The ongoing mandate requirements are not proven to be in the best health of the students or staff.

Shirley Bloethe (New Britain , 2022-01-17)


Studies prove that the risk of the booster outweighs the risk of covid disease.
Also, most of our children, vaccinated or not, have already had covid.
Please, resins the booster mandate for our children. They deserve better!

Elizabeth Steber (Avon, 2022-01-17)


I’m signing because it is documented that young adults are not at risk of death from this virus and it has been shown that the vaccine and the boosters are harmful to this age group, also to mention, the vaccine doesn’t stop the virus from

Victoria Clements (Voluntown, 2022-01-17)


It should be a choice

Karen Benson (Unionville , 2022-01-17)


My daughter tested positive for Covid twice in the last 12 months and is currently vaccinated. Getting a booster right after she had Covid is dangerous and theres no data to support this.

Christine Weber (New Providence, 2022-01-17)


The campus is like 97% vaccinated… there is no science behind boosters even working. They literally just announced they have to make a new one for this new variants. Are you planning on forcing these young healthy adults to get multiple boosters a year? With no long term data on how these spike proteins are going to affect their body?

Nicole Wade (New Hartford, 2022-01-17)


My daughter, family and friends go to UCONN. It should be a choice not a mandate.

Teresa SZCZEPANSKI (West Simsbury , 2022-01-17)


My son is a UCONN student who had Covid over winter break and prior to that he had his first and second doses of vaccine. A booster is completely unnecessary. Being a 22 year old male, he is in the group that is at greater risk for vaccine induced myocarditis and pericarditis. There is no benefit for him in getting a booster, but there is risk.

Danielle Burke (New Fairfield, 2022-01-17)


I believe that where their is risk their must be Choice and that every person should have the God given right to make medical decisions. Once it was proven that the mRNA therapy does not prevent one from getting or transmitting Covid the argument of collectivism with regard to public health became moot.

Susan Zabohonski (Southington , 2022-01-17)


Mandates are unconstitutional.

Paul Campbell (Bristol , 2022-01-17)


Tha vaccines are not providing any protection from getting and/or spreading Covid. And they could cause tragic side effects.

Dorota Geca (Sarnia, 2022-01-17)


I’m signing this because it is not right to mandate anything that someone has to put in their bodies. There is so much conflicting data and science out there I cannot understand how you could force something on a person when you are unaware how their bodies will react to it.

Meagan Jones (Cheshire, 2022-01-17)


Each person has a right to choose what they put in their bodies and how to protect themselves against viruses and should not be forced or coerced into doing something that they don’t think would be healthy for their own bodies. These shots are not eliminating the virus, which similar to flu and cold, and will continue to exist. Our bodies can and need to build natural immunity to fight this type of virus. Moreover, the virus is not lethal with a recovery rate of 99%+ but the experimental shot has had adverse affects on hundreds of thousands of people in the short term and we have no idea about the long term affects. In the end, it is unconstitutional and immoral to force someone to take a shot if they feel it is not right for them.

Alicia Duncanson (Killingworth, 2022-01-17)


It is my opinion we are hindering the student from the opportunity to receive advanced education.

Wendell Barry (West Simsbury, 2022-01-17)


Mandates need to stop. Personal choice is paramount and I support medical freedom

Melissa Palmeri (Bay shore, 2022-01-18)


My son is a prospective student at UCONN. For many young adults, the risk of ending up in the hospital from covid does not outweigh the risks of an adverse reaction from the vaccination/booster. Getting this vaccination or booster should be a personal choice.

Cheryl Lage (Amston, 2022-01-18)


No one should be forced to vaccine let alone booster.

Michelle Von Brook (Melville, 2022-01-18)


Concerned parent of college age students who has decided after tireless research and consultation with many doctors that the booster makes zero sense and can do nothing but harm to these healthy naturally immune students.

Robert Hymans (Wyckoff , 2022-01-18)


I strongly object to a
ALL vaccine mandates

Mary Alice Stevenson (Shelton, 2022-01-18)


My daughter has been vaccinated and has natural immunity and does not want to get the Booster because she does not feel it is necessary and does not feel the benefits outweigh the risks. There has also been a lot of information from vaccine experts at the FDA staying at Boosters for everyone are not necessary.

Kristin Flocke (Milford, 2022-01-18)


I believe that this mandate is not only inappropriate, but also ineffective in stopping the spread of the covid virus. It risks only to create potential harm. All medical interventions should be done voluntarily and without coercion.

