I am in agreement

Rena Berg (Palmdale , 2022-04-03)


I agree with everything stated above

Olia Oparina (North Hollywood , 2022-04-03)


We are suffering great hardship with cost of housing, food and gas. We wish to be upgraded to a comparable area - like San Francisco. Thank you.

Abbey Seiden (Malibu , 2022-04-03)


I believe in this petition.

Caitlin Rios (Long beach, 2022-04-03)


I agree fully with all of the above requests.

Michael Arola (Los Angeles, 2022-04-04)


I agree with all the points made here.

Matt Stratman (Torrance, 2022-04-04)


I agree with this petition

Sarah Jenkins (North hollywood, 2022-04-04)


To match Los Angeles area Associate Agents’ event pay structure with San Francisco and Hawaiian markets.

Pamela Finck (Pacific Palisades, 2022-04-04)


I believe in our hard work, time, and dedication.

Sareen Tawilian (Glendale, 2022-04-04)


I am signing this because I agree that associate agents in the surrounding LA areas deserve higher pay.

Anastasia Mills (Simi Valley , 2022-04-04)


I believe in the proposal we are making and think it’s justified and fair to compensate us higher based on market statistics and inflation data.

Alexander Brown (Oxnard, 2022-04-04)


I Agree with this Completely.

Melissa Thammavongsa (Sherman Oaks , 2022-04-04)


I agree with and support the above requests.

Marcie Cole (Avila Beach, 2022-04-04)


I am an AA with Redfin.

Joe Azar (Santa Clarita, 2022-04-04)


I agree with other agents

Jae KIM (Rowland Heights , 2022-04-04)


I agree that despite high inflation, we have not received any increase in compensation

Marlene Tretsky (Northridge , 2022-04-04)


I believe that Redfin can truly change the way real estate is experienced, but not if they ignore ANY part of their team. Right now the AA's are being left behind in creating a sustainable culture where everyone who works hard can thrive.

Leonora King (SAN LUIS OBISPO, 2022-04-04)


I agree that the statements in the petition are true with regards to the Los Angeles and surrounding Markets present situation.

Noel Bomar (Juniper Hills, 2022-04-05)


I believe the request is justified and needed to compensate Associate Agents accordingly for inflation and cost of living increases.

Valencia Jackson (Palmdale, 2022-04-05)


This is my third year with Redfin. Tour rates have not been increased in the time I have been an AA. Tour rates for AA’s need an increase even before recent gas prices and area cost of living increases.

Kerry Wall (Hesperia, 2022-04-06)


I would like to keep this job but it’s not sustainable at this current rate.

Carmen Costescu (Fullerton, 2022-04-06)


I’ve definitely drank the Koolaid as they say and love working for Redfin. Started out as a lead agent and transitioned to the associated agent role a few months back. From experience I believe there is definitely a small percentage of high quality AA’s and giving the current inflation I feel we deserve an increase in pay as well.

Jelani Turner (Huntington Beach , 2022-04-07)


I agree with everything stated in this petition.

Katina Street (Gardena, 2022-04-07)


It's fair, and the right thing to do.

Javier Marquez (LOS ANGELES, 2022-04-07)


The amount of pay per house tour does not keep up with the cost of fuel, MLS fees, Supra fees, etc.

Raul Martinez (Cathedral City, 2022-04-08)


There needs to be an increase in pay for AA’s to keep up with the costs of doing this job. Drive time, gas, fees, etc make it barely worthwhile doing tours.

Teresa Gagnon (Long Beach, 2022-04-08)


I’m signing this petition because definitely Redfin need to consider update settings and compensation for AA, they’re in complete disadvantage & it seems that the changes they’ve been doing affects directly AA

Alejandra Soria (San Diego, 2022-04-08)


$35 per showing is so low it is almost an insult. I understand that our pay was reduced significantly from last year. Gas prices are rising, and our management will not address it. Lead agents get a salary, mileage reimbursement, and all their society dues are paid for; as AAs, we are also licensed REALTORS, but we get none of these. With gas prices and paying society dues, I am hardly breaking even on expenses, much less making a living.

Nicholas Brous (San Diego, 2022-04-08)


I am in full agreement with the requests made in this petition.

Amy Speek (Carlsbad, 2022-04-08)


In support of cost of living raise

Robyn Wilbanks (Perris, 2022-04-08)


I support these requests. I do not understand how San Francisco AAs get paid more than San Diego AAs when our cost of living is the same.

Laura Rosenblatt (Oceanside, 2022-04-08)


I’m an associate agent with Redfin, and given the rapidly increasing costs of living, inflation, and gas prices AA’s in CA deserve to be paid more.

Anna Barnes (San Diego, 2022-04-08)


I'm signing because I believe that if the revenue that Redfin is receiving has increased that much in the past year or two and the AA pay has remained the same while lead agents get bigger bonuses, than there is definitely unfairness in the pay structure.

Carol Castelhano (Dallas, 2022-04-09)


I am signing this petition as an associate agent in Redfin.
I do agree with the increase requests along with my other fellow employees.

Simone Sayas (Tarzana, 2022-04-11)


I believe all that is asked is fair and reasonable.

Corinne Turner (Bermuda Dunes, 2022-04-12)


I agree with and stand in support of my Associate Agent colleagues at Redfin. I’m also very proud to work with such awesome colleagues!

Gwendolyn McClain (Los Angeles, 2022-04-13)


We deserve an increase. The cost of living in Southern California with the current pay is not cutting it. How are we supposed to survive? Lead agents & tour coordinators just received a pay increase, why has our pay not been increased?

Jessica Jones (Wildomar , 2022-04-17)

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