New Bern Area Residents Deserve a Modern Library That Meets Current and Future Needs



I believe that New Bern needs a larger and improved library to meet its growing population’s educational, professional, and personal development needs.

Miriam Roseblossom (New Bern, )


I am in favor of a library that serves the need of all the residents of Craven County. It should be easily accessible and have parking to accommodate all users.

Cory Hunter (NEW BERN, )


A bigger, better library benefits everyone.

Jan Gunderson (New Bern, )


The library is woefully short of resources, space for books, technology expansion and service to the community.

Neil Richards (New Bern, )


A new, larger library will provide an inviting environment for connecting people to information and people to people, as well as resources and services for individuals and groups.

Margot DeLapp (Trent Woods, )


Need a larger library. Please include enlarged space for genealogy research materials. Many people will stay overnight in New Bern just to do research in the Kellenberger Room.

Sandra Girton (New Bern, )


Better Library facilities will enhance our community!

Monica Atha (Trent Woods, )


I have two young children who would like to have access to books printed within the past 5 years!

Kendal Wilson (Trent Woods, )

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