Preserve NYC Employees' (Active & Retired) Healthcare



My health benefits are important to me now and in the future. They must not be taken away. I cannot afford to pay additional monies to keep what has been committed to by the city!!

Diane Tregerman (Boca Raton, 2022-03-13)


I am against the privatization of Medicare. This dis-Advantage program is THEFT!

Michael Padwee (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


I want what I was promised

Chris Svendsen (New York , 2022-03-13)


This move would be an insult to all the retired employees of NYC who served with honor, and gave of themselves in times of need.

Michael Caiaccia (Ridge, 2022-03-13)


Because preserving a retirees choice to have their Traditional Medicare with a supplemental as I have had for over 2o years should not be taken away after my service and promises by my union and the City of NY. In retirement on a fixed income, this should not be happening because the funds to pay our care were raided.

Marianne Pizzitola (Sharpsburg, 2022-03-13)


The coverage I am seeking to protect is what I was promised when I joined City Service, And I believe I will be left vulnerable but any change. My Drs do not take advantage plans.

Robert Berger (New York, 2022-03-13)


I want to continue to have my original Medicare plan and Emblem/GHI Senior Care at no extra cost to me. That was my assumption upon retirement in 1998

Jessica Kerr (New York, 2022-03-13)


Fred Jones

Fred Jones (New York, 2022-03-13)


I feel the city needs honor its pledge of healthcare to its retirees

joanne belli (Malverne, 2022-03-13)


I believe that retirees were promised ongoing stable health care.

patricia Blau (larchmont, 2022-03-13)


I'm signing this petition as a loyal NYC retiree who deserves the right to continue to retain a choice of medical plans that meet our particular needs

Marni LaCorte (Woodmere, 2022-03-13)


I believe that as a dedicated employee and now a retire of the NYC DOE I am entitled to a healthcare plan that meets the needs of a senior citizen.

Rosalind Kliban-Weis (Yorktown Heights, 2022-03-13)


Louis Rizzo

Louis Rizzo (New york, 2022-03-13)


I worked 34 years as a schoolteacher in New York City, and like other city retirees, we dedicated ourselves to help make the city a better place for all. Now we need and expect the health benefits we were promised. That is only fair and right.

Sally Constain (Ponte Vedra , 2022-03-13)


I am a disability retired NYPD officer who joined the department knowing that my health benefits were one of the perks and promises of my employment during and after. I have been with Emblem Healthcare for all but one year since 1984. Finding new doctor's now, especially while fighting cancer, would be the hardest, undesirable task ever. We fulfilled our promise and duties to the city, the City should do the same for us!

Gloria Scelfo (Ft Lauderdale, 2022-03-13)


It is the right thing to do post Deblassio administration

Ernest Streeter (New York , 2022-03-13)


I worked for the City of New York and became disabled due to my service. The least the city can do is allow me to keep the health care I was promised at retirement. Also, I gave up a lot of pay raises for better benefits.

garrett o'rourke (Pompano Beach, 2022-03-13)


I have a long standing medical team whom I trust and who are not part of the Advantage plan.
I have chronic autoimmune issues that require seeing my specialists immediately when I am in a flare without waiting for approvals.

Karen Andreozzi (Brooklyn, NY, 2022-03-13)


I will be 75 years old this month and in the last 2 years I have had a plethora of medical issues and sometimes need to go to the doctor immediately. I gave half my life to New York City through the Board of Education and I cannot wait for approvals when I need to see a doctor.

Jeannette Knowles (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


I oppose the latest effort to force us into a Medicare Advantage plan.

Howard Broad (Whitestone, 2022-03-13)


I am 75 years old and need the best health plan available to me. Medicare and Senior Care have been excellent and should continue.

Regina Schlossberg (Wantagh, 2022-03-13)


I don't want my health plan altered.

Louis S. Bedrock (Roselle, 2022-03-13)


I depend upon Medicare and Emblem Health Senior Care.

Michael Kreindler (Wellington, 2022-03-13)


I’m against the appeal the city filed and do not want Medicare Advantage.

Karen Scialo-Cohen (East Meadow, 2022-03-13)


I Worked for NYC for 30 years. While most friends were making big money in the private sector I was content in knowing that my later years would be secure.

