Prevent RZM2022-00039



The traffic in this area is already dangerous. Another 165 homes in the area will surly cause further traffic congestion and a safety hazard

G Wayne Faulkner (Buford, 2022-10-06)


Traffic is already bad enough in our area, especially with the recent development across the street, Overlook at Mill Creek. The roads simply can't handle the volume already present and with people moving into the new neighborhood it's getting worse. Please don't add more fuel to the fire.

Carl Gardner (Dacula, 2022-10-10)


This plan would add more traffic to an already high-traffic area. All so some developers and politicians can make more money. This would impact our quality of life because it would exponentially increase traffic and clutter.

Timothy Lemoine (Dacula, 2022-10-10)


The traffic is already unbearable. I see the obvious potential for more accidents in general and the possibility of more fatal accidents for sure. We can't widen the roads and we really need to based on the amount of homes we already have in this area. Please say no to RZM2022-00039!



Building Townhomes at this location, would only enhance the traffic and could cause danger to traffic safety.

LEONARDO LUGONES (Dacula, 2022-10-10)


I oppose this rezoning and do not want the added traffic to be added to this area. We are already over saturated with vehicles and can't support more in this area.

Nathan Oyer (Dacula, 2022-10-10)


This intersection has had numerous accidents as it is. Adding an additional 118 (at minimum if single person) household or 230 if a two person household that would be entering/exiting this area will create and even greater risk. Traffic is just one of the concerns here. Walkability is simply not possible. I wouldn't attempt to cross any street in this intersection. It is simply not safe. Folks are in such a hurry to beat the traffic lights, they don't pay attention to cars in the intersection let alone a person. There are far more cons than pros to this.

Sari Hood (Dacula, 2022-10-11)


This area is already highly congested and schools are over crowded. It take me approximately 5 to 10 min to make a right turn unto 324 from Daniel Park entrance.



The traffic in this area is already extremely congested and dangerous! We already have fatal accidents and can’t get out of our neighborhood on a daily basis.

Angie Barrett (Dacula, 2022-10-11)


The roads in our area are already too crowded to add additional high density housing at this intersection. Traffic backs up in the morning and afternoons and is especially worse on the weekends. This intersection is very dangerous with numerous accidents .

Maile Steimer (Dacula, 2022-10-13)


I’m signing because of the reasons stated in the petition. This proposal amounts to spot zoning.

Darlyn Wilkerson (Buford , 2022-10-13)


I’m signing because I live in the neighborhood which it is directly involved and because this will bring too many new cars and we’ll make traffic even worse

Adnana Dumitriu (Buford , 2022-10-14)


With the new off-ramp for 85, and two new subdivisions that have gone in over the past few years, traffic and accidents have increased to the point of really decreasing the quality of life. There is a decreasing amount of greenspace for wildlife is really upsetting. We have already had an increase of coyotes and foxes in our neighborhood. We really need more solutions for traffic issues more than more development of additional land.

Jennifer Carter (Dacula , 2022-10-16)


In my professional opinion (19 years in Architecture and development) the current infrastructure surrounding the property is insufficient to accommodate the additional traffic spilling directly onto 324. Specifically for traffic turning left out of the proposed subdivision. Unless infrastructure is planned on being changed the current traffic flow can not handle the additional loading of such a high density development.

Mary Beckstine (Dacula, 2022-10-16)


I am a resident in a nearby subdivision. I strongly oppose this development.
The recently added highway ramp significantly increased traffic in this area already. It is impossible to turn exit the subdivisions along Auburn Rd already, this will cause a negative impact. High density housing is already in across the road from this. Apartments are being built nearby. There is not a need for this development
planning commissions always overlook the burden on the schools. The schools are over capacity. We have teacher shortages and bus driver shortages, adding more to a stressed system will negatively impact those already here, and will have a negative impact on the new development. Mill Creek cluster just this year got relief, but with all the new building being done today, it will be over capacity again within a year. The residents say NO to any new developments.

