Fight against NWU's mandatory vaccinations



Over every person's body, they are Sovereign Anyways these injection does not work so why mandate it. There are so many risks in taking these experimental injections and research and evidence has shown it is ineffective for what it is supposed to do. University obviously stand to gain monetary somehow and that's why they are ignoring the facts.

Mark Jacobs (Centurion, 2022-02-14)


No one should be forced to take any form of drug, vaccine or any other drugs against their will.

Andries Scheepers (Ballito, 2022-02-14)


These jabs do not stop transmission so there is no need to force people to have them!

Angie Kritzinger (Cape Town , 2022-02-14)



Leon Jansen (Krugersdorp, 2022-02-14)


Not over my dead body I don't recognise the A N C as my government

Vincent Gepp (Cape Town, 2022-02-14)


Everyone has the right to choose what medical procedures they allow and their right to bodily integrity.

Annalize Eastes (Randburg, 2022-02-14)


My body is my right. The students have the same right.

Naly KotuRammopo (Tshwane, 2022-02-14)


1 Mass Vaccination in a pandemic is never indicated. I believe that by vaccinating I will CONTRIBUTE to the prolongation of the pandemic.
2 There is no proof that the experimental injection is safe
3 To which extent will the vaccination compromise natural immunity?
4 What is the definition of FULLY VACCINATED?
5 The vaccine is not preventing infection and therefore it cannot prevent transmission. This is not an opinion, but a fact
6 Countries with a very high vaccination rate also have extremely high infection rates

Mari Buys (Nelspruit, 2022-02-14)


Every person has the right to choose

Rodney Tollemache (Secunda, 2022-02-14)


I believe I should have the right to decide what I do to my body and everyone also has that right

Adele van Reenen (George, 2022-02-14)


The Vaccination is an experimental drug - Any sane individual would know to protect their right to any form of external, human made, untested, experimental, irreversible, permanent, chemical invasion that behaves erratically and inconsistently in different individuals.

Hendrik Coetzer (Klerksdorp, 2022-02-14)


Mandatory vaccination is unconstitutional. It does not reduce transmission or infection. We need encourage healthy eating and lifestyle instead of chemical which does not work

Ruwayda Mohamed (Cape Town , 2022-02-15)


I do believe in freedom of choice - all people should be allowed to choose if they would like to vaccinate or not.

Caryn Lawrence (Cape TOWN, 2022-02-15)


I don't want to be vaccinated and believe it is wrong if I am forced to go against my religion for someone else's belief.

Esmarie Van Heerden (Pretoria, 2022-02-15)


I care

Helmut Kolar (Kempton Park, 2022-02-15)


Everyone has the right to informed consent and non-prejudicial refusal of treatment
or experimentation as iterated and agreed to under the Nuremberg Code (Code 1998),
Helsinki Accords (Association and others 2009), and the Human Rights Declaration on
Bioethics (UNESCO 2019) as inalienable, essential, and non-negotiable.

Gerhard Du Plooy (Klerksdorp , 2022-02-15)


This is absolutely human rights abuse!! NO government has the right to invade people's bodies and use them as lab rats for something that has no protection against this virus.

Marianne Benade (Midrand , 2022-02-15)


the vacinne doesn't guarantee protetion. Natural immunity does.

Carl Richter (Paarl, 2022-02-15)


Nobody ought to be forced to do something they don't want to!

Ackerman Marina (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-15)


The COVID-19 infection previously had a recovery rate of 99.98%. The Omicron strain currently prevalent in South Africa perhaps has a 100% recovery rate. So what are you vaccinating against? Besides, is your university prepared to pay compensation for life-changing injuries or death of students if that occurs? Will your university survive a class action suit? If however the jab is voluntary, you will not be held liable for injuries or deaths. Think before you act on this ill-advised move!

David Mashigo (Pretoria , 2022-02-15)


Ek teken die want ek weier dat my kinders en ek self daai gif in ons lighame sal kry nie jammer. God se bloed het ons ryn gewas.....

Adre Jacobs (Welkom, 2022-02-15)


Governments and institutions are forcing people worldwide to take unsafe experimantal drugs. This needs to stop. They are killing people with these drugs.

Johann Kriek (Virginia, 2022-02-15)


Vaccines are bad anf they dont work. There is no emergency.

Erica Wentzel (Secunda, 2022-02-15)


Die regering wil covid in ons kele afdruk. ń Onkapabel regering.

