Asking Itasca County to prioritize safety for drivers!



Safety First! Nobody should have to be killed or serioussly injured because of the county's lack of putting guard rails up

Ryan Johns (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


Because the guardrails are a need before someone gets seriously hurt. The road is very steep and not to mention it’s new tar which will be more slippery when the weather is bad. It’s also a corner. I have a teenage driver that has her permit and I worry about her driving without guardrails. Please put them up!

Troumbly Jessica (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


Even though the grading is better now, this hillside can be icy even when the rest of the road is not, catching drivers unaware. And anyone going over that steep hill is going to be seriously hurt or killed. Put the money from big arrows signs warning of the curve into guard rails instead.

Bethann Perendy (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


This is a terrible road to drive in the winter, but with no guardrails it becomes a major safety hazard.

Amanda Bildeaux (Nashwauk , 2022-08-24)


I know how horrible that road can be in the winter

Amy Retzlaff (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


The guard rail was deemed necessary in the past. Nothing has changed to make it unnecessary.

Denise Cromer (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


I have driven this part of Scenic 7 for over 50 years and those previous guard rails have saved many cars and lives from going over the embankment. I can’t imagine that the county would not put them back up after fixing that part of highway. Safety should come first!

Joni Eichorn (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


I am a mother of teenagers who will be traveling this road daily. For their safety, my safety, and the safety of everyone traveling this road. I highly agree that we need the gaurd rails back up.

Rebecca Burt (Bovey , 2022-08-24)


My family lives up there and I travel that way a lot as do they.

Jennifer Dreher (Coleraine, 2022-08-24)


Construction that was done was not enough to justify permanently removing them. Very dangerous spot and you can see that when you drive by. Life will be lost there without them. They are needed on both sides of highway.

Neal Troumbly (Bovey, 2022-08-24)


I'm signing because I drive this road occasionally and it has given my severe anxiety to drive worrying about what could happen

Heidi Thoennes (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I’m signing because the guardrails are needed for the safety of all who travel Scenic 7..

Beverly Campbell (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I live two months of the year in Balsam Township. The area of the road this partition is addressing is very, very dangerous. Please put up guard rails.

Ronald Johnson (Edmonds, 2022-08-25)


This area is dangerous in any type of weather, but especially in winter. If someone goes over you are not able to see over the edge to call 911 for them. You can not safely pull over an provide assistance due to the depth of the area. As a nurse and a person who lives on this road year round, the guard rails are necessary to prevent a serious catastrophe like stated above. Please put the guard rails back up to keep our community members safe.

Katherine Barslou (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


Because I truly believe it’s extremely dangerous especially at night not to have the guard rails. I feel as though it would probably make a lot of drivers feel a lot more comfortable driving at night if they were there. Let’s not wait until someone gets seriously injured or dies let’s get them up now :)

Taniesha Galloway (Marble, 2022-08-25)


We shouldn’t have to wait for someone to die in order to have these safety features on the road it should be a given.

Rieley Veith (Grand rapids, 2022-08-25)


I drive that road often as I have family and friends up Scenic 7 and I know how slippery those corners can get in the winter.

Glines Karli (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I drive the scenic often!!

Susan Longtin (Wirt, 2022-08-25)


I'm signing because this is an important public safety issue.

Traci Gangl (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I have a teenager starting to drive and winter time that section can be very scary.

Lisa Stanley (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


The safety of people who travel scenic hwy 7 doesn’t have a price tag. The guardrails on the section near the end by the junction at hwy169 have saved countless people from serious injuries over the years. Reinstall the guardrails!

Allison Butterfield (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I travel this road and it's dangerous!

Stephanie Mjolsness (Grand Rapids, 2022-08-25)


I’m afraid for my kids, grandkids and myself and others who could slide and go over the edge without the guard rails. This road will be super dangerous with our icy conditions. Please put them back!

Jeff Eichorn (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I live on the scenic, and that curve is really scary in the winter.

Whitney Provinzino (Grand Rapids, 2022-08-25)


I drive this road a few times a week, I feel in winter the rails might help. ?
Thank you-

Tricia Snyder (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I’m signing because I care about the people that drive this stretch of highway. I feel that by choosing to not put the guard rails up is an extremely reckless decision on our counties part. Someone will get hurt without them.

Donna Lane (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


Someone will be seriously hurt or may be killed at this section of the road without guard rails.

Melinda Plzak (Bigfork , 2022-08-25)


I feel guard rails should be installed on the new construction of the scenic hwy

Walter Zerebko (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


Christmas 2 years ago the weather was very bad. My dad and I were coming back to town. I was going under the speed limit and did have 4 wheel drive and good tires. We ended up sliding and went off the road onto the frozen pond. Thank God we didn’t break through. The outcome could of turned out horrible. Now all guard rails are gone and there is nothing to stop and it is a deep drop in some areas. I would appreciate you to consider putting rails up before we end up with fatalities. I’d hate that to be on any one’s conscious when it could all be avoided. Thank you for listening. Concerned tax payer and home owner.