Philana Nowak (Hoschton, 2022-10-17)


To let the BOC know that neighbors oppose this re-zoning request. There is too much traffic on this 2 lane road and it is already very dangerous.

Elizabeth Jordan (Dacula, 2022-10-17)


Current traffic solutions need to be addressed in this area prior to additional homes being added. Multiple new developments are already in progress and are contributing to streets that are unable to effectively function at high traffic concentration times such as morning rush hour, school release, and evening rush hour. In my neighborhood it is unsafe even outside of the before mentioned times to turn left from our neighborhood at all times of the day including weekdays as well as weekends.

Michelle Mahajan (Dacula , 2022-10-17)


This will effect anyone driving in the area, enough with development.

Dina Snyder (Sugar Hill, 2022-10-18)


Stop the development! Outside developers don't care about the quality of life in Gwinnett. It is too crowded already. This is absurd. Stop the building of townhomes. Quality of life matters for those in Gwinnett. This is not adding enjoyment to life in Gwinnett, but burdening Gwinnett with more traffic, more crime, higher cost of living, etc. Stop this!

Maria Popovici (Lawrenceville, 2022-10-18)


This area can not handle that much more traffic in and out of that area. Traffic backs up as it is during busy times of the day. This would only contest things even further.

Kerri Hildreth (Hoschton, 2022-10-18)


This proposal would substantially impair traffic in an already congested area

Lisa Sims (Hoschton, 2022-10-18)


I live in the area and traffic is simply getting worse. I travel this intersection everyday as I have kids who attend Mountain View HS. Subdivisions and townhomes are going up everywhere and no one is taking into account the road traffic that will or is currently impacting everyone who lives in the area. Please deny the request to rezone.

Tina Maggert (Dacula, 2022-10-18)


I'm signing because traffic is ridiculous as it is already. The developer argued that based on the GDOT vehicle counts for Gravel Springs/Auburn Rd, the development would only add a fraction of vehicles. That's a great selling point on paper, but blatantly ignores the congestion at the intersection of 2 state routes. It flagrantly disregards the dangerously difficult entry points onto Auburn Rd from subdivisions, commercial lots, side streets, schools, etc.

Hue Moua (Buford, 2022-10-18)


Too much traffic out here as it is.

Mark Fraizer (Dacula, 2022-10-18)


20K cars a day+ in this section with single one roads both north and south on 124…no more exceptions…police, youth, roads, infrastructure need help before we keep adding more people to the area.

Carlos Rodríguez-Aledo (Hoschton, 2022-10-18)


1 traffic
2 schools don't need more students
3 environmental issues!
4 traffic!

Kristin Wood (Dacula, 2022-10-19)


The roads in this area cannot handle the current traffic. The new exit and several new neighborhoods have added so much traffic in the last year or two. It is almost impossible to get out of our neighborhood (Daniel Park).

Timothy Sperbeck (Dacula, 2022-10-19)


Please do not allow this. I moved my family here 27 years ago. We live just down the street and our kids would walk to Ft. Daniel. Not now, they are older now but I never see that any more. There's not even a crossing guard now as there are no children walking due to the high rate and the speed of the traffic. It takes a while to get out of our neighborhood now and you put your life in danger trying!
We simply don't need this and the developers don't care about our needs, only the money!
Thank you

Edward Mobley (Dacula, 2022-10-19)


There is already so much congestion in this area from the development of new subdivisions, we really do not need any more.

Sara Hartley (Dacula, 2022-10-19)


There is already so much traffic and the new subdivision next to DQ hasn’t opened yet. Please address the excessive traffic on Auburn Rd/Gravel Springs currently before adding even more traffic. We can no longer safely exit our subdivisions.

Chelsea LaCovey (Dacula, 2022-10-19)


To much traffic now

Philip Owens (DACULA, 2022-10-19)


Too much traffic in the area. We can't support anymore. My husband was already in an accident trying to enter our neighborhood, Dacula Oaks. It's almost impossible to turn left when traffic is heavy.

