnage, looting and most importantly the burning of our family members back home in their very own homes. I am calling on the International community to intervene as soon as possible.

Thomas Acheng (Montréal , 2021-10-26)


just want my mother land to return to normalcy.

Decided not to show none (Wum, 2021-10-26)


I refuse and deny with all my soul the killing of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and burning of our homes by the bororo and hausa community in Wum encourage by the Cameroon military.

Rene Achuo Mua (Berlin , 2021-10-26)


I’m against killing of human beings and other evil acts

Cedric Junior (Ottawa , 2021-10-27)


They killing in wum is more the for 3 years now burning of house and massive killing of our bothers and parents back we say no to this

Ngha Nnam (Douala , 2021-10-27)


I'm signing it

EBUA Félix BUA (Bafousam, 2021-10-27)


I'm signing this petition because enough is enough. I'm from Aghem and I've had the experience of losing close relatives and friends to the burning of houses and killing of natives. The authorities do nothing about it. We need this to stop!!!

Donatus Tegha Kum (Pietermatzburg , 2021-10-27)


We are suffering, our mothers,fathers, brothers and sisters, keep dying always day, what pain me most is the way they died, some are burnt, butchered or Slotter and the army force's will be moving with the Hausa to protect them and watched them do these evil to our our people. Please we want to go back home, I can't be suffering else where while I have a good place at home. WE SAY NO TO THE KILLING.

Noella Ekei (Bamenda, 2021-10-27)


The killing and the human right abuse in aghem is really bad and the state and the authorities in place are not willing to seek a possible solution.

Amaazee Tegha Ajem-Awen (Johannesburg , 2021-10-27)


We Aghem people are a proud, industrious and very welcoming people. It's as a direct result of this friendliness that we find ourselves in said predicament. We must ensure that our lives and properties are not damaged or wasted as a result of this truant called Paul Biya and his military cronies or as a result of our friendliness for letting the Muslim people live with us. Enough is enough and something must be done about these unfortunate situations.

Atum-Kedze Mambe (Dayton, 2021-10-27)


I'm signing this petition because a people's very existence is at risk. The Akuh (Mbororo strangers) of Wum in Menchum Division have been armed by the Cameroonian military and with the military corporation have razed down homes and killed members of the Aghem indigenous community. So, am signing this petition demanding a stop to this killing, looting and arson in my hometown of Aghem (Wum). The government of Cameroon through its local administrators such as the Senior Divisional Officers, the Divisional Officers to immediately put a stop to this inhumane and barbaric acts of murder and arson. These acts of wickedness would someday face the heavy arm of justice. Thank you.

Ngong Dzenchuo (Buea, 2021-10-27)


I am signing because my community is perishing unjustly

Kecha Anang (Dubai , 2021-10-27)


I want the government in Cameroon to stop burning houses and human beings and stop the killing.

mua claris (Hyattsville , 2021-10-27)


I am signing because I want peace to return to my native Aghem land

Ewi Benedict Aji (Sangmelima, 2021-10-27)


Because I am a native of Aghem.

Bertrand Ghajeng (Bafoussam, 2021-10-27)


My people are peace loving people and they need not to be pushed to the wall for a very long time because they are very fierce in retaliating.

Robert Ngong (Buea, 2021-10-28)


I am signing this because these are signs of genocide sponsored by the state of Cameroon on the people of former Southern Cameroon now called the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. I want the genocide and human rights atrocities to stop

Tsi Conrad (Yaounde, 2021-10-28)


I’m signing this because enough is enough

Ralph Mkhabela (Cape Town , 2021-10-28)


There is a lot of killings by the Biya Government

John Kangha (Rahway NJ , 2021-10-28)


I want peace because my people are suffering from the Fulani. We are peace loving people

Elsie Kum (Richmond , 2021-10-28)


Stop the violence

Amouh Nelson (Douala, 2021-10-28)


The indigenous people of AGHEM have been subjects to butchery, burning of traditional palaces and homes, looting, and enforced disappearances from some identifiable Fulani/Hausa individuals in complicity with Cameroon gov't troops and non-state armed groups. STOP these grievous violation and abuses.

Pateh Thomas (Akuse, 2021-10-28)


I am from Aghem and I want the carnage in my home to stop. I want peace in Aghem.

Syh Aji-Mvo Ambe (Laurel, 2021-10-28)


I am concern about my old people in Wum

Billy Mukoi (WASHINGTON, 2021-10-28)


I relate to this happening. I am a refugee in U.K from this area.

Paulette Mengnjo (Birmingham , 2021-10-28)


I'm signing because I want the world to know that Tennant have taken over from the landlord.

