Allowing operation of All-Terrian vehicles on local roads in Ballard County (Kentucky)



I think it's beneficial.

Steve Blye (LaCenter ky., 2022-06-30)


I grew up in ballard county and it will always be a part of me. I grew up riding in the bottoms when it was still legal and fully agree it needs to be monitored but the revenue will help the county and give kids and adults something else to do but get into trouble.

Jason Grief (Kevil, 2022-06-30)


I believe this should be legal.

Susan Whybark (Wickliffe, 2022-06-30)


I'm signing this because my family and I love to ride.

Ashlee Davidson (Wickliffe, 2022-06-30)


I own a fourwheeler and in such a small town with a lot of inactive roads on the backroads I wouldn’t see a issue if you have your drivers license to drive on the roads

Matthew Jenkins (Wickliffe, 2022-06-30)


Other areas have been doing it with no major issues.

Mark Sanders (Barlow, 2022-07-01)


Would bring money to community and give people something to do in the outdoors

Preston Hack (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


We are a small community that would benefit from this ordinance.

Bridget Gough (LaCenter , 2022-07-01)


I believe if you want to take your family on a back road cruise on a sxs or utv I think it should be legal. As long as your not acting out of contex an causing disturbances.

Logan Sheffer (Kevil, 2022-07-01)


I own an ATV

Trace Ashford (La Center , 2022-07-01)


Everyone should be able to have fun

Anthony Lara (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


It needs to be passed

Tammy Sullenger (Kevil, 2022-07-01)


I approve all terrain vehicles on road

Marsha Dillworth (Wickliffe , 2022-07-01)


I’d rather kids ride four wheelers on the road than do drugs in houses on the streets

Jansen Lane Byram (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


Im building a house in ballard and would like to be able to ride on the roads with my ranger

Jordan Jewell (Bardwell, 2022-07-01)


I agree with the decision in the small rural areas. Ballard county is known to be mostly full of country folks and country living. Hunting farming, etc. No reason they should crack down on Atvs if they are posing no imenent threat or safety of motorists.

Brandon Freeman (Wickliffe , 2022-07-01)


I don’t see why it’s a problem if there are sxs and Atvs on the road it’s no different than driving a vehicle.

Justin Kent (Bandana , 2022-07-01)


Ii am an attv owner that wants to ride responsibily.

Cary Dowdy (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


I see four wheelers and side by sides on the road all the time anyway

Justin Bell (Kevil , 2022-07-01)


I believe this should be allowed because Ballard County is missing out on a huge opportunity to make significant gains. Millions of dollars are spent by ATV/UTV/SXS riders from this county/area every year. These riders are going to places like Wright's Area 252 Riding Park, Carlisle County River Bottoms, Turkey Bay, Blue Holler, Wind Rock, and as far away as the Hatfield and McCoy trails. There is also the potential revenue that would be created by approving golf carts, ATV, UTV, SXS, etc... The County could sell daily/weekend/yearly passes to allow these off road vehicles to use the roads and River Bottoms. It would be easy money that could be reinvested back into this area. Also it would generate millions of dollars that would be spent at local business, restaurants, alcohol/tobacco purchases, general stores, gas stations, grocery stores, etc...

Allowing off road vehicles to legally use the roadways and River Bottoms would be a huge win for everyone in this County. At a time where businesses are having to shut their doors because they don't stay in the black enough to make it profitable, this County can't afford not to allow it. Places like LaCenter could flourish again and people would re-open the doors to so many store fronts that are boarded up on the main stretches of Hwy 60 and Broadway. The surrounding communities would also benefit from the extra traffic and consumers that it would bring to Ballard county.

Could there be potential downfalls or nuisances...? Of course like more traffic on the roads, littering, traffic accidents, and more of a need for police presence or medical assistance. With the extra revenue coming into the area it would offset any cost.

There is no reason to continue to hold this community and county back just because that's the way its always been or fear of change. Change is necessary to grow and evolve. This area needs all the growth it can get! Keep residents here to spend our money locally. Create a draw for people to come to Ballard and spend their time and money.

Personally I know of several people (different families and different areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and even Alabama who drive 2-4 hours one way) who drive to ride at 252 and the Carlisle river Bottoms every weekend. Some of those people enjoyed the area so much they have bought property in Carlisle and are building "vacation" homes so they have somewhere to stay when they ride. Ballard is missing out on these profitable circumstances.

Christina Grief (Kevil, 2022-07-01)


There’s no reason this should be illegal in the first place.

Fred Bass (Barlow, 2022-07-01)


I’m signing because it would be a good things

Stephanie McCain (LaCenter, 2022-07-01)


You know the whole sheriffs department rode 4 wheelers around ballard county when they were kids. Stop trying to take the fun out of being a kid, it’s wrong.

Morgan Koontz (Slater , 2022-07-01)


It should be none of the county’s business what motor vehicle is on the road. It’s harmless and should be the operators responsibility to act in a safe manor.

Austin Turner (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


I’m signing because I’m a responsible ATV rider and outdoor adventurist.

Angela Cooper (Kevil, 2022-07-01)


We used to be able to ride most anywhere safety with no problem years ago.

Steve Wray (Kevil, 2022-07-01)


I enjoy riding and would like to take my family riding local.

Jason McGlenon (Kevil, 2022-07-01)


I agree to allow sxs and Atvs on the rode in Ballard County.

Katie Traylor (La Center, 2022-07-01)


Why golf carts they can’t even run the speed limit if you put them on the road everything else should be to it’s only fair

Devin Redfern (Kevil , 2022-07-01)


I want off-road vehicles to be allowed to be driven on back roads and local roads

Kendall Dennis (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


im signing casue this is a good idea in my opinion instead of having to do it the illegal way.

keon dysart (wingo, 2022-07-01)


I've always ridden ATV's on the backroads of ballard. It's never been a problem in the past. Why are we making it one now? How about enacting policies for the people and not against them. As long as people are obeying the same traffic laws as any other type of vehicle, leave them be and let them enjoy life.

Christopher Blake Story (Wickliffe, 2022-07-01)


because i agree

lance scott (kevil, 2022-07-01)


Im signing because i will be returning to luve in ballard county from illinois in the next 12 months. I want to call ballard county my forever home as this is where i grew up and where i want my children to grow up. I want to have the freedom to utilize ATVs and UTVs on the roadways in a safe manner to enjoy this great county in yet another way. Plus the revenue generated from liscense/inspections can be additional cash flow brought into the county that could be used for various expenses to coutiniously improve ballard county.

Joshua Meyer (Irvington, 2022-07-02)


I think it should be legal.

Zachary Morrow (La Center, 2022-07-02)


Riding helps relieve stress for me and is a great bonding experience

Corbin White (Kevil , 2022-07-05)


Our family likes to ride and it gives our boys something to do. Nothing for our children to do around ballard county. Please let them ride.

WENDY WILLIAMS (Wickliffe, 2022-07-05)

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