Lucille Bevilacqua (Southampton, 2022-03-13)


I’m signing because we signed and contract and were promised one health care not a Medicare Advantage Plus.

John Volpe (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


I’m 79 years old and I need the health care that I have now to survive. I’ve had this health care for 35 years and I want to keep it as it is.

Gerald Solberg (Venice , 2022-03-13)


Leonard Yarde

Leonard Yarde (Arverne, 2022-03-13)


Preserve our benefits! Don’t replace our current healthcare plan with inferior benefits.

Karen Jordan (Bronx, 2022-03-13)


I want the mayor of NYC to support the best healthcare and choice of healthcare providers for us all.

Valerie Brown (Santa Fe, 2022-03-13)


I’m signing because I feel robbed by my union and the city of NY of promises made when I began working for the department.

Isabel cotarelo (Kingston, NY, 2022-03-13)



Yvonne Mair (Weston, 2022-03-13)


I'm signing because I do not want to have my medical benefits removed after all my years of service to the city of New York. Uphold that which you promised to those who protected and served you with their lives.

Teron Armstrong (Hollywood, 2022-03-13)


We want what we were promised nothing more nothing less

duane johnson (Laurelton, 2022-03-13)


It’s the right thing to do for every NYC retired employee!! Unconscionable move on the part of the city of NY and the unions that have always supported our city.

Arlene LoMastro (Glendale , 2022-03-13)


As a retire who recently became Medicare Eligible in 2021 the information about this entire MAPP was hidden and not properly reveled by the city with the excuse of COVID as a cover up. This entire plan is not correct, and it unjustly affects my elderly mother who also receives a very moderate pension. With her current health condition, the new MAPP plan would adversely affect her ability to seek care and extremely affects her finances.
This plan and is implementation forced me to disenroll my daughter who is and adult with disabilities and recently obtained Medicare from social security.

Thomas Walker (Peekskill, 2022-03-13)


The City is attempting to impose an inferior health plan on a group of retired municipal employees in most need of quality health insurance. This is a bait and switch of the worst kind.

Terry Feder (New York, 2022-03-13)


I'm requesting Mayor Adams not to appeal the court's decision and allow me to remain on my old health care, without any additional costs.

Robert Patterson (Hicksville, 2022-03-13)


We all worked in the public sector because we wanted to serve the people of NYC. Promises were made to us about our retirement. We relied on such promises and made budgetary plans accordingly. Then the City decides otherwise and we are left with sizeable bills for health care we were promised years and years ago. Shameful and unlawful.

Laurie Beck (New York , 2022-03-13)


We should be able to keep our current health plan

Ruth Snyder (Tenafly, 2022-03-13)


I'm a DOE retiree and deserve better treatment after serving the city for 35 years.

Judy Shulman (Holliswood, 2022-03-13)


Retirees (which you were one and will be again!) were promised health benefits upon their retirement and they wouldn’t decrease. This plan DECREASES the current Medicare and GHI insurance. Period!!

Michael Roy (Huntington , 2022-03-13)


I want to keep traditional Medicare and Emblem Senior Care as my medical coverage.

Janice Jacobson (Somerset, NJ, 2022-03-13)


I want what I was promised. I did my part now you do yours.

Peter Mulay (Spring Lake Heights, 2022-03-13)


As a NYC retired teacher we were promised to keep our health care insurance. I as well as other retirees want this promise kept

Gail Kmitis (Merrick, NY, 2022-03-13)


I like the medical coverage(medicare & GHI )

Lowell Seeman (Howard Beach,N.Y., 2022-03-13)


I was promised that I’d retain Medicare and Senior Care and am disgusted by the age discrimination shown to myself and my fellow retirees at a time when we need the very best health care and not this bait and switch being forced down our throats by the city we served.

Helen Young (Ossining , 2022-03-13)


I am signing this petition because I worked hard at my job and retired with the benefits that was right for me and my spouse. This was a financial decision to have the benefits we choose. Then "oh oops" if you want to keep them now pay this. Or choose a lessor option. As they say now. Move that forward and make it a option for those retiring now. Isn't this how contract raise agreements were met. We received raises and gave up something moving forward for those newly hired. Who benefited from the contract raise.

Shari Lopez (Belle Harbor, 2022-03-13)


I'm signing because retired city workers deserve the healthcare we retired with. As a retired police officer, you should agree.

