Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!



Everyone deserves an opportunity

Sfdost Initiative (chandigarh, 2022-08-25)


Education needs no eligibility, and every eligible person has a right to graduate. Even if she is a convict, her demand must be met.

Nagarjuna GN (Mumbai, 2022-08-26)


Safoora is being denied her rights, having stood up to fight for ours.

Vickram Crishna (Mumbai, 2022-08-26)


Education including higher education is a right.

PAVAN NAIR (Pune, 2022-08-26)


I'm signing because pandemic have made to suffer every one specially studies. Therefore, I am standing for Safoora Zargar that Jamia Millia Administration should consider the excuse of her and make her MPhil complete without any difficulty. Don't injustice to her that she stands against discriminately law of CAA/NRC.

Mohammad Usman (Jammu, 2022-08-26)


In support of justice and fair play for a courageous woman

Admiral Ramu Ramdas (Alibag, 2022-08-26)


Having known and admired this young woman ever since I saw her fearlessly challenging unjust laws during CAA, and her time in jail , am aghast at what she is facing at the hands of a sadlyc narrow minded, and insecure administration. Hope better sense will prevail.

Lalita Ramdas (Hyderabad, 2022-08-26)


It is my national duty to do whatever I can to outsmart the unethical & unlawful tactics being used to block her academic career, at the instance of unlawful rulers. Because she boldly stood against the anti-national politics adopted by those unlawful rulers.

Rajiva Bhushan Sahay (PATNA, 2022-08-26)


No institution should be allowed to follow a vindictive policy and stop a scholar in continuing her PhD work.

Aasif Mujtaba (New Delhi, 2022-08-26)


Injustice in one sphere is injustice everywhere else, and one needs to stand up and be counted as opposing Injustice

Sudhir Vombatkere (Mysuru, 2022-08-26)


Safoora Zargar is being deliberately targeted because of her religious identity. This is unacceptable to me as a fellow citizen. I hope n pray that her rights are protected & she given her the right to complete get education.

Shashi Kumar (Bengaluru , 2022-08-26)


This is rank injustice and bias

Chinu Srinivasan (Vadodara , 2022-08-26)


This seems an obvious case of witch-hunting for having spoken out against an unjust imposition. Let there be an equal
implementation of the laws of the land

Usha Kak (Noida, 2022-08-26)


Everyone has right to get education just because if someone has opposed govt policies and gets FIR fir it should not restrict her education right

Maaz Patel (Pune, 2022-08-26)


I SUPPORT her request and pleas as this treatment by the university reeks of discrimination based on political pressure.

Malvika Ahlawat (Secunderabad , 2022-08-27)


Educating a women is like educating whole society

Mudasir Para (Jalandhar , 2022-08-27)


India is running high on Fascism.

Unca Sain (Surat, 2022-08-27)


This is patently unjust

Maithili Rao (Mysore, 2022-08-27)


Just because this is unfair

Juber Khan (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


Education is her right

Khalil Khan (Rajpura, 2022-08-27)


Every one have to get education knowledge for successful and powerful India

Naushad Reyaz (Bhopal, 2022-08-27)


I am Hussaini and Karbala has taught us to stand against the injustices and oppressor whoever it may be.

Vilayat ali Ali (Leh, 2022-08-27)


M sach m sath hu....

Rihan Ansari (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)


She's framed by regime and now university can't ruin her life,

Shakib Rahman (Delhi, 2022-08-27)


She has fundamental right to submit her work and get the degree under Right to Education

Zahira Huda (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)


It's the right thing to do.

Mobeen Bhat (Gurgaon, 2022-08-27)


She fight against injustice

Adil Ansari (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)


I support the cause.

Krishna Mohan Tripathi (Lucknow , 2022-08-27)


I'm signing bcz her is facing bigotry and she's nothing do anything wrong.

Mohammed Kashif (Jaipur, 2022-08-27)


b/c I Stand with Safoora.

Humayun Shafeeque (Lucknow, 2022-08-27)


Everyone deserves education....only education can change our society

Haidar Ali (GOPALGANJ, 2022-08-27)


Beti Padao..

Sheba George (Ahmedabad, 2022-08-27)


This harassment and persecution is so disturbing.


Kavita Srivastava (Jaipur , 2022-08-27)


In solidarity with Safoora's right to continue her study.

Shakun Doundiyakhed (Bangalore , 2022-08-27)


Education is our fundamental rights.

Pranav Kumar (Nawada, 2022-08-27)


We Stand With Safoora
Safoora managed to complete her fieldwork and received three satisfactory reviews of her thesis progress.

Mujahid Muffasir (Bhadravathi, 2022-08-27)


Stand With Safoora Zargar ✊🏼

Abdul Raziq Sheikh (Khargone, 2022-08-27)


She deserves it and she has also right to take their masters...

Javed Mirza (Indore, 2022-08-27)


It's very unfair to cancel her admission when no charges hv been proved against her.

Jasveen Jairath (Hyderabad , 2022-08-27)


Safoora should be allowed to complete her MPhil/PhD

Kaneez Fathima (Hyderabad , 2022-08-27)


Zafar Hasan

Zafar Hasan (Muzaffarpur, 2022-08-27)


she always stands for injustice

mohd aquib (azamgarh, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing because of Safoora Zargar

MahmedHanif Mirja (Bharuch , 2022-08-27)


Education is the benchmark of thought and progress.

Veena Bakshi (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)



Radhe Shyam (Darbhanga , 2022-08-27)


Because this is the right thing to do and fight against fascist people.of this country and try hard to save from them.

vineet kumar (Patna, 2022-08-27)


Safoora Zargar's is an important voice that the entire academic community will benefit from. We need her to continue her work.

Shefali Jha (HYDERABAD TG, 2022-08-27)


I'm signing this because everything that is happening with her is terrible, murderers and rapists are free, and academics are being treated poorly.

Mohammed Anwar Hussain (Hyderabad , 2022-08-27)


She is the activist and raising Social issue .she has not committed any crime which goes against the interest of the National sovereignty and social disharmony .she raised voice against atrocities of the political party which is her constitutional right

Syed Tanvir Ahmed Syed (Doda , 2022-08-27)


I support safoora zargar

Sameer Sheikh (Srinagar, 2022-08-27)


I support Safoora Zargar, to complete her M.phil from Jamia Millia Islamia. Jamia administration took an unconstitutional step, which is and should be highly and widely condemned by a majority of men and women.

Sufiyan Siddiqui (Pratapgarh , 2022-08-27)


Right to education is everyone's right as per Indian constitution.

Majid Shaikh (Mumbai, 2022-08-27)


Jamia VC is a puppet of RSS by the Name and Character both, she is trying to destroy the ethics of JMI and diminish the power of Vocal Muslim students who are staking against the Hindutva Terrorist ideology Sanghi Government. #StandWithSafooraZargar

Naushad Alam Ansari (Doha, 2022-08-27)


I care. Sarkar (Pune, 2022-08-27)


A true inspiration of courage.
Safoora zargar

Abrar Ahmed Khan (Bangalore Urban, 2022-08-27)


I fee injustice has been done to her

Dr Shaikh Akhtar Hussain (Mumbai , 2022-08-27)

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