Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



I am signing it because I support higher education of girls. Safoora is a brilliant girl of India. I, as an Indian take pride in her efforts.

Hafsah Khan (Lucknow, 2022-08-28)


I stand with truth ✊🏻

more power to you safoora!

Kamran Qureshi (Bulandshahr, 2022-08-28)


Support in the struggle she s going through

Asma Noorien (Bengaluru , 2022-08-28)


Mohammad usama yes aap ke saath hain

Mohammad Usama (Bilaspur , 2022-08-28)



Junaid Khan (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


resistance against oppression

Md Miraj (Siliguri, 2022-08-28)


Safoora deserves her degree and justice

Shahid Ali (Nagaur, 2022-08-28)


I believe in rights of students for education and to protest should be protected

Pratyaksh Chandrawanshi (Darjeeling, 2022-08-28)


Safoora ke sath galat ho raha hai. Ye complete discrimination hai. Or abhi safoora ke sath khade ni hue to sabhi ka number ayega aisi discrimination mein.

Shivam Sharma (Narwana, 2022-08-28)


When someone raised their voice against tyranny, inequality and injustice.
The powerful dictator always tried his best to suppress that voice.
But we cannot let these strong and vocal voices suffocate at any cost.
So I totally stand with Safoora zargar with great solidarity.✊

Shabnam Khan (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


By trying to make matters difficult for scholars like Safoora, the university is simply carrying forward on a trend that the Narendra Modi government began since it came to power- targeting the best and brightest citizens of the nation.

Let Safoora carry on with her work. We support Safoora.

Joseph Thomas (Auckland, 2022-08-28)


I stand with Safoorazargar

Abdul Rahman Shaikh (Gulbarga , 2022-08-28)


It’s because of education and human rights

Kuldip Singh (Ferozepur , 2022-08-28)


I'm sing

Nadeem Chowdhry (Mumbai , 2022-08-28)


U asking caused ????? Just need to be human

Asif Ali (Varanasi , 2022-08-28)


I stand with safoora and request jamia University to allow safoora for completion of her Mphil.



This indiscriminate targeting of any voice that's opposed to your feudalistic view point needs to stop.
I don't want my beloved country to turn into a fascist state wherein minorities are targeted for electoral gains.
I believe democracy needs to prevail & people like Safoora can be our guiding light.

Bharath Deveda (Bangalore, 2022-08-28)


She is fighting for minorities in country CAA should not be done.
Everyone has a right to live in country

Shakoor Shaikh (Mumbai , 2022-08-28)



Moideen kutty Mohd (Kasaragod, 2022-08-28)


Education needs no eligibility, and every eligible person has a right to graduate. Even if she is a convict, her demand must be met.

Saurav Kumar (Darbhanga, 2022-08-28)



Badasha patel Patel (Gulbarga, 2022-08-28)


I'm signing because I stand with Safoora



She is an Indian, and she must be treated equally.

Abdur Rahim Sardar (Kolkata , 2022-08-28)


She is right

Khan Saab (Muzaffarnagar, 2022-08-28)


It is a biased and gender discriminating decision of the authority and also motivated by anti secular sentiments.

Rupa Ghoshdatta (Kolkata, 2022-08-28)


Need justice

Shoeb Ur Rahman Rahman (Gulbarga, 2022-08-28)


I stand with safoora and wish him good luck for future endeavours

Ahmad Kaleem (Aligarh , 2022-08-28)


Education is everyone's right

Mohammad Zeeshan (Ramanagram, 2022-08-28)


we stand with safoora zargar

Safwan mohammed (shikaripura , 2022-08-28)


Because I know the value of education.

Ojaswi . (Begusarai , 2022-08-28)


I am strongly support safoora mam

Ismail Patel (Ujjain , 2022-08-28)


She is being victimized by govt and university management to satisfy ego. We support you Ms Safoora!

Irshad Ahmad (Delhi, 2022-08-28)



Umar Sama (Bhuj , 2022-08-28)


JMI Sanghi VC has crossed the limits to destroy Muslims vocal student career, every he’s doing his best to makes happy her lord like Modi&Shah!

Naushad Alam (New Delhi , 2022-08-28)


I support her

Farhan Khan (Mumbai, 2022-08-28)


Because I can see clearly that she is being harrassed by the system and as a victim of the system i an feel her pain. I want to raise voice against such system and with everyone, the system tries to harass

Durgesh Kumar (Lucknow , 2022-08-28)


Minorities should not supress

Yunus Ali (Delhi , 2022-08-28)


I am with Safoora and against injustice.

Muzammil bari (Alkhobar, 2022-08-28)



Shakir Hussain (Nizamabad, 2022-08-28)


I strongly believe, No one should be denied their fundamental right to education

Aman Raj (Haridwar, 2022-08-28)


Because freedom of expression is our fundamental right which constitution allow us to speak infront of anyone whithout any hesitation,but speak fact and reality only and the same things Safura spoken.... Get release Safura

Asif Khan (New Delhi, 2022-08-28)

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