Louise Oppedahl (New York, 2022-03-13)


I need to have security in my health care and know that I will be able to pay all my bills without becoming a burden to my children and grandchildren. I'm 78 and have multiple health issues. Trying to find doctors in a new plan or having to deal with pre-authorizations will add stress which will adversely affect my health.

Diane Paul (Tinton Falls, 2022-03-13)


For all those who need the care they were promised,and that they feserve

David Forman (New City, 2022-03-13)


Let us keep our traditional Medicare with supplemental insurance.

Rochelle Kossover (Queens, 2022-03-13)


I believe that the city has screwed us retirees!

Madeline Greenberg (Boynton Beach , 2022-03-13)


As NYC Retirees this is the only real, true, and valid input we are being afforded on the very important matter of our health insurance coverage.
The NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees has provided us with more information than have the City or the Unions.

Edward J. Cuyar (Staten Island, 2022-03-13)


Mayor Adams - Like yourself we did our best to work & serve the people of NYC and sometimes with great obstacles to do our best, please retired we don't need any obstacles to hurdle to take care of our heath fighting insurance companies for services and approvals. Please do not appeal the good judge and his judgment. Thank You

William Mills (Manorville, 2022-03-13)


I’m retired from the city for 10 years and we were guaranteed affordable, quality health care throughout our retirement. A Medicare Advantage Plan is not high quality and it is not fair to force all city retirees who dedicated themselves to this city into this plan, or to charge additionally to maintain our current health insurance.

Linda Mandracchia (Brooklyn, 2022-03-13)


I gave tirelessly to the children of nyc for over thirty years and am appalled at the steamrolling over us. This plan is a disgusting insult! Im disabled and ill now and my doctors want nobpart of this fiasco!

Carla Nelson (Fairlawn NJ, 2022-03-13)


I'm signing because I need to keep my GHI Sr Care insurance I was promised till death when I became an NYC Public Servant during to financial and personal health issues. Thank you for your service and your assistance for over 250 000 of us.

Francine Danza (Brooklyn NY , 2022-03-13)


I do not want to lose my GHI Senior Care coverage, and do not approve of the new MAPP.

Joseph Skelly (New York , 2022-03-13)


I don’t believe the City is acting in good faith

Susan Turner Lelin (Woodbury, 2022-03-13)


It is only fair for retirees to keep the benefits for which we have worked.

Our thanks for being loyal and remaining in positions with salaries not commensurate with our responsibilities, is to get slapped in the face by the City.

Not to mention that our unions bailed out the City during times of fiscal crises.

Shame on you for supporting this egregious violations of our contractual rights.



First, I believe have a civil right to keep Medicare as my primary insurer without penalty. Finally, like every single retiree, when I had my final pension consult, the cost of health care was my most important concern. I was assured by my Union that it would remain premium free.

Terri Katz-Jay (Oceanside, 2022-03-13)


I'm entitled to the medical coverage I was promised upon retirement.

Deborah Nevins (Brooklyn , 2022-03-13)


I want to keep my health insurance as is.

Merrilyn Meyer (Bayside, 2022-03-13)


We need the Mayor's support and not be used as victims of "secret deals" which trash our very hard earned medical benefits.

Jonathan Turkel (East Williston, 2022-03-13)


I want to keep my health insurance as is.

rosemarie manno (Richmond , 2022-03-13)


I need a Medigap policy, nine of my doctors accept any “advantage” plan.

Karen Miller (Gainesville, 2022-03-13)


The retirees worked hard for the healthcare that we were promised that is the reason we took city jobs and now as we are older and depend on good healthcare.

charles jordan (Tarpon Springs, 2022-03-13)


I'm signing because I believe I have earned the right to choose my plan and have the piece of mind that I will be able to meet my medical needs.

Barry Daub (Staten Island, 2022-03-13)


Advantage plans erode our benefits and will ultimately destroy Medicare itself, a government program that has wide public support.

Mike Frenkel (Fresh Meadows, 2022-03-13)


This plan was guaranteed for life. In no way should it be altered. We were payed less and given this plan in compensation.

Sara Springer (Brooklyn , 2022-03-13)


The retirees deserve what they were originally promised. Keep the same Medical benefits that they had when they were Active Members.

Myron Weintraub (New City, 2022-03-13)

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