Laura Albanese (West Hartford, 2022-01-18)


Unconstitutional! Your on notice and will be held accountable in Nuremberg trial for forcing a medical procedure on students to attend school.

Michele Chamberlain (Lisbon, 2022-01-18)


Stop the Booster requirement at UConn

Cheryl Ippolito (Trumbull, 2022-01-18)


I don’t believe healthy young adults, should be told to get vaccinated and boosted or withdraw from school. This is their life and you’re making them throw it away. The school my daughter goes to said they bear no responsibility if there’s a serious adverse event because the vaccine is a personal choice. It’s not a personal choice, the government is making it mandatory. Their choice is get the vaccine or withdraw from school. I would think the colleges would be standing up to this because they will lose many students and I’ll make sure incoming students know how they treated the students who stood up for their freedom.

Mary Rowan (Stony Point, 2022-01-18)


I’m signing to make the point that the country is approaching the endemic phase of covid. How can you require a known ineffective booster that is clearly based on profit for big pharma and not science at all? You well know it does not prevent nor stop the spread of Covid. Learn to live with it and live and let live. Millions of potential students will not apply to this university with any “vaxx” mandate in place. When you see the declining revenue over the next few years, I feel certain then and only then will your administrators wake up to reality. Do the right thing and drop all mandates for the sake of the health of our children. I will pray for a proper outcome because I believe it will happen. Be part of the solution and not the problem.

Robyn Matera (Old Tappan, 2022-01-19)


When there is a risk, there must be a choice. No college mandates!

Lucia Sinatra (Kentfield, 2022-01-19)


I do not believe that people have to be required to do this. I thought we were a free country

Carol Mironenko (Ho Ho Kus, 2022-01-19)


This is insanity. Did you forget if it wasn’t for parents and students who keep your school open. You wouldn’t have a school. End the madness. Government or schools have no business in anyone’s personal medical decisions

Jill Swanson (Naugatuck , 2022-01-20)


The mandates are unconstitutional and against my beliefs

Bonnie Burleigh (Lebanon , 2022-01-20)


I’m signing because my child should have the right to decide if they want the booster or not, not be forced to take it. Plus people are still getting covid even with the booster

Rachael Tucker (Preston, 2022-01-20)


These shots are not preventing spread. This should be a personal choice made in conjunction with your doctor.

Jessica Lupi (Blauvelt , 2022-01-21)


Vaccines should not be mandated. If they are mandated for students why are they not mandated for ALL Staff and teachers?

Sarah Harrigan (Vernon, 2022-01-21)


My son received the J&J shot 4 months ago and has natural immunity from being infected in December.

Lynne Young (West Simsbury , 2022-01-21)


These mandates are not constitutional. This age group is more at risk of adverse events from the vaccine than for serious Covid symptoms. This is not an exercise in free choice.

Jacquie Zazzaro (Wethersfield , 2022-01-21)


We are still in an experimental phase and it is absolutely wrong to force us to experiment with our greatest asset. Our children.

Kathi Sottosanti (Mountainside, 2022-01-23)


I am pro-medical freedom. It has been shown beyond doubt that these COVID vaccines minimally reduce transmission. If they do not protect those around you, only yourself, it should be a personal decision, especially when college-student age group have close to no real risk.

Jacob Ivanov (Granby, 2022-01-23)


I am signing this petition because this vaccine has been proven harmful. Myocarditis and menstrual disruptions post vaccine are of grave concern. No one should be forced to take any kind of medical procedure to attend college! One size does not fit all.

Deb Reed (East Berlin, 2022-01-23)


The vaccination does not prevent either infection or transmission, and there are side effects
Israel has the highest daily cases per capita globally after many received 3rd and 4th boosters

Please stop requiring booster shots

Ava Qin (Glastonbury, 2022-01-23)


No mandates period ! freedom of choice bodily autonomy is important for all

Julie Flood (Warren, 2022-01-23)


I believe in choice. No one should be forced to do anything they don't want to do. Especially medical freedom!

