The Homestead's St. Patrick's Day Expansion



Prefer a safer outdoor experience

Ryan Vasquez (Morristown , 2022-02-16)


I’m signing because this outdoor activity has no right to be shut down.

Daniel Zieche (Morristown , 2022-02-16)


Equality for all

Gardner Lonsberry (Morristown, 2022-02-16)


I support Billy and Homestead.

Maude Hernandez (Morristown, 2022-02-17)


I'm against discrimatiry decisions. The police should be there to monitor all areas in town on St. Patrick's Day.

Harriet Knevals (Morristown , 2022-02-17)



Emilson Urquia (Morristown , 2022-02-17)


Because i want to.

Cameron Dorsett (London, 2022-02-18)


Can’t complain about noise when bagpipes will be playing less than a block away

Nick Giammarino (Morristown, 2022-02-18)


I’m signing because our town council is so out of touch with what residents actually want it’s sad.

Vincent Calabro (Morristown, 2022-02-18)


I’m signing because the council is unfairly damaging business if the town!

Kyle Hansen (Morristown, 2022-02-18)


I’m tired of this administration favoring other establishments in town for their own benefit and giving others a hard time for no reason.

Andrea Betancourt (Morristown, 2022-02-18)


It’s unfair that other restaurants and establishments are able to utilize their outdoor space but Homestead can’t. As a Morristown resident that goes to Homestead, and will be attending the St. Patrick’s Parade, I would love if they could be allowed to use their outdoor seating.

Sheetal Swaminathan (Morristown, 2022-02-18)


I’ve lived off the green since the day i was born.. never have I ever been woken up by any noise on parade day other than the bagpipes. If you live by the green you know what comes with it & if you’re worried about noise then move.

Katherine Posada (Morristown , 2022-02-18)


With the recent COVID-19 pandemic it is imperative that certain restaurants allow at risk populations such as the immunocompromised to purchase beverages outdoors. This will allow such persons to stay safe while still enjoying the festivities.

Steve DiMaria (Morristown, 2022-02-18)


All businesses should be treated fairly and have an opportunity to expand for special occasions!

Samantha Landwehr (Morristown , 2022-02-18)


It's really ridiculous how other businesses are getring seemingly preferential treatment for the outdoor rules during Saint Patty's Day. Homestead made a huge mistake during the pandemic, but it seems like the township is being petty and holding a grudge. They need to get over themselves. They can't seem to get of their own way sometimes when it comes to making Morristown an enjoyable place to live for everybody.

Joseph Shedosky (Morristown, 2022-02-19)


There is no reason to allow one business to operate in this capacity and block another from doing so unless there is something shady going on Mayor

Lauren Miller (Morristown, 2022-02-19)


The actions of the Mayor are unfair and bias. Rules against bar restaurants operating hours are not just or warranted.

Michelle Harris (Morristown , 2022-02-22)


Homestead deserves the opportunity to have a great St. Patrick’s Day like the rest of the restaurants & bars

Nathan Lynn (Morristown , 2022-02-22)