Norman Moolman (Meyerton , 2022-02-15)


“Every human should exercising their Non-Derogable Right in terms of Chapter 2 of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996, as Amended. People should be able to choose not to receive a Covid19 Vaccine.

Leon Kuhn (Secunda, 2022-02-15)


This should be freedom of choice. When you are forced to do something, it raises alarm bells. We are adults, capable of thinking for ourselves.

Sandy Bayman (Pinetown , 2022-02-15)


I do not want to take the Covid-19 vaccine & I also don’t want to be forced to.

Ruan Kuhn (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-15)


People may not be forced to be vaccinated in order to study. It is discrimination.

Christo Haasbroek (RUSTENBURG, 2022-02-15)


Concerned citizen.

Wilma Rex (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-15)


I'm not against the vaccine. Rather I believe that currently with the omnicronvariant the mandate is ridiculous. Since not only isn't it super effective, the omnicronvariant doesn't have a high mortality rate. Further students are not in danger from it.

I do believe that availing vaccinations should be encouraged and proper education regarding the vaccinations for the fence sitters would be amazing

Richard Faul (Stellenbosch, 2022-02-15)


No mandatory vaccine.

Charmaime Barnard (George, 2022-02-15)


It is our human right to choose

Berdien Moller (Secunda , 2022-02-15)


Every human has a God given right to make his or her own decision regarding their bodies. If a person is too young to drive a car, vote, apply for credit then that person doesn’t has to have parental consent. Mandatory doesn’t mean legal or lawful, it means manipulation till the person consents! Bullying tactics are disgusting and evil!

Johanna Olfsen (Durban , 2022-02-15)


I’m signing because I believe in my immune system

Nadia Volschenk (Pretoria, 2022-02-15)


This is against our constitutional rights

Nicole van Zyl (Kamieskroon, 2022-02-15)


No person is a Lab Rat. My body my choice.

David Hanson (Lamberts Bay, 2022-02-15)


Vaccines are killing and injuring people, they are not safe for use! Personally we have come to many who have lost loved one's due to the vaccines. Furthermore this is experimental, it CANNOT be mandated on anyone. It should not even be on the table. It is a murder weapon!

Melissa Venter (Port Elizabeth, 2022-02-15)


The jabs are experimental! There are no data on medium nor long-term damages. The short-term data however is already devastatingly horrific! This is muder by Russian roulette!

Yulandi Van Rensburg (Johannesburg , 2022-02-15)


Elkeen het 'n reg om self oor dit. Te beslis, geen eksterne maatskappye, instansies, ens. het enigsins reg om volgens die grondwet:
Skoling (wat univerisiteite insluit) te weier nie
Die mensereg van enige persoon te onderdruk nie

JJ Swanepoel (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-15)


I'm signing to stop the evil government

Gary Wayne Thomas (Port Elizabeth, 2022-02-15)


It should be you're own choice if you want the vaccine or not.

Carla Els (George, 2022-02-15)


I beleive that it is every persons right to choose and it is proven that the vaccine do not stop people to get infected after they have been vaccinated.

Ben Beukes (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-15)


My body, my choice.

Vicky van Biljon (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-15)


I’m a student at potch and don’t want the vaccine

Chanri Wentzel (Klerksdorp, 2022-02-16)


No to vaccinate

Elizma Wentzel (Klerksdorp, 2022-02-16)


Ek het werklik gedink die personeel by NWU se denk en redenasie vermoe is beter as dit. Wat is die doel van die entings behalwe dat dit is wat die wereld wil he . Jy kan nog steeds siek word, jy kan nog steeds mense aansteek, jy moet nog steeds maskers dra en saniteer. (Grootste klomp snert). Die mense wat die meeste nadelige ervarings het na die spuit is jong gesonde man's ,25-49. My skoondogter is 'n ISE sister. Jou hare rys op jou kop as jy hoor wat sy vertel. Maar sonder gewetenswroeging word dit verpligtend. Baie mense se gebede is verhoor maar regerings, media en instansies soos NWU hou hierdie afgod lewendig. Siessiessies

Anet Roux (Bethlehem, 2022-02-16)


I'm pro choice and if the university (and SA) succeeds in forcing vaccinations, our constitution that stands for individual rights. means nothing.

Elmarie Joone (Paarl, 2022-02-16)


I'm signing because I believe that we should have a choice in any medical procedure performed on your own body without being discriminated against because of your choice. Also that the vaccination have not being proven effective or save.

Danny Smith (Postmasburg , 2022-02-16)


Mandatory vaccainations are against the law and totally unconstitutional!Your body your choice.This is communism.