Tammy Owens (Dacula, 2022-10-19)


The roads can’t handle any more people and traffic! The traffic is horrible since the new Gravel springs cut into I85!!! It’s a disaster on that road ever afternoon and morning! It’s ridiculous. I wait about 3 to 5 minutes to get out of our subdivision Cain circle. What will the traffic be like if you build more homes in an over populated dense area already. Stop the madness!!

Tina Vuick (Dacula, 2022-10-20)


We are concerned homeowners living in Daniel Park, approximately 4/10 mile from proposed development entry/exit. It is already a dangerously high traffic situation trying to enter or exit our own subdivision and the other subdivisions along this stretch of road and there was very recently a FATAL accident directly in front of Daniel Park subdivision, as well as several other non-fatal accidents. We feel strongly that we should be able to live in an area that is safe to come and go, which is why we chose to live here originally. The inconvenience of the horrendous traffic is one thing but the safety is another thing and that is a HUGE factor. Please follow the commissioners decision to deny this new development, for the safety of all of us homeowners affected by this, as well as those who must travel this road.

Gary & Suzanne Gingras (Dacula, 2022-10-20)


there is already too many people on the roads and adding more houses will cause a bigger hazard to our community.

liana pashkovets (dacula, 2022-10-20)


I am signing because the traffic on 324/124 is already packed most days. My son goes to Ft Daniel and getting in and out of the pick up line is made even more difficult with the traffic flow. I am also
Concerned about the strain on utilities.

Cassie Mullikin (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


This area is growing too fast and roads, because of traffic issues, are not been changed to grow with it.

Angela Ragon (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


With the previous additions of no less than 3 high density developments within a 1 mile stretch of auburn road, there has been a huge influx of residents in this area. Traffic congestion is at an all time high. OPPOSE!!

Jim McClain (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


Traffic is already ridiculous on this road!

Tami Buschman (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


Traffic on Hwy 324 has been horrendous since the new I85 exchange opened.

Rodney Baker I Baker (Dacula , 2022-10-21)


Traffic is already heavy and dangerous on Auburn Road and has become a safety hazard exiting the Daniel Park Subdivision.

Cynthia Correa (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


Traffic in the area is already awful. There have been numerous wrecks on Auburn Rd outside our entrance. Adding additional residents will only make it worse.

Michael Roberts (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


Traffic in this area cannot possibly handle the addition this housing would cause. This is a hot spot for wrecks trying to get in and out of the current retail already in place. Please say NO to the rezoning application!!

Bonnie Ganas (Dacula, 2022-10-21)


Traffic is terrible, the quality of life is getting worse and worse.

Eliana Telleria (Dacula , 2022-10-21)



Bonnie Ehmann (Dacula , 2022-10-21)


Traffic leaving and entering my subdivision, Daniel Park, is already dangerous and congested. We do not need to add any additional buildings that will add to an already horrible situation.

Marcia Palmer (Dacula, 2022-10-22)


I live in the area and do not want to see traffic increase further. It's already hard to drive in the neighborhood.

Ramakrishna Kaushik (Dacula , 2022-10-22)


The traffic is already hard to deal with and this will just create more of a problem

Nicole Heimbigner (Dacula, 2022-10-22)


NO TO RZM2022-00039
NO TO 118 Townhomes and approximately 300 more cars

Valerie Scheiner (Dacula, 2022-10-22)


We can not endure more traffic

Andrea Medders (Dacula , 2022-10-22)


It affects my family and the safety of my parents and them leaving and entering their neighborhood. Multiple wrecks have happened right behind our fence

Jake Medders (Dacula, 2022-10-23)


I do not believe any more housing should be permitted to be built until they do something about the roads and traffic.

Carole Mayne (Dacula, 2022-10-23)


This is not an area for high density development.