Teresa Cerutti (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I drive the road regularly to go to town for groceries, medical appointments, etc. I know how bad the roads can get in the winter. Public safety for everyone should not be an afterthought.

Adam Bloch (Bigfork, 2022-08-25)


I’m signing because I want to see guardrails up on Scenic 7. Potentially a very dangerous situation

Julie Tracy (Grand Rapids, 2022-08-25)


I have family and friends that live on that road

Jackie Olson (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


This is obviously a concern of a frequent traveler of this area. This view is a proactive approach to an issue the county, for whatever reason, has neglected to address in the past.

Josh Pellersels (Deer River, 2022-08-25)


I feel it is unsafe to keep the gard rails off of scenic 7.

Sabrina Price (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


Safety is important! Prevention is the key!

Lori Staydohar (Marble , 2022-08-25)


Safety for our community, we have long cold wintery roads and it's a safety concern for thousands of people traveling on this road daily.

Danica Williams (Bovey, 2022-08-25)


I have driven this road since i was 16, every year theres many cars that hit these guard rails. They should be put up because of the steep ditch and swamp at the bottom.

Andrew Swanstrom (Balsam, 2022-08-25)


It’s a huge safety issue.

Robyn Wahlin (Bigfork , 2022-08-25)


My entire family uses the scenic 7. This road is not that well maintained in the winter and is always ridiculously icy, if you don’t put the guardrails back up your creating even a more dangerous situation. Before someone gets hurt I ask you please put the guardrails back up.

Bethel Fremouw (Bovey , 2022-08-26)


I believe there needs to be guard rails on scenic Hwy 7, I have a hard time seeing in the dark and drive to work every morning and it scares me already, can’t imagine winter without them

Sherry Wright (Bigfork, 2022-08-26)


I'm signing this because I agree that guardrails need to be added. The ditches are steep and winter is coming soon. I have teenagers that drive the road and don't want them hurt on it and I sure don't want to end up down there.

Kris Lindahl (Nashwauk , 2022-08-26)


That corner is usually slippery. The last guardrails that were up were dented in pretty good in some spots so it kept the vehicle on the roadway nothing there to stop them now and that's a pretty good drop. Someone drives off the road they could be there awhile.

Jon Burt (Bovey, 2022-08-26)


This is a safety concern

Holly Metzgar (Grand rapids, 2022-08-27)


I have lived in Lawrence Lake for over 36 years and drive the scenic highway daily. One frozen rain or black ice event could send someone over the edge of new tar and possibly hurt or kill someone- there were guardrails there before the roadwork, needs to be now as well. Please don’t wait until someone dies to take care of this!

Sandra Shaughnessy (Bovey, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing because I use the scenic hwy routinely, and it does NOT look safe as is! Put up a guardrail!!!

Letty Gould (Bovey, 2022-08-29)


I truly 100% believe that if guard rails are put up it will save lives. You could be going 3 mph and still hit ice and slide. We all know this! There are many people who have hit the guard rails and thank God have not gone over the side due to them being there.

Jennifer Rassatt (Bovey, 2022-08-30)


I'm signing because I drive this road everyday and one of the scariest areas on this road that I encounter is the last bit of scenic especially when the roads are covered in ice and snow. I don't want myself or anyone else in my community to be injured or lose their life because of something that 100 percent can be prevented. The guard rails were there in the first place. They need to be put back up for everyone's safety and security.

Valencia Christensen (Bovey, 2022-08-30)


It is a dangerous area when the roads are slippery. To me, it doesn't matter what the speed you are driving in that area, if you lose control it could mean your life with no guard rails.

Cheruyl Bunes (Bovey, 2022-08-31)


I have been driving up on scenic 7 for 45 years in the winter and that is a slippery area of road, my daughter lives up there now and i want her safe.

Deborah Copeland (Blaine, 2022-09-01)


Have a 16 year old, and have had multiple acquaintances bounce of thos guard rails in the past

Shea Finke (Bovey, 2022-09-02)


Myself and many friends and their families travel this hwy. There definately should be gaurd rails for safety.

Heather Niehoff (Grand Rapids, 2022-09-02)


Safety issues

Lynn Peterson (Bovey, 2022-09-03)


Because in the winter I’ve almost went into the swamp

Darla Clemens (Bovey , 2022-09-04)


Because of my safety concern due to the lack of common sense in putting back up the guard rails road on Scenic 7 after the road rebuild/resurfacing. With slick winter roads, one could very easily slide right over the edge. Please put the railings back up. Thank you.

McDade-Davis Chevon (Bovey, 2022-09-05)


We need them. A lot of people go off the road in that area. It is unsafe without them.

Angelina Vanderlinde (Bovey, 2022-09-06)


One night coming home from work it was raining really hard and the rain was coming down the hill at me and my car was slightly hydroplaning at 35 mph and it’s a 3/4 ton duravan… this was the night before opening and if a car would have been coming down that hill the same time I was going up and they too would have hydroplaned and that would have been a life and death situation without those guard rails

JB Clemens (Bovey, 2022-09-06)

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