Louise Gouws (Pretoria, 2022-02-16)


I dont want the vacine

Agnesia Swart (Vanderbijlpark, 2022-02-16)


I am a born again Christian and this goes against my Christian principals.

Bredette Huibrecht Aletta Nienaber (Anywhere, 2022-02-16)


I am pro choice

carol Jordaan (Kroonstad, 2022-02-16)


Where is bodily integrity if you are not allowed to choose whatever medical intervention you want regarding your own health?

VD Westhuizen Elane (Olifantsfontein, 2022-02-16)


I think its unnecessary. And I don’t want to be vaccinated. I feel I have enough antibodies in my body, and to get vaccinated is a waste.

Lize-Amoré Du Preez (Aliwal North, 2022-02-16)


I am pro choice.

marisa beukes (Alberton, 2022-02-16)


I can choose what I want to be injected into my body! NOT government, NOT my workplace!!!

Erika Potgieter (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-16)


Everyone deserves to practice their freedom.
This is what our Country stands, FREEDOM!

Leona Theron (Gauteng, 2022-02-16)


Im against mandatory vaccinations of a experimental drug

Ivan Pelser (Vereeniging, 2022-02-16)


I have the right to decide what is done to my body. I have the freedom of choice and I will not be forced to get vaccinated against my will.

Kyla De Lange (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-16)


I do not want to be forced to take an experimental vaccination just to be able to continue with my studies and student life. This goes against our human rights and I do not support this "non mandatory" mandatory vaccination approach of the NWU.

Chane Lombard (Vryheid, 2022-02-16)


We have a right to choose.

Charmain Lyell (Vereeniging, 2022-02-16)


It's against my will that I need to be vaccinated. If I don't get vaccinated I loose everything but my rights doesn't matter.

Prinsloo Bea (Frankfort, 2022-02-16)


I am pro-choice

Candice MacMillan (Pretoria, 2022-02-16)


I am against vaccine mandates, everyone has a choice!

Henno Nel (Bothaville , 2022-02-16)


Ek gloo jy kan kies of jy die vacine wil hê of nie

Frederick Hausleitner (Heilbron, 2022-02-16)


The whole world is, changing the pandemic to an endemic at the moment.

Anton van Buuren (Heidelberg , 2022-02-16)


Verpligte inventing is teen ons mense regte op vrye keuse.
Nog n vorm van diskriminasie

Jacqueline Botes (Krugersdorp , 2022-02-16)


teen my basiese reg van vryheid van keuse

Amor Snyman (Randburg, 2022-02-16)


My body, my choice! This"Vaccine"'s efficacy and long term safety is yet to be established.

Tanya Schoeman van Aswegen (Emalahleni, 2022-02-16)


It is my choice

Anneke Botha (Sasolburg , 2022-02-16)


I'm signing because They are unfairly discriminating against peoples beliefs and values and are forcing something that not all people want nor believe in.

Andre Du Plessis (Standerton, 2022-02-16)


It is my human and moral right to bodily integrity and to choose what I subject myself to. The vaccines is not safe and not clinically trialed upto stage 4, there for it is experimental, and based on the Nurembourg code, not allowed to be coerced onto people

Dasid Van Dyk (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-16)


I am signing because I am against the vaccine. It was created way to fast and there is to many uncertainties.

Lenette Stoffberg (Worcester, 2022-02-16)


Every human have a human right..!!!

Bernard Schmidt (Evander, 2022-02-16)


Pandemic is under control. No person should be forced.

Catherina Sue Lombard (Durbanville, 2022-02-16)


it is not mandatory and everyone has a choice and that must not be takken away due to study purposes

Johannes Landsberg (sasolburg, 2022-02-16)


I believe everyone should have a choice to say yes or no to the vaccine. Your body, your choice.

Stanley Salmon (Vaalpark, 2022-02-16)


We proud ourselves in being a "democratic" country but are starting to become a dictatorship under the umbrella of false protection. This vaccine does not work, does not stop the spread and is a dangerous bio weapon that will start a new apartheid which is unacceptable.

Reinie Standring (Krugersdorp , 2022-02-16)


We have a right to choose

Ronel Coetzer (Secunda, 2022-02-16)


Mandatory covid vacination is an infringement of my constitutional rights and cannot be reasonable justified as there is less restrictive ways to win the battle against covid 19.

Liezel Niemann (Potchefstroom, 2022-02-16)


I'm signing because I don't want to get vaccinated.

WIlmari Louw (Potchefstroom , 2022-02-16)

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