Melissa Gibbons (Berlin, 2022-01-24)


I'm signing it because most of the college kids are healthy and have zero risk of Covid death or complications. But there would be too great risk from the Covid vaccine than Covid itself. The vaccine already proved won't stop the transmission.

wenji peng (GLASTONBURY, 2022-01-24)


I would like to provide you with some scientific studies you may not be aware of. This first link is actually a collection of several links to scientific studies showing the ineffectiveness of masking. https://swprs.org/face-masks-and-covid-the-evidence/ This is another excellent compilation of information regarding masking. https://covidreason.substack.com/p/masking-children-is-an-ineffective?r=7ikwa&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source= I think at this point most people recognize that Covid-19 vaccination provides no community benefit. It is clear that vaccinated people can and do transmit the virus. This is one recent write up that is quite clear. https://brownstone.org/articles/it-is-time-to-face-reality-about-the-vaccines/ Here are the charts of Covid-19 case numbers for 2021 compared to 2020 https://covidreason.substack.com/p/oh-look-omicron-is-here?r=ozbkl&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email This next link is an excellent summary of the Pfizer trial data. If you read nothing else in this e-mail I would strongly recommend going through this information~. https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/The-COVID-19-Inoculations-More-Harm-Than-Good-REV-Dec-16-2021.pdf This is a link to a summary of the VAERS data for Covid-19. There have been more reported injuries for Covid-19 vaccines than for all other vaccines combined. (You can toggle to select just U.S. data ~ the default is ALL reports including those from outside of the United States.) https://openvaers.com/covid-data This is a somewhat dated (September 2021) article on the vaccine side effects, https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/mon78-most-common-adverse-events-reported-after-covid-19-vaccination Have you read any of the statements by Dr. Peter McCullough? https://www.theepochtimes.com/perspectives-on-the-pandemic-with-dr-peter-mccullough_4221243.html

It is common knowledge that the pharmaceutical companies routinely keep dangerous products on the market even after they know that they are causing serious harm. They have a consistently terrible track record when it comes to integrity and accountability. Long term effects from these interventions are unknown. Even if vaccinations were 100% safe and effective, people still have the right to decide what is injected into their own bodies. This is the foundation of freedom. Colleges, especially, should take a stand against coercion and discrimination. I hope you will genuinely look at this information with an open mind.

Jennifer Benham (New Hartford, 2022-01-24)


This has gone on long enough.

Bucior Mike (Old Lyme, 2022-01-24)


I do not feel a booster is appropriate for this age group who have been vaccinated.

Anne Harrington (Walpole MA, 2022-01-25)


I’m signing because everyone should have the choice to be vaccinated or not. It should never be mandated.

Cristina DelGiudice (Smithtown, 2022-01-25)



Scott Veley (Berlin, 2022-01-25)



Nicholas DAmato (Granby, 2022-01-25)


It is an individual's choice.

Joan Veley (Berlin, 2022-01-25)


My body my choice.

Felicia Czumble (Trumbull, 2022-01-25)


Anything experimental or carries risk should be choice. Education dependent upon medical status is discrimination.

Wendy Wilson (New Milford, 2022-01-25)


As a UCONN alumni I am disgusted by this mandate. You have no right to dictate that an experimental drug go into anyone’s body, especially are youth. And worse off you are holding their education hostage. You are shameful.

Dawn Ouellette (Watertown , 2022-01-25)


This mandate is constitutional

Tammy DiLeo (Trumbull, 2022-01-26)


I’m signing to protect my daughters fertility and to save my son from myocarditis, You should care about protecting our kids’ (who do just fine with covid) future from the vaccine that has NO long term studies…. Use common sense and protect our kids!

Sue Cleary (Bethel, 2022-01-26)


As parents and adults, we should be making our own healthcare decisions with our physicians. They should not be dictated to us by a panel from a University, school, Government, or anyone else for that matter!

Debra Young (Newton, 2022-01-26)


Covid vaccine already killed more than 20,000 people alone in USA. It’s a crime. Don’t mandate.

Akiko Hudson (Glenview , 2022-01-26)


I agree with this petition!

Amy Irish (Stamford , 2022-01-26)


Mandates for boosters that are NOT RECOMMENDED any the World Heath Organization for young people is utterly ridiculous, discriminatory and obviously they don’t work to prevent transmission.

Jennifer Sherriff (Southport, 2022-01-26)


These mandates are unconstitutional.

The vaccine is experimental.

Michele May (Tolland, 2022-01-26)


My body, my choice.

Lindy Urso (Cos Cob, 2022-01-26)


Vaccine mandates should be illegal

Jeanne Shea (North grafton, 2022-01-26)


I do not believe vaxx/mask mandates are constitutional. Nor do they stop the spread of the virus. Also, college age people are prone to serious side effects from the vaccine, and are at little risk of serious illness from Covid 19.

Mary Kathryn LaRose (Kensington, 2022-01-26)


I disagree with mandatory vaccination!!!!!!!

Khristine Long (Naugatuck, 2022-01-26)


Keep medical freedom of choice

Raquel Zapf (Wilton, 2022-01-26)

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