Keep the WT Clarke RAM



Go Rams!

Dawn Evans (Palm Coast, 2022-09-15)


There are many more serious liability issues to address. Any parent who wants to volunteer their time to BETTER our schools ans athletics should be welcomed with open arms. It take a village!

Maryellen Heavey (East Meadow, 2022-09-15)


I am signing because the elimination of our Clarke Ram character makes no sense. We get volunteers to hold the chains on the sidelines, volunteers to work the snack stands and sell 50/50 raffle tickets. Have a waiver to relieve the school of liability and be done with this nonsense.

Noel Forte (Westbury, 2022-09-15)


Four years… why now? Are all of us parent volunteers a liability? NO we do what we do for the kids! We love our RAM! 💙

Madalyn DeLuccia (Westbury , 2022-09-15)


There is no reason why a parent volunteer can’t be the mascot. Schools across the country have mascots. Any parent who has paid their dues to be a member of the PTSA is entitled to volunteer. This is discrimination.

Melissa Eichele (Levittown , 2022-09-15)


This is ridiculous! Once a ram always a ram!!

Donna Baum (East Meadow, 2022-09-16)


Keep the Ram!

Jessica Garncarz (East Meadow, 2022-09-16)


The ram is so fun, and the whole community loves to see the Ram at the school and games!!!

Nicole Juliano (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


I do not agree with recent decision.

catherine bottari (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


It’s the right thing to do

Craig Weydig (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


I’m signing because she deserves to be the ram til her daughter graduates! It was never a problem for the past few years. Why now

Phyllis Hall (Levittown , 2022-09-16)


Being new to the community, Seeing the Ram on the 1st day was completely awesome, It made my kids feel a sense of pride in their school. I was blown away! The Joy on the kids faces was awesome! Don’t take that away.

Melinda Space (East Meadow, 2022-09-16)


Johanna is a great asset to the school community. I love her school spirit! Let the Ram continue!

Kim Salvesen (East Meadow , 2022-09-16)


What’s right is right!! She is Ramily

Colette DeVito (Westbury , 2022-09-16)


She’s the goat

James Desimone (East Meadow, 2022-09-16)


Unreal!!!! Can’t believe this!
Create a waiver!!!!!

Danielle Servider (Westbury , 2022-09-16)


Enough is enough with this administration constantly making unnecessary radical changes and deciding what is or isn’t best for our children without communicating with the parents first or trying to figure out a resolution first or at least bringing it up at our PTSA meeting. But to stop it with only 3 games & homecoming left as our mascots child is on the cheerleading squad and is a senior is just plain disgraceful and down right disgusting to say the least. We need to stand up for what is positive and good not only for our booster club but for all of our children. This is just the beginning of many more to come.

Kellyann Lasker (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


Keep Clarke spirit alive!

Lisa Hallett (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


With NYS pushing Sel, the ram boosts kids spirits at the very least.

Kim Morovich (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


We love our RAM!!

Jennifer Beverley (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


We need a mascot. Jo has been dedicated, and helped all of us step up our school.spirit.

Anna DeAcetis (East meadow , 2022-09-16)


She does a great job bro .

Sebastian Fajardo (Westbury , 2022-09-16)


It’s terrible to remove parents as volunteers. If you start with the Ram it will
Continue into other areas. Spend the time figuring out how to keep parents involved!!

Michele Puco (Bradenton, 2022-09-16)


I believe the school should keep the Ram as a symbol of strength and pride .

Patrick Donnelly (Levittown, 2022-09-16)


Mascots are part of school tradition and they must remain! Stop stripping things away from the young generation.

LUANN Abbatiello (Westbury , 2022-09-16)


I think the beloved Ram should be a part of the “Ramily”

Ilana King (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


There is 100% no reason the mascot of Clarke should be replaced. My alma maters of Clarke is the Ram, and Fordham University is also the Ram. It has a deep rich history that should not be altered.