Sara Nerenbaum (Dacula, 2022-10-23)


I'm a homeowner in this area and there is not enough infrastructure in the area. It will have a great impact on our schools as well.

Genise Walker (Dacula, 2022-10-23)


It’ll be too much traffic through that intersection.

Valerie Sperbeck (Dacula, 2022-10-23)


I’m signing this petition to stop the greed of over building. We are on to you greedy city council members, chamber of commerce and builders.

Steven Senecal (Dacula, 2022-10-23)


The increased traffic and bad traffic flow will cause more accidents. It should be low density homes, building or commercial on that corner.

Candice Lange (Dacula , 2022-10-23)


This is a dangerous driving area now and we cannot have more traffic coming in by this school! 😡

Chris Dilworth (Dacula, 2022-10-24)


No traffic study was completed=traffic safety issue

Not zoned for building, not a good fit for property, unbuildable land

Jaime Rose (Buford , 2022-10-24)


I am saying NO to RZM2022-00039. This is a terrible idea and will cause more traffic. There is already too much traffic in this area. We do not need to add to it.

Allison Ritter (Dacula, 2022-10-24)


The traffic is too high. Sometimes it takes me five minutes to get out of my subdivision. That is taking a right hand turn, left hand turn takes forever. There have been several accidents.

Frances Sayre (Dacula, 2022-10-24)


I oppose the additional townhouses in this high traffic area.This development should not be allowed.

John Triano (Dacula, 2022-10-26)


The traffic is awful on 324. We live in Daniel Park and have had multiple accidents at the front of the neighborhood. The traffic flies down the road even during school hours. It is already unsafe trying to get in and out of our neighborhood and we do not need anymore traffic.

Stephanie Cadena (Dacula, 2022-10-28)


It is dangerous exiting and entering my subdivision (Daniel Park), this development would make it even more dangerous. Our roads can't handle the traffic.

Cynthia Gambarota (Dacula, 2022-10-30)


Too much traffic on Jim Moore road already and we have lost our mailbox 5 or 6 times due to this traffic

Chris Westmoreland (Dacula , 2022-10-31)


The traffic problem resulting in accidents and death on Auburn Road.

Vincent Masciandaro (Dacula, 2022-11-01)


There are way too many people on that road as it is. Unless there is plans for a light and road expansion, there is no way you can add more people on that road. It already takes 15-20 minutes to turn out of the neighborhood.

Garry Gwaltney (Dacula, 2022-11-01)


This area has a lot of traffic and a high density subdivision would draw too much congestion.

Jose Maties (Dacula, 2022-11-02)


We live on Jim Moore Road. We have lived here for 17 years and traffic has always been a big issue. Our mailbox has been hit 5 times, our neighbors' has been hit 8 times, two involving drunk drivers that nearly hit my husband and two dogs when they were in our front yard! There are currently two neighborhoods under construction on our stretch of Jim Moore Road. One is townhomes, the other is single family homes. Those developments will have a detrimental effect on traffic, not to mention the schools. We DO NOT want any more new developments along Jim Moore Road! We're very concerned about the value of our house going down, too. Please VOTE NO!!!!

April Westmoreland (Dacula, 2022-11-02)


I am opposing the addition of new residential communities in the area. Currently we have excessive amount of traffic and the roadways are unable to handle the load creating an extremely dangerous environment for automobiles as well as residents.

Kenneth Page (Dacula, 2022-11-02)


I am concerned about this development entering our area.

Jason Drennen (Dacula, 2022-11-02)


I’m agreeing with the neighbors proposal of not adding more traffic stress to the area that is already saturated.

Eddie Llanes (Buford , 2022-11-07)


The traffic at that intersection and going towards dacula on the 2 lane RT 324 auburn road is dangerous. The entrance/exit to this proposal will make it worse and be very dangerous for the new residents.

Mike Gambarota (Dacula, 2022-11-12)

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