Preserve NYC Employees' (Active & Retired) Healthcare



I don't want to lose the benefits I earned and paid for

David Sherman (Wilton Manors, 2022-05-06)


I will need health care after I retire

Richard White (Staten Island New York, 2022-05-06)


I'm signing because as the lawyer, Steve Cohen pointed out in his Op Ed piece, the Mayor could "respect the retirees' legal rights and address their legitimate concerns; tap into federal Advantage monies; and save the city not the full $600 million but easily $200 or $300 million annually. A win-win-win!

Jane Balash (New York, 2022-05-09)


I am signing because Medicare Advantage Plans cost everyone more effort and money without any advantage. Health Care offices always say "good" when I say I have plain Medicare. I never have to have pre-clearance as I would with an Advantage Plan. Medicare is not for profit; advantage plans are for profit. Health care should never be for-profit.

Eleanor Lundeen (New York City, 2022-05-11)


As public servants we dedicate our lives in service of others.
We were hired with these benefits in place.
Please do not erode these benefits after we have served throughout any condition , event or pandemic that has effected this once great city. Especially when those that have served are now faced with limited incomes.

Frank Laurino (East Rockaway, 2022-05-13)


I believe the Medicare advantage is a plan that is not adequate for us retirees. I believe it’s actually an illegal plan, denying us benefits we payed for throughout our entire careers and counted on having during retirement. This plan is targeting retirees during the time they start to be on fixed incomes. TOTALLY UNFAIR
Negotiate with all the new workers coming on to the job in each city agency and have them give up/ pay for benefits in return for their raises, NOT THE RETIREES.

JANE ILL (Bronx, 2022-05-24)


I want my medical plan to remain the same

Edward Noonan (Moseley, 2022-05-29)


I am opposed to any Medicare Advantage Plan which is for profit and denies coverage without prior authorization

James Wise (BROOKLYN, 2022-06-03)


I am NYC school teacher with 19 years of service and I am tired of the union selling us out.

Christiane Wertz Nachamie (Rockaway, 2022-06-03)


I don’t want the benefits I earned as a long term employee pillaged and stolen!

Allen Wilkes PhD (New York, 2022-06-07)


I value information when decisions are being made affecting my healthcare.

Robert Allen (North Babylon, NY, 2022-06-08)


I am signing this petition because allowing retirees to keep traditional Medicare without imposing additional costs is important. Forcing retirees into Medicare Advantage Plan (Medicare Part C Plan) is unfair and unwise. These plans have been criticized for denying some treatments or tests that traditional Medicare allows. It would also limit the pool of doctors that retiree can see to those in the particular Medicare Advantage plan. Further, it represents a privatization of Medicare that is not the direction needed for health care in this country.

Holly Clarke (New York City, 2022-06-08)


The current plan provides good health care at a reasonable price. The MA+ plan would allow the administrator to use pre-authorizations as a way to maximize profit at the expense of retirees' health care needs, with no recourse.

Gregory Koster (Eastchesetr, 2022-06-09)


I need and want my Medicare. We are already forced to pay co-pays which we never had before

Joy Leftow (New York, 2022-06-11)


Protect benifits

Rodney Seymour (Brooklyn , 2022-06-11)


I want my current benefits.

Michael Gallino (Cape Coral,Florida , 2022-06-11)


Medical insurance plan

Angel Baez (West Melbourne , 2022-06-11)


I'm satisfied with my present medical insurance coverage!

Vinette Francis (Bethpage, 2022-06-11)


I want to protect you health care benefits

Edward Dillon (Bronx , 2022-06-12)


After having worked for the City of New York for more than thirty years, I wish my retirement benefits to not become a nightmare.

Ella H Oblas (Brooklyn, 2022-06-15)


Dear Mayor Adams, Please do not appeal Judge Frank's decision dated March 3, 2022. Sit with retirees to understand the shortcomings of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan as proposed and to craft a better program that will not diminish our healthcare. This includes continuing to give retirees a choice of plans that address diverse, individual medical circumstances, such as retaining traditional Medicare-plus-supplemental coverage options. Together, we can find ways to help save the City money. We also ask that you impose strict parameters on how the Health Insurance Stabilization Fund and Retiree Health Benefit Trust can be used.

Gregory Bierster (Staten Island, 2022-06-24)


I am worried about our rights to a decent retirement are taken away e.g. Medicare Advantage threat

Ann Kaplan (New York, 2022-07-02)


NYC public employees make the city run, and we have earned the right to Traditional Medicare for the all the years we earned much less than friends and colleagues in the private sector. When 13,000 teachers were laid off in 1975, only 3,000 returned because so many of the others had found better paying jobs commensurate with their educational background. When President Ford told the city to drop dead, the public-school teachers their pension fund up to pull the city back from bankruptcy. Now it's time for the city to step up and protect us. Ensure that we can retain Traditional Medicare.

Constance Cuttle (STATEN ISLAND, 2022-07-08)


I am retired and concerned about manged care run by the city of NY

Joseph Garber (NYC, 2022-07-10)


I want to keep the health insurance coverage that was promised when I retired, and I do not consent to any so-called changes

Richard DeVito (Long Eddy, NY, 2022-07-18)


I'm signing because I want to keep the same benefits and doctors well paid.

Carol Walsh Walsh (West Hempstead , 2022-07-21)


to keep my present health care.

paul pesale (boynton beach, 2022-07-24)


I’m signing this to protest this reduction in healthcare benefits. I worked for NYCHA 36 years knowing that I would have good health insurance when I retired. This change is a slap in the face. You take this as your only health care choice and see how you like it. This is disgusting what you are doing to all the retirees.

Lewis Prono (Levittown, 2022-07-26)


I want the city to leave medicare alone and not force Advantage on me

Michael Villa (Mineola, 2022-07-30)


I'm signing because I want to keep Medicare and because I don't believe government saervices should be privatized,

Joan Hartman (New York, 2022-08-01)


I am retried gave over 30years of service, I always
followed city contacts, so should you!

James Bonanno (Queens, 2022-08-09)


I believe in good health

Jeffrey Sinclair (Staten Island, NY, 2022-08-10)


fight the good fight

Edward Ireland (Wantagh, 2022-08-17)


I’m signing this petition because we need quality healthcare for senior citizens not healthcare that Requires you to jump through more hoops and most senior citizens can’t navigate the system

Dale Henderson (Staten Island , 2022-09-11)



Jones Stlemed (Berlin, 2022-09-16)


70 yrs old retired 25yrs don't need a change with LESS to offer at my age .

Joseph Regina (Old Bridge , 2022-11-09)


Failing to live up to the retirement benefits I was promised in my years of work is dishonest brutal and unfair. My husband and I on limited retirement income face hardship. Solving a debt problem created irresponsibly by officials supposed to act to benefit members in order to fund raises in a previous contract should be illegal. It is wrong to lie and betray, we gave dedicated service, our lives, to service to the people of New York.

Teresa McManus (Elizaville, 2022-12-08)


I worked for years and do not want to lose the benefits that I have worked for. None of my Doctors will accept this insurance

Vincent Fauci (Staten Island, 2023-04-05)


I do not want a Medicare advantage plan. They limit the medical services that I might need, according to my experience with my own patients. And the membership was not given an opportunity to provide their own opinion about options they would like regarding an insurance plan.

Paul Gunser (Millerton, 2023-06-03)

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