Daniel Oftring (East Meadow, 2022-09-16)


I’m signing because this an outrage, Jo has been the ram for years. She has two games left and her daughter graduates in June. Leave well enough alone and keep personal politics out of our schools

Robert Mikes (east meadow, 2022-09-16)


Keep the ram

Michael Berk (Bethpage, 2022-09-16)


It's been the RAMS and always should be!!

Thomas Santiago (Aurora, 2022-09-16)


I believe we should keep our Ram mascot!

Nadia Stokum (Westbury, 2022-09-16)


I’m a WTC Alumni (class of 94) and the Ram needs to stay!

Brian Pugliesi (Myrtle beach , 2022-09-16)


Class of 1965...

Robert-Ian Salit (Panama City Beach, 2022-09-16)


Why now at her daughter's last yr? It will affect the school's reputation and creat a topic for people to gossip. Not making sense to do it now. Just wrong timing!

Karen Chan (Westbury, 2022-09-17)


I think this is RIDICULOUS

Michele Green (Lake Grove, 2022-09-17)


Keep our Ram...
Do not take it away..

Linda Seliger (Harleysville , 2022-09-17)


WT Clarke has had the ram as a mascot for decades with zero negative references or affiliations . To strip the school of the known and recognizable mascot would be a senseless act that accomplishes nothing . Both current students and the multitude of alumni would absolutely be robbed of their school identity.

Amy Weiner (East Meadow, 2022-09-17)


I'm signing because the RAM has been a tradition with Clarke. James Tarzia (1970)
Since 1956

James Tarzia (Hollywood ca, 2022-09-17)


Let the ram finish the season!

Christine Piscitelli (Westbury , 2022-09-17)


A waiver can be signed.

Elisabeth Vieira (East Meadow, 2022-09-17)


Signing because i want them to keep the Ram. Why ruin tradition and good memories?. Keep it the way it is.

Sandra Lockman (Westbury, 2022-09-17)


I’m an alumni, and the WT Clarke RAMS should stay that way.

Kelly McGrath (Westbury , 2022-09-17)


I graduated in 1989 and loved our mascot.

Ann Boyle (Copiague , 2022-09-18)


Hard work, loyalty and fairness is what being on a team is about. I’m wondering how these principles are to be fully instilled in our athletic students for them to gain their full potential when it’s not recognized and practiced by ALL. Please reconsider this decision to recognize and honor the hard work of the parent who was the Ram, the loyalty the Ram represents to commitment and responsibility and the fairness to the parent who stepped up and the new students and families that deserve to experience the joy the Ram brings to all.

Samantha Faliks (Westbury, 2022-09-18)


It’s so ridiculous that another piece of history is being taking away!!!!

Lori Gargiulo (Massapequa, 2022-09-18)


Keep our Ram!

Debbie Bohr (Westbury , 2022-09-18)


As an alumni of Clarke, the ram has always been a symbol for the school. It brought spirit, boosted moral & pride in the school.

Kim Lent (Farmingville , 2022-09-18)


She’s doing an amazing job!!
We love to see our Ram mascot on the field!!

Rosa Pontes (East Meadow , 2022-09-18)


This is an absolute disgrace. Our fam has been a part of our kids activities for years. For what ever reason or some miserable parent complaining your going to take away our kids school spirit. It’s just wrong

Mariann Roche (East Meadow, 2022-09-19)


I’m signing because I feel the Ram mascot epitomizes school spirit. It is an extension of how we show how proud we are of being part of the Ram family.

Mary Fulay (Levittown , 2022-09-19)


She’s the best Ram!!!!

maria resende (Westbury , 2022-09-20)


I am a Class of '77 alumni, my brother was a Class of '69 graduate. It has been The Clarke Rams for as long as I can remember. It should remain The Clarke Rams! There is no reason on God's Green Earth to make this change. Period.

Julie Lancaster (Westbury , 2022-09-20)


This is getting beyond ridiculous.

Meredith McGrath (EAST MEADOW, 2022-09-26)

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