Ronzoni, Please do not discontinue Pastina!



I LOVE pastina

Joie McKim (Sinking spring, 2022-12-27)


I’m signing this because I have been eating Ronzoni Pastina for over 60 years. My grandmother and mother would make this for us as kids, especially when we did not feel well ( think Italian penicillin). I gave this to my kids as well and now my grandkids. I am so much anxiety at the thought of not having pastina available anymore. Please reconsider and bring this product back!

Anna Atkinson (Satellite Beach, 2022-12-27)


Pastina is a classic! What will my go to pasta be??? Sick…pastina. Cold…pastina. Hungry…pastina. Not hungry…pastina.

Janis Goerres (Summerville, 2022-12-27)


This is an Italian staple!!! Please do not discontinue this product

Mary Ann Marsello (Naples , 2022-12-27)


Pastina is the best in soup especially when you’re sick. That was the first pasta I gave me kids and grandchildren.

Gail Salimeni (Staten Island , 2022-12-27)


We love pastina

Kimberly Kopecky (Brick, 2022-12-28)


This is my childhood in a box!!

Missy Parker (Richmond Hill, 2022-12-28)


I love pastina

Kristen Moran (Barrington, 2022-12-28)


My first solid food, my kids, my grandkids and my first great grand son was born Dec. 16th. What's he gonna eat when he's sick! It's generational

Gail Wood (Las Vegas, 2022-12-28)


I love Pastina!

Dawn Montalbano (New Berlin, 2022-12-28)


Pastina is the first REAL food I ate. at about 2 years old. all ITALIANS did ! AND I LOVE IT !

Louis Pittelli (Ocala, 2022-12-28)


Grew up on Pastina - love it!!

Karen Denton (Fort Myers, 2022-12-28)


I’m signing because I love pastina.

Louise DeLucia (Sevierville, 2022-12-28)


This is my culture and how do you make the soup without it?????

Jody Holton (Port Arthur TX, 2022-12-28)


I love Pastina. It’s the best when you not feeling good or if you just want a warm meal that reminds you of the good old days.

Lisa Guzman (Paterson, 2022-12-28)


Italian food matters

Lisa Guido (Heiskell, 2022-12-28)


I love Ronzoni.

Liz Brizzi (Lindenhurst , 2022-12-28)


Pastina is an Italian Tradition. We still buy it.

Tom Cintorino (O’Brien , 2022-12-28)


We love pastina!!

April Ferro (Alpharetta , 2022-12-28)


This is a STAPLE in my house since childhood

Rachel Hermann (Holtsville, 2022-12-28)


Because my husband and my grandson love this product

Judy Lanza (Belleview , 2022-12-28)


Pastina is a staple. Nothing better for a cold than pastina in broth. My babies enjoyed it as one of their first solid foods. I always have a box in my pantry. Please reconsider.

Lisa Schnaidt (Manteca, 2022-12-28)


My husband has a hard time swallowing food since his radiation treatment total Laryngectomy for throat cancer. This is one of the few foods he enjoys!!!

Lisa DelTrecco (03038, 2022-12-28)


Pastina had been my family’s favorite for many generations. Please don’t discontinue it !

Donna Frangipani (Chattanooga , 2022-12-28)


My daughter loves pastina . This is one thing I can always get her to eat!!

Les Lee (Carteret , 2022-12-28)


I love pastina. Great taste. Hard to get in store

Christina Marfoglio Giaramita (Wading river, 2022-12-28)


I was raised on Pastina as were my children and grandchildren. We eat because we love it. We eat it because it is soothing when we don’t feel well. We eat it because it’s part of our culture. Please don’t discontinue it:

Virginia Cummo (Howell, 2022-12-28)


I love pastina and yours is the best.

Kathleen Winans (Murrells inlet , 2022-12-28)


Don’t take my childhood pastina away. My kids love it and always ask for it when they are sick.

Sabrina Sansonetti-Nero (Bowling Green , 2022-12-28)


Please do not discontinue pastina!!!

Roseann Pierce (Boynton Beach , 2022-12-28)


I grew up on Pastina - it is a delicious meal by itself and is often added to many Italian recipies. It would be a shame to see it go, Please, please, please reconsider removing Pastina from the shelves. Thank you.

Gail Staiti (Monroe Township, 2022-12-28)


I'm signing because pastina is a classic Italian side dish. Please keep it

Vanessa Shinko (Acushnet , 2022-12-28)


I'm signing because Ronzoni Pastina has been part of my family for over 50 years. Big mistake discontinuing Pastina. Please don't

Rose Flagiello (East Brunswick New Jersey , 2022-12-28)


We love Pastina!!

Warren Laier (Cleveland, 2022-12-28)


I'm signing because I ate this when I was little and I fed it to my son when he was little. I also still purchase it.

Lucille Marini (Rutland , 2022-12-28)


I grew up on pastina, my kids grew up eating pastina and now my grandchildren eat it as well… please don’t discontinue it

Renee Oese (Myrtle Beach, 2022-12-28)


Pasting is a staple in my house. My children and grandchildren especially love it when they are sick.