AKWA Wilfred (Yaounde, 2021-10-29)


I'm signing this because I want killing should stop in my town(WUM) AGHEM LAND

Kum Kizito (Yaounde, 2021-10-29)


I honestly want the killings and burnings in Wum and in Southern Cameroons to STOP

Florence Nchia (Bamenda, 2021-10-29)


I am signing this petition because as part of a collective voice,the Carnage( burning of homes ,merciless roasting of innocent fathers,mothers etc in a conscienceless manner in Aghemland (Wum) is wrong and must be condemned with all strength, void of hypocrisy and Political interests attached with this gruesome and inhumane act of injustice by man against another man. As humans, we are often wrong in trying to be Politically correct in societal pursuits and interests, especially predatory interests therein, forgetting to understand that respite in humanity's future is reliably strengthened, and brought to the fore only when we constantly teach ourselves the essence of why we exist in our deferrence as part of a cosmic whole, as part of God's special creation, then re-consider our difference, our diversity and unity as a race, while consciously avoiding the blemishes involved in our diversified knowledge of Creed, prioritize the sanctity associated with our religious, as well as spiritual understanding and ascension of these natural norms with practised ease. Thus, a "RICH" and "DIVERSIFYING UNITY" among mother Earth's offsprings, as well as our kind( black Africans). Time to unapologetically unteach ourselves the malignant interests attached with our idiosyncratic belief-systems, based on Politics, Religion and race. Our "DIFFERENCE" is our most valued wealth if we constantly strive to bring the much needed clarity to these underlying natural phenomenon, and should therefore be protected.And, of course, while the benevolent aspects be whole hearted embraced by all and sundry, otherwise, the malevolent should be extrinsically pushed away and in lieu, thought of as unnatural aspects of human nature. Brave people of Aghemland, sympathisers of Aghem plights, our predicaments are real, and so therefore, the world needs our "VOICE" as a collective, not as individuals, because it is the strength intrinsic with our collective resolve, our identified unity in diversity that makes the difference for that quality Change we seek. Logically, from a natural observation, I stand with "HUMANITY" first, while "JUSTICE" comes later. ##PEACE AND LOVE TO AGHEM MY BEAUTIFUL HOME##

Kum Ghong (Bamenda, 2021-10-29)


I am signing this petition because I abhor the killings and burning down of houses in my beloved home town in Aghem Wum. Enough is Enough with the gruesome burnt bodies of our people.

Mary Ghongkedze (Ruston , 2021-10-30)


They have killed alot of children, burnt houses, roasted grandparents in their homes, mother's, children are homeless. The state is saying nothing, military is killing everyday and rendering people homeless. I'm filled with grieve

Kedze Marcevinus Akah (Bamenda, 2021-10-31)


Stop the killing and burning of houses

Robert Tenyi (14956768340, 2021-10-31)


To end the brutal killings in Wum by the military and Fulani men

Nelson Kum (Nairobi , 2021-11-01)


I am signing because I am an Aghem man who is pissed up with the killing and burning of house spearheaded by Hausa people whom we've lived with for years and thought we're family not knowing we're enemies. I myself have been affected as our house was razed to ashes and my neighbors killed. Thank God my Senior Brother successfully escape.

DERICK MUA (Bamenda, 2021-11-01)


I'm signing because I want the international community and the government of Cameroon to know that we the people of aghem are tired of seeing our homes being burnt and our brothers killed! Let the government hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions!

Beltus kum Dze (Buea, 2021-11-01)


I feel for them. Stop the killing

Awa Fombung (Buea, 2021-11-02)


I am signing because I want the Fulani tribe in Wum to stop killing, burning and terrorizing the peace-loving people of Aghem.

Reuben E. Kum (Silver Spring, MD, 2021-11-02)


I’m singing because I want this no sense war to stop

Rodrigue Wabo (Bronx , 2021-11-02)


Government is killing it own citizens in NOSO CAMEROON

Zui Manto (Bangangte , 2021-11-02)


United we win divided we fall, let join our hands and fight for our home town

Amih Fidelis Nchia (Yaounde, 2021-11-03)


The People of Southern Cameroon are really suffering and needs help. It’s been like this for more than five years. Several villages and towns face something even worst than this.

Abanda Noel Edugu (Abu Dhabi , 2021-11-03)


arrête la guerre au noso

Florence Tchoualack (Paris , 2021-11-03)


Am signing because the destruction back home is too much. Our people are helpless.

Mua Alida (Douala, 2021-11-04)


This unnecessary war needs to end.

Rudy Tatientse (Minneapolis , 2021-11-04)


I'm signing because the dirty war is costing the innocent Civilians very heavy. #End the dirty War

Mbiydzenyuy Kernyuy (Bamenda, 2021-11-11)


Stop the Killing ofpeople and burning

Tagojeu Luc (Tunis, 2021-11-12)


The genocide is too much.

Alombah Godlove (Bamenda, 2021-11-14)


I'm signing because I want the killings to stop in Wum.

Kpwa Rose Sangha (Bamenda, 2021-11-14)


The killing and burning of houses in wum by the military and Fulani

Ewi Clovis kum (Wum, 2021-11-15)


Stop the burning of our house in Aghem,Wum in Menchum Division of North West Region by the Haussa and Akus with protection from government military behind them

Evaristus Abah Anang (Yaounde, 2021-11-19)


I want my village to be free

Tzy Milano (Douala, 2021-11-24)


I want this war to stop my country

Ismael Diallo (E, 2022-02-04)

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