Demand justice, fairness, and accountability for tenants involved with social housing



Please Do what is right

Vicky Kent (Port Macquarie, NSW, 2022-02-01)


What has happened to Ms Courtney McGregor must not be allowed to happen again and Courtney deserves compensation that would help alleviate some of the huge financial cost that she has suffered.

David Jones (Mooloolaba, 2022-02-01)


All public housing tenants deserve safe housing.

Cherie Lee (Bundaberg, 2022-02-01)


I believe in fairness and justice.

Mark Williams (Upper Mount Gravatt, 2022-02-01)


I want justice for tenants of Public Housing who have been injured from living in Public Housing

Narelle MacPherson (Toowoomba East , 2022-02-01)


Everyone is entitled to safe housing. It is clear that Courtney has been through a series of nightmarish circumstances, brought about by systemic failures along with refusal to take responsibility from many public servants, from the premier down.
The public housing system must be a system where people under their care are actually cared for and supported, at all levels, promptly, with respect and with care.

Barbara Mahle (Melbourne, 2022-02-01)


Social housing and looking after the most vulnerable is a basic tenet of community.

Cevan Thompson (Melbourne , 2022-02-01)


No one should live in substandard housing. All rental accommodation should be fit for its purpose.
Compensation should be paid to the petitioner by the state.

Robyn Muller (Miners Rest, 2022-02-02)


Tenants should be able to live in safe accommodation. This is appalling negligence.

Vicki Platt (Adelaide, 2022-02-02)


The Minister and Department have used their overwhelming power imbalance to sneak out of providing adequate compensation for injuries it appears they caused

Unconscionable conduct by a 'public service'

Stephen Grey (FRANKSTON SOUTH, 2022-02-02)


Australia is a wealthy country. Everyone should have access to appropriate, safe, affordable housing.

Melisa Burke (Coffs Harbour, 2022-02-02)


I believe that all people should be able to live in a safe environment.

Bers Spanos (Woodbine , 2022-02-02)


Social Housing should be safe, accessible and appropriately maintained.

Anne Rule (Wandin North, 2022-02-02)


I'm signing because there is injustice in this refusal to meet with Courtney and provide for her requirements. All tenants of social housing face discrimination and contempt from politicians. This must stop and compensation paid where it is owed and alternative housing provided.

Fergus Hancock (Newcastle, 2022-02-03)


Critical health problems engendered by inadequately maintained public housing deserve to be remedied.
Ms McGregor’s matter and the lack of response to it by the department, and the other state politicians who have been contacted, is unacceptable.

For the health and safety of all tenants, all public housing premises must be fully restored to habitable quality without delay and continually maintained as such as a fully funded priority.

High quality Public housing capacity must be expanded to cater for all areas of need in the community.

This is a matter of urgency.

Nicole Webber (Sydney, 2022-02-03)


Australia needs to have a national standard for treatment of mould and when, how it is to be treated.

Janine McMahon (Southport, 2022-02-03)


What happened in Courtney’s case exposes not only the lack of proper regulation and oversight of public housing, but the obfuscation of the Minister and Department. Courtney must be compensated and the Minister and Department must be held to account.

Fiona Lamb (Point Clare, 2022-02-05)


The health of tenants should protected in public housing.

Judy Pilch (Sydney , 2022-02-05)


I am a committed socialist.

Joan Beacroft (Bloomfield, 2022-02-05)


I'm signing because everyone deserves to live in safe housing.

Barbara Cassidy (Wentworth Point, 2022-02-05)


Housing should not make people sick.

Cat Kilderry (Narre Warren North, 2022-02-06)


Public housing health and safety is unconditional. I would also raise the quality of boarding houses which house homeless people who cannot access public housing. Boarding houses are charging exorbitant rents where the conditions offered are disgusting. What is the oversight of these business's? Why is the opportunity to provide mental and physical health care not acted on in boarding houses? The latest one I witnessed had a kitchen in great disrepair while the rent of $195 week for a dirty room was charged. Who will act for this disadvantaged group?

Annette Brownlie (Brisbane, 2022-02-06)


People in social housing have every right to live in premises that do not endanger their health and well-being. They should also have the right to redress if their health is impacted by sub standard social housing. People who are already vulnerable need support and dignity. Situations like this one are too common and do immense damage, physically and mentally.

Dru Morgan (FINLEY, 2022-02-08)


I care. And public housing should have rules to protect tenants similar to private rentals.

Valerie Albert (Broome , 2022-02-08)


Social.housing is a necessity. It also can be pathway to owning home. It is a disgrace what they r offering ppl. The houses either unliveable or newly size doghouses where if alone toilet off bedroom so guests have to go thru bedroom. That is disrespectful.

Katherine Baldwin (Albany, 2022-02-09)


People living in public housing have the right to a safe secure property to live in where maintenance and upgrading when needed especially where it effects the health of tenants should be standard principles. No one should be living in mould effected properties.

Lea Mitchell (Dungog, 2022-02-11)


I’m signing as I’m in full support of Courtney and think this needs to change. You all need to do the right to thing.

Emz Wells (Brighton , 2022-02-12)


What a deplorable way to treat another human being. Our Government continues to shock me with it's outright disregard for the people it is MEANT TO BE SERVING.
If laws are good enough to bind the public to - ie landlord & tenancy laws, then they should be good enough for our Government, who devised and passed those laws, to abide by also.
I support Courtney in this petition.

Sandy Orme (Flagstaff Hill, 2022-03-03)


This is too important. Having previously lived in public housing I am familiar with their behaviour.

Janet Casey (Tuross Head, 2022-03-22)


We need to do better

Paul Fathers (RATHMINES, 2022-03-31)


An intelligent Twitter “friend” asked me to sign.

Deirdre McQuillan (PERTH, 2022-03-31)


Tenants are not protected enough.

Vicki Platt (Adelaide, 2022-04-11)


I can’t comprehend what I’m reading you’ve been through and the cost to your life.
I Aldo know what it’s like to fight a politician, being currently bankrupted by Josh Frydenberg for $1/2M!

Michael Staindl (Hawthorn, 2022-04-11)


Renting is tough on renters without finding your've rented a fungal hotspot

Susan Ashford (Medina, 2022-04-12)


No one should be treated like this. Toxic mould illness was caused through one of Queensland’s government departments so it should accept responsibility. This is disgusting behaviour.

Narelle Ford (Canberra, 2022-05-18)


Justice is not just for those that can afford it.

Fabio Barone (Burwood, 2022-05-22)


TMS is horrible, awareness must be raised and landlords, both public and private, kept accountable.

Sean Batt (Torrens, 2022-05-22)


Housing providers always have a duty of care - private or public.

Mark Schneider (Frankston South , 2022-05-22)

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