Bernadette Bratek-Adam (Buffalo, 2022-12-28)


We rely on pastina when we are feeling sick or need comfort food. We absolutely love it!!

Melissa Borriello (Wellington , 2022-12-28)


I don’t want Pastina to be discontinued.

Frank & Antoinette Lorello (Oviedo, 2022-12-28)


Life is not complete without Pastina. This is the go to remedy when not feeling good!

Jackie Rogers (Sanford , 2022-12-28)


We eat this all the time

Francesca Lewis (Pittsburg, 2022-12-28)


Ruth Rogers

Ruth Rogers (Lake Mary, 2022-12-28)


Please do not get rid of Pastina! This is a staple in my house! Please

Debbie Cuadradro (South Richmond Hill , 2022-12-28)


My entire family eats Ronzoni Pastina. You can’t discontinue it.

Tabitha Little (Cypress , 2022-12-28)


Love pastina! This is a staple in my house

Christina Huckabaa (New Kensington, 2022-12-28)


I love pastina!!!

Christina Ciaglia (Long Branch, 2022-12-28)


My Italian family would kill me if I don’t support this petition.

Denice Venneri (Portland, 2022-12-28)


My entire family loves pastina starting when my boys were toddlers to now!!

Maria Van Name (Homestead, Florida , 2022-12-28)


I grew up eating this abs have continued into adulthood. Eating this while you're sick is the absolute best thing for you♡♡♡

Cymry Boyko (Johnson City , 2022-12-28)


I’m Italian and this can’t happen . We need this pasta !

Eva To (Aberdeen , 2022-12-28)


This is the best pasta and medicine.

Daniela Beltran (Boca Raton, 2022-12-28)


I love pastina and so does my child.

Katherine Johnson (Greenwood , 2022-12-28)


This pasta is a staple in my household, it is our go to when our kids are sick. They love it! Don’t break their hearts!!

Lindsay Fisher (Palm Coast, 2022-12-28)


I love pastina. - reminds me of my grandma

Meredith Greene (Spencer TN, 2022-12-28)


I already struggle to find pastina as is. If you discontinue this I will be DEVASTATED.

Julia Sutherland (Chicago, 2022-12-28)


Pastina needs to stay!

Jennifer Lohnes (Fountain, 2022-12-28)


Pastina is the best!!!

Diane Peluso (Boynton Beach, 2022-12-28)


I eat it every day for breakfast . Also I put in soups

Susan Clifford (L.E.H, 2022-12-28)


This is one of my favorite foods from my childhood.

Kristi Temple (Concord , 2022-12-28)


Pastina is not only my fav childhood meal it’s perfect for picky eaters aka “children” & soups!

Tina Cernero (Brooklyn, 2022-12-28)


I make it for my honey.

Pamela Sparacino (Brooklyn, 2022-12-28)


Pastina means so much to me and my family, for many generations. Please don’t discontinue this beloved pasta.

Barrientos Julie (Jupiter, 2022-12-28)


I grew up with pastina and my son and I have it frequently.. a number of times as a main dish!
Please don’t stop making it🙏🙏❤️❤️

Joyce Annese (Whitman, 2022-12-28)


I love pastina

Lisa Horan (Summerville, 2022-12-28)


This has been a staple in my house since my childhood. I gave it to my kid’s & grandchildren. Please don’t stop selling pastina.

Toni Filosa (Mayfield , 2022-12-28)


My kids love pastina

Marianne Lopez (Staten island , 2022-12-28)


I was raised on 0astina as were my brothers and sister. This is a slap in the face to all those of Italian heritage.

Peter Brezinski (Poughkeepsie, 2022-12-28)


My kids live in pastina!!!!! Please do it for the children!!!!

January Gomolka (Freehold Township, 2022-12-28)


My mothers favorite!!! And she passed away two years ago. Just a nostalgic thing to remember

Albert Kazda (West babylon, 2022-12-28)


Pastina is a staple in our household. I have had it all my life.

Tina Tenenholtz (Las Vegas, 2022-12-28)


Love it so much

Renee Laskowitz (Henderson, 2022-12-28)


It's a tradition!! And there's not many left in this world! My great grandmother would serve on a cold day❤️❤️

lynn houghtling (Dryden , 2022-12-28)


Love Pastina ! Takes me back to my childhood also my kids love it so it’s a tradition that I hope to keep going .

Rose Coniglio Evans (Lowell, 2022-12-28)


We need Pastina for our babies!!!!!
Please do not discontinue

Stefanie Medina (Massapequa, 2022-12-28)


I live on pastina!! It is the very best please do not discontinue!!

Denise Cammarata (Staten Island, 2022-12-28)


I have brought my children up on Pastina and now my grandchildren. You are the only company that makes it.

Gerald Sarni (Palm Coast, 2022-12-28)


I grew up on pastina & my son eats it all the time. It is a staple in our house. He hated eating baby food from a jar so I started feeding him pastina instead & he still loves it 11 years later!

Michelle Nichols (Riverview, 2022-12-28)

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